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  1. Yip. Said before it's quite noticeable when you are on another teams stream, slot sharper and smoother. Think they need to go for the medium broadband package
  2. Shaggy Jenkins


    Pitch was way worse a few years back. At least we have grass on it
  3. Had to come right out and go back in...seems to of helped
  4. Agreed in most cases it's to large however, Stadium size does also allows for challenge cup finals and woman's, under 21 games etc. Along with concerts etc which all add a bit of extra income
  5. Struggling to get the commentary from saints TV to play on my phone
  6. I have recently been using Hola app on my phone to then cast to my TV but no joy with that last night (but I think others were using it ok) Switched to my PC and all was well. so who knows what was going on. What is noticeable however is the quality and sability of othere teams streams, suspect we need to go for the medium broadband package
  7. Jesus Christ, they will be the death of me