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    hilly,hilly,hilly,hillyland,we are the boys from hillyland.
    Muirton Park ballboy many moons ago.Saintee through and through.Exiled down south now but get to games as much as I can.
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    retired gigolo

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  1. The Saviour returns.And I'm crossing just about everything hoping that is at least half true.Come on Stevie.Always thought he' d be back.Just not so soon but over the moon anyway.
  2. Was at both games and got autographs.Remember Mcdonald scoring straight from kick off.Ice Rink end if I remember correctly.
  3. Devastating news. Thanks for the memories Cuptie. All the best for the future. True Saints legend.
  4. wee john, how'd you manage to reach up there?
  5. Loved Edstars comment. They should make half scarves with the old firm on other side purely just for this reason.
  6. Can't really remember who else was there at the time but do remember the training sessions on North Inch,on the pitch up near what I think was Perth Artisans Golf Club. I do remember doing the main stand touchline ice rink end once against Celtic because they ripped the pish out of me cause my boots were about 3 sizes too big and the toes had all curled up.
  7. Cheers for that. I was a ballboy at Muirton as well but must have been a different time.
  8. Anybody got a better quality copy of this? Trying to id who's in picture but lose definition when enlarging.
  9. Brilliant news about Mannus signing on for another 2 years.
  10. Stevie done a brilliant job for us last season so let's just wish him well for the future.Off to watch him tomorrow,live not far from Middlesbrough and SW there tomorrow. Still much rather be in Perth though watching the Saintees hump Aberdeen but wedding anniversary means i have to be elsewhere just to keep on right side of other half.