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  1. I've got space in the car if you want to go up tonight? leaving Comley Bank at 6.15.
  2. I working in Glasgow tomorrow so will have plenty of room if anyone needs a lift. One way only though.
  3. exactly the route 4 of us from Edinburgh are taking.
  4. I thinks he did pretty well for a young lad of the final day of the season but he was far from immense IMO. I've not seen him since but I wouldn't be disturb Joe and Ando to fit Gordon in. having said that, I'm not sure what the answer is!
  5. A few of us have booked the train but doubt they'll be running so one car going up I think
  6. I think the pitch played a significant part in our failure to win the game today and it'll cost us more points this season. A few players seemed reluctant to run with the ball at the feet at time and Mikey struggled at time.
  7. Dundee Utd a the wife swapping weekend is this weekend.... Dundee Utd the weekend after. 'Away' in the title should have given that away.
  8. I overheard a conversation last week on a train from Glasgow to Edinburgh where they were talking about just that. I didn't hear the exact name but they were talking about a saints fan with the initials SJFC!
  9. nah, my memory is bad but not that bad...
  10. Turns out I have a wedding the day after the tie so have never been able to make it
  11. I'm a maybe at the moment but if going would probably use avios and have a companion voucher I need to use by September.
  12. Hi Hannah, there was some chat about a bus on the Facebook group but there wasn't enough interest. Some are getting the train others driving. There will be space did you if you want a lift?
  13. giving this one a miss unfortunately.
  14. Toss up between Manus and MOH for me but think Manus just shades it. Midge put in a decent shift and Brian Graham got in to some great positions and very unlucky not to score.
  15. they charged £31 for the hearts game!
  16. £18k fine coming our way apparently.
  17. Rumour has it we're looking at Brian Graham from Utd.
  18. the £2.50 fee is per sale, not per ticket. If you don't like it, go to the ticket office and pick them up.
  19. I'm keen to get a new top for the away leg but leaving tomorrow so won't be in Perth. Anyone fancy picking one up for me and getting the cash in Lucerne? There will be a cold pint of Swiss lager in it for you....
  20. a few decent options available on Airbnb for anyone still needing to sort something -