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  1. Nope, last round of group games are the 6th/7th Dec as the World Club Cup thing is on the week of the Aberdeen game. Only week between now and christmas that they could have the game for Sky purposes.
  2. Saw Jim Spence break that news on twitter. This should turn into a gushing thread about Geoff, and a well deserved one at that! Here is a man that has rescued the club that has a given a number of people (small in comparison to other clubs, but infinitely more passionate than other clubs) so much enjoyment and a rollercoaster ride over the last 25 years. My first match was the Meadowbank game shortly after Geoff took over and it has been fantastic to see the team move into a purpose built stadium with great facilities and consistently put out a squad of players that would compete with the best of Scottish football for many of those years. His legacy will be a well-run football club, that will always be kept living within its means while others go chasing and, ultimately, fail. Thank you Geoff!!!
  3. Don't know mainstand - just that this is the second game I have had for them and both have been at Kirrie (with the potential for this one being off as well given the forecast!). I would have thought for Inverness, Stirling may have been just as easy to get to?
  4. Did Stephen Kenny not take charge of Derry City in a cup final, then come over to manage Dunfermline the next day (the Challenge Cup final??). If so, expect us to lose to Aberdeen on the Saturday!!!
  5. The 19's match with Inverness will be played on Friday afternoon at Kirriemuir's Westview Park. Kick off is 1pm.
  6. Cheers mainstand, makes it a bit easier for me next weekend!
  7. Driving would appear to be your best option as the trains out of Reekie are being replaced by buses due to engineering works.
  8. I did, WTF isn't really an argument against it!
  9. John Collins, Nick Dasovic or Derek Adams
  10. Thanks Del for the almost 4 years of almost unqualified success - the blip on the record being the failure in a national semi-final, but this is something that you were not the first manager to fail with in our history and will not be the last manager to either. Time moves on though and on to the next chapter at SJFC - this appointment will be crucial for the club in deciding whether we push on towards the top 6 and, with it, the opportunity to challenge for a European spot, or whether we give another young manager the chance and result in having a greater risk of dropping into another bottom 6 season, with enough of it left to possibly have a relegation battle in due course. I would like to see John Collins possibly given a shot, given he had success at Hibs and played good football, though wouldn't be averse to Derek Adams either given his success so far at Ross County. Onwards and upwards - COYS!
  11. Are all the under 19 matches now being played at Stirling Uni, or are they continuing to use various grounds, given they were due to play Rangers at Kirriemuir's ground?
  12. Nelly and myself heading down from Fountainbridge about 5.15ish. Quick change then off to the 4 in hand. Disappointing news about Kano leasing it, however the Albion Bar is now my new local since it re-opened! (haven't braved it yet though).
  13. No conlusion to the case until 4 October. For those interested, you can search the news outlets for Karen Murphy and her European Court of Justice case info will appear. The Guardian and the Telegraph have been on top of the story the best from what I have seen of it.
  14. The repairs carried out to the drainage and pitch during the season should be hitting these accounts in full, the new pitch though will likely be spread over a few years.