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  1. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Totally agree a lot of the problem this season has been the defence and how poor it has been, need another centre half to partner Kerr as ando and Joe have been where a lot of the goals conceded have come from.
  2. Macca Memories

    As big a shambles as their Glasgow Sevco mates, good luck to Macca, decent lad who gave everything on the pitch and topped it off with that goal, having to give the standard shitey quotes to get them onside, think will be more the coaching and odd cameo appearance, as this season was one too far for him (looking for a wee cameo in the next 5 games though!)
  3. Player Contracts + Transfers In the Evening News no mention of Muzz though, seem to be offering Maclean a route into coaching, will be less of a commute and more cash, although this rag is not always the most reliable these days.
  4. Aberdeen v St Johnstone 31/03/18 3pm

    Have picked up in the last month, still get the feeling as soon as we are one down the game is finished, just not the fight or ability of previous squads, big decisions going to be needed on who we stick or twist with next season and that includes a few of the youngsters, because if any good and some of the complete dross we have seen, this was the year for them pushing for a place and taking it like Kerr has done, boys like Gordon etc had a season but no further forward, some will blame the manager,, but Kerr has proved if good enough they will get a chance. Think with the mathematics we should be safe and ten years of so in top flight and all the top six finishes we are certainly punching where a lot of clubs of similar stature can only dream of being.
  5. Dundee v Saints

    McCann comes across as a sneaky little shit, his big Sevco mate Thommo was probably on the panel
  6. St Johnstone v Hibernian, Friday 16th March @ 19.45 Match Thread

    Bartley does a cheap shot forearm smash in front of the ref, no booking, then moans like hell at the lino for a corner no booking, Craig moans booking. Stokes drinking buddy Boyle pulls back a player near the end no booking If you looked at the stats for cards it always looks like we are dirty but when you are at the game you realise it's Saints don't get the same treatment and last night is the case Don't like the way Hibs surround and hound the ref every tackle, suppose take that from their manager. The BBC always do Saints a diservice and the more you peddle a myth more folk will believe it regarding the so called tackling, but fair play to Tommy he didn't miss media boys McCann and Thompson and their old pals act, he knows how to get them biting!
  7. Marketing Wrong?

    I'm a season ticket holder, used to get the TW email but just stopped, emailed a couple of times, nothing changed, so just left it. But as said in the past by a myself and others on here, if you buy tickets from most English clubs online, you get bombarded with marketing e mails, Saints certainly miss a trick in this area and lose out on another potential revenue stream
  8. Alex Rennie

    RIP Alex
  9. Dundee ban Daily Ranger

    Being touted for Scotland call up along with all the Soutars, McKennas of this world, as they pay for BIG teams, think Kerr should be getting a mention as good as the aforementioned. Dundee a city full of teams in financial crisis ............tick tock..........
  10. St.Johnstone v Rangers 19:45 27/2/18

    Agree, Wright's interview on the radio after the game was good in the respect of the recruitment policy needs overhauled and a new scouting network put in, and he did say he was part of the current process, obviously sees it is not working very well and needs seriously addressed, going by Willock last night, guy looked lost. Mannus far too slow at the freekick, and it is him who sets the wall and his own starting position Random chap
  11. St.Johnstone v Rangers 19:45 27/2/18

    Maybe had better chances but never win anything defending like that, back to same crap defending like a few weeks ago, need to get it sorted for Saturday.
  12. Steven Anderson - An Appreciation

    Back to his best on Saturday, winning every header and tackle, even had a smile on his face a few times, not seen that during games for a few months.
  13. Celtic v St Johnstone 18/02/18 3pm

    What he said, great point, hopefully the turning point and kick on to safety, huge game next week, same again performance and 3 points
  14. Hearts v Saints Sat February 10th Scottish Cup 5th Round

    Aye when we are down in the championship, lost three goals could of been more but hey ho everything will be okay next weekend as today was a blip from the usual silky football we have played all season, the three goals maybe never hurt us but the shit performance certainly doesn't inspire confidence for the rest of the season, and the saints team in the last few seasons wouldn't have got beaten so easy as that shower of shitebags today
  15. Hearts v Saints Sat February 10th Scottish Cup 5th Round

    And again how do you know what the terms of Clarke's deal was, you don't have any idea Not one for sacking on a whim and don't think a great time to do it with the amount of games left, all the sentiment is great but we are fooking rank at the moment and in freefall. No leaders anywhere in the park, the players look like they couldn't give a flying fcuk, the manager still remaining loyal to the same lot, joe and ando after Tuesday shouldn't have been near that team today. And last but not least bullet proof Brown wtf are you presiding over, or maybe the lower leagues suits his busy schedule!! At a loss to know who to blame but it' been horrendous a season bar the wee wins at Easter road and ibrox