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  1. Am I being wooshed? Surely everyone who was brought in after Mackay/Muzz and contributed to the cup win and our best run of finishes in the top flight in our history should be termed as a success? We've had some dumplings but a lot more good than bad...
  2. Kyle

    Season Tickets

    Definitely not alone. I've not received mine either. I called up earlier and my name wasn't on the list of ones that had been sent out this week (yesterday apparently). I bought mine on the 8th of July so i fear if it was purchased on that date, it may have been missed in both batches. I'd definitely give the club a call. Bev has been really helpful with me, but ultimately looks like I'll be getting another e-ticket for Saturday at this rate.
  3. Wonder if that logic would apply to a player we've had previously, who actually managed to score a boat load of goals in the Scottish top flight before. Megginson is a name I've seen mentioned a few times but it's a complete bizarre shout. He's failed in the premiership before, has been released by Raith Rovers and Dumbarton in the championship and has only ever scored regularly in the highland league. Michael Moore-esque.
  4. They have played at that level. 40 games between them, and they haven't scored a single goal in the top flight.
  5. I think it's deliberate too. If it's a troll, it's a pretty misguided one given the reaction to the deal's collapse last week. I'm hoping Gary/Wright are showing marketing chops, the beginning of an elaborate hype campaign before announcing Stevie May at the end of the week. It's more likely to be the former than the latter I fear.
  6. Couldn't agree more. Deals collapse for all sorts of reasons but the fact the whole saga has been played out in the public eye (the chairman's statement last week and then the story coming out on the press on the Monday) I think means the club have to address it. All of that is even before we considering the standing the player has with the wider support. I really hope the club face this head on and don't just wait for it to blow over.
  7. I honestly think there are some fans who wont be satisfied no matter what we the club/manager do. May is literally the poster boy of the cup winning team, one of our own and a player we sold for one of the highest fees we've ever received. If he is coming back, he'll be coming back whilst still in his peak years and with a lot to offer if we give him the chance to play his way into something like his old form. Reservations are understandable and I don't think this site has generally been too bad/negative about May, but jesus some of the stuff about him on that banter page and on twitter is mental. You'd think it was the second coming of Adam Morgan rather than a player who scored 27 goals in his only full season with us and who scored a double to get us into the cup final. If he does sign, I hope he actually gets a chance before he's being written off. Some of our support will be on his back immediately though, which is precisely the opposite of what a player low on confidence needs.
  8. That crossed my mind as well. Couldn't be much closer to half way between the two.
  9. Kyle

    Season Tickets

    Just called up and was told I missed the cut off date and my season ticket will arrive in the post next week. I bought mine on the 8th of July so if you've bought yours on that date or after, chances are you'll be in the same boat.
  10. I think he’s doing a great job generally speaking too. There are a few flaws which I think generally stem back to communication but he’s managed to oversee a very successful period in our history, hired our most successful manager who he has allowed to build his squads and has backed him in most windows, particularly since 2014. He’s managed all this whilst keeping us out of debt and a seven figure bank balance even with dwindling crowds. I wish he wasn’t as risk averse as he is but I don’t think we can really underestimate how lucky we are to have someone like him at the wheel.
  11. Akuram's wish is Steve's command. Kind of. "We’re lucky to have a squad of players with a lot of talent in all areas of the pitch. It’s been well documented that in the past few weeks we’ve been hit with some horrendous luck with injuries but the good news is that these injuries have not been too serious and most of the players should be fit and available if not tonight, then for the remaining Betfred Cup Group Stage fixtures. "As always at this time of year we are working hard to get other players in and the Manager has been identifying potential strikers to add to the squad to replace Tony Watt. "Stevie May is one of those strikers identified but while we are in touch with Stevie’s representatives it’s important to point out that he is still a registered Aberdeen player. "To assemble the squad we currently have, the club has already exceeded the set budget for the 2019/20 season. However, just as we did in January with Michael O’Halloran, we are prepared to go that extra mile to make a serious attempt in bringing Stevie back to St Johnstone.
  12. Right here? Rather than us selling players, we could be letting players go with pay offs instead, which is objectively worse.
  13. Indeed - pretty much why I'm not worried. In the past Wright has been quite agitated when he feels he's not being backed by the chairman. Whenever he's discussing transfers on Saints TV or on the radio he's very calm, relaxed and I thought he even looked quite chipper after Saturday's game against Linfield. He's already got 2 of his top targets at right back and in goal - bearing in mind he said both were sorted out in May - and he's clearly feeling comfortable about the striker and the left back. If we beat the league one and two clubs we'll have a pretty good chance of progressing in the league cup even before the County game and we have just under 4 weeks until the league season actually starts. There's plenty of times and loads of options out there for us.
  14. I agree - on this day last year we signed Tony Watt, who was our second summer signing. After that date we signed Matty Kennedy, Conor Mitchell, Tristan Nydam, Ross Callachan and Danny Swanson and everyone was really pleased with how the window had gone. I think last years shows that if you're patient you can pick up gems that either end up discarded by other clubs or that fall into our wage bracket because they've not had offers from higher up the chain. I look around at the clubs around us and I can't say I'm particularly envious of any of the players they've brought in so far. I'm sure Tommy has got his targets in mind and he seems pretty relaxed at how things are progressing. He comes out with odd and contradictory comments at times but that just seems to be the way he likes to play the media.
  15. 2 defenders are definitely away. No word yet on the other two, but if the May deal is as close as is rumoured, the striker will quickly follow them out the door I'd imagine.