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  1. What a day that was!! We should do it again sometime...
  2. Foster's touch deserted him all night, offering nothing down the right at all. I don't understand playing someone with O'Halloran's pace in the middle of a packed defence/midfield, when all the space is out wide. Bizarre setup, and inevitable result. Disappointing. All will be forgiven if we win at the weekend though.
  3. So basically Rangers paid us half a million quid to borrow Mikey for a bit while he was injured. Love it. Welcome back!
  4. Still a fan of O'Halloran. He was great when he came back the first time until he picked up a knock. He went to Rangers because he was ambitious. We hate the Old Firm for obvious reasons, but I also understand completely why a player would want to play for them. He was then basically left in the cold because of his name, and the sectarian bile that that club is founded on. I can't blame him for wanting to be as far away from that as possible really. I also can't blame him for being homesick. As far as I see, he hasn't really done anything wrong along the way, is a quality player, and an asset to any team at our level. It's all very different to the Stevie May example, who left for better things and has regressed, possibly partly due to a nasty injury.
  5. Is Merelos suspended for this one or should we prepare to play part of the game against 10 men when he gets red carded?
  6. I've not had much chance to look on WAP recently, but it's a braw time to be a Saintee just now. Here's hoping the good run continues through the festive period! 'mon
  7. Nope, I fancy us for 9th instead of 11th
  8. My outlook for the year is transformed in 24 hours. Welcome home Danny. Tony Watt must be the happiest guy in the world right now. He has always showed potential and signed for a team struggling for goals - a great opportunity. Subsequently Tommy has signed an array of excellent midfielders and creative players behind him. I can see Watt scoring 25+ goals now
  9. Knowing Muzz he'll probably have an op on Thursday and be back in full training by Tuesday.
  10. I'll just check for you... Rule 376.78(b) paragraph 67 (d) states that a player must have three votes in order to score points in the MOTM polls, based on the assumption that no more than two people per week will think it's hilarious to vote for Tam Scobbie when he's had a howler.