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  1. Player Contracts + Transfers

    The goalkeeper situation will be interesting. Surely they won't give Mark Hurst another contract at coming up for 23 if he isn't going to even be second choice? Equally, I'm not sure Ben Mackenzie at 20 will be viewed at that level yet. So what happens with Hurst will probably give an indication of whether a new goalkeeper is required. I'm not completely sold on Clark and it's certainly a risk to run with just him as an experienced goalkeeper but equally, with a tight budget, is the best use of funds a guy that might not even be needed, e.g. Jonny Tuffey a few years ago?
  2. Player Contracts + Transfers

    The only thing I'm ITK about is that you are a blether.
  3. Player Contracts + Transfers

    What a blether you are.
  4. Panama / Singapore / Athens Saint

    Very sorry to hear this and condolences to those that knew him and especially his family. It might just be a messageboard, but it will be poorer, and certainly quieter, without him. RIP.
  5. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Definitely not enough rapists in our squad. You can't potentially have your main striker, the man kids will look up to, as David Goodwillie. What message does it send out?
  6. Strange criticism of Clark, who I thought was assured throughout, although he was virtually a spectator in the first half after the first 46 seconds. What he does have over Mannus is he's more prepared to start attacks with quick distribution. It doesn't always work but, like his kicking itself at times, it can be a weapon. Thought there were also positives to take out of performances of Willock, Millar and at times Williams and Kerr. Great to get to celebrate a MacLean goal at least one more time. Thought Foster, not for the first time, was disappointing and hope next season will resemble his first more than this. I'm far from sold on Comrie and would even contemplate looking at Watson again over the last four matches. He'd help us at defending set plays too. Can't be too down on a depleted team who IMO, were the better side for long spells yesterday.
  7. Saints Kit Supplier 2018/19?

    Don't like the one with the dark blue shoulder pads but either of the other two would be fine, even though I don't usually like too much white on the top.
  8. Dundee v Saints

    It's today. They'll probably let him off just to stop him whining.
  9. Macca Memories

    One of my favourite silly memories of Steven MacLean was last season at Motherwell; he was a booking away from suspension and we were due to play on the plastic at Hamilton a fortnight later, so he spent the final minutes desperately trying to get booked. Deliberate handballs, rugby tackling opponents but he couldn't manage to convince the referee to get the card out! I suppose he could always just have borrowed Murray Davidson's shirt! He's been a man for the big occasion though and thoroughly deserves the status he'll forever hold with fans. I doubt he'll even tarnish it when he whips his top off and celebrates in front of us at Tynecastle next season!
  10. Poty Awards

    I take my direction from @The ghost of Jim Morton on this matter. He seems to have deserted the forum, if not the team thankfully. Did the YPOTY not go to that Preston loanee last year? Good luck in getting the trophy back in that case!
  11. Player Contracts + Transfers

    I think it would have been a big final six games of the season for Alston and the management team would have been watching him closely. As it is, they have to base their decision on what he's offered up until now. I know he was injured for a spell this season but he's played not an awful lot over 50% of the available league minutes in his time at the club, so I think it's fair to say hasn't really established himself. Rory McKenzie is maybe slightly more forward minded but the fact that TW was after him possibly doesn't bode well for Alston. If he were to leave Saints, would he get another Premiership club? Would you be worried about facing him? I'm open-minded on him probably but would level the charge at him that his best games come when the team play well. Do you ever come away from a poor performance thinking that at least Alston did well? I can't remember that happening.
  12. Post Split

    Some great contributions to what is a perfectly reasonable thread. I think Thistle coming to Perth a third time (four for season when you include League Cup) solves a lot of the fixture issues, so would expect that to happen. The top six will be far more contentious as I believe either Hibs or Aberdeen will be at Ibrox for a third time. That'll keep the tinfoil hat brigade happy for a while.
  13. Aberdeen v St Johnstone 31/03/18 3pm

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/scotland/43612918 Chance to see the highlights and they make grim viewing. Thought Tanser was rolled too easily for first goal but hadn't fully noticed Craig's contribution, a horrific garryowen and it's just horrible to watch defensively. Millar and Davidson colliding obviously plays a part but one simple 10 yard pass takes out the whole midfield and Kerr is pretty much on top of Anderson, giving May a gaping channel to run into for the second. Build up to third shows advantage of having someone with both good close control and a range of passing in McLean but we've probably dropped too deep by time ball comes in, although Wotherspoon shouldn't be getting outmuscled by Logan and Tanser has fallen asleep; I do still think it looks offside though. Final goal isn't the first time that Shaughnessy has been caught in possession this season but Stewart is in so much space. It's a decent shot but, for all he made good saves at other times, one that Mannus was capable of stopping. We have attacking issues to address moving forward but the defence this season has shown that it isn't the unit it once was either.
  14. Aberdeen v St Johnstone 31/03/18 3pm

    The manager has said the HoR is a long-term thing that will serve the club long after he is gone. If they get it right... He will already have a lot of his targets for this summer I suspect.
  15. Aberdeen v St Johnstone 31/03/18 3pm

    Yep, some managers would dwell far more on the success of the past few years when given the opportunity but it's clear that TW still has the ambition to get Saints back to that level. Ambition that requires financing. Think we really need to push for seventh place for the financial benefits it brings. The top six will get their monetary reward, Motherwell will have at least three trips to Hampden and Dundee sold a player for seven figures, plus have outside investment like Thistle do. It's getting harder for Saints to compete, especially with dwindling crowds. I realise it might be against his nature but I think Steve Brown really does need to consider spending some of that cash in the bank this summer.