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  1. Shipping 4 to hibs sacking offence on its own
  2. 7 points from these three home games was my minimum
  3. **** this defence so hard. 2 centre backs for Christmas please!
  4. Last time I saw a keeper wear a bunnet was John Martin in the mid 90's, Jim Leighton was vaselining up his eybrows and Scotland were still qualifying for major tournaments...... There is clearly a link here, scrap project whatever we are on and caps and vaseline for all *Edit* I see Joe Hart has worn one since
  5. It was fantastic, the half mutters off mic and him having to control himself in the last 10 mins was brillant
  6. Have to agree not spoonys biggest fan as we don't see this from him often enough IMO but he has been brilliant so far. McCann is some player, even more imperative we stay up to keep a hold of him
  7. Same old same old........hopefully not a same old result
  8. I love Tommy and always will but over the last 10 months it feels more and more like we need a fresh pair of eyes. There is a case if it wasn't Tommy our form since Jan would of seen another manager on a very shoogly peg, if not gone. We rightly stuck with him but this summer was an embarrassment, not just Tommy fault I may add. It just feels that he has lost some of his drive. I would however this seems to stems from Chairman down as well. Sticking with Tommy just because you cant think of anyone to replace him his hardly a good reason. We are not 'in that world' as it were so have no idea who is out there. Would we of predicted at the time Tottan, Sturrock, Coyle, Lomas etc. Although a Lomas introduction I doubt Wright was on anyone's radar.