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  1. Am i correct in saying we are the BBC alba game for the 3rd week running?
  2. Ears are still ringing That was a top night, great fun.
  3. Queuing to get into @slf Not the regular poster on here, but the actual band he is named after. Is there normally a queue to get in to @slf?
  4. Any idea who the trialist is? Any better than what we have already?
  5. Small world. Thats the sports centre i play 5's in. As CPO i doubt he is around in the evening tho, i will still look out for him next time im there *(not stalking)
  6. Still read it most days, and don't really post much at all
  7. Ah bollocks. Just after i messed about getting a vpn and a saints tv account. Does the audio start with kick off? Or am i missing a button?
  8. Thanks as well. Programme and teamsheet has arrived in dublin.
  9. I missing from the list....
  10. I did post that this morning, but it looks to have fallen off.