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  1. This, rather than the crowd size, saints need to get in about them and make a game of it like we used to do and that was even giving them three stands in the nineties!! A big part of that is keeping tanser away from Forrest as he seems to rip him a new one everytime we play them.
  2. Maybe a bit of complacency creeping in this season, as he knows he will start every week, as Parish is a really poor keeper and a cheap option as back up, so not really offering a challenge to Clark, different story when he had to challenge big Mannus, both had to be at top of their game or be dropped.
  3. Cracking result, getting back to the saints of old, pity they hertz bar stewards stole that point on Saturday would have been even closer to top six, onwards to Ayrshire on Saturday
  4. Second half was the best we have played all season, just that lack of finishing chances again bit us in the proverbial. Thought being forced into a back four actually worked for us and booth while not attacking threat like Tanser was steady at the back and a far better defender and linked well with spoony. whole outfield team were great and thought front two worked well together, if Motherwell can get 1.7m for the boy Scott, saints should be looking for hell at lot more for McCann and he starts every week unlike their boy, heading to the top and was everywhere today, spoony and Liam Craig were excellent and Liam getting in their faces is what we need. Think we need a new keeper next year, Clark is going backwards, distribution is awful, slow getting down and rooted to his line when could help the defence by coming out and taking it, the second goal enough said. but if we play like that the rest of the season should be fine.
  5. Seems to be a recurring theme he starts great guns and then after six months he stalls and seems to get bored and looks to move on. Personally think the way forward would be looking at someone like the young guy Nesbit at the pars who is on fire and probably has more goals in him, could offer Kane as part of a deal. Also get Hendry signed up again although going by the rumours appears to be stalling.
  6. Cracking result, the boy McCann gets better and better every week, Spoony was immense in the middle, but good team performance overall and got a bit of fight in them now, few signings this week, beat the hertz and happy days.
  7. Was just thinking that just now, it’s the market we appear to be shopping in, the guys confident and scoring unlike the Curtis Mains of this world.
  8. Have to agree with your assessment, not much between the teams, but livi looked more fluid, with Murray out it's a worry we are relying on Liam Craig, hes too slow and just chips aimless high balls up top and the less said about the corners, also the distance between may and the midfield was huge the guy had no chance. The ref was awful and if we got the penalty might have been different.Still think we are in for struggle and in real relegation dog fight as this seasons team just hasn't got the same balance of what previous teams had, before I'd be looking who were going to catch going to the top six, this year it's looking over our shoulder.
  9. McCart of Inverness signed a pca according to the daily ranger and Tommy hoping to sign Rooney from.them.later in the week
  10. Certainly was, but was replying about crowd size in general. Also with the demise of the football giants down the Tay, not really any of the teams in the league are less than an hour away this season. When have the authorities every bothered to take the fans into consideration, they’re an after thought!
  11. Come on crowd size has nothing to do with league position, it’s not great but there is a few other factors why teams are where they are rather than a crowd wankfest, aye the coags derby has a big attendance but the teams aren’t very good and are where they are for a reason..
  12. Totally agree and hope now that they are building a wee run and hopefully a bit more confidence and they will show a bit more composure and try passing it rather than a lot of the aimless punts when they weren’t under any pressure from Accies, when they did get it down and play we were decent. May looked a bit better, but not convinced he is what we need and still think we need another striker in the window. Ferguson wasn’t bad towards saints for a change, not our greatest fan but a bit better today than his usual incoherent pish. Brian Rice was on another planet!
  13. Awful game, but who cares, defended well and hendry changed the game he added an energy and threat, most of our threat initially came from the left hand side with spoony, May and booth linking well, other side ralston defended better, but going forward him and mikey have had better days! Onwards and upwards and another three against county would be a perfect December.
  14. Both Maclean and Whittaker while been decent players in years ago are both past it, tbh when saw it was Macca was starting for hearts on Saturday was delighted as was even struggling in his last year with us. Livi seem to bring through decent centre halves, Lamie would be a good shout in the market we work in, experienced and steady (apart from defending at st mirren goal on Saturday!) but that is the level we are looking at. Hopefully Booth signs on, as better defender than Tanser and at least puts his body in the way, maybe doesn’t offer so much going forward, but we need defenders first. regards Celtic thought Darnell fisher was excellent once he got going with us and appears to be at a decent level down south.
  15. Was talking about hearts when they did have the ball, but agree Craig was excellent at Killie and thought very streetwise when he came at the end on Saturday drawing fouls and breaking the play up. Mccann has been excellent and and another half season starting games can be only good for his development and saints future.