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  1. We have other players who can put in good crosses, what we need is someone to get on the end of them.
  2. See Cove Rangers pay for a striker, why can’t we.
  3. Hope Kennedy stays till the end of this season and look forward to getting a new striker now.
  4. Tommy says may be no new players but sometimes does that means none?
  5. That was my problem too. Had to phone ticket office for mine.
  6. Anyone having bother buying a ticket online?
  7. These are very seldom enjoyable games anyway so I think it is a good idea. A free pie etc might be a good thank you and even some way of guaranteeing East stand a certain seat. The game against Celtic last year when we were down 5-0 at half-time certainly has put a lot of us against going to these games. I know that is the wrong attitude but that is the way it is. Saints need all the money they can get from these games as we are not in the same financial ballpark as these two.
  8. Who would take any of our strikers none of them can score?
  9. A big striker is by far the crying need. Dykes and Nisbet at Dunfermline must have been in our price range. We just cannot score and to me this a more important area than the defence which seems to have settled. A big target man is what May needs to win the ball and lay it of to him to run on to similar to what Macca used to do. I'm not suggesting getting him back just someone to do the job he did
  10. Please please sign a big striker who can win the ball in the air and maybe score a goal or two.
  11. Wonderful win saints. Looks like Booth and Gordon have steadied the defence. I take back my previous comments about being too small and weak. Now looking much better with four points from the last two away games.
  12. We just never sign strikers who score goals.
  13. akuram

    Killie v Saints

    Well that was a long evening with saints tv commentary. Glad we played well and the changes worked. Booth seemed to have had a steady game so should keep his place. Gordon was excellent and congratulations to the whole team.