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  1. Feliz navidad y Nuevo anos - as I prepare to head for Fuerteventura behaviour Slainte
  2. 9 points from the next 3 games will be brilliant, get us moving on up.
  3. Broon with not sack him, as he will not be willing to pay compo. Very big 3 games coming up.
  4. Just horrible, there has to be change, whatever 11 play and whatever tactics deployed the result is the same - a pile of shite. Going to be a season to forget.
  5. Don't think he will be offered the North of Ireland job, they have a more dynamic option in Robinson, he will see out his contract with us, Brown will not get rid of him early, as he will not be willing to pay his contract in full. Could be a difficult couple of seasons for us.
  6. They are a shower of deluded pricks, hate them
  7. We are in a hole at the moment, give the present incumbent(s) the opportunity to get us out of it. Keep the faith.
  8. I had the privilege of seeing the video, it was very emotional believe me. It was a brilliant gesture by the club at a time when Hannah was very ill and Im sure it cheered her up. Stay strong Blanchie.
  9. Decent hard working performance that merited a win. Swanson and McCann were excellent.
  10. Hoodlums on the bell, see you in the mallard.
  11. see all the highland Saints in the Mallard, 1 oclockish. Cannae wait Hoodlum is on the bell .
  12. Get at them from the start, 4-4-2 and a Saintees win. Braw.