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  1. Car Park

    The idea that folk should have to climb over the fence when there is a perfectly serviceable gate though?
  2. Car Park

    Yes, it's very first world problems, and it wasn't just the car park yesterday but what a shambles. I'd imagine that Saints' hands are tied in many ways but whether it's the council or Police Scotland, the whole thing needs sorted out and quickly. What really took the biscuit though was the police refusing to open the pedestrian gate at the new entrance, forcing Hibs fans to take an extra 15 minutes to walk the long way round when it was already after 3:00pm. How many of the Hibs fans at the game yesterday will be in a rush to come back to Perth if they pick and choose away games. And before the usual suspects reply, yes, they should all have left at 11:00am and parked off Newhouse Road. Sigh.
  3. MOTM: Game 6 Saints 1 v Hibs 1

    Thought a big part of why Wright managed to roast Hanlon early on was the intelligence of Foster, who was brave and pushed on to occupy Stevenson, preventing them from doubling up. He's started the season really well.
  4. MOTM: Game 6 Saints 1 v Hibs 1

    He didn't maintain it for the 90 minutes - not helped by a couple of heavy challenges - but Drey Wright was electric for much of the first half and gets my vote. Some other decent performances and a big improvement on last week at least.
  5. The world famous Dundee United host Saints Colts at Tannadice on Wednesday evening. How the mighty have fallen and how they deserve to be reminded of it! They had 1,600 fans for their first round tie against Cowdenbeath last season, so what an opportunity for the young Saints players to play in front of what could be a decent crowd. Saints can use players born in or after 1998 plus two overagers. From the first team squad that means Kyle McClean and Ali McCann. Potential overage involvement for Conor Mitchell and Greg Hurst? This is also a chance for the players in the "reserve" squad to get some valuable game time. Anyone heading through?
  6. Round 6 - Hibernian (H), 12/08/18

    Saints 1-2 Hibernian Watt 4,195
  7. Really don't want to see Jason Kerr in midfield. Wotherspoon and Craig are experienced players, it's up to them to step up as, like others have said, the rest of the team looks something to be positive about. Games like Sunday are the ones where the manager earns his money; there are several possibilities with both the shape and the personnel and he's got to get it right. He got it wrong last weekend and it doesn't matter who you are, you can't go on a run of doing so.
  8. First home game of the season, always an exciting day, especially with the impressive and extensive build-up that Saints have been giving it on their media channels... Team news: Shaughnessy could come straight back, Foster returns from his suspension but Kane, Hendry, Mark Hurst and Easton are all out. Sounds like Easton is coming along though. Saints need to pass the ball better than at Kilmarnock. The way our squad is, simply opting for route one isn't going to be an option this season. The manager has put a trust in the players that they can play football so they need to reward that faith. Hibs obviously looking pretty impressive these days but John McGinn was their main man and maybe his loss with unsettle them. I think this game could give us a decent indicator, even this early on, of the type of season we are going to have. We need to at least compete with them, whatever the result.
  9. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Encouraged by the manager's quote on the BBC website yesterday: "It is getting the right one (player) because there is no point bringing somebody in that is not going to be any better than what we have got." He's spot on there. As important as this last signing is, it's a very specific type of player we are looking for. We are already discussing the value of having Wotherspoon, Alston and Craig for that area, without just adding another of that type.
  10. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Great post above! @SlickDT What reassures and encourages me is that everyone can see the issue, so surely it will be addressed before the window is closed. Especially agree that this final signing could have a huge impact on our finishing position.
  11. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Alston is another who when he gets to play as an attacking midfielder centrally looks decent. He got far more involved at Montrose when given that license and I can think of a few other decent performances over the past couple of years. The problem is threefold though: The manager rarely plays him there, in part because... We don't regularly play a formation that creates the need for a central attacking midfielder. If we do play a system with a more advanced midfielder, we are well covered there and other players are probably better options. I think he could be a goal threat from the right area but he isn't suited to just a pairing in midfield and definitely isn't suited to playing deeper. He doesn't have the positional awareness, tacking ability, passing ability or indeed much of what is required to fill the hole vacated by Chris Millar. The squad is just slightly starting to get the look of an unbalanced one with too many players that don't suit us or aren't versatile enough. It's not just said off the back of yesterday but I'm concerned about our ability to get Kennedy and Wright (and indeed the strikers) involved in games.
  12. Player Contracts + Transfers

    What I'd like to see before the window closes: In: Holding midfielder in mould of Morris or Millar. Needs to be of the quality that will start every week, i.e. an upgrade on Craig, Alston or Wotherspoon, in that role. Out: Comrie to a Championship side until January. Not sure what the chances of that are but he needs a make-or-break loan. If he can't establish himself at the likes of Alloa then he won't at Saints. Out: Hendry on loan until January. Level is irrelevant here but most important thing is he plays. For the first time in his career he needs to get into the habit of playing every Saturday. Out: McClean on loan until January. Don't think games are so pressing for McCann as the reserves should be a step up for him but McClean is at the stage where he needs tested more. He's not in the boat of Hendry, he just needs some exposure to senior football. Would like to think he would interest a League One side.
  13. MOTM: Game 5 Kilmarnock 2 v 0 Saints 04/08/18

    Thought the manager was generous in his comments about Kennedy and even Watt but spot on about Anderson and Kerr. Gordon was fine too but thought Anderson was the pick. A proper part of what we've achieved in recent years, could do with a few more standing up to be counted as he does.
  14. Macca Memories

    Saints had Steven MacLean fit and available every week after he returned from his second long-term injury. We'll never know if that was down to the policy of not playing him on plastic (although we'll see what happens this season) but I don't think you can criticise the club's thinking.
  15. It's hard to know what the intentions were with the formation but I doubt the manager wanted Wright and Kennedy camped 30 yards from our goal. It left Tony Watt completely isolated and without anyone willing to put their foot on the ball, it was just shelled up at him and kept coming back. We need a player in the mould of those that have been the basis of our best sides over the past two decades: Dasovic, Morris and Millar. I take no pleasure in saying this but Wotherspoon just won't do in there. If getting the right player means cutting him, Alston or Craig then so be it. Today was rotten but let's at least see where we are when the window closes and the new players are settled before going into full wallow mode.