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  1. Panama / Singapore / Athens Saint

    Sad news, never met him but always enjoyed his banter on here, and several very kind and supportive private messages too - his abrasive character on here was very much tongue in cheek, and the forum will be a poorer place without him for sure.
  2. Exiles Potys

    just read this, very sad and thoughts with John's family and friends.
  3. WAP Player of the Year poll 1 of 2

    Good to see about 90% of the votes going to the three players leaving us. can't wait for next season.
  4. WAP Player of the Year poll 1 of 2

    21, starting 18 of them, 3 as a sub
  5. WAP Player of the Year Poll 2 of 2

    No worries, wasn't sure how on earth to make the poll fair when I could only add 20 options and we've had 30 players on the pitch throughout the season
  6. WAP Player of the Year Poll 2 of 2

    second half of the POTY poll - don't vote if you voted in poll 1 and vice versa - click 'view results' instead.
  7. WAP Player of the Year poll 1 of 2

    Due to me not posting regular MOTM polls this season, due to other commitments, and nobody else willing to take the task on, it seems sensible to have a POTY poll to determine the WAP POTY for the end of season awards. Unfortunately I'll need to split this into two polls, as the software will only allow 20 options per poll. Please vote only once. Players are listed in order of appearances made, so you are most likely to be picking someone from poll 1 anyway I definitely won't be doing any MOTM polls next season, so if you want to revert to the previous system, someone else will have to do it. Anyway, here is a poll of all players who have appeared for Saints this year, to the best of my knowledge, so if this results in a suitable way of selecting the winner, all good.
  8. Poty Awards

    am no huffing, just utterly demoralised, and seem to have about 5 hours less in the day than I need. Happy to put a POTY poll up if that would help.
  9. MoM threads

    I've been mega busy, and did ask if other people could help, which obviously nobody did because it takes a tiny bit of effort and thought. Spend very little time on the forum these days as it's largely just a handful of people arguing like schoolkids over pathetic nonsense. Given that Ghostie is hardly around either, I'm not sure there will even be a POTY award from WAP anyway, as that would again require someone stepping up and helping.
  10. MOTM Motherwell 2 - Saints 0 - 06/02/17

    getting worried now, this is just shite
  11. MOTM Hearts 1 - Saint 0 - 03/02/18

    Tough one, but better performance maybe...
  12. MOTM Albion Rovers 0 - Saints 4 - 29/01/17

    A better performance.
  13. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Nicky Maynard on loan from Aberdeen?
  14. Player Contracts + Transfers

    What is Steve May's strike rate since he left Saints? Would you have him back? More to a footballer than stats. Hopefully Tommy will assess his ability, not his wikipedia page.