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  1. What is clear is that Saints have trouble getting deals over the line. Missing out on Polworth and Gallagher and the saga of signing Stevie May highlight that. That is recruitment though, not player identification, over which there appears a lot of assumption going on.
  2. I think the footballing budget is a separate issue to your original point. With a turnover of £4-5 million, we aren't in a situation where we are lucky to survive. As I said, I accept the realities of trying to put a competitive team on the park will be hard but you suggested it's hard to put eleven players on the pitch at all. That's what I disagree with. The use of the playing budget has been poor for a while. Part of that is the manager but the whole structure at Saints needs an overhaul. I wouldn't expect the chairman to go massively over budget at any point but what structure is in place to help what is essentially one man (Tommy Wright) manage his budget effectively?
  3. We are in a five team section and are sitting third and we didn't finish bottom of our (five) team Befred Cup group. Other than that, great post.
  4. Sounds like the chairman did a job on you anyway. The club is a business with a turnover of £4 million to £5 million when in the Premiership, not some two bit used bookshop on Crieff High Street that gets seven visitors a month. Of course it's a tough environment but this lucky to survive attitude does nobody any favours.
  5. This is obviously accurate but who'd have guessed that folk moaning about those things would just find something else to moan about when the time came? Shocker.
  6. There is merit in the thinking that Hibs caught us by surprise with the two strikers and the shackles removed (interim management team really had nothing to lose) but the key factor remains what happened in the second minute. It's just dreadful from Kerr. Doidge displaying the sort of finishing he's been producing all season with the initial effort but gets an open goal from the rebound and never looked back. The importance of confidence in football. I would change the goalkeeper. What was noticeable in pre-season was how vocal Parish was and a new voice could help the defence. I remember TW swapping Mannus and Clark a couple of seasons ago for that reason. Parish probably isn't a world-beater but Clark has had a really poor season, something the stats back up.
  7. Thanks for posting that. I think it could have stayed in Saints Chat as it's very relevant to us currently. I think it possibly explains why there isn't the mass panic that you'd generally associate with a team without a win. Our play certainly looks like it's merited a lot more.
  8. Was this the Sporting Intelligence survey that the club displayed on Thursday night?
  9. Radford 72

    Free week

    Believe they are playing Arbroath this week.
  10. I see Jeanfield have at least two buses running to Coldstream. They could carry a bigger away support than we will to some games this season!
  11. I just don't want to hear any sort of justification of a 7-0 defeat. I disagree that Celtic would have handed out a similar beating to several other clubs. Of course they played well but we were atrocious and that should be pointed out. In fact, I think all the players that started disgraced themselves and should be embarrassed this morning. Not once, not twice but three times we let Christie have a free pop at goal and Griffiths' strike was the same. That is criminal. We didn't lay a glove on them unless it was a sly kick or elbow. We stood off them all day. So, so poor and folk should be venting their anger.
  12. Very fair point and that is a whole new argument, a discussion I was having on the way home yesterday. Can anyone come up with a single name that would justify us sacking our most successful ever manager? Other than Barry Ferguson, obviously.
  13. I'll be far more worried/annoyed if someone cuts off my feet as opposed to my hands. You are trying to tell folk who spent their day watching that yesterday that it wasn't that bad because... Do you think anyone wants to hear that when we've sat through such a defeat?
  14. Imagine expecting us not to record our heaviest ever defeat to Celtic. What a bunch of dreamers... Yesterday was unacceptable. Nobody should be defending it, excusing it or brushing it off. And it wasn't even a one-off, they did the same to us less than a year ago. Obviously a lot of lessons picked up from that mauling...
  15. I'm going to do something very dangerous and mention politics. The argument from those negotiating Brexit is they need to have no deal on the table to get a (good) deal. Equally, I don't think it helps us to talk about TW having a free hit effectively. He should feel under a bit of pressure. He has taken the conscious choice to shake up this squad so will have to live or die by that decision. Where we are now isn't a result of bad fortune that the manager has earned the right to remedy, he has put us in this position. We've had bad runs in the past and the club (absolutely correctly) haven't wavered in their support of him. This feels different though. What isn't acceptable is the language used at times. Whatever happens with TW, the respect for him should never diminish. And as for those that actively seem to be willing him to fail? What a miserable existence.
  16. Not for the first time in 2019, that wasn't good enough, which is clearly stating the obvious. No one that started came close to an acceptable standard. Ali McCann came on with nothing to lose and at least made himself noticeable. Make no mistake, Tommy Wright is in trouble here. Not in terms of imminent danger to his job but this squad he's assembled is well short and just a striker might not cut it. He doesn't want Anderson, is trying to force McMillan out and suspect his patience with Callachan might have run out at half-time. But we need more numbers not less and just how much business can you do at this stage without looking a bit desperate?
  17. Crowd was definitely down on normal, they had us all boxed in the front section. Maybe our form and the fact it was a party for them played a part but the price must have as well. If you take out players' families and day trippers (that is in no way an insult BTW), you are looking at not even filling a bus of regular away supporters IMO.
  18. Those two went on loan to the seaside leagues for a year, then a full season in the Championship (where they both did very well) before coming into the reckoning. McCann and McClean spent a few months at part-time clubs. There is a clear difference.
  19. Radford 72

    Betfred Cup

    Pretty much agree with that, although think Kane would also benefit from the weight of expectation off his shoulders. And I think we'll get just one striker. So if they don't click then we are in trouble.
  20. Cummings played and scored for Forest at Mansfield last night.
  21. We'll see but I'd be surprised if O'Reilly, Munro and Hamilton don't play for their loan clubs in this competition.
  22. The rules last season were U21s plus two overage players. Depending on who plays at Celtic Park, you are looking at potential involvement for, I assume, anyone born in 1998 or later. That's Duffy, McCann and McClean from the first team squad. Hendry just misses out but could play as one of the aforementioned overagers obviously. Then from the reserves, Sinclair, Wills, Struthers, Ballantyne and Northcott aren't out on loan yet. Not sure there are any more in that group? The rest will be U18s.
  23. I've only been on two of the trips as well, Luzern and also Vaasa in 1999. Both incredible experiences and, as said, we were about as lucky as you could be in getting to visit somewhere as beautiful as Lucerne. The scenes when MacLean scored and then the buses back into town after the game were memorable. Finland really was a step into the unknown (although scary now that was 28 years after last playing in Europe and we are now 20 years since the Clark campaign) but again, incredible memories. Only a couple of hundred Saints fans but the centre of the town - and O'Malley's bar - seemed to be taken over by blue and white.
  24. I don't understand the claim about the budget either, unless we we're either significantly over it last season (possible) or it's been reduced significantly (less likely, although not impossible). What I'd say there is there are clearly players earning far too much if little over 20 pros and a handful of kids is swallowing up around £1 million. Getting shot of McMillan would help but that will still leave us just three strikers. If we don't get Stevie May, I really worry about what we'll end up with. It'll be another Morgan or Johnstone but this time we don't already have the players at the club to get by.
  25. Radford 72

    Betfred Cup

    Abysmal performance from St Johnstone and a throughly deserved win for Montrose, who were, by a distance, the better team. A result that goes down in the annals as one of the poorest in the club's history, it's potentially the first time we've lost to a team from two leagues below us as a top division team. It seems a long time ago that we used to have no problem in these fixtures under Derek McInnes. Forget excuses about the pitch, the injuries, not having a game on Saturday, that just wasn't nearly good enough from those selected. I'd almost have excused Wallace Duffy but then he screws up for the winning goal. Ali McCann tried his best in a struggling team. Full backs were unadventurous, wingers didn't adapt to the conditions and the two fit strikers we have are hopeless, although one at least still has age on his side and scope to develop. Situations like this can be the making of players but Hendry has wilted and McMillan has shown himself to be hopeless. Folk don't like Chris Kane but he's miles ahead of both. It was really a mix though of established stars (Foster, Tanser, Davidson) not doing enough and fringe players (Callachan, aforementioned strikers) not taking their chance and leaving questions over their claims for a place. Sunday is now a knockout tie for us but one which we are woefully underprepared for. The level by which the performance will need to be improved is almost unquantifiable.  Nice summer evening at least.