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  1. crieffsaintandy

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    You are spot on with first point, he is maybe hearing the cash his brother gets at Leeds, but Joe is bang average and obviously thinks he is better than he is, good luck to him but not a big miss as some make out, the other two are getting past the youngster stage and really should be up to playing there week in out if not they will never be ready, as Kerr has shown already and will he even be here next season. All seems to be going a different way than the beginning of last season when brown was letting wright sign what he liked and it worked up to Xmas after that went tits up and back to tight budget again, although could be big Tommy playing the chairman as usual.
  2. crieffsaintandy

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    He gave it big licks about staying and encouraging others that it was a great club etc, again it is his prerogative, but talk is cheap and a few others have been more up front and stated they are staying/going, not bitter towards him but feel his performances have been no where near the level he was at before the talk, think Tommy played him in the blind hope he was signing when really big Liam Gordon should have been playing instead of Joe as he is the future.
  3. crieffsaintandy

    Reserve League News 2018/19

    I have been around the pro youth reserve football with my lad for a good number of years never involved at saints, but hibs and dunfermline and berwick reserves, the coaching standards vary considerably and sometimes luck of the draw who you get. The new reserve league what I saw wasnt great at the second tier level, my lad decided himself just to return to east of scotland league second half of the season and is loving it, and most weeks come across a lot of boys released by the big clubs, maybe that's their level maybe not, sometimes they need a lucky break, yeah as above travelled miles and miles and you would love them to make it, but being realistic not going to happen to the majority and now my lad playing and enjoying his football again rather than sit about as Jersey fillers at pro teams and wait for a dream that ain't happening.
  4. crieffsaintandy

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Partial to a bit of baseball!
  5. crieffsaintandy

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Have to disagree as Gordon would have been a better option than joe since the break and could have maybe been top six if he was playing, as to me joe has been one of the issues that we are bottom six, been terrible since the turn of the year and should have been dropped but I think tommy plays him in the blind hope he is staying when the young lad Gordon should have been in based on performances rather than blinded loyalty to a liability at centre half, who is a poor excuse as a captain and lacks any inspiration qualities at all.
  6. crieffsaintandy

    Bottom Six Fixtures

    What? They play the sheep on Saturday before returning to Perth
  7. crieffsaintandy

    MOTM Game 40: Saints 2 v 0 Dundee

    The boy Curran beat every time in the air, but did improve a bit in the second when the team got more confident, tbh I'm not a fan just dont rate him as a defender, but everyone to their own!
  8. crieffsaintandy

    MOTM Game 40: Saints 2 v 0 Dundee

    Aye it's his mate at left back that looks anything but solid, how good was Kerr just strolled it and had Miller in his pocket most if the night.
  9. crieffsaintandy

    Danny Swanson

    Decent lad is Danny, who hasn't come across bouncers acting like dicks, especially some of the ones in Edinburgh.
  10. crieffsaintandy

    Have we underachieved this season?

    Agree we are where we should be in the whole of Scottish football, but going by our points total at beginning of January the games in 2019 have been awful and are relegation type form. To me we always had a solid back four, now we don’t it’s a mess, Tanser and Joe are not good enough, panic in possession and just punt the ball long giving the ball straight to the opposition and they are both pretty poor defenders, fair play to joe for getting a good deal elsewhere, but will love saints going against him next year based on the last few weeks, not bothered he is going, he has given up the ghost since the new year after all his talk of staying. Foster is now a hit or miss and age catching up. The midfield no creativity and watching Murray last few weeks feel his best years are past, do we need him and Callahan next season, but certainly need a creative midfielder and that not goss, he’s a bigger shite bag than tanser when a man gets near him. Up front we are powderpuff, watt is okay as a hold up player and Kane struggles with a poor touch, still feel McMillan could have offered us something this part of the season, but need to recruit and liked Kennedy in there like before Xmas. Still these guys are decent enough players, but Wright seems to always play to the opposition rather than make them worry about us, but sense he is getting fed up being too loyal to a few of them. But he is the guy who puts them on the pitch and sees them all week in training so he is to blame as much as the players he puts on the park. Another area that seems to have slowed is the youth set up, has anyone from the youths pushing the first team, yeah Kerr has come through but since then has anyone else, look at Motherwell today they seem to have kids that are ready to move up and play and push for places, again never bought into all the alistair Stevenson hype. But maybe we have been spoiled over the last decade and could be a Patrick, Falkirk , Dunfermline but it’s fustrating at the moment when you know these players are capable of more than that end result today and where we were at January, think the rot started the way he set us up at tyncastle against a hearts team struggling, he basically gave them the game..
  11. crieffsaintandy

    Race for the top half...

    We need a win and a draw hertz two loses and a draw and hope we make up a few goals and they get humped, way we are playing not happening, but win on Wednesday maybe bit of confidence, but regardless wright needs to go for a win tommorow none of his shit festing have to go for it. Fosters injury might be a blessing get Shaughnessy out of the middle to fullback and get the two young guys in there at centre half.
  12. crieffsaintandy

    Saints v Saints 16/3/2019

    Brutal stuff again, but still its three points, seem to totally capitulate in the second half of games, the defence is all over the place at times and the distribution is horrendous, captain courageous being the biggest culprit, along with tanser and foster the three of them have been awful for weeks. Callahan got about but real lack of creativity in midfield and Davidson seems to have lost his edge. Kane worked hard up front and looked decent and watt looked a bit livier when he came on, thought last summer we had the squad looking good but work to be done this summer as clearly some positions need strengthening. Also if Alston dropped due to contract issues why is Joe not, as he is a total liability at the moment, would go with Gordon and Kerr
  13. crieffsaintandy

    Brian Easton

    Absolute knob of the highest order, remember sitting at Celtic one Sunday in the old stand and he was in amongst the saints support was injured again!, kept cheering Celtic, was politely told to shut the fook up, karma when it went tits up for him!!
  14. crieffsaintandy


    Visit most days usually just to browse, few posts usually after games
  15. crieffsaintandy

    Saints v Saints 16/3/2019

    That's your opinion and good on you, but my opinion if not good enough over the season dont deserve to be there regardless if we miss out on this fixture. Bit like when sevco weren't there who cares.