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  1. Kyle

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Your wish is my command - ages were right at the start of the season. 1. Zander Clark (26) -2020 12. Cammy Bell (32) - 2019 (on loan from Partick Thistle) 30. Mark Hurst (22) - 2019 Defenders 19. Richard Foster (32) - 2020 5. Joe Shaughnessy (25) - 2019 6. Steven Anderson (32) - 2020 (on loan at Partick Thistle until May 2019) 24. Brian Easton (30) - 2019 3. Scott Tanser (23) - 2021 23. Liam Gordon (22) - 2021 14. Aaron Comrie (21) - 2019 15. Jason Kerr (21) - 2022 31. Niall Keown (23) - 2019 (on loan from Partick Thistle) Midfielders 7. Drey Wright (23) - 2020 10. David Wotherspoon (28) - 2021 4. Blair Alston (26) - 2019 + 1 8. Murray Davidson (30) - 2020 + 1 28. Ross Callachan (24) - 2020 26. Liam Craig (31) - 2020 27. Sean Goss (23) - 2019 (on loan from Queens Park Rangers) 20. Kyle McClean (19) - 2019 - (on loan at Linfield until May 2019) 18. Ali McCann (18) - 2019 (on loan at Stranraer until May 2019) 33. Matty Kennedy (23) - 2020 11. Danny Swanson (31) - 2020 Strikers 16. David McMillan (29) - 2020 (on loan at Hamilton Accies until May 2019) 9. Chris Kane (23) - 2020 32. Tony Watt (24) - 2019 17. Michael O'Halloran (28) - 2021 22. Callum Hendry (20) - 2020
  2. Kyle

    MOTM Game 34: Rangers 0 v 0 Saints

    No but I'm quite sure Messi has more than 0 goals this season. I don't mind Kane but a bit ridiculous attacking RandomGuy for having a perfectly legitimate and quite widespread view that Kane's finishing could be better.
  3. Kyle

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Nice bit of spin from Keown as much as anything else I think. Speaking to a Thistle fan I know, he suggests he was excellent during his loan spell when beside Liam Lindsay, which lead to Thistle paying a fee to bring him in permanently 18 months ago. After Lindsay left though, he looked lost and was a liability as Thistle ended up going down. He was initially allowed to leave last summer but I'm sure he renegotiated his contract and ended up staying on. He once again looked out of his depth - this time in the championship - and fell out of the team again. If we can get the player who initially rocked up into Scottish football then we're laughing and Kerr might just be the player to help him re-establish that form again. The one over the last 18 months just isn't good enough though. Fingers crossed we get the former and not the latter. It's all academic if Kerr and Shaughnessy stay fit. Unless we have some meaningless games towards the end of the season and Joe decides his future lies elsewhere, I doubt we'll see much of Keown this season.
  4. Kyle

    MOTM Game 33 Celtic 5 v 0 Saints

    Not often this happens but I don't think anyone really deserves a vote. The whole team under performed and I don't think anyone stood out as being significantly better than the rest.
  5. Kyle

    Saints Tv Is it just me seeing Kilmarnock related videos?
  6. Kyle

    MOTM Game 32 Hamilton 2 v 1 Saints

    Kane for me too. Good play from him created the goal and he did more in his brief spell on the park than Watt managed over the rest of the game. The other two who have votes are probably the only other two outfield players who came out of the game with much credit. I thought Foster, the aforementioned Watt and Callachan were particularly poor.
  7. Kyle

    MOTM Game 31: Saints 0 v 2 Celtic

    Zander was really outstanding. I thought quite a few players came out with credit but he was the best player on the pitch for me.
  8. Kyle

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    It sounds like he's just fallen down the pecking order after us signing O'Halloran. Think a Dundee, St Mirren or Hamilton could really use him. He's clearly a good enough player to establish himself at this level, he's just been hellishly unlucky.
  9. Kyle

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    David McMillan's been made available for transfer. I feel bad for him because he's clearly not a bad player, just found himself behind Watt/Kennedy/Kane/MOH. Our options upfront have vastly improved since he came in last year.
  10. Kyle

    MOTM Game 28 Saints 1 v 0 Livinston

    Jason Kerr. Again.
  11. For the avoidance of doubt, this appears a genuine request too.
  12. Kyle

    Saints Tv

    I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt just now but agree it could be better. The footage of the St Mirren and Dundee games are much better than the Hamilton game - I wanted to watch it back to see the foul on Kennedy that lead to the first goal but I couldn't really make out what was going on because the camera is so far away. Wright's responses to Gary's questions seem much less chippy than he was with Megan and he seems to have opened himself up quite a bit to doing different interviews which has been good. I think the interviews have generally been decent too.
  13. Kyle

    MOTM Game 27 Scottish Cup Saints 2 v 0 Hamilton

    I went for Kerr just ahead of Craig. Not a classic match but there wasn't any failures in the team.
  14. Kyle

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Michael O'Halloran in Stevie May's shirt? Yes please.