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  1. St. Paddy

    Exiles Potys

    Thanks as well. Programme and teamsheet has arrived in dublin.
  2. St. Paddy

    Exiles Potys

    I missing from the list....
  3. St. Paddy

    Exiles Potys

    Done this morning
  4. St. Paddy

    Exiles Potys

    I did post that this morning, but it looks to have fallen off.
  5. St. Paddy

    Exiles Potys

    Stick me down as interested
  6. St. Paddy

    Paul Paton

    Fair do's
  7. St. Paddy

    Celtic v St Johnstone 18/02/18 3pm

    Am drawing the line there....
  8. St. Paddy

    Celtic v St Johnstone 18/02/18 3pm

    Where are you watching this, @Cleveland-Saint? Cant find anything.
  9. St. Paddy

    Colt sides

    I voted before I read any posts. I thought it was a tedious mid season 'we have nothing to talk about so let's run this idea " kind of post. Then I saw the context, and in its present presentation I am very much opposed
  10. St. Paddy

    Colt sides

    I'm not in Scotland, so was unaware of the furore this was causing. As a genuine question of whether teams should be introducing a colt side, I am in favour. If it's only two teams for their own gain, then definitely not. If mods can amend my vote, please do.
  11. St. Paddy

    Colt sides

    I opened the thread and saw the question "do you agree with colt clubs in div 2" and voted yes. I voted yes without the context of it only being two colt teams. I whole heartedly oppose that. I read thru the thread, and see the poison these two teams are trying to insidiously propagate. I am disgusted by their attitude. I think Scottish football needs more sustainable clubs in the football pyramid, and a correctly positioned colts league, with adequately managed transitions between divisions would be something I would support. It needs 10 or 12 or more clubs from the top two divisions to properly invest in a 2nd team, similar to the old style reserve league, and offer promotion and relegation to and from the current 2nd div. On a par with the current regulations regarding highland/lowland league, but with the added caveat that they may be crowned champions etc, but not get promoted higher. If the senior team is demoted to the bottom tier, the colt team is automatically demoted back to the colt/reserve league. Just a suggestion.
  12. St. Paddy

    Forum upgrade/updates

    Any one else plagued with redirects to nljpergeriihrgerg
  13. St. Paddy

    Tommy for Rangers

    Michael O'Neil allegedly done for driving under the influence. Is that his position with NI untenable?
  14. St. Paddy

    Season tickets on sale on friday

    I doubt it. I've had a season card for bray wanderers, they are really in the shit financially after a backer walked away (rescue package now in place) and released their attendance breakdown a few weeks ago. They claim they sell on avarage 100 to 200 season cards a year for last 5 years. The season tickets are 'credit cards' with a bar code/ q code that you swipe to get in. Match day tickets can be purchased online, and you swipe your phone to get in. Average attendance for last five years is less than 1k a game.