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  1. The Inspiration

    Saints exiles Flag

    Will do, John!
  2. The Inspiration

    Saints exiles Flag

    Any Exiles in attendance tonight? My brother and I are going to collect the match ball from Midge's testimonial on behalf of our grandad (kindly donated to him by @john.w, the winner of our raffle) at 6.30pm tonight.
  3. The Inspiration

    Exiles Potys

    Just to let you all know, SS/AS/PS was cremated in Panama last week and his ashes are home. We're having a memorial service for him in St Matthew's Church on Tay St, Perth at 11am next Friday 13th July. Invite extended to any friends or family who would like to attend. Thanks, Joss
  4. The Inspiration

    Rangers Match - London Saintees

  5. The Inspiration

    Exiles Potys

  6. The Inspiration

    Poty Awards

    Copyright Perthshire Picture Agency
  7. The Inspiration

    Round 43 - Ross County (H), 12/05/18

    As with Tuesday, I’ll make a prediction for PanamaSaint so he finishes the season Saints 2-2 County Davidson 2825
  8. The Inspiration

    Exiles Potys

    Lovely gesture. Far from his favourite place in the world however. Of all his guises on here I’d suggest that wouldn’t be the one he’d want to be remembered by. Perhaps something more personal would have been his preference, and trust me he’d be gutted it wasn’t named after him when he was still with us! Sixties, add me to your list for Midge’s match ball sponsorship.
  9. The Inspiration

    Round 42 - Hamilton (A), 08/05/18

    If you'll accept a prediction from me for Panama Saint... Hamilton 1-1 Saints Craig 1775
  10. The Inspiration

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Ray McKinnon
  11. The Inspiration

    St.Johnstone V Partick Thistle - Sat 28th April

    It's a very effective formation when the players know what they are doing on the pitch. If they are not completely comfortable however it can be very unforgiving. We've seen that a couple of times this season. I think playing Easton as a left-sided CB is a solid decision but for me that leaves Ando out of the (preferred) starting XI. Based on current players at the club: Clark Kerr Shaughnessy Easton Foster(Comrie) Tanser Wotherspoon Muzz Craig Scougall Kane Plenty of room for improvement in the summer.
  12. The Inspiration

    Exiles Potys

    Ask when the food comes out if the meat is from Lindsay's butchers. Tell the chef it's ridiculous when it obviously isn't from Lindsay's. Scoff at the food as you put it on your plate then go back to the table and laugh as you tell everyone how you wound up the chef. Easy lolo!
  13. The Inspiration

    Panama / Singapore / Athens Saint

    Nelly's, great wee place.
  14. The Inspiration

    Exiles Potys

    On the back of conversations we had a few weeks ago about the state of our team at the minute, where my old man stated how we look much better with Muzz in the side, I believe Murray would be his pick for POTY
  15. The Inspiration

    Panama / Singapore / Athens Saint

    Hi everyone. Found out the news about my dad on Friday. It was very sudden but as none of his family were in Panama at the time details are few and far between at the minute. Expecting a call from the Embassy in the next couple of days and will know more then. He was a great Dad and loved nothing more than telling me on a Saturday morning who he’d been winding up on WAP over the last few days and who he was beating in the predictor! Being away from Perth for many years meant this place gave him an outlet for all things St Johnstone and enabled him to have debates and conversations, which many of us get in the pub on a Saturday afternoon, with all of you. Thanks to anyone who berated him, nibbled at his bait or rised to him any time he put up a nonsense post as he thrived on it and, while he often came across as abrasive on here, it was always in jest with a tongue firmly in cheek and his way of still being involved with saints from a far. My brother Saul and I (Joss) would like to pass on our thanks to everyone for their kind words and for humouring him over the past few years