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  1. GMac

    Happy Anniversary

    As the Arab's open top bus reverses back into the garage..............
  2. GMac

    Off the ball

    As long as he remembers to get them in for the Highland Saints in the Mallard, when we are in Dingwall.
  3. GMac

    Off the ball

    Remember the chant - Scotland's number 1. East end park, New year's game.
  4. GMac

    Managerial Merry-Go-Round

    Always came across very well in the media, decent guy, delusional chairmen !!!!
  5. GMac

    Pre Season

    Getting verbally assaulted for retiring early and living off a limited income. COYS.
  6. GMac

    Pre Season

    Drinks are on Hoodlum - sometime next season, maybe in Dingwall ?
  7. GMac

    Pre Season

    I'm going - defo.
  8. GMac

    MOTM Game 44: Saints 1 v 1 Livingston

    Went for O'Halloran, showed signs, that with a good pre season ,could be back to his best. Muzz had a decent game as well.
  9. GMac

    Pre Season

    Maybe Hoodlum can dig deep in his pockets and buy the Highland Saints going a swallae, cheers. Braw.
  10. GMac

    Pre Season

    I'm definitely maybe goin
  11. GMac

    Pre Season

    Confirmed date ?
  12. GMac

    Next seasons defence

    Gordon and Kerr will without a doubt be the central pairing for next season, surely ? definitely maybe ? Hope so. Keep the faith COYS.
  13. ..... and the winner is Scott Tanser - thanks for all who submitted their nominations. I will arrange for Rhoda to get the quach sorted .
  14. GMac

    MOTM Game 42: SAints 2 v 0 Dundee

    Kennedy for me, although Callaghan and Hendry excelled as well.
  15. GMac

    St.Johnstone V Dundee - Saturday 20th April

    Hope we go for it big time, they are mince, probably be 1-0 the blessed Saints.