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  1. What has been your most memorable pre season friendly

    Bolton in the nineties when the Perth taxi driver gave some Bolton guys a lift home and they did a runner! Game think 2 all and Ian ferguson did his knee.
  2. Hartlepool

    A lot of people tell me the Spanish, German and Italian leagues are better than the self proclaimed bore fest that is the greatest league in the world, do you think Chelsea will be mid table in La Liga or near the relegation places?
  3. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Looked good for the 15 minutes, but hard to tell as the game had died with all the changes, but good movement and looks far better than Cummins. Not sure if would be a loan or a signing, is he still contracted at PSG?
  4. FK Trakai (H) - Europa League Round 1 - 29/06/17

    Cheers for the update Jose
  5. Player Contracts + Transfers

    If no good enough for the Hertz, never going to be good enough for a top four team
  6. St.Johnstone v Rangers

    Poor communication from Saints, does it really surprise you. For a club that does so well on the park, let themselves down a lot with this area constantly. Expected to see the players after having such a great season, fair play to Macca, Midge and Liam, seemed to keep looking over to see where the others were, so obviously they weren't communicated anything to get off the pitch. just seen that piss take video by Mr Rangers Andy Halliday, guys a fanny
  7. Tommy for Rangers

    Different circumstances, they reduced the prices and it was last game of the season and it was win or bust for Europe and add in the 4 in a row, but agree thought we would take more last month especially with free transport on offer and the only other away game being Septic after the split.
  8. Saints vs Thistle 13/5/17

    For all their pretty play Thistle didn't threaten too much. Ref was a disgrace, but good professional performance. I think Swanson will play against Hertzs along with Spoony with both being suspended for Sevco game and Swansons summer break time isn't Saints problem. Maybe give on or two a break, but surely want to go for wins and end a brilliant season on a high.
  9. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Working for wee Jackie would bring out the worst in anyone!
  10. Celtic vs Saint Johnstone Sat. 06 May.

    so how the fook are you away the last week of term then!! Same booked last year and miss both games if we get there, done it three times this one, Turkey & Luzern, it's they corrupt fookers at UEFA's fault
  11. Celtic vs Saint Johnstone Sat. 06 May.

    Love your enthusiasm Eddie, think we need to concentrate on fourth, third ain't going to happen
  12. Celtic vs Saint Johnstone Sat. 06 May.

    Pretty poor show today, to many poor passes and second to most balls, ref was shit and Rodgers think his team get it tight!! Anyway big game next week go all out to get 3 points
  13. Aberdeen vs Saint Johnstone Sat. 29th April

    Great day out, thank fook Tommy doesn't listento the moaners, gd on swanson and Thomson, on the bus home coys
  14. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Scored a belter against us first game of the season a few years ago When your talking to Midge today, ask him as a Morton supporter whats his take on Mr Forbes
  15. St Johnstone's Public Relations

    To be fare Bev phoned me back today, she had been off sick, and is willing to chat further with out of town groups around the above and how the club can interact better with us on other suggested areas/issues we have, so we will (Edinburgh saints) have a pow wow on the train on saturday and take it from there, so all very positive