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  1. Just on the road up, but weather was braw in Forfar
  2. Very poor stuff, regardless who was playing for us should have enough to win these games, but 3 points out of that group isn’t good enough. Couldn’t give anyone pass marks, Swanson worked hard and looked more like it, the rest slow on the ball, lack of movement, lack of desire you name it. Couldn’t even be arsed to acknowledge the support at the end, maybe embarrassed or maybe don’t give a fook. Keeper wasn’t great, Kerr shadow of the player last season, Craig age beginning to show, all the young guys are not near ready based on that, only young norcroft showed a desire and try to take the game to Forfar. Kane gets pelters but is hendry any better don’t see it and is not a lone striker. hope they prove me wrong and will still be there next Saturday but based on games so far heart ruling the head at the moment, but this club has proved us all wrong over the years
  3. Maybe no quite as daft as he looks! And we all know Vine can't be trusted
  4. All these suggestions have gone well this week, going with all the shite written another pile of pure fabrication. But suppose not many places left for him left to whore his services around!
  5. Now got two weeks to get a decent striker, as realistically will only go one up top at Celtic next week, the real business starts on the 10th and anything from celtic would be a bonus, but need to move on, a surely we must be a bigger draw than the midden, accies or playing in the championship for some rich yanks plaything.
  6. All three are not what we need, but that’s what we have till brown opens the wallet, the boy hendry seems immune to criticism but getting past the raw and young stage now and this is the season where he needs to come of age, but not seen that much to convince he is the answer
  7. Crying out for a creative midfielder, Liam Craig has been decent but shouldn’t be our first choice, originally brought back as a squad player and we are now looking to him to be our playmaker, too slow and the chip to nobody in injury time sums it up. Agree crying out for a striker and another defender, even think foster is lacking a bit and hopefully the boy Duffy starts to push him for start and obviously Liam Gordon to replace ando.
  8. Going to be a long struggle this season, players like Ando, Craig and foster past their best, minimum needed another defender, creative midfielder and a striker or it's going to be along hard slog
  9. According to broon spent the 19/20 budget already, maybe should of telt the manager as he was looking for a striker and left back, it's hard work supporting this team, build your hopes up and few days later the story changes, other teams manage to keep their support a bit more updated than this shambles, I know cant expect every bit of info but a wee bit would be good and fair play broon has clarified it today.
  10. Exactly was quite a few yesterday and its great to see, was good the lad Hamilton got a chance yesterday and regardless of result that ten minutes will build his confidence even more, on the reserves my boy learned more last year on loan at lowland league than playing spfl2 reserves and some of the coaching leaves a lot to be desired to rigid and not allowed much freedom to Express themselves. Anyway apologise for my initial was written on the bus after being away with saints yesterday and media and beer not a good combination!!
  11. Your are correct I have never seen him play only thing I’m basing it on is if your lad or others have been released it’s clear saints don’t think they are good enough, whether they are right or wrong who knows it’s all about opinions. I totally agree Scottish football seem to have this attitude about age compared to a lot of countries and personally my lad was on the bench for a lower league two team a few times but never got the chance as always went with the more experienced pro type when I felt they could take the chance with him, but they never trusted him. Nothing better than seeing youngsters coming through the ranks and saints are crying out for a creative player in the middle, my point was they are going to have to be exceptional at that age to be the answer to a mid table spfl team, no slight on your lad at all and I’m sure he will regroup and go on and have a good career in football.
  12. A big fart, but some kid in the twenties is not the answer, need to get over it mate unless a total maestro not going straight into any first team going to the level he is at