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  1. A mate of mine is a bondholder at West Ham bought it (in the days when they were on their arse and needing the cash), cost was a £3k from memory , for this he gets his seat in the main stand , with a discount on his season ticket, one game at hospitality, discount on club merchandise, first dibs on ticket sales for away, cup games including cup semi or final. It is a case of give a little take a little, would Kim Jong Broon be so adventurous. Not suggesting that amount just the idea would appeal to some fans I'm sure. There is no way I would put money into the club when he is sitting on a mountain of cash, but I would pay to be a 'bondholder'
  2. That interview has a lot to do with fan and public apathy towards Saints
  3. Aye right then Steve. Doubt it will happen.
  4. Great word and a very accurate description of 'the management'. Really pissed off.
  5. walking up the Dunkeld Road ...........................
  6. Since Scottish cup win, have our club progressed in the areas of PR, communication with the fans and marketing the product ? What is the current strategy for identifying prospective talent/signings ? -will this change in the future.
  7. Agree with the above - If we were financially f#cked, no problem, so NO.
  8. Lets get to it and f#ckin pump them, go home and get pished. Braw.
  9. Or how about "Is the current chairman the best person to drag our club into the 21st century".
  10. Probably not far from the truth, Brown's Stasi on standby.
  11. That should be left to the Kim Jong Broon authorised (cheap as f#ck) scouting system
  12. You cannot run a premier league club with the level of input currently being done. Pay peanuts and look what you get, a chairman surrounded by yes men volunteers, to shit scared to speak out and do anything about it.
  13. He has f#cked up big time, complete f#ckiing knob - as well as fans walking away, the manager will join them.
  14. I fully understand why our home crowd is poor, this must be one of the most uninspiring pre/early seasons, coupled with a despairing transfer window, we will all be in the main stand soon. Feel free to point the blame at whoever you like.
  15. It is almost as if the current owners/regime 'fear' outside investment, as it would potentially weaken their grip on things. As a club we need to open up and invite investment from any source, only way we are going to progress.
  16. Get your arse's along, if I can be bothered driving over 100 miles to cheer us to victory, come on Perthshire boys and girls do the same.
  17. Don't be so sure, we are as shite as they are, we are Perth - keep the faith.
  18. We are in a mini league, along with possibly, Livi, Hamilton and StMirren top that and we will be OK.
  19. One of the 2 main protagonists in this deal will have to back down for it to be resurrected. Here's hoping.
  20. Ha ha - Hope all your 'clients' are behaving John
  21. Not all as.clear is being made out. The fault may lie within.
  22. The chairman should come out and make a statement on this saga, at least his version of events, it may not be all Vine and Mays doing. Let the fans have the truth and don't treat us like mushrooms (kept in the dark and fed shite).