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  1. Saturday 17th will be the year anniversary of Mehmets death. I just recieved a message from Firat, who many will know from joining us on several of our European trips, who has said that Mehmet's family were very touched by so many kind messages from Scotland. Firat has asked if Saints fans could possibly send a message on this anniversary to let him family know that he isn't forgotten. If any fans who wanted to could add a message to the Saints or EsEs facebook/twitter, he has said that would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Really sad news. Mehmet was a great guy who welcomed us amazingly in Turkey and then made the trip over to Perth for the return leg. We kept in touch and he came back to Scotland to see the 3-3 Saints v Hearts game when Mannus got sent off and Scobbie finished in goals. He couldn't believe how calm the Saints fans were after such an incident packed game as he thought there would be riots in Turkey after a game like that! After pre and post match hospitality at the Cherrybank he told me he started to understand why Scottish people had a reputation for drinking a lot..... Although he managed to keep up pretty well. Since then he always sent messages to keep me up to date with EsEs and made sure he knew how Saints were doing. Sending good luck messages before the Scottish Cup Final (he even put a bet on United to win since he had a superstition that he always bet on the team he wanted to lose in big matches) and commiseration messages after Scotland lost to Australia in the rugby world cup were always appreciated. I was very happy I got the chance to meet and become friends with Mehmet through our memorable trip to Turkey and he will be sadly missed.
  3. The website are currently running a free delivery promo for this weekend if anyone was looking to get the t-shirts Enter the code FREEJUN15 for free worldwide delivery
  4. The t shirts for this year will only have the previous year teams and then "2015 the tour continues" otherwise fans would have to buy a new one for each round (hopefully more than one!) and it might be difficult to get new prints turned around quick enough.This way, the shirts are valid for every game this year, not just the first round. Hope that helps and hopefully we can add a few more countries to the tour list this year!
  5. Draw made, not what a lot of us hoped for but I am sure anyone who makes Armenia will have a ball! If you are going away or want a t shirt for the home game then please try and order asap to make sure everyone gets it o time.
  6. Disappointing draw for the fans but even if you don't make the away game, we have yet another big European night in Perth. Let's fill McDiarmid and make it a great night!
  7. One day to go! Remember for those that want to buy t-shirts or hoodys one they know if they are going after the draw, please order them as early as possible to make sure they arrive in plenty time. Hopefully we will all get a few home and away ties to wear them at! Donation from every item sold to Saints youth development.
  8. Surely not. He is proven in the top league in Scotland, he should stay and prove himself in the English Championship unless he is not wanted. If thats the case he should be looking at Saints as a minimum level of club to go on loan to. Sevco would be a big step back.
  9. That would be a great draw. Great climate and pints significantly cheaper than Norway or Switzerland.
  10. Very good signing. An improvement on Graham who I would have been happy to sign. 15 goals from Sutton and we could be looking at another successful season.
  11. Then we might miss the later stages! The group stages start mid September.
  12. If you order one and message them your order number and request for it to be plain blue or you can message me and I will make sure it is passed on, they will print your one on a plain blue shirt.
  13. Not as far as I am aware unless the website have arranged distribution with either the club or campus. At the moment they sell everything via their website and they print and ship everything direct from their premises.
  14. Absolutely fine by me if a standing area is introduced. I would continue to choose to sit but it would be good to offer the option to those who want to stand. I enjoy the odd away match with terracing and it probably does foster a better atmosphere but I wouldn't personally want to do it every week.