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  1. yahoorsir

    Brian Easton

    if he can stay fit that might be a decent long term option as he is left footed. Now that teams have sussed the way we play out from the back and cut off the supply to Kerr and focus on Shaughnessy who has been pretty gash recently it should hopefully stop us passing the ball straight to the opposition quite so much. He also wouldn't be a bad shout for captain. Staying fit though is inevitably key.
  2. yahoorsir

    Brian Easton

    Not quite the full story re Ferguson. When he was bleating to the Press how Saints had supposedly shafted him, he never once mentioned that he had knocked back the contract on offer before he got injured as he wanted more money. Ferguson is a player that I totally despise. If he hadn't been so greedy he would have had a signed contract to fall back on.
  3. Like RBB I think this might mean McMillan moving on as we are probably top heavy up front even with Drey Wright out plus Scougall to move on too Interestingly MOH knocked back more money from Motherwell to sign on again at Saints
  4. Most Saints fans would take O'Halloran or Swanson and they can't get games for teams who finished below Aberdeen.
  5. We could a lot worse than Tansey, Lawless and Storey. The latter won't be everyone's choice but he would give us the option of genuine pace up top which we don't currently have. Probably not a starter but a decent option for the bench.
  6. Clark signs for Arabs. That's a relief one bullet dodged at least.
  7. Every second game he is crap but can certainly provide a creative spark.
  8. God no. Clark is brutal. If he had taken a third of the easy chances he had this season Dunfermline would have finished second. He is woeful and his father should not be allowed back into McDiarmid either. Clark snr is a total clown. Hope this is just someone pulling our plonked in the absence of any other newsor I would be very worried about the standard of players we are looking at.
  9. Before any grief directed at Ando for his choice of charity .as was mentioned at the time he also donated part of his testimonial funds to Perth Autism.
  10. Most of this is total b******s but you are correct about the aftermath of the Cup Final but the person who f*****up after the Cup Final was the ' bullet proof' chairman who thinks he can do no wrong. He was constantly bleating about no cash etc and that we didn't make as much as everyone thought we would etc. He was a total killjoy and with £3 million in the bank he should have given TW a proper budget. to build on what was achieved. TW is the manager who not only won us the cup beat Rosenberg etc but played Stevie May, signed MOH and Swanson. His budget has been cut year on year yet it is his fault. IHe has made mistakes perhaps being loyal to too many but when you have to sign s**** like Tanser as this is all the budget will stretch too are we surprised we are in the mess we are. Every chance we will make history being the first team to be relegated with £3 million in the bank!
  11. Usual s*** . Kane had an excellent game today. Denied by the bar, a quality save and a good effort when reacting to a rebond. Might be worth watching the highlights before spouting your usual negative guff. Yes I am disappointed at the result too but the fact is that we did play well today. On another day we could easily have been 2-0 up.
  12. Rangers 'talented' youngsters are so good they have just been pumped by Saints Under 20's. The bigot brothers can GTF with this proposal. Why should they gain to the detriment of every other senior side in Scotland. If Saints will be asked to vote on this at some point, should we not in fact take it a stage further and make the Club aware of our views?
  13. Welcome back 101. You seeking attention again now that the dark nights are here!