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  1. St Mikey

    Betfred Cup

    Aye ok then. Penalty was saved but was quick enough to score the rebound. The second for McKay was far more difficult to score than Kane’s 1 on 1 hands down. Kane had 45 yards with no defenders near him to decide what to do and hit it straight at the keeper. Why did he not get close and knock it to the side and slot it home? McKays second was good movement, run through the defence and had composure to score. For all saying it’s harsh on Kane that’s your opinion and your entitled to it as an i for being annoyed at a guy, who as a professional player coming close to 25 years old is not finishing these chances off. What sort of training goes on for the strikers because it appears to be not a great deal. We scored a goal a game in the league last season. That’s disgraceful.
  2. Mind that “wonderkid” Celtic had Islam Feruz who went to Chelsea and barely kicked a ball. He’s a free agent, seems the type of player Saints like. A guy who’s lost his way and needs to restart his career. Surely worth a punt for a year and if he’s not up to scratch let him move on. Certainly would give a little more options up top. But then again, Chairman says there’s no money and we have a great squad.
  3. St Mikey

    Betfred Cup

    It’s true this morning for me. I’ve reflected more on it and come to the conclusion some players need to leave. Montrose beat us fair and square, that is completely unforgivable. Two booted balls through the middle of our team for their two goals yesterday were unforgivable. We need a striker yes but County have a guy who took his chances yesterday which were far more difficult than Kane’s one on one. The negativity towards Kane is due to his continual lack of composure and ability to finish easier chances off. It’s not good enough having 13 goals out of 83 games. That’s a return I’d expect from a midfielder. Irrespective if we smash Forfar and Brechin both 8-0, the start to this season has highlighted more frailties than positives.
  4. We need 2 centre midfielders, 2 strikers and a centre half. Realistically we will get nobody. A striking offering of Kane, McMillan and Hendry must have teams quaking in their boots. If no additional players of quality come in then I can see seriously struggling as some of the “bigger wage” players simply are not fit and performing anywhere near justifying their salaries. Time to get them in at 8am tomorrow and get them having shooting practice until 10pm.
  5. St Mikey

    Betfred Cup

    That’s the cup gone for us. Totally inept performances by some. Shocking defending for both goals. Wage thieves out there. MoH has 2 chances and spunked both away and left Tanser exposed in the second half. Swanson had 2 chances and equally as bad. No need to dwell on Kane’s backpass as he’s been doing that for years. He may be fit, strong, athletic etc but his ability to perform the role in which he’s paid for is shocking. 3 goals for a bloody striker last season. One on one and decelerates towards the keeper, tippy tapping it and hits it right at him. It’s embarrassing and completely unacceptable. Im glad I don’t have a season ticket anymore, utter waste of time, effort and money watching the same shite every game.
  6. Love for midge. Great. Nobody remember he was happy to feck off to the other side of the world then come back with the tail between the legs for a new contract. Hes been great but we need younger faster players in central midfield.
  7. Speaking to a mate at work today he said to watch out for Livvy player Scott Pittman. Watched the game v United and was decent enough. Tonight he's scored and got a decent engine in him, think his contract is up so is he worth a punt considering the impact of the last couple of Livvy players we robbed.
  8. Delighted at seeing the worst team in the league being sent down to see United. Game was woeful at best. Goodness knows how we scored but will take the 1-1. Roll on next season. Surely got to improve as our home form has been gash.
  9. You know me so well mate! Hahahaha. I never placed the bet even though very tempting. Still a crap result. McMillan does exist but had that nasty injury.
  10. Who fouled in the box? BBC saying Macca and Craig?!?! WTF. ****ing awful result. 1st sub at 84 minutes?!?!?!
  11. With the huge minus goal difference we need to tighten it up at the back. Hope he has decent defenders in mind.
  12. St Mikey

    Post Split

    When games get moved for TV lots of folk moan their pissers off because they loose a game on their season tik. We don’t want televised games, shows potential signing targets how drab McD can be.
  13. These options with patterns on them look a little better. I’m sure for the contract colour specifications can be changed. Itll end up being summin drab again.
  14. Utter pish again. Glad I can’t make many away games. Looking at the line up, whatever way you dress it up it was a 5-4-1 formation. Fron 4-0 to 2-1 defeat in a matter of weeks. Chances of being dragged into that playoff spot?? L o l
  15. I’d sign him up. Surely he’s not out our salary range but I fear any move would be rejected by Westminster’s dodgy department or work permits. Vorobjovas is surely someone we should be very keen on also. What about Janusevskis, was his contract not coming up soon.