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  1. Radford 72

    Stjohnstone v Aberdeen away

    Kennedy went down far too easily, never a penalty. Callachan looked a decent shout by the direction to ball moved but impossible to tell from away end. As poor as Saints have played during this good run but Aberdeen were so lacking in ideas. Centre backs were rock solid again and what an inspired substitution from the manager. Hopefully Watt gets a goal soon as he certainly deserves one.
  2. Radford 72

    Youth Academy News

    I see that Gerry Creaney was speaking at the DSA meeting last night, having been billed as Head of Youth. I didn't realise such a role existed or that Creaney had filled it. Did he have much interesting to say? @andrew
  3. Radford 72

    SJFC magazine

    Times change and things move on from the early nineties, when this would have been a good idea. From what is described, much of this content could be included in a (better) match programme, leaving then a focus for much more modern content, i.e. videos, social media, website. Stuff that is far more likely to promote engagement with supporters as well.
  4. Radford 72

    Hibs vs Saints 03/11/18 Game 12

    Slightly disingenuous. Wright has possibly been our best player so far, I just think some of the praise has been OTT. He's not in the class of Swanson or O'Halloran before him. It's hard to criticise a lack of end product when he puts one on a plate for Watt just after half-time but I want my attacking midfielders scoring/creating 10-15 goals a season. He and the whole team were very good on Saturday.
  5. Radford 72

    MOTM Game 17 Livi 0 v 1 Saints

    Back three were virtually faultless. Kerr had one miscue that led to the big Livi chance in the first half but they didn't put a foot wrong otherwise and seamlessly switched to a four with Kerr in midfield to counter the host's own change of shape. Tanser got up and down the line all night, offering a good attacking threat and stood up to a physical test. But I can't look past Tony Watt, who looked a top quality player with his performance, the best he's had for Saints IMO. Took the ball in against strong defenders and wasn't afraid to take them on either. A really exciting performance from him.
  6. Radford 72

    MOTM Game 16: Saints 2 v 0 St Mirren

    Kennedy had his best game for Saints. Put the ball in for Watt's header, hit the bar himself, could have won a penalty, perfect weight on the pass to Tanser ahead of Watt's sitter, the cross before the first goal and obviously scored. Also wasn't afraid to take a hit on high balls, although we can't afford to play as many on Wednesday.
  7. Radford 72

    Taxi for Tommy?

    What attributes is it that Scougall has that makes folk think he would be an effective holding midfielder? He can pass the ball but does he have the discipline and positional knowledge to know what pass to make (or more importantly not make) in that area? The second a player gives away the ball in that part of the pitch, you are always likely to give up a chance; that's what made Morris and Millar so good, they didn't give the ball away. There is also the defensive side of it, helping out the full back (badly missing in recent weeks, although not helped on Sunday by the man-for-man system the manager wanted to employ), cutting out a pass by being in the right position, making it hard for the opposition to make passes due to the same ability, and of course tackling; Millar was expert at winning the ball by staying on his feet, so he was then in a position to use the ball. Folk are defending the guy by saying TW played him out of position when, in my eyes, an attacking midfield role in a three behind a lone striker should be something he was capable of. If he is only able to play as a "ten" then that's pretty inflexible and doesn't bode well for his ability to operate in a more defensive role. I hoped Callachan was going to be this type of player but he doesn't look close to it. In fact, having watched the IRN-BRU Cup tie at Tannadice, the two members of the first team squad who look closest to that type of player are McCann and McClean but they obviously badly lack experience at the moment and it was a fair blow to not see them go out on loan. We were absolutely spoilt with Morris and Millar and I realise these players aren't easy to find but it's a shame that the manager hasn't reckoned it's priority to try and find one.
  8. Radford 72

    Saints v Celtic sunday

    A totally catastrophic 30 minutes of football. Celtic were ruthless but we didn't half contribute to our own downfall. We put ourselves under immediate pressure with the decision to take a shy into the middle of the pitch for the first goal and that just kicked off a period of shambolic decisions and the execution of them. Special mention to Callachan for his part in goals two, three and four, where he's caught dreaming on every occasion. The handling of Forrest for the fifth was also on a special level of ineptitude. You need to be strong in the centre of the park and is the manager asking too much of the players he wants to use in there, especially against the top teams? David Wotherspoon has been here long enough that we know he makes too many stray passes to play in that deep role, he's just too likely to give the ball away; he did it four times in ten minutes after the first goal. He had a decent game against Celtic in the cup on the right and it's those sort of areas he should be playing in. Glad to have the international break to recover from what has been a bruising few weeks.
  9. Radford 72

    Round 14 - Celtic (H), 07/10/18

    Saints 0-4 Celtic Christie 6,600
  10. Radford 72

    MOTM Game 13 Hearts 2 v 1 Saints

    Tanser is a very good one-on-one defender but I was left wondering on Saturday if he should have been doing something to try and prevent the ball getting to Morrison so easily? Certainly the way he dealt with the winger running at him gets him close to pass marks. I went for Drey Wright.
  11. Radford 72

    Hearts V St.Johnstone Saturday 29th September

    Maybe a strange thing to say but trying to get my head around our performance and reading other posts is helping piece it all together. Regularly agree with yourself anyway but much to concur with there. Think the first word TW used in his post-match stuff was "frustrating" and it's probably the word I'd choose as well. It's still early in the season and you never want to make judgements on one game so I think after the matches to round off the first third of the regular season, it'll be an interesting time to take stock but, rightly or wrongly, TW is trying to remould Saints, playing from the back, passing the ball more but our decision making at times screams of team trying to adapt, quick free kicks or goal kicks when there isn't a second option for the first receiver, trying to pick an extra pass rather than just sticking it in the box etc... We got two corners today, the first of which didn't even get into the box because we mucked it up by overplaying it short. I can't pretend there weren't times that the pragmatism of the past didn't frustrate me slightly but in reality, I liked what we were about and jibes from outside the club, as the players themselves routinely admitted, were music to the ears. I'm still figuring out this new Saints team and if I'm going to like it.
  12. Radford 72

    Hearts V St.Johnstone Saturday 29th September

    Did anyone else buying tickets in person from the ticket office have to fill in a form first?
  13. Radford 72

    Round 13 - Hearts (A), 29/09/18

    Hearts 2-1 Saints Kerr 17,750
  14. Radford 72

    MOTM Game 12 Saints 0 v Celtic 1 League Cup QF

    Zander Clark with the best performance from a Saints player this season. Not a failure really on the night though.
  15. Radford 72

    St Johnstone v Celtic Betfred Cup QF 26/09

    Happy for a number of the players last night. Clark was inspired and really hope he kicks on from that performance which should fill him with confidence. Wotherspoon likewise should take a big boost from his best showing of the season. Alston, who I don't think unfairly had been written off a bit, is showing signs of growing into his new role. Having a central midfielder who registers shots on goal in every match is a new dimension for Saints. Shaughnessy and Kerr hopefully demonstrated that Sunday was a blip. I think any defence can look poor if left exposed, which is why it was important that we shored up last night. Always believe everyone is entitled to their views on how the game should be played but can't shake the feeling there is naivety in this idea we could have just gone toe-to-toe with Celtic; thought TW got it spot on tactically. You have to stay in the game. Think the players should be going to Tynecastle in good spirits.