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  1. Saints Exiles POTY Award - Season 2016-2017

    Joe shaughnessy Zander Macca Probably would have had swanson in before Macca up till two weeks ago, but dirtied his bib.
  2. Best Saints songs ever

    Dundee's a barrel.... Dundee's a barrel of shite
  3. St Johnstone v Killmarnock 25/02/2017 Saints Day

    Zander categorically not at fault for the 1st. Combination of a shit pass from ando and sweetly struck shot from killy lad. 9 times out of 10 that was going wide or over. 2nd goal, sammon has a free header from two yards. Can't blame the keeper, but could hope for a challenge on striker.
  4. Managerial Merry-Go-Round

    I thought that initially. Then I wondered who they will target to replace him...
  5. Saints vs Celtic 05/02/17

    Ah. What's the ****ing point anymore. Ref couldn't wait to give a penalty.
  6. Saints vs Celtic 05/02/17

  7. David Robertson

    I don't have instagram, or a notion to use it. Was there something interesting?
  8. Scotland tickets

  9. Malta v Scotland

    2nd red was a clear one. 1st one was minimal contact if any, and only after martin had made an arse of it.
  10. Pre-season word association Part V

  11. Pre-season word association Part V

  12. Betfred Cup

    I liked ththat a well
  13. Saints v ICT Wed 9th March K-O 7.45pm

  14. Tommy's Subs

    Maybe a really nasty head cold that he just can't shake.
  15. Partick v Saints 23/2/16

    Pericopes not working for me... oh well.