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  1. Exactly was quite a few yesterday and its great to see, was good the lad Hamilton got a chance yesterday and regardless of result that ten minutes will build his confidence even more, on the reserves my boy learned more last year on loan at lowland league than playing spfl2 reserves and some of the coaching leaves a lot to be desired to rigid and not allowed much freedom to Express themselves. Anyway apologise for my initial was written on the bus after being away with saints yesterday and media and beer not a good combination!!
  2. Your are correct I have never seen him play only thing I’m basing it on is if your lad or others have been released it’s clear saints don’t think they are good enough, whether they are right or wrong who knows it’s all about opinions. I totally agree Scottish football seem to have this attitude about age compared to a lot of countries and personally my lad was on the bench for a lower league two team a few times but never got the chance as always went with the more experienced pro type when I felt they could take the chance with him, but they never trusted him. Nothing better than seeing youngsters coming through the ranks and saints are crying out for a creative player in the middle, my point was they are going to have to be exceptional at that age to be the answer to a mid table spfl team, no slight on your lad at all and I’m sure he will regroup and go on and have a good career in football.
  3. A big fart, but some kid in the twenties is not the answer, need to get over it mate unless a total maestro not going straight into any first team going to the level he is at
  4. Saints were passive as fcuk again story of the season, Hamilton weren't great but had things to play for, but they shit today was basically a re run of a lot if games this season, fullbacks are past it foster and Easton, centre mid nothing there, Craig far too slow and Callahan seriously lacking, up front nothing, kane too many touches, hendry far from convinced,big summer for passive tam., rid of Easton etc. Let's move on
  5. Not going by Saturday far too slow and totally bossed by muzz. Fox is average think we could do better, but zander will hopefully stay, just that little erse McNamara stirring it.
  6. Someone has to pay for auntie Anne's new stand!
  7. I thought he was giving it big licks about staying before xmas,encouraging others this was the place to be etc, a lot if them signed he didn't, again that's his prerogative and what he feels he is worth is up to him, but I feel he has a bit off an over inflated opinion of himself and isn't as good as he thinks he is or others on here think he is, but again that's my opinion and never have bought into the hype, Gordon and Kerr are far better and should have been in long before now, but again I dont pick the team.
  8. Nail on the head with the first point, defence looks far more solid without him, Brilliant from Tommy, joe gets ready then is told to sit down at 85 minutes not going on, then he gets 3 minutes of injury time at fullback when it is too late for him to make any balls up. personally wouldn’t have bothered after he led us on a merry dance since Xmas and big part of us being in the bottom six, thanks for your efforts Joe, but not as big a loss as many believe. Davidson was immense today.
  9. All over twitter bigging up Celtic and Cardiff
  10. We also had numerous chances to kill it and o’halleron was better today running at them and thought Murray had a good game. But good strike or not or unsighted to me lack of concentration from Clark should never be beaten by a strike from that distance and effectively cost us a win.
  11. Think it depended on the team ie twenties struggled for kit and training facilities last year, and what I heard so did other age groups, maybe the reason the big team have struggled in the new eos leagues, with small crowds and lower budgets unlike the big hitters ar bonnyrigg, Kelty etc
  12. Good club hutchie, but think have been struggling financially for a wee while, and think using the oriam was a real killer financially, for all it being great these new facilities the fees at this venue dont encourage youth football. And defo Kerr and Gordon, but also need back up for the full backs, personally not fussed about Joe and think there is better out there.
  13. You are spot on with first point, he is maybe hearing the cash his brother gets at Leeds, but Joe is bang average and obviously thinks he is better than he is, good luck to him but not a big miss as some make out, the other two are getting past the youngster stage and really should be up to playing there week in out if not they will never be ready, as Kerr has shown already and will he even be here next season. All seems to be going a different way than the beginning of last season when brown was letting wright sign what he liked and it worked up to Xmas after that went tits up and back to tight budget again, although could be big Tommy playing the chairman as usual.
  14. He gave it big licks about staying and encouraging others that it was a great club etc, again it is his prerogative, but talk is cheap and a few others have been more up front and stated they are staying/going, not bitter towards him but feel his performances have been no where near the level he was at before the talk, think Tommy played him in the blind hope he was signing when really big Liam Gordon should have been playing instead of Joe as he is the future.