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  1. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Here's the league's out of contract list for this season folks Aberdeen Danny Rogers Nicky Maynard Anthony O’Connor Celtic No one Dundee Paul McGowan Elliot Parish Scott Bain Kostadin Gadzhalov Josh Meekings Julen Etxabeguren Kevin Holt Mark O’Hara Lewis Spence Jesse Curran Sam Dryden Kerr Waddell Genseric Kusunga Jeremy Malherbe Hamilton Darren Jamieson Xavier Tomas Georgios Sarris Shaun Want Giannis Skondras Ali Crawford Danny Redmond David Templeton Rakish Bingham Jordan McGregor Alex Gogic Hearts Aaron Hughes Prince Buaben Jon McLaughlin Hibs Dylan McGeouch Scott Martin Fraser Murray Ryan Porteous Callum Crane Lewis Allan Killie Gary Dicker Gordon Greer Chris Burke Steven Smith Youssouf Mulumbu Rory McKenzie Greg Kiltie Brad Spencer Alexander Samizadeh Leo Fasan Motherwell Ryan Bowman Ellis Plummer Deimantas Petravicius Andy Rose Charles Dunne Russell Griffiths Liam Grimshaw Shea Gordon George Newell Thistle Abdul Osman Callum Booth Ryan Scully Steven Lawless Paul McGinn Stuart Bannigan Mustapha Dumbuya Danny Devine Martin Woods Rangers Kenny Miller Niko Kranjcar Ryan Hardie David Bates Jordan Thompson County Michael Gardyne Craig Curran Marcus Fraser Aaron McCarey Christopher Routis Jason Naismith Alex Schalk Dylan Dykes *** Chow Reghan Tumilty Russell Dingwall Blair Malcolm Tony Dingwall Chris Eagles Liam Fontaine David N’gog Fill yer boots. (I took out the loan deals expiring)
  2. St Johnstone v Hamilton 03/03/18 3pm

    Mannus Joe Kerr Anderson Tanser (Easton if he's fit enough to play) Alston Millar Davidson (If not fit then Craig) Wotherspoon Maclean Kane Have to back the same 11 that beat County to do the business against Hamilton. Changes made last night certainly negatively affected the team.
  3. Player Contracts + Transfers

    It'll be a similar situation to Dow a couple of years ago - we would've been pushing to get a pre-contract/deal done in January but we weren't able to get a deal in place with the parent club and have probably stepped back and will wait until the end of the season now. Like Dow, I wouldn't be surprised if that deal failed to materialise now.
  4. Tommy Wright's position (title edited)

    Valid points on both sides and I certainly sympathise with those calling for change, but I think Tommy has earned the right to turn things around this season and, no matter where we end up, the opportunity to rectify things in the summer. That doesn't make what is happening now any easier to watch or the difficulties we've faced this season anywhere near acceptable, but this season has been in the post for a while now. There's only so long you can rely on players in their 30s to maintain their standards. We saw Mackay decline first, then Wright and we've been able to source adequate (not as good, but decent enough) replacements. I'd argue that this season looks like one too far for Foster (although he's picked up a bit since the break), Anderson, Millar ( that seems to be more induced by the manager's selection policy rather than an actual decline in his ability to compete at our level), Craig, Maclean and possibly Wotherspoon (form has been pretty awful for the best part of 18 months now) and Easton giving the injury problems he's faced this season. Most of those players have played well over 100 - I think most will be over 200 at the very least - and took us to 4th last season. There's no accounting for them all suddenly looking out of their depth and there would've been an outcry if any of those players had left last summer. As I've mentioned before, we've got 14 or 15 players out of contract this summer. I'm not advocating that we release all of them, but there is plenty of scope for a clear out and start again policy. Most of the players contracted beyond this summer are young (Craig and Foster the only ones over 30) and plenty of them have come through our own academy. The chairman has to give Tommy funds to bring in players though. I appreciate that the club will get less from prize money this year and may have to dip into reserves to just retain the budget, but he can't go slashing the budget like under Lomas, and indeed the first season Wright was here. I think the next few months are a big test for both manager and chairman. The manager can't go again next season with all the old heads in the squad as many have proven not to be up to the required standard this season. If Tommy does take the leap of faith and releases a big number of players (Paton's release shows Tommy can make big decisions - he'd played the third most number of minutes in our squad to the point he was released) then he has to bring the right types in. Alston and Scougall looked good on paper. Whilst neither has hit the heights we hoped they would, that's the kind of player we should be looking at again IMO. Would it kill us to add some pace to the squad too? Even when we've been good, we always seem to be the slowest, most ponderous team in the league.
  5. Player Contracts + Transfers

    The assistant physio has been posting links to an advert for her job too, so I presume she's leaving as well.
  6. Lack of Ambition or Direction

    For a manager who only signs over the hill, past it players, he very rarely signs anyone who is 30 or over. We signed 2 in the 2014 or beyond (because he wasn't given the chance to sign anyone before August that season) and only 2 since.
  7. Lack of Ambition or Direction

    McMillan's due back in the next week or so. If Tommy is after a player who would guarantee you goals then Anthony Stokes is the obvious solution. He creates a whole host of other problems due to his attitude and lack of discipline though. Can only agree with the general tone of the last page or so. We're lucky to have Tommy as a manager, lucky to have the benefit of Steve's financial prudence (even if he does push it a bit far sometimes) and that duo should be given as much opportunity to get us out of this slump as possible. With regards to attracting new players - I think releasing a large number of players in the summer would open our budget up some what and make it slightly easier to sign players. As things stand, our squad for next season looks like; Zander Clark Richard Foster Aaron Comrie Jason Kerr Joe Shaughnessy Liam Gordon Brian Easton David Wotherspoon Stefan Scougall Liam Craig Kyle McClean Chris Kane David McMillan 13 players signed up with 14/15 (M. Hurst, Mannus, Watson, Anderson, Tanser, Millar, Alston, Davidson, Willock, Williams, G. Hurst, Hendry, Maclean, Johnstone and possibly McCann) either out of contract or with loans expiring. If we get rid of a majority of those guys, some wont need to be replaced like for like because younger players have stepped in or because they're surplus to requirements now. If Tommy is given the same budget (or even slightly less) he will be able to spread it between fewer players and theoretically replace the old heads with younger players of similar quality with higher wages per player to attract them here. I suppose it depends how deep Tommy wants to cut but there's certainly plenty of opportunity for an overhaul this summer. We certainly don't need a squad of 28 players, all but one with top team experience at Saints. A lot of the players listed above will be among our highest earners too. I'd like to see Tommy use his contacts in France to bring in one or two players. Habran looked good and has signed for a top flight club in Belgium, so that seems like it could be a fruitful market. If we are finishing 8th/9th/10th or worse then I don't see why we shouldn't take a couple of calculated gambles on something a bit different to try and move ourselves back up the table.
  8. MOTM Motherwell 2 - Saints 0 - 06/02/17

    Where is the horseshit option?
  9. MOTM Hearts 1 - Saint 0 - 03/02/18

    Davidson was a monster. Could have conceivably picked just about any player other than perhaps Mannus who didn't have a great deal to do aside from pick the ball out of the net.
  10. Player Contracts + Transfers

    I think it's a bit of a myth that Tommy doesn't give young players a chance. If they don't perform they tend to drop out quickly though. Gilchrist, Brown, Thomson and Caddis all had chances (quite a lot - must be close to 100 appearances between them I'd imagine) and all underperformed or didn't progress as expected. May, Kane, Gordon, Kerr, McClean, Clark, Hurst and now McCann have all have minutes and are either part of the squad or have been sold on for cash. 2 of the prospective new signings are 21 or 22 as well.
  11. Steve Brown interview

    More than a few shouts in the stands today re this interview. Might come round and bite him in the arse if signings aren’t made prior to the deadline closing.
  12. Player Contracts + Transfers

    What are we supposed to do on a fans forum? We don't have any matches to discuss and the transfer window is open. Mainstand's daft post aside - all the names/speculation recently have either come from the press or from the manager himself. I agree on the last point though. I've got visions of Tommy saying that we've exhausted all of our options and there will be no more signings coming in during this window. Lets hope we're both wrong, but the silence after the wee burst of news last week doesn't suggest things are coming off the way the manager hoped.
  13. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Completely agree. Whilst we're only out of the top 6 on goal difference, we're nowhere near clear enough of the bottom teams to rest on our laurels in this window. Tommy mentioned up to 5 players in, but you begin to wonder if they included loan returns (Kane, Watson, Kerr all back - all first team players) as well as McMillan. We can't afford to come out of the January window without a replacement for O'Halloran. Tommy has talked about wanting two wide players so he's obviously got that in mind. Hopefully something will come off for us over the next week or so, otherwise it's going to be a hard slog from now until the end of the season.
  14. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Much more positive than expected from the Killie fans. The kind of player Tommy seems to have been homing in on in the last few windows. A young player with plenty of top team experience. He's quite a typical Tommy signing in that he will likely be solid if not spectacular and offers us versatility. He also has something that not many others seem to at Saints - pace. I'd be happy with this signing.
  15. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Needs must. Swanson fits into our team and we need a player of his ability to replace MOH and to hopefully help us kick on up the table/keep us out of the scrap for the play offs/relegation. It's obviously short term thinking from our point of view, but I doubt we'll get better than him until the end of the season. He's great entertainment value too - something MOH provided at times over the last few months and not many others in the squad have in their locker.