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  1. crieffsaintandy

    Saints v Kilmarnock 24/11/18 League Game 14

    Just can’t bring themselves to give saints any credit, killie great team, great manager top six etc etc, st Johnstone happy to get a point from such a fixture and let’s ignore any positives, Motherwell three wins out of four fantastic, saints 5 on the bounce but against the poorer teams............ and the diddees are seemingly on a run now!! Couldn’t make it up but keep going under the radar and up the lot of them on the beeb, yesterday miller and Gordon today Stewart and Thompson.......
  2. crieffsaintandy

    Saints v Kilmarnock 24/11/18 League Game 14

    Willie Miller is only interested in the Famous along with the court jester Richard Gordon who was chuckling in the background when the report come on, used to think they were a breath or fresh air from the usual old firm apologists on sportsound, but they are just a pair of condescending dicks who think their mediocre team is still the great team they were in the eighties. even game, we had more chances but felt they controlled more in the middle of the park but got away with a lot of fouls that should have been yellows, but collum just let them away with it in case he upset the media after his last game, again think macmillan should be on before Kane but give him his due some of the shoulder level high balls getting pinged at him he didn’t have a chance to control, when we do get it down we looked pretty slick going forward. defence was good again and both centre halves put in a good shift and didn’t give media lovely “boydy” a sniff.
  3. crieffsaintandy

    Stjohnstone v Hamilton

    Aye and it was all about how we have played 5 crap teams and will see against the big teams, a brief mention of zander after bigging up the livi keeper, here's me thinking beat the same livi that just drew with Celtic, also killie are world beaters, after drawing the other week with the mighty Hamilton!!........ Stewart and Thompson what a pair of bawbags, big thommo never forgiven Tommy for showing up his wee mate McCann, anyway lets keep moving under the radar as normal
  4. crieffsaintandy

    Stjohnstone v Hamilton

    Aye you see killie and there support is coming back, why can’t we get them back the football is attacking now and different planet to the last few seasons. also first contract should be big tommy and also extending tony watt, holds the ball brilliantly and link up play is great, just needs a goal, but the lad seems to love it and has an infectious personality, great times also the boy Kennedy is a top baller, add drey Wright and Swanson into the mix ......
  5. crieffsaintandy

    Zander Clark

    Like a lot of the saints support I go to scotland game's but this has always been a bone of contention over the years and is making my interest wain when it is clearly not a players ability it's who.he plays for, so short sighted compared to other countries who.pick on ability and form, and they wonder how the national team is an absolute embarrassment just now! Big red still living in the era of fitbaw towns, hotbeds of talent in greenock, Airdrie etc but no Perth.
  6. crieffsaintandy

    Stjohnstone v Hamilton

    If hertz win or draw and we win we go third till Sunday's games! Think we are on a roll and looking like a hungry team again and think we will keep the run going as we are just a far better team than Hamilton, always sticks with me the way canning and his sidekicks ran on to help get Swanson and bad boy foster sent off in the infamous game, not that they they were not going anyway but pure tossbaggery
  7. crieffsaintandy

    Livingston v Saints Wednesday 31 October 2018 League Game 11

    John O'Neil how good was he on the wing going down past the East stand side, not taking anything away from out current wingers who are decent, the guy was streets ahead, all relative different eras and all that
  8. crieffsaintandy

    Fakes next whats the feeling

    Just seems to be random at certain games, don't think they bothered at Celtic game, they seem to pick on the younger guys in our group and older ones that look dodgy! and the rest never get bothered, sums up the stewarding at mcd!
  9. crieffsaintandy

    Fakes next whats the feeling

    They do the full frisk thing in the east too, including season ticket holders.
  10. crieffsaintandy

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Saints could do it, as that's the scenario I'm aware of going from league club to lowland league and see saints sent young lad to bsc this week.
  11. crieffsaintandy

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    End of September, but seemingly allowed to if not playing in the same leagues, but maybe just applies to s certain age group
  12. crieffsaintandy

    Taxi for Tommy?

    Agree with what you say Eddie, but let’s not completely flower it up, we were rank yesterday and were pretty poor in the away games at hearts and sevco, the media love bigging up these teams, but unlike previous saints teams of last few seasons we look weak, disjointed and lack leadership on the park, we must be great to play against and certainly made Celtic look like world beaters. Tommy has turned it round before, and we will see where we are after the next four games, but let’s not believe we are going to walk these games unless there is a bit more fight and change in attitude from a lot of the players.
  13. crieffsaintandy

    Saints v Celtic sunday

    Whole team were spineless, but again special.mention to tanser, Joe,, spoony and Callahan, can't tackle pass and positionally awful, all imposters and have been for weeks, scougall must be in the shit if he can't get in a squad before Callahan
  14. crieffsaintandy

    Hearts V St.Johnstone Saturday 29th September

    Exactly our two main areas of failure are centre midfield and two amigos in defence, Joe and tanser, crying out for a midgey Millar centre mid, Ando has his moments and no one else to cover left back at the moment , but watching this game and the last two against the the bigot brothers the mistakes this pair make are horrendous, I must be missing something when people think Joe is decent, he is weak in the tackle and for a guy of his height get bullied by forwards and his distribution is awful, tanser for bulking up in the summer, well that's worked well and constantly caught out of position. Overall the last week has shown we have decent individual players but has he bought the right mix to make a decent team, I'm not so sure. Not that it makes any difference but saints teams in the last 5 to 10 years would have beaten that pretty average hertz team.
  15. crieffsaintandy

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Be interesting today if watt is out if scougall makes the bench