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  1. Scum v Saints 16th Sept 2017

    Don't think Comrie is there, as he played versus Celtic, looked like him sitting in the main stand with the other young players
  2. Scum v Saints 16th Sept 2017

    Cummins put their defence under pressure and unsettled a very poor Dundee defence, thought Johnstone did more than Macca who wasn't at it, every flick on Johnstone made Macca was elsewhere. As above two full backs are a worry, and surely time for Comrie to be given a chance as Foster was dire. The centre of midfield is a worry too, not much creativity, Paton works hard and had a decent game, but him and Liam are too slow together and don't really create much, thought Scougall was a centre mid and today the game was screaming out for someone to take control and create in the middle. With O'Halloran getting battered by the Dees, we really look pedestrian and lets be honest Dundee were average, but with Mannus basically throwing the ball in the net we were playing catch up all game. Also the ref was awful, substitution in the middle of Liam trying to take the pen was bizarre, good to see that arse Gartland get his marching orders, thought Tommy was going to knock him out on the way up to the dugouts at the beginning of the second half. Not many get pass marks and need to up it after that today and 70 mins against Hibs.
  3. MOTM Dundee 3 - Saints 2 - 16/09/17

    Cummins thought he put their defence under pressure and unsettled a very poor Dundee defence
  4. Saints v Hibs 9-9-17

    Think it says a lot Thomson can't even make the bench, as for starting he's not near it, got ability but seems to lack in confidence most times watched him for first team. we hear from the opposition manager every week "streetwise, match them in the battle etc", but Hibs looked bigger, stronger and dare I say it, fitter than Saints, although we did make them look good by sitting so deep, and the space between Macca and the midfield was far too much, the aimless punts from defence were just giving them possession back as soon as we won it. When we did play it on the deck in the first twenty and for the goal, we opened up their defence, which didn't look that clever if we had got at it more. Wanted three points, but still a good point after a bad day at the office.
  5. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Come on Stevie Boy you are in the negotiations you are being too modest. Just under two hours tick tock
  6. Deadline Predictions

    Thanks Steve, thought you would have opened the cheque book
  7. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Hearts apparently going to be signing a Serb winger who is travelling to Edinburgh just now, so probably rules out MOH going there
  8. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Thought we played more football than Thistle, for all their hype they played it long and were pretty cute with a lot of petty fouling to disrupt the game, but when we did play it on the deck we looked far better than them. Scougall is a good player but wasted out wide, but will be a cracking signing over the next few months. As above dodged a bullet with Sammon, Storey okay and played in some nice balls, but now seeing them, we could get better and over the course of the season, we will defo need another up top when injuries and suspensions kick in and circumstances like Macca on plastic and MOH against deadco kick in. But thorougly deserved win today.
  9. Joe McGurn

    RIP, if remember right socks round his ankles, gave his all in every game, days when they were allowed to tackle
  10. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Yep because Mikey O'Halloren's dad asked them to do us a favour, because he thinks its funny as fcuk if it means Saints finishing ahead of Sevco. Didn't know you had any nerves, but plenty of brass neck, the shit you post here claiming your in the know, when it's just taken from P&B!!
  11. Player Contracts + Transfers

    How many players say their support are shit, and maybe he just doesn't like Sevco, but at £7k a week I could pretend I love my employer. But get the impression he is the type of guy who enjoys playing football and probably knows he took the Sevco dollar but wasnt't the best move, but money talks in any walk of life, and the new Portuguese Paul Le Guen is an absolute clown playing to the Sevco masses, so never going to get a look in there.
  12. Aberdeen Away 30th Sept

    Just driving to Dundee, as got things on later that day, think the same for a few of us with that particular date, and I wouldn't touch another pint in Trades after the last time at New Year it completely floored me and scuppered my Hogmaney!!
  13. Aberdeen Away 30th Sept

    Cheers Dougie, I was talking about pussbook in general but see how it could get misconstrued!!
  14. Kilmarnock (A) - Premiership - 05/08/17

    Great result, good away crowd, decent atmosphere in the away end, Gordon Greer strolled it, just forgot to chase Mikey for the goal, and sign at the away turnstile for age 0 to 65 £15 so took them up on their generous offer
  15. Aberdeen Away 30th Sept

    As you know don't do the facebook pish etc, but a few of us booked for Aberdeen on the 30th Sept, same times as went up in the post split fixtures in April depart Waverley 9:30 arrive 11:50, leave 19:11 home Edinburgh 9:35 so good times for a few beers etc just got a group booking for 4 of us £49.70 in total. Speaking to Kenny at the game today and looking for an away day for Edinburgh Saints as probably about ten years (maybe more) since the original Edinburgh Saints meet up at Mathers, so the more the merrier etc etc (Davie McD get your arse on the train!!)