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  1. Celtic v St Johnstone 18/02/18 3pm

    What he said, great point, hopefully the turning point and kick on to safety, huge game next week, same again performance and 3 points
  2. Hearts v Saints Sat February 10th Scottish Cup 5th Round

    Aye when we are down in the championship, lost three goals could of been more but hey ho everything will be okay next weekend as today was a blip from the usual silky football we have played all season, the three goals maybe never hurt us but the shit performance certainly doesn't inspire confidence for the rest of the season, and the saints team in the last few seasons wouldn't have got beaten so easy as that shower of shitebags today
  3. Hearts v Saints Sat February 10th Scottish Cup 5th Round

    And again how do you know what the terms of Clarke's deal was, you don't have any idea Not one for sacking on a whim and don't think a great time to do it with the amount of games left, all the sentiment is great but we are fooking rank at the moment and in freefall. No leaders anywhere in the park, the players look like they couldn't give a flying fcuk, the manager still remaining loyal to the same lot, joe and ando after Tuesday shouldn't have been near that team today. And last but not least bullet proof Brown wtf are you presiding over, or maybe the lower leagues suits his busy schedule!! At a loss to know who to blame but it' been horrendous a season bar the wee wins at Easter road and ibrox
  4. Who should be The Next Scotland Manager ?

    Even bigger worry is McLeish still hanging around, Yogi Hughes getting a mention, total shambles from the top down, need rid of all they self serving clowns that make up the committees and board as soon as possible, saying that Lawwell of Celtic appears to run the whole thing.
  5. Lack of Ambition or Direction

    Aye and you see the state of Dens, it's crumbling, the team isn't very good for the wages they pay, not a model we should be aspiring to

    Strange logic still to play Hamilton before the split and lets just not bother our arses in the other games when he clearly need any points we can get. Based on second half tonight won't get many points, joe and ando were a shambles in the defence, Alston and macca waste of jerseys, Kane had to do the running for two up front. Beginning to think Wright has lost the dressing room as nothing changes every week, bar the odd gd performance., then back to the same shit, worrying times
  7. St Johnstone v Partick Thistle, 27 January 2018

    Must have had your invisible suit on yesterday then!!
  8. Lack of Ambition or Direction

    The problem is that we all just speculate what the problem is we don't know what really goes on behind the scenes. Both Wright and Brown are culpable at present with lack of forward thinking, as we are certainly a team in freefall and we have been a bawhair even last season from ending bottom six, but with Swanson running riot after the new year we turned it round, just don't see it this time though. Defence concedes soft goals every time, would just throw in Kerr and Gordon at centre half, as Ando and Joe areawfulr, even get the young guns at fullbacks, as Watson was clearly puffing oot his arse yesterday. Midfield still looking for that elusive playmaker, get rid of Alston, Craig etc, If Alston can't get in a team with all the auld guys in front of him, whats the point, spoony and Craig I say no more based on yesterday. And wtf was Tommy doing starting with Maclean, great guy and legend, but days have passed and Kane looked far sharper, Wright must have seen this in training Better improve the attitude and have a bit more fight or the could be out of the cup by Monday night, but also the type of game to put in a good performance with a few goals and build a bit of confidence, because a good pot of money to made with cup game against Hertz, which surely could be budgeted for a extra body for 6 months if we get through Monday.
  9. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Rated highly enough to go and coach Scotland for a few games, and managing that when at a club like Saints (as international manager's never give any players, playing in Scotland a look in unless they play for the so called big 5) so must be doing something right
  10. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Has Joe changed nationality
  11. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Yep that's the one, worked out well but more through luck with suspensions/injuries giving him his chance, or could have been another Michael Hart/Mikey Doyle type signing, was meaning it wasn't really the signing/s we were all hoping for in the window, just like a token gesture loanee at the end of the window, but a decent player. Although Darnell Fisher was a better player, but again a bit like Denny Johnstone was given a bit of grief before he had a chance to get going, because he dared to be used before some of our talented youngsters at the time, the same talented youngsters who are probably back playing junior football now!!
  12. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Surely between him Callum Davidson and Cleland must have a few, as they all played for a few clubs over the years, but agree never seems to utilise them much. Saying that maybe the market and price range we have to deal in. Maybe things will pick up, but waiting on the Clive Smith type signing on the last day
  13. Michael O'Halloran

    Begs the question which travel company would even contemplate arranging a trip for that crowd and hope to see the money for it
  14. Is this the winter of our discontent?

    Maybe stevie boy will take the players on the next sjfc quarterly corporate golfing extravaganza, seems to boost boardroom morale!! Joking apart Tommy needs to start addressing the crap performaces especially at Perth and stop deflecting the issues.
  15. Saints v Dundee

    Foster is a liability and hasn't really performed this season, hopefully young Comrie back now and makes the position his own, challenge right in front of my seat when no need to go through him, aye the wee jailbird made a meal of it, as Levein says heard the squeal!! then get up and shows the East stand his cut!! it was the lino who told Collum, but so stupid from an experienced pro to let the Collum have to make the dcision. Again the defending and cheap goals we have given away all season have come back to bite us, also where were the two centre halfs when Haber gets the ball, it seems to be Foster on him, but saying that he let him in far too easy Wright forced to change second half and thought the new slimmed down Easton looked back to his best, far better player than Tanser, Joe when forced to gamble and run with the ball looked far better, whole team put a great shift in and really deserved a point, their goal at the end wasn't a fair reflection. Scouggs is starting to look like the player we knew was there and as mentioned above if can get some movement up front to support him, will blossom the second half. Need to start getting points on the board soon, as the pack are closing, need a few signings especially a midfield playmaker, hope we don't go through the window waiting on Sevco making a decision on Mikey before we do anything.