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  1. Hadn't thought of that but that would make a lot of sense. Duffy coming in to effectively replace Comrie would be fine if we still had big Joe kicking about.
  2. I said more experienced. Considering Duffy has precisely zero first team games at any level, I don’t think wanting someone more experienced than that is reaching for the stars. Foster is 33 and he’s at the age where his form could just drop off a cliff and not recover. That happened to Wright, Mackay and Anderson over the last few years. If that does happen, would you be comfortable with us having to fall back on a 20 year old who hasn’t played at any first team level before?
  3. No doubt that's a factor but he's 20 and he's never played a first team match even out on loan before. Could be he's an excellent young player and will make the right back spot his own, but I was expecting a player with more experience to come in at right back.
  4. Not sure what to make of that. 20 years old so he's clearly signed with the first team in mind, but as far as I can tell he's never made a senior appearance in his life. Celtic fans on twitter seem quite enthusiastic about him though, so maybe he's alright but I was hoping for more of a sure thing who would hopefully seriously push Foster. Duffy might be that guy but it's certainly more of a gamble than I was expecting if this indeed comes off.
  5. He came on against Celtic. I think it was the cup game.
  6. Bell definitely wasn't a mistake. Clark got injured around the time Hurst ****ed off to America and that would've left us with just a 17 year old available to play in goal. I don't rate Bell but he didn't disgrace himself in any way at Saints. Keown was a last minute emergency signing as Anderson pushed for his loan move out. We needed to replace him. He only made the one appearance I think but again we were a couple of injuries/suspensions away from having no options at centre back. Goss just didn't fit how we play and persisting with him for as long as we did possibly cost us a top 6 place. He'll end up at a league one or league two club in England next season and I'm sure he'll find a place somewhere in the game as he's got talent.
  7. I was getting pretty nervous last year - we went into July with one signing (Drey Wright) and we hadn't really been linked with anyone in the press. We ended up signing Watt, Kennedy, Mitchell, Nydam, Callachan and Swanson after that. On paper that's as good as summer as I can remember us having in terms of signings. Some worked out better than others obviously but it certainly vindicated the slower approach the club took last year.
  8. I think it will happen eventually too but we shouldn't be bending over backwards reaching for an expensive player who failed to score a goal from open play in the league all season. Being honest I've not looked at what other players are available but there will be guys out there who have scored more goals whilst playing at a comparable level to May who will likely be cheaper, both in terms of a fee and the wages we'd have to pay to get him in. From what I've seen, he still puts in a power of work and creates space for others but he looks a lot slower than he did with us and he seems to go to bits when he gets near the opposition goal. I agree with your in respect of the influence Maclean had on May, which probably means we'd need to sign another player to play alongside him to get the best out of him. Theres are a few experienced strikers with a good pedigree out of contract this summer who could do that role, although I highly doubt they'd be anywhere near as good as Macca. Guys like Boyd or Doolan (don't laugh) potentially.
  9. As much as it's painful to say it, I don't really want May back at Saints either. 3 goals in all competitions all season and I don't think he's managed a single one from open play. McInnes was never able to get the best out of him at Saints and he's not always played up front, but we really need more of a sure thing than that. He's on a wage we wouldn't be able to afford and Aberdeen will probably want to recoup at least some of the money they've shelled out on him. I love Stevie May and would love the 2014 version back but I don't think that exists any more. We can get better for the money it would take to bring him back now too. Having said that, if he does signs I'll lose my shit with excitement no doubt.
  10. Hope you're wrong McDiarmid Mole. Worryingly the last post made by this guy was absolutely spot on.
  11. I’d be dropping joe too. He can play the last 15 minutes in the last home game to say his goodbyes. We need to give Kerr and Gordon time to build a relationship and it will give us a better idea of what we need over the summer in terms of a centre half. If they don’t click then we’ll need a first choice. If they do then we can take a gamble on a younger player.
  12. I’d give my left pinkie if it meant we got him. A real class act.
  13. I slag his ability because I don’t think he’s very good at football and would rather not see him playing in the team. It’s a forum where these discussions are had and has no relevance to what sevcozombie is talking about in respect of how youngsters are being treated by coaches at the club. If Comrie can’t take a few fans thinking he’s not up to it, then chances are he’s not got the mental fortitude to make it.
  14. It’ll happen in the stands regardless of what is said on social media. If the players can’t handle that from the every day punter at matches, it’s unlikely they’ll make it as professional footballers as they’ll not have the mental toughness for it. I note you specifically mention Comrie in relation to radford above so I assume you think he’s unfairly criticised him in the past. He’s made the odd post on here and on pie and Bovril but they have been pretty tame and/or made in jest. It’s certainly nothing compared to some of the bile I’ve read written by other supporters about other players, and I don’t just mean saints fans about saints players. If Comrie is affected by reading forums or social media, the best thing he can do is not look at it and focus on improving his game - he might even prove his detractors wrong if he does. Ultimately only the management and the chairman really matter when it comes to a player’s future anyway.
  15. Given that the supporters don’t have a legal duty of care to the players, this is a false equivalence. We’re not paid to coach and improve players, we pay money to watch them play football, coaches are in a position of responsibility and it’s their job to make sure those working under them are treated fairly, with dignity and respect. If they’re not good enough, supporters will have their say. Coaches will too, but the relationship is completely different. Coaches blindly shouting in the faces of any player, never mind young players, is clearly not acceptable and frankly should never have been seen as acceptable at any time in history. It’s the coaches job to identify weaknesses, communicate them in a respectful way and find a way to help the players improve. Reading sevco zombie’s posts, it’s quite clear this has not been happening We all have players we like and dislike. I was quite vocal in my dislike of Paul Paton as an example. I’m sure he could give two ****s about what Kyle from We Are Perth says about his footballing ability though - it’s his job to impress the club he plays for and the coaches/club management that he works under. If he’s a fan favourite then all the better for him but ultimately that doesn’t matter. If it did, David Wotherspoon would’ve been out on his arse 3 or 4 years ago.