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  1. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Don't really think we would miss Scougall unfortunately as he hasn't lived up to all the excitement when he was signed. Alway feel he is not big enough to dominate.
  2. Saints vs Dundee 25/08/18

    Such a gracious loser.
  3. Saints vs Dundee 25/08/18

    From where I sit he certainly looked offside to me but them why did they not protest. He run on well and a great finish. What a good game
  4. Saints vs Dundee 25/08/18

    Thought after half-time we were excellent and from the goal never really looked troubled. Tony Watt is class. Great team effort.
  5. Car Park

    How do they need to use fancy words not just in and out.
  6. Car Park

    Hope they are organised for the Celtic game.
  7. Car Park

    I would like the club to explain to the regular users of the car park what the actual end result will be. If we knew what it might end up like and in the meantime they gave us advance notice of changes before the next match it would look like they cared and people would understand the situation. What it needs is a bit of common sense and forward planning and communication.
  8. Thought Sportscene were a bit dismissive of all the good work and passing by saints and although Hibs may have been a bit better than us we more than deserved at least a point.
  9. Car Park

    Long explanation on Facebook tonight and although I understand Saints problem as it is not of their doing the information should have been put out before the game not after. Poor PR again
  10. MOTM: Game 6 Saints 1 v Hibs 1

    Gave it to Tony Watt for creating the goal however the whole team were great and deserve a vote yesterday.
  11. Car Park

    Exit yesterday was worse than ever. Saints are paying stewards but they don't appear to steward. For some time there has been bollards to separate traffic from those walking however people are allowed to walk up and through the cars. This is asking for trouble as it is difficult enough driving up without people jumping out in front. Surely they could try to keep them in the walking area. Police at the top exit should be in place before the game ends.
  12. Did anyone else find it difficult when all the players were close together the jerseys were very similar. Both teams also had white shorts. Hibs green is very dark.
  13. Really pleased with today's performance, draw probably about fair.
  14. Why are very few fans using WAP now. 14 posts on this game is very poor.
  15. Macca Memories

    He is so missed.