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  1. Did anyone really expect our three current strikers to score in any game. All our goals seem to come from other areas of the team and penalty's.
  2. akuram

    Betfred Cup

    How long have we been going on regarding the need for a striker and nothing has been done? This will cost us relegation this season unless it is addressed now. That is not anything new.
  3. Alston and Comrie both scoring tonight.
  4. akuram

    Betfred Cup

    Am I glad I decided not to go. No audio on saints tv is poor, this should have been checked out long before today. If we don't sign a scoring striker then relegation is a certainty.
  5. akuram

    Betfred Cup

    Why pay this and you get nothing. Disgusted.
  6. Didn't see his interview before my view on this transfer saga but after reading it feel a lot more positive. Think this was a good time for his message to the fans. My comments were meant to be a bit controversial anyway.
  7. Steve Brown should come out publicly and tell Aberdeen we will top any other offers. Would that not show the fans he means business and if we then don't get him he comes out of this with our respect. Stupid or what ?
  8. akuram

    ICT v Saints

    Jobs now his to lose. Three out of three isn't it.
  9. Surely it is important to update the dugouts to modern standards. This will look very smart if they are like those even Hamilton have. Looking forward to seeing them. Cannot understand the negative comments.
  10. Everything is fine except the striker situation where one wonders where the goals will come from. David McMillan surely is not the answer.
  11. Sorry I apologise, must have missed that.
  12. Known was never on the field but was listed as sub at least once.
  13. akuram

    Jason Kerr

    Just the usual we are ignored. Zander should be there at least.
  14. Sorry that Jody missed out today in the play-off.