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  1. St Johnstone's Public Relations

    To be fare Bev phoned me back today, she had been off sick, and is willing to chat further with out of town groups around the above and how the club can interact better with us on other suggested areas/issues we have, so we will (Edinburgh saints) have a pow wow on the train on saturday and take it from there, so all very positive
  2. St Johnstone's Public Relations

    Dave, It's maybe because I asked her if they could pay the Edinburgh contingents train fares to Aberdeen next week!! But was just asking the question if the club ever considered the saints away support from other places when they make these gestures, as a good part of the away support don't come from Perth (we could drive to Perth for the Dons game and get the bus, but not for Celtic). I am quite happy to pay my own travel to Aberdeen and have booked already along with a number of others from Edinburgh, as we are having a day on the peeve, just interested in the party line. Also Swanson can stick his forced gesture where the sun doesn't shine, take the boy out of Leith, but can't.........
  3. St Johnstone's Public Relations

    E mailed yesterday to the slo to ask a question, not heard a peep, maybe on holiday with the free week,but expected some sort of response, pretty poor to be honest
  4. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Disagree with this part, sometimes in games he is the wee spark that we need that changes games, as apart from him he are pretty pedestrian, when he came on against Aberdeen we looked far more threatening, that is why if he leaves, Tommy needs to find a bit of pace and creativity. Poor choice by him, but for him the lure of pulling on the Hibs strip (not to mention the wage), can't blame him, as will never get another chance, but never seems to be up front with any team he plays for and usually comes back to bite him in the proverbial.
  5. St. Johnstone v Aberdeen. Saturday 15th April 2017

    Stood of them far too much first half, when we keep the ball on the floor we are a good team and could have got a point, mannus still not commanding in the 6 yard box and the first half cost us, and maybe me but Coulston is a proposter and is just not gd enough
  6. Accies away!

    Exactly, poor show from him and his assistant, lucky pates never got to him, hope they scummy fookers go down, has the brass neck to say not the way to act and he was only on the pitch to get his players off, aye right we believe you Martin, maybe worry about your team struggling really badly to break down 9 men for 45 minutes.....
  7. Accies away!

    Both them are experienced pros simply not good enough and any person problems should be sorted out in the dressing room not acting like a pair of fannies on the pitch, let their team mates down and a good travelling support, get both of them to fook
  8. Accies away!

  9. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Can we get a breakdown of the 180k or is this pure speculation from your usual source Mr Randoom
  10. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Thought Clark is injured? Even if he wasn't, Strachan wouldn't pick him and his selections are working well for him at moment!. Even a lot of the Jambos think Hamilton is poor
  11. MOTM Saints 2 - Dundee 0 - 11/03/17

    Paton for me, covered every blade of grass. But every player deserves credit for a great team performance. And Miguel, was a class act on the pitch and still a class act today
  12. Run in for Europe

    Good shout Dougie, although main stand at partick is a disgrace and gave the cheek to charge normal prices and Somerset park.....
  13. Big summer coming up

    Millar and Davidson when fit would always be in my team, but getting to the stage that we never get more than few games and one or both are injured and will only get worse as they get on a bit, in Millar's case age starting to kick in a bit, also throw into the mix Liam Craig who is hitting that stage as well. So big dilemma is do you keep a guy you get half a season from or spend the wage on someone younger who you potentially get a whole season from, also stops this continually having to change the lineup due to injuries (ideal world!). Up front needs major change, will Macca keep going for ever, Cummins isn't the answer, as they say big summer coming up, that will define what way the club is heading, hope I'm not wetting my knickers, just think it's the facts
  14. Big summer coming up

    Amazing how opinions vary, but find myself agreeing with the original poster and the majority of his points. Our defence is a shambles, need a dominant CH and Joe isn't that, midfield either injured or the replacements are as slow as, watching Liam labour his way through that game was murder last night, any pace has gone, same as Paton. We had a decent chance last night as that is a piss poor Rangers team, keep hearing this is the best team at Saints for years, but watching last night I still think the 2014 cup team was better, maybe not as strong a squad back then, but first team was better.
  15. Tommy for Rangers

    won't win the title for them going there now, there are light years behind Celtic, really just a top six team at the moment and with the Lion King in charge will remain so, maybe his lifelong dream and who are we to deny him, but spare the bullshit about getting it right