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  1. Kyle

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    I’d give my left pinkie if it meant we got him. A real class act.
  2. Kyle

    Reserve League News 2018/19

    I slag his ability because I don’t think he’s very good at football and would rather not see him playing in the team. It’s a forum where these discussions are had and has no relevance to what sevcozombie is talking about in respect of how youngsters are being treated by coaches at the club. If Comrie can’t take a few fans thinking he’s not up to it, then chances are he’s not got the mental fortitude to make it.
  3. Kyle

    Reserve League News 2018/19

    It’ll happen in the stands regardless of what is said on social media. If the players can’t handle that from the every day punter at matches, it’s unlikely they’ll make it as professional footballers as they’ll not have the mental toughness for it. I note you specifically mention Comrie in relation to radford above so I assume you think he’s unfairly criticised him in the past. He’s made the odd post on here and on pie and Bovril but they have been pretty tame and/or made in jest. It’s certainly nothing compared to some of the bile I’ve read written by other supporters about other players, and I don’t just mean saints fans about saints players. If Comrie is affected by reading forums or social media, the best thing he can do is not look at it and focus on improving his game - he might even prove his detractors wrong if he does. Ultimately only the management and the chairman really matter when it comes to a player’s future anyway.
  4. Kyle

    Reserve League News 2018/19

    Given that the supporters don’t have a legal duty of care to the players, this is a false equivalence. We’re not paid to coach and improve players, we pay money to watch them play football, coaches are in a position of responsibility and it’s their job to make sure those working under them are treated fairly, with dignity and respect. If they’re not good enough, supporters will have their say. Coaches will too, but the relationship is completely different. Coaches blindly shouting in the faces of any player, never mind young players, is clearly not acceptable and frankly should never have been seen as acceptable at any time in history. It’s the coaches job to identify weaknesses, communicate them in a respectful way and find a way to help the players improve. Reading sevco zombie’s posts, it’s quite clear this has not been happening We all have players we like and dislike. I was quite vocal in my dislike of Paul Paton as an example. I’m sure he could give two ****s about what Kyle from We Are Perth says about his footballing ability though - it’s his job to impress the club he plays for and the coaches/club management that he works under. If he’s a fan favourite then all the better for him but ultimately that doesn’t matter. If it did, David Wotherspoon would’ve been out on his arse 3 or 4 years ago.
  5. Kyle

    Reserve League News 2018/19

    If all this is true - I have no reason to doubt it but equally this is the first I've heard of such a big issue - then this should definitely be reported to higher ups at the club. Whether the players are good enough or not is irrelevant - they deserve to be treated with respect. Giving players constructive feedback is totally different to being abusive and that surely can't go unchallenged.
  6. Kyle

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Could be looking for Anderson/Keown and McMillan replacements too, depending on whether the club keep them on. I'd guess somewhere between 5-9 signings required, depending on who's released and if any of the players contracted for next season do leave.
  7. Kyle

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    If that's the case - and I don't doubt you're speaking truth - then it's time to give Gordon and Kerr a run at centre back. Shaughnessy can play the last half an hour of the last home game to say his goodbyes and get his thanks, but we need to start looking to the future and if he's not part of it, he shouldn't be in the team.
  8. Kyle

    Danny Swanson

    631 minutes is barely 7 full matches. We know from experience that he needs a run in the team to get himself up to speed both in terms of fitness, first touch and confidence. He's had 5 starts since coming back to us. 3 of them have been against Celtic. He's only started two games in a row once and both of those were against Celtic. I suppose the good thing about being in no mans land for the rest of the season is we can give MOH and Swanson a proper run in the team. MOH needs to get his fitness up and Swanson probably needs to confidence the support (and probably the manager) that he still has something to offer us on the pitch for next season. He wont be a cheap player for Saints so if he shows nothing between now and the end of the season, that may change things.
  9. Kyle

    Danny Swanson

    Agree with this. The incident involving his friend happened when he was with us and he's been very open about his problems with mental health. The club were well aware with what they were taking on and I hope they stick with him now. Some of the stuff on the St Johnstone banter facebook page about the club generally is awful and the stuff about Swanson is no different. Some people have been determined to write him off since he's come back and want the club to use what appears to be a relatively minor indiscretion to dispose of him. I'm sure if it was Jason Kerr who had been involved in this incident people would be screaming for leniency. Yes he's not produced on the pitch so far but he's hardly been given a chance this season and he's shown in the past just how good a player he is in this team when he's fit and focused. He injected a bit of magic first time round and helped us into Europe and the second spell he scored about 15 goals which effectively got us over the line for another venture into Europe. It could well be that he is unable to get back to his old level but he at least deserves the chance to get there.
  10. Kyle

    What contracts would you renew?

    Only one I've voted for is Shaughnessy. I think he's the only one who at this moment in time has earned an extension. I like Watt and think he's a good player but you can't ignore his lack of league goals. Alston seems to be out of favour, Easton needs to prove his fitness and McCann and McClean will likely sort themselves out one way or another. Comrie is the one one from the players on permanent contracts that I'd say is definitely on the road out. He hasn't appeared since the opening day of the season. I probably wouldn't keep any of the loanees to be honest. Bell might be alright as back up but Keown hasn't played and our record with Goss in the team is horrendous. I'm sure he'd be perfectly capable at this level but the team doesn't really suit him.
  11. Kyle

    MOTM Game 35: Saints 0 v 2 Aberdeen

    Kerr without question.
  12. Kyle

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Your wish is my command - ages were right at the start of the season. 1. Zander Clark (26) -2020 12. Cammy Bell (32) - 2019 (on loan from Partick Thistle) 30. Mark Hurst (22) - 2019 Defenders 19. Richard Foster (32) - 2020 5. Joe Shaughnessy (25) - 2019 6. Steven Anderson (32) - 2020 (on loan at Partick Thistle until May 2019) 24. Brian Easton (30) - 2019 3. Scott Tanser (23) - 2021 23. Liam Gordon (22) - 2021 14. Aaron Comrie (21) - 2019 15. Jason Kerr (21) - 2022 31. Niall Keown (23) - 2019 (on loan from Partick Thistle) Midfielders 7. Drey Wright (23) - 2020 10. David Wotherspoon (28) - 2021 4. Blair Alston (26) - 2019 + 1 8. Murray Davidson (30) - 2020 + 1 28. Ross Callachan (24) - 2020 26. Liam Craig (31) - 2020 27. Sean Goss (23) - 2019 (on loan from Queens Park Rangers) 20. Kyle McClean (19) - 2019 - (on loan at Linfield until May 2019) 18. Ali McCann (18) - 2019 (on loan at Stranraer until May 2019) 33. Matty Kennedy (23) - 2020 11. Danny Swanson (31) - 2020 Strikers 16. David McMillan (29) - 2020 (on loan at Hamilton Accies until May 2019) 9. Chris Kane (23) - 2020 32. Tony Watt (24) - 2019 17. Michael O'Halloran (28) - 2021 22. Callum Hendry (20) - 2020
  13. Kyle

    MOTM Game 34: Rangers 0 v 0 Saints

    No but I'm quite sure Messi has more than 0 goals this season. I don't mind Kane but a bit ridiculous attacking RandomGuy for having a perfectly legitimate and quite widespread view that Kane's finishing could be better.
  14. Kyle

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Nice bit of spin from Keown as much as anything else I think. Speaking to a Thistle fan I know, he suggests he was excellent during his loan spell when beside Liam Lindsay, which lead to Thistle paying a fee to bring him in permanently 18 months ago. After Lindsay left though, he looked lost and was a liability as Thistle ended up going down. He was initially allowed to leave last summer but I'm sure he renegotiated his contract and ended up staying on. He once again looked out of his depth - this time in the championship - and fell out of the team again. If we can get the player who initially rocked up into Scottish football then we're laughing and Kerr might just be the player to help him re-establish that form again. The one over the last 18 months just isn't good enough though. Fingers crossed we get the former and not the latter. It's all academic if Kerr and Shaughnessy stay fit. Unless we have some meaningless games towards the end of the season and Joe decides his future lies elsewhere, I doubt we'll see much of Keown this season.