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  1. GMac

    Betfred Cup

    The Broon biscuit tin will have to be prized open for a decent striker or we are f#cked. Dreading the start of the season.
  2. Kim Jong Broon rules - end of. Take it or leave it, sadly too many are leaving it.
  3. Thought he had a very good first half, as you say Dave showed some glimpses of the Danny we all love to see.
  4. Benedict's is a must on Friday or Saturday, or both nights
  5. Sorry got to keep up my annual quota, looking forward to seeing you in the Mallard, Hoodlum is on the bell.
  6. I will be pre season training in Lanzarote, !!!!!
  7. Braw, but leave the man in peace, ya bass.
  8. GMac

    Jason Kerr

    Kerr is still learning his trade, but is miles ahead of that lumbering oaf McKenna (I am being very polite).
  9. There is only one team in Tayside !!!!!!! We are Perth ya bass .
  10. As the Arab's open top bus reverses back into the garage..............
  11. GMac

    Off the ball

    As long as he remembers to get them in for the Highland Saints in the Mallard, when we are in Dingwall.
  12. GMac

    Off the ball

    Remember the chant - Scotland's number 1. East end park, New year's game.
  13. Always came across very well in the media, decent guy, delusional chairmen !!!!
  14. Getting verbally assaulted for retiring early and living off a limited income. COYS.
  15. Drinks are on Hoodlum - sometime next season, maybe in Dingwall ?