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  1. Isn't that kind of the point though - he didn't score the chances. He has a highlight reel of terrible misses and he only seems to add to it every time he plays. He's nowhere near good enough with his finishing to justify a regular spot in our team. If he's to be either the main striker or the second choice behind May, we really should be looking to see what else is out there next summer as right now there's not much in Kane's game that makes him indispensable.
  2. I don't entirely disagree with this post but I'm not sure giving the job to Paul Sheerin helps in terms moving the club forward either, as it would again be a returning ex player albeit in a different role. If Wright is to leave (and I'm not there yet) I'd rather we went for someone without a previous connection with the club again. Coyle, McInnes (I know he played for us for a while before becoming the manager but he was still relatively new to the club), Lomas and Wright have all been great successes when we've cast the net a little bit further than who we've had at the club before. Doesn't always work obviously but I think the ceiling is higher for someone like that than a Sheerin or a Jim Weir type.
  3. Totally agree. I think when we do get players as good as Kennedy, Wright (and O'Halloran and May) we can only really enjoy them while they're here. If they extend their stays then brilliant but I don't think we can realistically just expect them to do that. They know their value and it's a short career at the end of the day - if they get offered a massive pay rise to go elsewhere, then it's only natural they'll take it into serious consideration even without agents pushing them out the door.
  4. In what way was I being personal? He wasn’t good enough to play for a top flight club and has done well at a lower level. That’s just fact.
  5. Fair play to Greg Hurst. He wasn’t good enough to play for us but he’s making the most of the ability he has.
  6. Kyle

    Season Tickets

    I don't think having the choice is a bad thing to be honest. I'd imagine some of the season ticket sales we've picked up this summer will be down to the online service as folk see it as a hassle to phone/mail/drop in to get one.
  7. We paid a fee for Danny Grainger after Davidson and Mackay. Over 10 years ago now though.
  8. Wright has been quoted saying 15 goals so I’d guess that’s what he’s looking for. Im not saying Kane should be our main striker though, just that he has his uses and isn’t as bad as people make out.
  9. Kane has his uses. I doubt he'll ever score 15-20 goals in a season but he works hard and would be a decent foil for a goalscorer. Certainly don't think he's anywhere near as bad as he's made out to be at times.
  10. Am I being wooshed? Surely everyone who was brought in after Mackay/Muzz and contributed to the cup win and our best run of finishes in the top flight in our history should be termed as a success? We've had some dumplings but a lot more good than bad...
  11. Kyle

    Season Tickets

    Definitely not alone. I've not received mine either. I called up earlier and my name wasn't on the list of ones that had been sent out this week (yesterday apparently). I bought mine on the 8th of July so i fear if it was purchased on that date, it may have been missed in both batches. I'd definitely give the club a call. Bev has been really helpful with me, but ultimately looks like I'll be getting another e-ticket for Saturday at this rate.
  12. Wonder if that logic would apply to a player we've had previously, who actually managed to score a boat load of goals in the Scottish top flight before. Megginson is a name I've seen mentioned a few times but it's a complete bizarre shout. He's failed in the premiership before, has been released by Raith Rovers and Dumbarton in the championship and has only ever scored regularly in the highland league. Michael Moore-esque.
  13. They have played at that level. 40 games between them, and they haven't scored a single goal in the top flight.
  14. I think it's deliberate too. If it's a troll, it's a pretty misguided one given the reaction to the deal's collapse last week. I'm hoping Gary/Wright are showing marketing chops, the beginning of an elaborate hype campaign before announcing Stevie May at the end of the week. It's more likely to be the former than the latter I fear.