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  1. Forum upgrade/updates

    Any one else plagued with redirects to nljpergeriihrgerg
  2. Tommy for Rangers

    Michael O'Neil allegedly done for driving under the influence. Is that his position with NI untenable?
  3. Season tickets on sale on friday

    I doubt it. I've had a season card for bray wanderers, they are really in the shit financially after a backer walked away (rescue package now in place) and released their attendance breakdown a few weeks ago. They claim they sell on avarage 100 to 200 season cards a year for last 5 years. The season tickets are 'credit cards' with a bar code/ q code that you swipe to get in. Match day tickets can be purchased online, and you swipe your phone to get in. Average attendance for last five years is less than 1k a game.
  4. Other games on the go

    Our old friends rosenborg making heavy weather against another scottish side... Main thing i'm taking away from this game is the poor travelling numbers. Best fans in the world, my bleedin hoop.
  5. Friendlies

    That's unbelievable, Jeff
  6. Europa League 2017 - 18

    Shamrock rovers would suit me. 15 minutes away! Tidy wee ground, decent support, not many pubs around the ground, but its near the tram into the city. Or you could venture in to tallaght town, Ireland answer to the hilltoon.
  7. Saints Exiles POTY Award - Season 2016-2017

    Joe shaughnessy Zander Macca Probably would have had swanson in before Macca up till two weeks ago, but dirtied his bib.
  8. Best Saints songs ever

    Dundee's a barrel.... Dundee's a barrel of shite
  9. St Johnstone v Killmarnock 25/02/2017 Saints Day

    Zander categorically not at fault for the 1st. Combination of a shit pass from ando and sweetly struck shot from killy lad. 9 times out of 10 that was going wide or over. 2nd goal, sammon has a free header from two yards. Can't blame the keeper, but could hope for a challenge on striker.
  10. Managerial Merry-Go-Round

    I thought that initially. Then I wondered who they will target to replace him...
  11. Saints vs Celtic 05/02/17

    Ah. What's the ****ing point anymore. Ref couldn't wait to give a penalty.
  12. Saints vs Celtic 05/02/17

  13. David Robertson

    I don't have instagram, or a notion to use it. Was there something interesting?
  14. Scotland tickets

  15. Malta v Scotland

    2nd red was a clear one. 1st one was minimal contact if any, and only after martin had made an arse of it.