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  1. Can someone explain when we go two up top almost every time we take May off to facilitate this....give the lad a chance FFS
  2. Yes and Scottish football in general. two 18s would be my preference, allows teams to build and bring through young scottish talent. Plus I think only 2 games against either of the OF would potentially bring the league closer in that, if, in past seasons you take each teams best results in the the 8 games against the OF points are gained, many teams going through a season against them unbeaten. It wont happen as Scottish football is controlled by two teams for the benefit of two teams.
  3. Aye those absolutely massive clubs like, Motherwell, Kilmarnock and Ross county
  4. A Right Back and a Left Back at least one of those who can also play in the middle
  5. Not if we only play one up top. It needs someone like Kane or Henry to be the spearhead and bring the two wide players into it. I would be tempted to play him one of the wide positions but at the expense of MOH, kennedy and Wright? . However that is just treading the same ground as Aberdeen. At present he really does not fit in the team
  6. Kane's link play tonight was brilliant, best I have seen him play
  7. Not playing too badly. Crosses into box still an issue. Can't help but think we are going to shoot ourselves in the foot again
  8. finishing around 5th or 4th (arguably we should of done given our start) last year wipes out that loss. How much has not qualifying for the League cup (and potentially a run to the semis) already cost us? how much finishing probably 10th or below going to cost us? How much will probably being pumped out of the cup by a Midgie Millar Morton hat trick cost us? All for the saving of a couple of more than likely a couple of hundred quid a week extra to secure that CB that then goes to one of our rivals.