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  1. Dooj

    Saints v Kilmarnock 24/11/18 League Game 14

    So, we lost to Aberdeen and Rangers, drew with Aberdeen and Hibs, and beat Motherwell. Nothing to be worried about here (even if you ignore the woefully small sample size)
  2. How does he compare to that giant, Jody Morris?
  3. Dooj

    Post Split

    Hardly surprising - Saints aren't in any real danger of relegation (neither are Motherwell) so games are unlikely to attract an audience.
  4. I agree with your logic. However, for me I would say it was a dangerous tackle. There may have been no studs showing but he wiped the guy out. This wasn't a sly tug on the shirt or a subtle trip. Anyway, the ref obviously saw it differently and that is something I am grateful for. On a different note, why is this kind of cynical cheating acceptable, but diving to win a penalty isn't?
  5. I don't know enough about the laws of the game, but I don't agree that it "clearly" wasnt a red card. Surely, the ref could determine that the tackle was serious foul play? Or that it was endangering an opponent? It was essentially an off the ball incident given how far away Alston was from the ball. Of course, I was delighted the ref gave a yellow but I think Alston was lucky.
  6. Dooj

    cross keys pub

    Was this pub not featured in a Tennents advert - must have been 1985/1986?
  7. Dooj

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Of course there is. Footballers are people and football clubs are businesses. Recruiting and managing talent is a constant concern for many organisations.
  8. Thank you so much for this. I keep forgetting to check. Managed to have a results blackout all afternoon, and sat down to watch the whole game without knowing what happened. Fortunately it was only a rubber band that I chucked at the telly when Hibs scored! Bloody brilliant game.
  9. Dooj

    A Lackluster Murray Davidson

    There's no difference. Doctors have to abide by GMC code of conduct, physios by the HCPC code of conduct. They have pretty much the same requirements in terms of confidentiality.
  10. Dooj

    Ibrox latest...

    A quick look at Wikipedia would have answered my query earlier... "There is, however, one substantial difference in Scotland since there is no distinction between review of a public body and a private body, which is different from, for example, judicial review in England and Wales, where review is only possible in the case of a public body or a quasi-public body"
  11. Dooj

    Ibrox latest...

    I thought that judicial reviews only applied to public bodies - does this apply to the SFA and/or the SPFL? I would have thought that fundamentally they were simply independent enterprises or charities.
  12. Dooj

    Europa League 2017 - 18

    Does anyone know if BT Sport shows Europa League qualifiers? I know they have exclusive rights to European competitions, but do they actually show any of the early games?
  13. Dooj

    Reflecting Well (Ex Saints in the News).

    Graham Gartland appointed as assistant at Dundee
  14. Dooj

    Run in for Europe

    What are the financial implications of missing the league cup group stage? Presumably a bit of gate money - not huge crowds generally, but I think there were some games on telly, and there's usually a bit of interest in our first competitive games of the season. Will Saints miss our or is there a distribution mechanism that ensures there isn't a loss?
  15. Dooj

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    I think this is a different, albeit related, question. There is no doubt that having a top keeper will save/earn a good number of points. Given our manager is an ex-keeper it is hardly surprising that he would prioritise good goalkeeping. The problem Saints have is whether it is cost effective to have two top keepers. It was great to have Zander come in when Mannus wasn't playing, but it means that Saints have paid for a keeper to sit on the bench for most of the season. You can only play one keeper at a time, whereas you can bring on strikers to change things about - you can actually get some value out of them. If I was a millionaire, I would own *lots* of cars, and I wouldn't mind that they spent most of their time in the garage cos I could just choose to drive which ever one I fancied and not care about the extra costs of insurance, maintenance etc. However, how many people when they are struggling for cash, will own two cars just in case one breaks down? Even if your livelihood depended on being able to drive, I suspect most people would have one car and then hire another should the need arise. If Saints plan to sell Zander any time soon, then of course, re-signing Mannus is a no-brainer. However, I don't really see the point of signing them both up for a prolonged period of time.