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  1. I thought Marcus Godinho of Hearts had a good game against us back in January and I see he's likely to be surplus to requirements at Tynecastle. Would hopefully push Foster a lot more than Comrie and has the potential to improve. Would be similar to when we signed Joe Shaughnessy.
  2. If either of you guys have Twitter, I'm sure @SJFC_SLO will sort out packs for you, although there isn't much of interest in it this year and you can download a form from the official site.
  3. Radford 72

    Betfred Cup

    Based on the way the fixtures have been in Group B in the previous three seasons, we'll be at home to Brechin City, as well as County, so away to Forfar and Montrose again. Obviously can't guarantee that but the fixtures have always been the same, although not in any set order.
  4. 18-year-old midfielder Jack Hodge joins Hibernian after leaving Saints.
  5. Who is the coach? @dave mc Hopefully someone to work with forwards. Feed the Goat.
  6. I understand the financial viewpoint here. I also get the sporting advantage issue. I think something else to consider though is would it put existing supporters off going to these games? Surely a primary concern of any business is looking after your current customers?
  7. Whether you agree or disagree with the idea, the club would have had to mention it in the renewal pack. All it says is the Ormond Stand patrons will be moved for some games. Be interesting to know what the uptake on bringing a friend for £10 to Old Firm games was like. Anyone?
  8. That's a great stat. Did you do that yourself or is from another source? @garydavidson
  9. I thought Saints worked the ball into really good areas repeatedly but the final ball was atrocious. For me, it was nothing like the performance in February in that sense. We must've had a dozen really good opportunities but lacked the quality in the final ball. The two young centre backs maybe do need to improve on dealing with teams that attack in that manner but they are young players who hopefully will learn. No interest in seeing us become a team that just shell the ball forward at the first opportunity. A long way to go but the manager is building a new team and hopefully there will be further improvement next season.
  10. Good luck to all the guys released and thanks to @sevcozombie2 for the insight he's given us this season. Do the U18s have a new coach, as I see Andrew Steeves has jumped ship to join United. Not sure if this is good or bad news?
  11. I thought Davidson had his best game in a while and looks like he's benefited from wee spell out of team. Was getting around the pitch really well. Centre backs were fine (although Gordon didn't help Clark when it came the equaliser) and was encouraging to see a bit more from O'Halloran. Hopefully another couple of performances like that, then he can hit the ground running in pre-season. I also thought Chris Kane did well and if he'd managed to score that big chance early in the second half, it would have capped off a good performance.
  12. The Old Firm can afford to go without it. They have the finances to travel south or abroad or host big teams at their training grounds every week or other one. Rangers did it for a year or two before this one. It all comes down to finance, rightly or wrongly. In the case of Saints, I don't think any change in structure would reverse the club's position. Steve Brown simply thinks we have too many full-time professionals. Those are his words. I liked the Challenge Cup as a tournament but it's already been bastardised, so I'd be open to going down the same route as the FL Trophy and creating a group stage with a colt team in each section. Maybe bring more focus back on the regional cups as well, where FT clubs use colt teams. There are enough international breaks that those could be filled with Forfarshire/Stirlingshire/Glasgow etc... cup ties.
  13. Another super decision when they moved to the reserves from the U20s, they moved back to allowing teams to play at training grounds, like the old U19s league. A great environment to develop players and prepare them for the first team.
  14. Liam Craig for me. From early doors he was getting on the ball and was a big part of us having a lot of the ball in the early stages. Great pass for the goal as well. Defence were all fine and I thought the two main subs made a positive impression.
  15. Has ANYONE claimed that loans generally aren't better than reserves? Tommy Wright wanted McCann out on loan in January 2018 and in the summer but couldn't find a taker. Without the reserves, he'd have been playing no football at all for a year. THAT is the issue.