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  1. Player Contracts + Transfers

    In this time where penalties are determined by 'contact' rather than 'intent', almost every player has been guilty of at least exaggerating an incident or anticipating contact and looking a bit daft by going down. I accept that Murray's reactions were a little OTT, but nothing that several Saints players haven't been guilty of this season. For supporters it's part of the game that is not attractive or entertaining at all, but there is so much at stake on the pitch it's inevitable. I would not say I do or do not want a player at Saints because of it, because if that were the criteria we'd have a keeper and maybe a couple of defenders in our squad.
  2. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Just goes to show that there are footballers out there who value job satisfaction above chasing money. Seems like a really genuine and humble guy.
  3. MOTM Saints 1 - Sevco 2 - 21/05/17

    ach well
  4. St.Johnstone v Rangers

    Is this the first time we've played Sevco without them tapping up one of our players/management/groundsman/car park attendants 48 hours before kick-off. How things have changed since the Breadman left...
  5. May 17th 2017 - Hearts at McD

    Great result tonight, and I believe our highest ever points tally in the top league. A 21 point swing between Hearts and Saints since Ian Cathro took over as Hearts manager - OOOFT! Could be 24 by the weekend.
  6. MOTM Saints 1 - Hearts 0 - 17/05/17

    I could be wrong, but I believe that 58 points is our highest ever return in the top flight (we've managed 57 twice and 56 once) Despite the ups and downs of the season, it has to go down as a massive success. What a time to be a Saints fan!
  7. May 17th 2017 - Hearts at McD

    From the Beeb "Hearts have visited Perth eight times without a win since a Scottish Cup victory in February 2012." Grrrr, that was NEVER a penalty.
  8. for the sake of completeness, lets keep the polls going until the end of the season...
  9. MOTM Septic 4 - Saints 1 - 06/05/17

    ah well.
  10. Run in for Europe

    Yesterday underlines for me that once the pressure to make the top 6 is off, the belief that they can win every game spreads around the squad. Tommy's post-split record is remarkable. I genuinely think tommy and the players will be looking at Rangers and not at Hearts. We've beaten Celtic post split before, despite them being runaway winners. Why not this year? It would be the icing on the cake for another great season. It would pretty much secure 4th and might give us a fighting chance of 3rd. I just feel we'll be up for this game more than any other this season, with nothing to lose and everything to gain. I can still see a winner takes all showdown with sevco on the last day!
  11. MOTM Aberdeen 0 - Saints 2 - 29/04/17

    Massive 3 points, with Heats dropping 2 at home and Sevco losing heavily. Are we to have another post-split run? Hope the Millar injury wasn't too serious, and great to see young Thompson get on the score sheet.
  12. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Another reason why I hate doing the MOTM polls. Everyone votes and then complains about the results as if it's my fault, ha ha.
  13. Player Contracts + Transfers

    However, people also voted him joint MOTM with Paton v Aberdeen in our last match, so he's further ahead now!!
  14. Player Contracts + Transfers

    deadline for engraving is the 5th May, so that won't work. Unless we fine Danny 4 weeks' points for fighting.
  15. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Danny Swanson 37 Blair Alston 23 Murray Davidson 21 Steven Anderson 19.5 Zander Clark 19 Richard Foster 18 Paul Paton 10 Brian Easton 9.5 David Wotherspoon 7 Steven MacLean 6.5 Alan Mannus 6.5 Liam Craig 6 Graham Cummins 5.5 Chris Kane 5 Tam Scobbie 3.5 Liam Gordon 3 Joe Shaughnessy 2.5 Keith Watson 2.5 Chris Millar 1.5 Clive Smith 1.5 correct before the Aberdeen game