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  1. Saints Kit Supplier 2018/19?

    There were plans maybe a year or so ago to increase the shop size and also move the ticket office down there as well but they fell through. There is not enough demand other than start of season at launch and run up to Christmas for a shop to be staffed full time and be financially viable. Having a dedicated section in Campus as present makes more sense. Since they have started selling souvenirs on behalf of the club the sales have gone up. While Campus can lose money if a shirt is a stinker (as with 16/17) and being left with stock when shirts were custom made and higher initial numbers required; it is one of their biggest sources of income and a shop selling shirts at the ground may not be good for them.
  2. Club Sponsor

    MKM has been rumoured.
  3. John Paul McBride scored from about 40 yards against Fulham (i think). It was the only thing of note I remember from his time here.
  4. Club Sponsor

    SSE of course already sponsor the womens team.
  5. Club Sponsor

    His deal was one year plus option of a second. Heard a while ago he wasn't doing it for a third. All comes down to how much Saints want and how much someone is willing to offer.
  6. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Millar and Watson released.
  7. Saints Kit Supplier 2018/19?

    Not sure about Admiral, but don't expect to see Macron anyway. Pity, as Macron is pretty decent on the whole and they have a huge range of kit.
  8. Saints Kit Supplier 2018/19?

    This is a typical Thursday for PA Friday announcement, surely can't be far away from finding out who it is.
  9. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Tomorrow's Courier reports Ando, Muzz, Tanser and Alston all to sign new deals.
  10. St Johnstone Womens FC

  11. St Johnstone Womens FC

  12. St Johnstone Womens FC

    The team are at home tomorrow to Hearts who sit top after first two games. A decent side the matches were pretty close last season. Even better news pre match and half time refreshments on the go!
  13. St Johnstone Womens FC

    Full time and Saints win 2-0. Good result considering, as despite being relegated at end of last season, that Aberdeen side played in top league for some time now.
  14. St Johnstone Womens FC

    Not been on here as much to post so bit of detail on the side. Jeanfield Swifts Ladies have played their league matches at McDiarmid for two seasons now, and the name change to St Johnstone was merely a matter of time...if extended somewhat by waiting on Project Brave. However, going forward the club will be known as St Johnstone Women managed off/on the park by the same team as it has been with Jeanfield and, with a couple of new signings aside, the same team playing on it. The club have also secured SSE as club sponsors for the next two seasons, with Alan Storrar Cars and Positive Mortgages as back of shirt sponsors and TAN International sleeve sponsors. There will still be the player pathway from Jeanfield Girls - who have sides from Under9s upwards - to the side. Some of the players that have come through have represented Scotland at youth level.
  15. St Johnstone Womens FC

    Admission is £3, kids free. Home kick offs are 4pm.