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  1. For sure. But I think he knew he was a yard short to put the block in
  2. Of you look at the slow no of his half hearted slide in for their goal there is definitely a "I'm to old for this shit" look
  3. Awful we need two quality strikers. Anderson is past it and I believe the parlance is get Swanson in the sea...the ****ing mariana trench
  4. Surely to **** that's not double what we have offered
  5. Nice goal from hendry and lovely goal from mccann
  6. He has completely ripped the pish out of us to be honest. Should be gone MLS or not.
  7. Well, that teaser makes them look baaaad
  8. Please don't tell him lafferty has been told to leave the rangers
  9. No shots on target.....and not for the first time this season. Pretty embarrassing stuff
  10. I would be a bit concerned if we were only going with Kerr, Gordon and Ando. Even with the addition of the possible L/R back that can play center. Ando has been superb for us, but watching him a couple of times for Thistle on the TV I think where he is, is probably now his level, he looked like he has lost a bit of pace. I do think however there are positions with a higher priority before looking at CBs
  11. For probably a third of what the former was valuing himself at
  12. Been the weak link for manys a year