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  1. It was nice to be back at Easter Road and it cemented its status as a ground that holds some of the fondest moments since we returned to the top division in 2009. Yesterday's victory in itself brought back a lot of those memories, the winner evoking recollections of both Kevin Moon's last gasp goal in 2011, ending a run of 11 games without a win or a Saints player scoring, and also Fran Sandaza's fantastic late clincher a year later when Hibs had leveled only a minute prior. Add in a League Cup comeback win a few months after promotion that included great goals from Chris Millar and Jody Morris, and a really good Saints performance in a Monday night TV game in 2013 that featured Paddy Cregg finishing off a superb team move that is probably one of my favourite Saints goals of recent times. On the game itself, probably for the first time during this run I thought we looked a bit short of confidence in the first half, with the midfielders not being prepared to take a touch a particular concern. It was much better in the second half and although winning it with the last kick of the ball can't be seen as anything but a bit fortunate, I did feel we merited the three points if you take the game as a whole. Always felt we'd need a big game from Davidson in there against McGinn and he didn't disappoint and he'd be my MoM. Was positive to see Tanser again look solid defensively and he relieved some pressure late on with a couple of breaks up the line too. A couple of understated but important blocks from Clark in goal as well.
  2. Youth Academy News

    I wasn't expecting Saints to make the elite level and indeed Gordon Waddell, who has been on top of this for the best part of a year, suggested we'd given up on the process back in the autumn. I'm not sure it will have much effect on Saints, especially with neither United or Dundee involved either. We should still be in a strong position to sign the best local talent, more so if we can create a pathway to the first team squad. No clubs from the Highlands, Central, Tayside or Fife regions does make a bit of a mockery of the best versus best stuff though.
  3. Saints v Celtic 4/11/17

    Agree with a lot of what @PauloPerth says above. Thought the plan was clear today and in a defensive sense, executed pretty well for 70 minutes. The players did their jobs and with the right attitude to boot. The heads went down after the second goal but that's nothing new. We didn't use the little ball we did have well enough. Disappointing but again nothing too unusual against Celtic. I really don't see what is achieved by what almost becomes a competition to see who can forecast the most gloom. Worst side in 15 years is an absolutely laughable claim. We have a good manager and he'll see us right.
  4. Saints v Celtic 4/11/17

    If none of the injured players make it, this would be my team today: Clark Comrie - Anderson - Shaughnessy - Tanser Paton Foster - Alston - Craig - Wotherspoon MacLean You can largely go man for man with that formation; Paton can sit on Rogic or whoever and Foster likewise on Tierney. One of the other central players then tries to force Brown. If you are brave enough to press high, you can also steal some cheap territory, as happened with our goal at Celtic Park. Looking for us to be competitive today, anything else is a bonus. Not looking for favours from Bobby Madden but just the correct calls.
  5. Player Contracts + Transfers

    I'd think it would be a case of my battering ram is bigger than your battering ram if we had Sammon instead of Cummins. I wouldn't want both in the squad and agree it wouldn't have addressed the goals issue.
  6. Player Contracts + Transfers

    I say this as someone who likes Cummins but Sammon and Storey are both probably better players. I foolishly expected us to be aiming higher than all three in the summer, instead we've managed to sign someone not even their equal on early evidence. I'd have taken either of the Thistle strikers instead of Cummins (or Kane) but hoped to see a player come in that would reduce the reliance on Cummins. As it is, he's arguably our first choice! Seems to be regular mentions in the Irish press about David McMillan and Robbie Benson of Dundalk, including again this morning. They have a cup final this weekend so maybe see some movement after that? There used to be a decent number of posters on here from over the water. What's the gen on them? https://www.thesun.ie/sport/football/1744596/dundalk-boss-stephen-kenny-has-not-given-up-hope-of-keeping-niclas-vemmelund/
  7. SFA Youth Cup

    I know there have been some poor results for U20s this season when they've faced older opposition but they showed today that when you take overage players out the equation, they are a good side. United had a bit more experience in the shape of Allardice, Piggott and Taylor and nobody as young as Sinclair but Saints bossed the match. United's squad had 34 senior appearances between them too. Of some note though was that United's goal was made in Perth, Gavin Ritchie's cross headed home by Louis Appere. Both born in Perth.
  8. SFA Youth Cup

    Totally merited victory against a United team with players who've featured in the first team and been involved with Scotland at age grade levels. Thoroughly dominant from virtually first to last, it would've been a travesty if United had somehow got it to extra-time. Brilliant first goal from Docherty with a curler from outside the area after he'd already forced their keeper into a good save from a similar position. Unselfish from Struthers to set up Docherty for the second. Hopefully the result helps the team find their confidence in the league again.
  9. Partick v Saints 28/10/17

    We've seen with the Kane/Johnstone swap (and Kane/Morgan previously) that it's not a simple thing to replace guys who play regularly. If we cleared out the three signed strikers at the club (MacLean, Cummins, Kane) are you confident we'd bring three better players in with our budget? McInnes managed it in 2011 but with a budget I suspect TW can only dream of. Saints need one good forward signing to compliment the three we have IMO.
  10. Partick v Saints 28/10/17

    I think we'd guessed about Kane! I disagree about your analysis of him. He scored a good goal against Hearts running in behind in the final weeks of the season and surely the very fact he's getting caught offside (one of the best strikers of his generation in Pippo Inzaghi spent his whole life offside) shows he's trying to play on the shoulder and not with his back to goal? Do I want him starting 38 games a season? No but if you accept we need at least three or four strikers then with our budget, he fills a role in the squad. The point made by @Gas Monkey above is on money regards the biscuit barrel. We tend to grind things out rather than blow teams away and are struggling to score at the moment, fans don't turn up (barely 2,000 home fans on Tuesday?) so Steve Brown worries about spending money and the cycle continues. We routinely fail to retain our best attacking entertainers though, which isn't the best way to keep or entice fans. If SB pays a fee to keep O'Halloran, are the Perthshire public likely to reward him for it by turning up in greater numbers? I know we tend to try and defend our crowds but they are really disappointing at the moment.
  11. Partick v Saints 28/10/17

    I think Wright would have signed Habran if we hadn't signed O'Halloran. The loan at Boulogne was last season, he's still at PSG, so it's not inconceivable that he could come in this January if O'Halloran leaves. I reckon Simon Murray was the striker that Wright really wanted. After that there was a rumoured list of five or six targets and I'm not sure Johnstone was even on that.
  12. Partick v Saints 28/10/17

    I think he's injured at the moment but accept this loan hasn't worked out. Kane hasn't shown enough to merit starting every week for Saints but he was good for what he was/should've been, a third or fourth choice striker in a squad that isn't expensively assembled. Same applies to Cummins. What I will criticise TW for is the Johnstone/Kane swap. This wasn't a situation like with Adam Morgan when he was letting an unproven youngster head out for experience; Kane appeared in 25 league games last season and scored 5 goals. Not great but not terrible. He should have been absolutely certain that Johnstone was at the very least going to match that before letting Kane go.
  13. Partick v Saints 28/10/17

    Ball just not falling for Saints at the moment. Nobody will he happy with the run we are on but personally not feeling the need to panic. We have these spells under Tommy Wright. As the man himself has said, judge him on where we finish up come the split and after 38 games. Saw plenty of commitment in the performance today. We had a lot more of the ball - the majority of it - than on Tuesday and more attempts and shots on target than Thistle. Bit of quality separated the sides but I thought we maybe merited a point. A big positive was Aaron Comrie. He had a tough start with the opponents we faced and I thought he'd done alright but not much more. He had probably his best game on Tuesday but took it up another level today in terms of his attacking threat. Shirt very much his now. Will face a real defensive test next weekend though.
  14. Saints v Ross County

    Foster is also still injured despite being clear of his ban. Real chance for Comrie to put down a marker. He's done fine in his games up until now but a good performance tomorrow and Foster will surely have to bide his time.
  15. Ando stripped of captaincy

    As above, I thought he was a strange choice at the time, almost as if it was by default through his service. He's a good organiser at the back but never struck you as a leader of men. By the same token, Shaughnessy maybe wouldn't have been the first name they jumped out but should bring consistency to the role.