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  1. Macca Memories

    I remember that when he first arrived a lot of our support were very slow in realising we had a player. Some even rated Vine above him. Even when he wasn't scoring he was a clever player and always brought others into the game. Highlight has to be the goal that confirmed that the cup was coming to Perth!
  2. Aberdeen v St Johnstone 31/03/18 3pm

    He has been booked already. Hope this does not affect his game or even worse get a second yellow.
  3. St.Johnstone v Rangers 19:45 27/2/18

    Come on the snow! I think that it's the best we can hope for.
  4. Celtic v St Johnstone 18/02/18 3pm

    Unbeaten at Parkhead this season. Not many will be able to claim that. Makes some of the other results even more unbelievable.
  5. Celtic v St Johnstone 18/02/18 3pm

    Yeh, either a shock draw/away win or a hammering. Hopefully the former.
  6. Heart's v St Johnstone 03/02/18

  7. Heart's v St Johnstone 03/02/18

    Nothing to fear for next weeks cup tie. I would however like a few more points on the board and soon!
  8. Dundee United Are Shite!

    Even more shite now! This coincided with certain players coming out to the press stating that they can still win the league etc. Second will now be a good achievement imo.
  9. St Johnstone v Partick Thistle, 27 January 2018

    3 points away from play-off. Ffs
  10. Ranger's v st Johnstone 16/12/17

    It does kind of back up the argument that a Muzz and Paton Central mis partnership doesn't work and we need a Millar type player in there. Brilliant result!
  11. St Johnstone v Rangers 13/10/17

    Is this on BT? I am away on hols in Cyprus and will be looking for a bar showing the game?
  12. Aberdeen v Saints 30/9/17

    Weren't we missing some top players in the 5-1 game also? Hoping for a repeat!
  13. Saints v Hibs 9-9-17

    I hope Tommy did watch that Dundee v Hibs game. Needs to have someone [Scougall?] running at Whittaker who looked uncomfortable all game against Deacon. Soon as he was turned running backwards looking over his shoulder he was toast. We need to do the same. Deacon also had Considine under pressure the whole game at Pittodrie by running at him. Worth remembering for later in the month.
  14. MOTM Celtic 1 - Saints 1 - 26/08/17

    Mannus for me just from Ando and Joe.