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  1. When RB came over to collect the ball there was definitely spit that went flying in his direction.
  2. I actually thought he did well today, got stuck in. Not the muzza of last season but signs of improvement - he'll come good.
  3. I don't see a problem with his first touch, it maybe only looks bad because we've got used to maclean who has one of the best touch's of any player we've had for a while. As previously mentioned by others my biggest concern would be how often he goes down and him potentially 'believing the hype'. It now seems the move wont materialise but I was actually at the posh game on Saturday and don't think he'd be geting a look in anyway.
  4. Makes a few valid points to be fair
  5. Thought grainger was faultless today and stopped a goal close to the end, ando and davidson a close second and third.
  6. Class player but surely out of our league - even for a loan deal.
  7. He wasnt that bad. Held the ball up well when played into his feet although he did miss an absolute sitter. The people who need shot are the so-called fans who jeered when he was brought off.
  8. Big Fil edges it infront of morris and grainger who both played well.
  9. Is this a wind up? He's a hero and i am looking forward to his return but the boy's got the worst touch in scottish football - bar james grady
  10. He doesn't need to be when he's pingin in the goals from 25 yards.
  11. agreed. if irvine is fit then i cannot understand why mckay is still gettin a start.
  12. jody morris was excellent today, moon was also very good though.
  13. Davidson had an excellent game today but had to give it to millar who was outstanding when he came on. Changed the game.
  14. Swankie is a good player who recieves unjust abuse from our fans for the majority of most games. out of order.