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  1. Player Contracts + Transfers

    I'm really keen to see us get Scougall. He's obviously still keen to make something of himself in England but he also talks about his need to play and you can't help but feel Saints would be a great fit with him. He's not going to be going in somewhere with a manager having to work out a role for him, there is one waiting for him at McDiarmid with Swanson's departure. These guys that TW builds things around get their big moves. If his motivation really is to play and get back on track, I'm not sure there will be many better options than Saints.
  2. St.Johnstone v Rangers

    I have some sympathy for Alston, since he was shunted out to the left today. Has he ever played there before? Wotherspoon does alright out there now but looked lost too when TW first started asking him to play there. His mistake for the second goal was worse than Easton's but the latter should really know better and and I'm probably more disappointed in his part in it. The first goal showed the quality Kenny Miller still has. There were good parts to our performance and we've forced their goalkeeper into a few good saves. Would have been nice to get the win but it doesn't detract from another very good season.
  3. Tommy for Rangers

    What a takedown on Steve Brown by @rik2304 above. The disappointment has dissipated over time but the missed opportunity of 2014 shouldn't be forgotten, especially when he takes a pop at our crowds. Not backing the manager was bad enough but the inaction over season tickets was unforgivable. In fairness, he's realistic about the kids go free policy and it's the long game with that. It will pay off in time. I'll always support that even if it comes at the expense of other fans but there's no doubt that £23 is an issue. Maybe it's time to see if something can be done on that front, hard as it might be.
  4. Player Contracts + Transfers

    I don't know the guy McMillan but maybe worth noting that Cummins scored 59 goals in 75 games for Cork and Waterford in Ireland. I think Cummins and Kane are good third/fourth choice options in the squad but we should be striving to find better this summer (hence not too keen on Graham) and not sure we can afford a risk on a part-time player in that case. Would prefer someone more proven in the senior UK leagues.
  5. Saints Kit 2017/18

    I know some folk think some fans get too caught up in a piece of fabric but it'd be nice to have a strip that wasn't mercilessly mocked by supporters of other clubs. If Alan Storrar, who has been a great sponsor, is renewing his deal (which would be great) then hopefully they can put their heads together to come up with something a bit better for the shirt. I had a quick look at the Joma stuff for next season and this shirt without the white sleeves would be pretty decent, yet a bit different, IMO. It'll no doubt be the anaemic blue again but that's obviously Joma's shade they use.
  6. Academy News 2016/17

    Some interesting on replies here to @garydavidson post. On the regional academy, I either heard or read elsewhere at the time when they were creating another two elite spots that the SFA tried to push Saints and Dundee (who were both applying) together to create a Tayside academy. How many elite clubs are there at the moment and how often do Saints get to play them, if at all?
  7. Celtic vs Saint Johnstone Sat. 06 May.

    Bit of a doing in truth. Often moan about us not putting in a tackle at Celtic Park; today we couldn't get close enough to make them. A few players out but starting team and system put us up against it. When we changed shape and Cummins moved left, we did better in last 15 minutes of first half but think it was always a matter of time before Celtic ran away with it. Can't see anyone getting close to them whilst Rodgers is at the helm. Our goal was a decent one to pull a positive, good touch and switch from MacLean, smart pass from Swanson, quality cross from Foster and then good composure from MacLean after Gordon makes a wonder save from Cummins.
  8. Saints under 20's Season 2016/17

    Disappointing season with just the five wins but certainly appears noticeable that the youngest players in their first year full-time have played a lot more football than those of a similar age in past seasons; the full backs Thomson and Lumsden especially who must've played in 90% of the games? Greg Hurst and Aaron Comrie have contracts for next season and will step up to the first team squad and Jason Kerr will surely follow. Decisions have to be made over the rest of the 1997 players: Ben Mackenzie (G) Paul Simpson (M) Connor McLaren (M) Danny Jardine and Greg Page are the only 1998 players in the squad so it'll be a young group of players again next season, unless they supplement it with players from elsewhere. Seems unlikely though with a significant number of the U17s ready to step up I believe.
  9. Young player of the year

    The forum software no longer allowed me to close the poll itself, only the thread unfortunately. It was stated from the outset (a fortnight ago) when the topic was pinned that it closed on 30 April. The votes were counted this morning and I let Ghostie know the result. Clearly not ideal that folk can still vote but if you click the number next to each player, you can see when votes were cast and that by the end of play last night, Clive Smith had recorded the highest number. Hopefully that addresses your concerns.
  10. Saints under 20's Season 2016/17

    I think it's New Central Park, Kelty that the game is scheduled for?
  11. We Are Perth - Young Player Of The Year - 2016/17

    Your We Are Perth Young Player of the Year 2016/17 is Clive Smith. Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote and hopefully the award will be a good reminder of his time in Scotland for the player.
  12. We Are Perth - Young Player Of The Year - 2016/17

    Last chance to have your say on this. Lowest number of votes recorded in the seven seasons this has been running, with just 33 at the moment. Have had nearer 200 in some of the past seasons. Previous Winners 2016 - Darnell Fisher 2015 - Chris Kane 2014 - Stevie May 2013 - Mehdi Abeid 2012 - Stevie May 2011 - Stevie May
  13. Aberdeen vs Saint Johnstone Sat. 29th April

    There have been games between the sides over recent seasons that have been panned but unfairly in my eyes. Yesterday really was brutal for long spells though and that was from both teams. A period in the second half was particularly poor and I did think the game had 0-0 written all over it before, who would have guessed, Craig Thomson made a bit of a difference for Saints. My first instinct was back-pass from Jack in the lead-up to the opener and I'm surprised there is much debate from Dons fans over it. He gets between Thomson and the ball and touches it back to Joe Lewis. I'm a big fan of the Aberdeen goalkeeper but his own positioning looked suspect and obviously the wall was a shambles as I said I couldn't see Swanson scoring from there. I'd barely finished the sentence when the net rustled. The second was a classic counter-attack, Paton shows more desire to win the cleared ball, getting absolutely wiped out in the process, then Swanson picks the right pass to Thomson, who is bursting a gut to get there, takes a good touch and finishes really well. Not sure we managed anything else on target but then Alan Mannus was hardly leaping around his goal either. Kenny McLean had one glorious chance he put wide and came close with a header but most of the other stuff was from long range and sailed high, wide or both in the case of Ash Taylor. The extra satisfaction from the victory is knowing how upset some Aberdeen supporters will be because Saints had the temerity to execute a game plan that Tommy Wright best felt would secure a return. A fortnight ago, Aberdeen looked very good for 30 minutes in Perth but Saints didn't get close to them and didn't make tackles. Unfortunately for those Dons supporters, Saints' role isn't to entertain them and the approach was much better yesterday. Aberdeen weren't quite as unstructured as in the game before Xmas but when I saw the starting team was packed with an excessive (IMO) number of attacking players, I did feel the game might follow a similar pattern. I can't grasp the logic either of playing so many players out of their most natural position. Yesterday is why Saints are successful, Tommy Wright takes every game on its merits. He never babbles on about philosophy or playing football the right way. Actually, he does mention the latter but the right way in his eyes is doing what is required to win matches. He doesn't get it right every time but he's never afraid to change it and I imagine he takes as much satisfaction as our fans from the reaction of opposition supporters to performances like yesterday. His record in post-split games is staggering. Only 2 defeats in 16 games against the best opposition in the league and one of those was when he rested players the week before the Scottish Cup final. If we can come out of next weekend with the same advantage over Hearts and Thistle (I'm still very much of the mind that I want Rangers to beat the Jags) then Europe will be tantalisingly close again.
  14. Saints under 20's Season 2016/17

    Thanks to @HOODLUM65 for the updates on the home U20 games this season. Much appreciated.
  15. We Are Perth - Young Player Of The Year - 2016/17

    He hasn't played for Saints yet but my vote goes to Jason Kerr, who of the younger players has had the best season in my opinion. A key player for East Fife and still turning out regularly for our U20s as well. The trophy last season went to a player from another club but at least he played a lot of football for us. I think it'd be a shame if our own young players were overlooked again but this time for a guy that might play just three games.