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  1. We are certainly not balanced, why do we have so many wide players no defenders who defend and no big striker. That's just for starters.
  2. I thought at the Hamilton game that it was a pity he wasn't wearing blue. He is now not getting a game why? neither is Alston but he didn't play that much for us. Never thought we would but we do miss Joe.
  3. Just watched the start of the game on saints tv and I cannot understand why we persist with Jason Kerr. He lost us the game in the second minute with that slip that surely any other CH in the league would have dealt with. Hibs got a lift and never looked back. Clark also needs dropped as he keeps pushing shots out not to the side where there is a chance it would be safer. If the big Estonian or Booth cannot get in our defence at the moment they never will and if not why waste money signing them.
  4. Agree totally. The rot set in when we signed Goss and changed our play to suit. We have never recovered and its been downhill ever since. We did not recruit well, can't defend and can't score which now is a recipe for relegation. That is all the responsibility of the manager.
  5. Listened to the first half commentary ok but couldn't get it to work second half. Possibly lucky but if you pay for it then it should work. Did anyone else listen and if so did you get the second half?
  6. What is the point in calling up Matty Kennedy and him sitting on the bench when he could be resting training for our very important match on Saturday. Complete insult to us and him. Next time tell them where to go.
  7. But they were clever enough to see there was a player there and took a gamble which is paying off. Queens fans rated him. Watt only scored a few goals himself.
  8. How can Livi recruit Dykes from Queen of the South who is scoring goals when we can't. Do we not scout games? Do they pay more? He seems exactly what we needed.
  9. Sorry that Gordon is reported as injured but the centre- back partnership is certainly not working and we really need experience in there. Really a pity Ando was allowed to go on loan as his old head is badly missed. We would not be losing the silly goals with him dictating how to set up. I know he is a bit slow but his experience would more than make up for this.
  10. Joe only on the bench today for a struggling Southend. Didn't think we would him and Ando so much but we would not be losing so many goals with them still here. Thoughts!
  11. Very disappointing today. We are too small and easily edged off the ball. We so need a big target man up front beside Stevie May, a sort of younger Macca We rarely looked like scoring and didnt work their keeper hardly at all. Totally fed up at the moment and cannot see a win coming.
  12. These games now are not worth going to.
  13. Did not go today due to early kick-off, what was our crowd like?