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  1. Did not go today due to early kick-off, what was our crowd like?
  2. They now seem to have changed their minds and want rid. Just pay up and we have something to lift our spirits for the season ahead. Please.
  3. Getting so desperate for a striker feel anyone will do.
  4. Would certainly give us a real presence up front.
  5. Not really bothered, just so happy for the goal which gave the team and the fans such a lift. MOH's pace to beat the goalie and cross to Matty was terrific but Danny's run did start it off. Just my opinion which is probably wrong. Doesn't matter we scored.
  6. Our first goal on Saturday only came about due to the run from our defence by Danny.
  7. It's been obvious to everyone for years that our Achilles heel has been putting the ball in the net. How often in the last three years have we managed to score more than one goal? Surely that should have been something that was a priority and thy did we not try for example the lad Nisbet why went to Dunfermline. There must be others. We could do with two or three like that and one of them could turn out to be a gem. Look at Cosgrove at Aberdeen who couldn't score but was given a chance and now can't stop.
  8. Why are saints tv not providing sound coverage tonight? Surely this is one of the times that the £5.99 a month we pay is for? Is there no interest?
  9. Just watched the highlights and : We were awful Defence was non-existant We really missed Steven Anderson to steady the other defenders, even slow as he is is still better than those playing.
  10. Really horrible luck to get them on presentation day. Most of the other teams would have struggled in that atmosphere today. Once we get a striker signed we will get it together and we should be ok.
  11. I'm so fed up listening to Michael Stewart repeating the same bile over and over"
  12. Thought Comrie looked very good for the Pars tonight.
  13. See Accies now sign a striker.
  14. If it's not to be then just say so and move on. Disappointed it's not going to happen. Lets just go for the next on the list. Can't be held to ransom.
  15. Hope they get it done in time for him to play some part tomorrow night.