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  1. Agree with this, think he is a couple of seasons past it, and his performance against a few weeks ago reflect that, why waste a wage when could be used more efficiently when the budget is so tight. Just don’t understand why they even bother to bring in guys like Callum booth, and the likes of Michael hart, Michael Doyle in the past when clearly not any intention to play them, yeah need squad players, but these type of guys especially a guy with booths experience should be better than Duffy at the moment, so if not used why waste a wage and use the cash to get someone that will be pushing to start..
  2. Same shite every week, it’s like a broken record, wright watches this and then plays the same guys in defence again, Duffy out or his depth, Kerr all over the place, Tanser total shitebag of the highest , ralston has potential but not our player, but the forwards are powder puff, the midfield totally off it, watching that today was painful and reminds me of pathetic Clark relegation years, all the hanging in there till January window, points behind etc, but that team won’t win many games, no leaders, too many hiding, and they are probably better players than a lot out there in our league, big Tommy legend and all that, but good times come to and end sometime, and he can no longer borefest us to one nil wins with that defence like that, he has got away with it over the last few seasons. Let’s hear the living out with our means, Tommy’s the man, it’s all getting a bit tedious, we are trouble and to rectify living outside the means use some of the rainy day £2m rainy day funds or we are going to be in the seaside leagues for a few years, never mind the Europe trips we might not see the big league for a few years if we don’t rectify this pish !!
  3. Were red cards, but the guy just about halfed kane just at the same spot as the Davidson tackle, Logan gets away with second yellow and that whining little prick Ferguson moans and hacks his through a game, no cards thought Clancy gave them them the benefit more than us. But team spirit was fantastic last 20. Wullie Millar d*** Gordon and that little tit Dodds talking with the red tinted glasses on as usual on radio red, their hero.mcinnes cocked that up big time!!
  4. Good points, and agents seem to be issue with a lot of these deals, just sometimes saints seem to lack a contingency plan and put all the eggs in one basket and when a deal.falls down are left scraping the barrel, but tbh none us really know the ins and outs. Hopefully get an experienced centre on a free or in the january window, there again Brown might decide there us no budget.
  5. Northern Ireland maybe do a Brown a favour and to think we might get compensation too!
  6. Give him a month, but there are other managers out there, not the usual suspects, but lets not kid ourselves that there are no decent options, because what I have watched this season the manager is not getting enough from these players, and they also should have a good look at themselves too many shitebags wearing the jersey just now, folk moan about Callum Davidson being too jolly not taking it seriously, but what does cleland offer as an assistant, not a lot? But ultimately Tommy is the man that runs this and buck stops at his door.
  7. Tick tock, all good things end he has left himself with a team of spineless wonders and doesnt know how to fix it, all for the sentiment etc but now running thin. We are going down and going by this season he certainly isn't the man to take us out of the championship
  8. See wee Neil getting upset again, no be his fault though wife must have shouted at him
  9. Any worse than the two bomb scares that have been playing there this season? Yes young but good bit of experience amongst them especially Kerr, but the goals against tally doesn’t lie and a few have been down to that area
  10. I was talking about the contradiction of the previous post, all for giving wright a chance and he hopefully will turn it round, but at the present moment not looking good and he is the man who built this total unbalanced squad and he needs to utilise it better, it’s all small margins but when you are down there you seem to not get the breaks. I would love him to turn it round and going by previous years will, but the head telling me something missing in this group, but let’s not kid ourselves there are not other managers that could do a turn here, yeah don’t want the usual suspects but brown usually gives us something different when he chooses a manager, but at the moment sir Thomas is the best man to stop the rot.
  11. But you shot down someone suggesting changing the manager, surely if we are down as you suggest why would we keep a manager who you believe wont save us? I'm.beginning to think Wright has ran out of ideas but we will really see the full picture by the end of October
  12. Maybe missing the point here, but if you support a club why would these games not be worth going to? Yeah I understand all the shit that comes from the ugly sisters but I still go to see my team and wouldn't let them put me off, just switch off to all the sideshow by their support and the usual mob of extra bigots from perthshire who get to their one game of the season sing a few party songs then back to watching there team on the tele for the rest of the season, rise above it, but again each to their own regarding attending, its pretty sad really the crap they spout in this day and age!
  13. I never said that one up front is negative or two up is the ideal, but one up front lately hasn't been great and only works if the lone striker gets support not just aimless punts forward to a guy being marked by a couple if six foot giants, when we played at Aberdeen we passed the ball and play was linked up far better with holt pushing up to support may and by him (holt) moving the ball quicker Kennedy and o'halloran were more productive going forward
  14. Big 5 games coming up in the next few weeks, will be a test of where we really are, have to agree with lomas above the one up front at home is terrible, as far too much space between the loan striker and the wing/midfield support, may doesnt look as sharp as before, maybe needs more game time, Callahan was Callahan yesterday, but the biggest worry is the defence and keeper shipping goals, when before we were not much of an attacking threat we were tight at the back, Clark had a few decent saves, but his distribution is awful. Do still think we will have enough to stay up but need to get points on board quickly and will be a test of Tommy's managerial skills, but be careful what you wish for with some of the dross out there looking for manager jobs.
  15. He's talking about rent a gob Cameron, the shit DJ