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  1. Panama / Singapore / Athens Saint

    Nelly's, great wee place.
  2. Exiles Potys

    On the back of conversations we had a few weeks ago about the state of our team at the minute, where my old man stated how we look much better with Muzz in the side, I believe Murray would be his pick for POTY
  3. Panama / Singapore / Athens Saint

    Hi everyone. Found out the news about my dad on Friday. It was very sudden but as none of his family were in Panama at the time details are few and far between at the minute. Expecting a call from the Embassy in the next couple of days and will know more then. He was a great Dad and loved nothing more than telling me on a Saturday morning who he’d been winding up on WAP over the last few days and who he was beating in the predictor! Being away from Perth for many years meant this place gave him an outlet for all things St Johnstone and enabled him to have debates and conversations, which many of us get in the pub on a Saturday afternoon, with all of you. Thanks to anyone who berated him, nibbled at his bait or rised to him any time he put up a nonsense post as he thrived on it and, while he often came across as abrasive on here, it was always in jest with a tongue firmly in cheek and his way of still being involved with saints from a far. My brother Saul and I (Joss) would like to pass on our thanks to everyone for their kind words and for humouring him over the past few years
  4. Macca Memories

    Macca, regardless of what we think of his current ability, symbolises the most successful St. Johnstone team there has ever been. Rather than debate Hearts’ intentions, our intentions or those of the hero himself, I want to focus on our favourite Macca Moments. For me, his flick back into Stevie May in the semi final, sending us into our first Scottish Cup final comes joint first with his goal away in Luzern. Plenty other options to choose from...
  5. Player Contracts + Transfers

    I love this forum
  6. Scottish cup 4th round draw Monday 4.45

    Just head through, few of us planning on making a day of it regardless. Will be a good contingent in Coatbridge and/or Glasgow for the day
  7. Saints v ICT 3/12/16

    From the FA's Laws of the Game: "If, when a free kick is taken by the defending team inside its penalty area, the ball is not kicked directly out of the penalty area the kick is retaken." Fair play to the ref for this one. One of few things he called correctly all game.
  8. MOTM Hibs 2 - Saints 1 - LCSF - 30/01/16

    Everyone is entitled to vote for who they wish surely?
  9. Athens Saint

    Eh? He's not my dad Singapore saint is my old man
  10. Athens Saint

    He's a knob anyway
  11. Saints V Killie Sat 28Th Feb. 3Pm

    Great win last week, same XI. Look at aberdeens run when they named the same XI for about 8 or 9 games
  12. Saints V Killie Sat 28Th Feb. 3Pm

    I have a u16 season ticket going spare for the east stand today. If someone wants to use it you can collect it in craigie or I will be in town from midday
  13. Saints V Ict 20/12/14

    Any ST holders not going to the game today? On a shameless scrounging spree!
  14. Sports Direct Fc V St Johnstone 28/10/14

    I am a defender of Gary Mac.. But his failure to track his man cost us dear. Frazer Wright should have cost us too but Boyd shat it. Can't take anything away from Mannus. Reminds me of two seasons ago, after 6(?) games without a win WHERE WILL THE NEXT WIN COME FROM and we then went on a fantastic run. This side has it in them. To go out of a cup to a team who showed the passion that we usually do was upsetting, simply put. But this is not the end of our season
  15. End Of Season Awards/pish Up