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  1. Saints under 20's Season 2016/17

    Thanks to @HOODLUM65 for the updates on the home U20 games this season. Much appreciated.
  2. We Are Perth - Young Player Of The Year - 2016/17

    He hasn't played for Saints yet but my vote goes to Jason Kerr, who of the younger players has had the best season in my opinion. A key player for East Fife and still turning out regularly for our U20s as well. The trophy last season went to a player from another club but at least he played a lot of football for us. I think it'd be a shame if our own young players were overlooked again but this time for a guy that might play just three games.
  3. This is the vote for the We Are Perth Young Player of the Year 2016/17 award, which will be presented at the awards night next month. I’ve been asked to start this thread by Ghostie and the poll will be open until 9:00pm on Sunday 30 April and as with the last six seasons, the award will go to a player who was eligible to fill what was formerly one of the required U21 spots on the bench this season, i.e. born in 1995 or later. Unfortunately not a stellar choice this season but the following players are up for consideration: Craig Thomson (Midfielder) - After being farmed out to Stranraer for the first half of the season (3 goals in 17 league starts), the winger returned to McDiarmid in January and has made a number of positive substitute appearances. Liam Gordon (Defender) - An impressive performance at Pittodrie has been the centre back's only appearance for Saints this season but he has spent the second half of the season on loan at Peterhead and is battling to help them retain their League One status. Aaron Comrie (Defender) - Made his Saints debut at Hamilton in September before joining Peterhead on January. He has nailed down a first team shirt at Balmoor, with boss Jim McInally comparing him to Dundee's promising young full back Cammy Kerr. Clive Smith (Defender) - A beneficiary of Richard Foster's indiscipline, Smith showed maturity beyond his years in slotting in for wins over Hearts and Inverness. Will he get another chance this season? He certainly wouldn't let the side down if required. Greg Hurst (Striker) - Although he hasn't had to his two Saints appearances from last season, Hurst has led the line well for the U20s as well as adding to his first team experience with Berwick Rangers, where he scored 4 goals in 9 starts. Jason Kerr (Defender) - Winner of the Peter Steinle Trophy for best player from the U20 squad last season, Kerr returned to East Fife this term to test himself in League One and has impressed as the Fifers chase promotion. He's also proved himself a real goal threat with 7 goals to his name. Mark Hurst (Goalkeeper) - The Scotland U21 squad stopper has also spent the season at East Fife, recording 7 clean sheets as he looks to put himself in the frame for the number two shirt at Saints next season. Connor McLaren (Midfielder) - Constantly impressive for the U20s, the winger has followed up last season's loan at Elgin by linking up with Dave Mackay's Stirling Albion, where he has helped lift them away from the foot of the table.
  4. Accies away!

    He has the look of a man who has orchestrated it all.
  5. Accies away!

    I think it's natural that comparisons have been drawn to what happened with George O'Boyle and Kevin Thomas. I've seen fans say they have to go for the sake of the dressing room but in the case of the That Bar pair, sacking them seemed to cause more harm and I think the players stopped playing for Clark as they thought he hadn't stuck up for two of his players. People will talk about the right thing to do but it's been a fight and little more, so the right thing to do is what is best for the club. There's no huge moral judgement to be made, as there was in 2001. Thistle have a player who kicked a prone opponent in the head and Dundee have a guy who has stuck the boot into a policeman going about his business. Saints are under no pressure or obligation to sack anyone here and there is no point in cutting off our nose to spite the face. If they are sacked it should be because it's what is best for the club, not because of some sort of misplaced moral code. Clearly the club need to come down hard on them but let's not harm ourselves unnecessarily in the process. My take on incident is limited like many others because I didn't see what sparked it but did witness kicks and punches flying and for me, there was nothing contrived in Foster's subsequent reaction, he wanted back at Swanson. The stuff about Swanson aiming a kick at Foster's head seems exaggerated but no doubt the club will manage to establish what happened. Tommy Wright reported that they made up in the dressing room, which again makes me doubt that part of it. The referee was left with little choice but the sight of the Accies management team sprinting onto the pitch to confront the referee was unedifying and not something I'd have expected to see if roles were reversed. They were the reason a mass brawl developed. As for the game itself, it was a poor first half devoid of any quality. Accies were more purposeful but only by means of getting the ball forward at the earliest opportunity, rather than showing any ingenuity. I was expecting a similar second half... Saints were fortunate that we had probably the nine players you'd pick for that situation on the pitch and it was a really good rearguard action they produced. Accies were incredibly disappointing though and made it noticeably easier for Saints than it should have been with their plodding approach. In terms of ending up with nine men, Saints should always be losing the match but the players on the park didn't deserve for it to be a late winner. Special mention is reserved for Davidson who seemed to organise the whole shape of the team and led by example, Cummins who was playing about three positions and never stopped running, and Clive Smith, thrown on in horrible circumstances but who defended his side really well. Don't think he made it into the Accies half until injury time but that wasn't in his remit. Alan Mannus too backed up his performance at Motherwell and it'll be interesting to see what Tommy Wright does in goal now. The one criticism I'd make is that, as said, we had the right players on the park and they'd done a good job of entrenching themselves. I didn't see the need for a change and as big a fan as I am of Chris Millar, he wasn't what we needed on the park. I thought he should have done better to stop the initial cross from the left for the goal. There's no way of knowing what would have happened if Craig was still on the park but I thought Wright made the wrong call there.
  6. Player Contracts + Transfers

    I think TW is committed to youth but the players need to grasp their opportunity. I wouldn't be surprised if we go with just Watson, Foster, Anderson, Shaughnessy and Easton next season and that should provide chances for Gordon, Comrie, Gilchrist (if fit) and Kerr. What more motivation did Hunter and Hurst need this season as well when we were running with three strikers? The fact they couldn't get a look in during the pre-season friendlies and sectional matches in the League Cup set the alarm bells ringing for me and neither can claim their path to the first team is particularly full of obstacles.
  7. The The Rangers (AKA Sevco) v Saints. 1/3/17

    This should have been such a big game tonight, a chance to go above them. Instead it feels like just another trip to an Old Firm ground where we will invariably lose. Can only hope the players share the disappointment of the fans after Saturday but can raise themselves in a manner that the support seem to be struggling to do. Who knows what TW will come up with but the solace is that it can't be as rubbish as Saturday. Would guess it'll be along the lines of what we saw at Ross County, which will rely on us passing the ball well.
  8. St Johnstone v Killmarnock 25/02/2017 Saints Day

    No number of face painters, green screens or indeed free tickets will lure families in if what we saw today is served up. Players slipping on their arses for 90 mins and shanking crosses out of play isn't entertaining. We need to get it right at home for reasons more than just having a successful season. The away form and some of the performances are great but you have a core of maybe 300-400 seeing that, being generous. For 2,000 fans, what they've been served up this season can't have been enjoyable.
  9. St Johnstone v Killmarnock 25/02/2017 Saints Day

    So disappointing that with the extra incentive today of setting up the opportunity to do something special on Wednesday, we produce that performance. And it's not even like it's a one-off, although that was arguably the worst of the lot at home this season. The players didn't look comfortable with the system but that only excuses them so far as the basics were sadly lacking as well, ably demonstrated by Anderson at the first goal. I have some sympathy for Clark but when you add in the second, it was a really poor afternoon for him. Anderson's pass was lazy, a word that aptly sums up the performance. No graft, no tempo, no invention, no concentration. They are just the first words that come to mind but there was plenty else lacking on top. It needs to start with the defence at home. Teams like Killie used to come to Perth a few years ago and not get a sniff but we are making it too easy for them now. That doesn't excuse the midfield or attack though, we were rotten right across the pitch today. Last week should have been a boost to the confidence of the likes of Alston and Kane but they had shockers and Wotherspoon was off it from the first whistle. Not sure I've seen Millar caught in possession so much. Could criticise every player though. So disappointing.
  10. Car Park Gates on Saturday

    I don't see this situation getting any better. The police have told the club they don't have the resources to safely operate the A9 exit gate any longer and the council appear to want the main entrance to the ground to be off the new link road to further take traffic away from the Crieff Road.
  11. Tommy for Rangers

    Owen Coyle would tell you he rejected a couple of Scottish clubs when he was at Saints and McInnes knocked back a move to Brentford as well. It's not fair to say they jumped at the first opportunity. Lomas on the other hand... St Johnstone boss rejects Brentford move: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/13327691
  12. St Johnstone v Killmarnock 25/02/2017 Saints Day

    Challenge for TW to try and find a way to take a performance like Saturday's into a home game against a bottom six side. Form suggests that if we get the first goal, we'll win the game, so hopefully a focus on starting with the right tempo and intensity, something that is unfortunately often missing at home, when we let the opposition settle too easily. Not sure what the issue is with Swanson but I'd be content to see him on the bench and start with Alston and Wotherspoon out wide after their performances in Dingwall. I know there will be a clamour for Alston centrally and I do think he can carve out a future there but he's been playing well on the right too. Hopefully the promotional push will be as successful as the last one and we'll get another 3,000+ crowd.
  13. Tommy for Rangers

    I agree with the idea that Wright is probably more content at Saints and living locally than he gives away; he can't appear too unambitious for a variety of reasons. He's not going to jump at the first offer that comes his way but equally, I agree with ARFW that he'd do almost anything for the Rangers job. His language when asked about it last week was telling, as were his quotes about a director of football a few days later. To also agree with another viewpoint offered as well, I concur that there is little chance they'll have any interest in him.
  14. Club Accounts

    It can fluctuate quite a lot I think. Steve Brown said in December that it was up 40% since winning the Scottish Cup. It had been cut a fair bit when Lomas replaced McInnes though then early into Wright's reign. I reckon if you start at £1 million, you wouldn't be far off with any guess.
  15. Zander Clark

    Clark is really starting to influence games for us. Vital to the win at Firhill and kept us in it yesterday. Mannus was reliable but I never felt he made the big saves that Clark is now starting to produce and that Enckelman did before him. It's also noticeable that he's putting an effort into getting good distance on his saves after the Rangers concession. What he could work on would be more consistency in his kicking (least important thing for a keeper though IMO) and having the confidence to come for cross balls again, which seems dented after the County game. We also conceded less from set pieces with Mannus organising but that could come down to being quite a small team some weeks. Would definitely like to see his contract extended.