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  1. MOTM Saints 2 - Hamilton 1 - 23/09/17

    NOSEBLEED Great comeback from what sounded like a dire first half. More of the Saints trademark determination over beautiful football.
  2. Hamilton Accies (H) - Premiership - 23/09/17

    Foster played some great games for us last season. I disagree that he's not good enough for a top 6 side - but his early season form has been disappointing. Easton is the same in my opinion, he's a good player, struggling for form. Problem is that the formation we are playing leaves us exposed on the flanks, with attacking wide midfielders and Paton being pretty central. Midge used to cover the whole of the back 4 more effectively. Any failures by Foster and Easton are therefore proving costly. A fit Chris Millar would make a huge difference to this side in my opinion.
  3. MOTM Dundee 3 - Saints 2 - 16/09/17

    Scobbie is always reliable at LB. Oh.....
  4. A Lackluster Murray Davidson

    My thought, and my original comment, was taking this into account. Given the good reputation we and our physio have, it would explain why Tommy was so angry, if Murray had concealed the fact he was feeling unwell still. All speculation, it was just out of character for Tommy
  5. A Lackluster Murray Davidson

    If he was sick as a result of the concussion then he has to show he was angry. I know Muzz is the kind of guy who thinks he is indestructible, but with all the stuff going on in rugby just now about head injuries it would be foolish to downplay it.
  6. MOTM Saints 1 - Hibs 1 - 09/09/17

    Can folk please check they voted on this one, and vote again if not. Cheers.
  7. MOTM Saints 1 - Hibs 1 - 09/09/17

    Sorry there were two polls, **** knows why, I only posted one. Hate this forum software. Blank buttons so you have to guess which one to click, shite quote functions and now duplicating whole threads.
  8. MOTM Saints 1 - Hibs 1 - 09/09/17

    Still unbeaten. Sounds like a point gained in the end.
  9. Saints v Hibs 9-9-17

    sounds like we were lucky to come away with a point. Disappointing not to capitalise after going 1-0 up.
  10. Training ground

    In CPO cases, little public news tends to suggest that the seller has got a good deal. I suspect we'll have to wait and see how much the club benefit from the new road project. If saints were being shafted it would be in the media. If the public purse is being hit then there will be no news.
  11. Saints v Hibs 9-9-17

    Much as I dislike him, Lennon is a good manager. I expect this to be a close game. 2-1 saints. Swanson red carded for kicking Foster. Mikey winner in the 89th minute.
  12. Player Contracts + Transfers

    As things stand, Mikey is young and could still land a massive deal down south, but only if he's playing regular football and making headlines. If he signed a permanent deal with Saints for a wage cut, and he keeps performing like he has, he could find some offers arriving that blow his Rangers deal out of the water. Or he could take the money and end up in a similar situation to what he was in at Rangers. It is an unusual situation, created by a strange club fuelled by bigotry and hatred. Maybe there is an unorthadox solution that could benefit both Saints and Mikey here - our highest ever wages, a 3 or 4 year deal, Mikey with a chance to prove he is capable of a big move down south at a club who will give him the platform to do so, and Saints can recoup their investment in a transfer fee.
  13. Chris "midgey" Millar - An Appreciation

    Is there a non-footballing role for Millar if Ross is leaving? Is that not what he's been training to do?
  14. The invincible Celtic v the always underestimated St.Johnstone 26/8/17

    Was just thinking that the last 20 minutes were made for Chris Millar today. Some composure in midfield could have got us 3 points. Nevertheless, it was a terrific performance by saints. Young Comrie did great for a debut. Macca was an absolute menace for the whole game, and Ando and Joe were superb. Mannus reminded us how good a shot stopper he is too. Great awareness to parry fierce shots to safety (ie ando) too.