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  1. Norsaint

    Hearts V St.Johnstone Saturday 29th September

    Callachan gets his first goal for Saints and it’s against his old club! Let’s have another!
  2. Norsaint

    Hearts V St.Johnstone Saturday 29th September

    England is the exception. Most other countries are cheaper!
  3. Norsaint

    St Johnstone v Celtic Betfred Cup QF 26/09

    As long as we don’t go negative again. Get in their faces from the kick off. Killie showed that their defence is not all that great looking at the chances they created on Sunday.
  4. For about two minutes. Killie have scored.
  5. Norsaint

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    I think Hearts paid a fee for him just last season. Would they not be looking for cash?
  6. Norsaint

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Timely though with Muzz being injured.
  7. Norsaint

    Saints vs Dundee 25/08/18

    Maybe found his position?
  8. Norsaint

    Betfred Cup

    Let us be the team that breaks their run of trophies. They are beatable!
  9. Too much fear in that formation. Kilmarnock 9 shots to Saints 1. Now a goal down so time to change.
  10. Norsaint

    Season Tickets 2018-2019

    Apart from holidays there are other activities that become available in the Summer. One for example is golf. I know several regular attenders including a couple of ST holders who stop going in late April as golf competitions kick in. (Except for cup finals). The only thing that could help increase support apart from warmer weather is amateur /junior players may come along as long as their seasons don’t change. However even their Summer break isn’t that long.
  11. Norsaint

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Deja vu? Some early signs of activity then it all goes quiet apart from the odd rumour. Finally a couple of loan signings and a panic buy?
  12. Norsaint

    Dundee United Are Shite!

    Thought that Mohsni is away and Scobbie is staying at Utd? I actually think Mosh is a good defender and would be worth signing for us. Just because he played for Sevco does not make him a bad player.
  13. Norsaint

    St.Johnstone v Ross County - Saturday 12th May

    Agree with this about Scougall. Same happened with Midge. How long was he played out wide where he was ineffective before becoming one of our best players in a central position?