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  1. Any idea who the trialist is? Any better than what we have already?
  2. Small world. Thats the sports centre i play 5's in. As CPO i doubt he is around in the evening tho, i will still look out for him next time im there *(not stalking)
  3. Still read it most days, and don't really post much at all
  4. Ah bollocks. Just after i messed about getting a vpn and a saints tv account. Does the audio start with kick off? Or am i missing a button?
  5. Thanks as well. Programme and teamsheet has arrived in dublin.
  6. I missing from the list....
  7. I did post that this morning, but it looks to have fallen off.
  8. Stick me down as interested
  9. Where are you watching this, @Cleveland-Saint? Cant find anything.
  10. I voted before I read any posts. I thought it was a tedious mid season 'we have nothing to talk about so let's run this idea " kind of post. Then I saw the context, and in its present presentation I am very much opposed
  11. I'm not in Scotland, so was unaware of the furore this was causing. As a genuine question of whether teams should be introducing a colt side, I am in favour. If it's only two teams for their own gain, then definitely not. If mods can amend my vote, please do.