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  1. The defence really needs to cut out these mistakes, time for Gordon and Kerr to step up. Our so called 'ballers' on MOH and kennedy are just balls and need to start producing something of substance and by proxy give may a ****ing chance or we might as well have Kane up there
  2. Another ****ing break away That was also our goal
  3. **** that's grim Honestly I think I would forgo the midfielder and sign no one if that's the options
  4. agreed it would be a disaster of a signing given the other names mentioned. Really think we need some experience to what is a very young defence
  5. Tough start aside looking at the fixtures its hard to see where a run of results come
  6. Watched on saints tv. Danny Griffin (I think Co commenting) was going mental at him continually turning back into trouble
  7. Ponderous. For all the running fast and flicks and tricks Kennedy and Mikey need to start delivering a telling end product. McCann played well breaking up play. Duffy is not ready, Kane is not good enough We need a right back and a creative CM pronto
  8. Its an omnishambles of a cluster****
  9. Could of written this myself. Season ticket holder since 83, was relatively young when the slide happened so I guess it's been mostly good times, with the last 10 years being the peak. However I have found myself more and more disillusioned with it. Seems to be certainly from an 'outsiders' perspective that an apathy has set in since the cup final. Winning a cup or reaching a goal I guess can go one of two ways, you get a taste for it and strive to repeat it on or you relax. It seems to be the latter. To be fair I think part of my feeling is not just Saints fault I feel this way, its Scottish football as a whole. Allowing The Rangers to exist and ride rough shod over the whole system, where others went to the wall showed up Scottish football for what it really is and quite frankly, what's the point. I have my season ticket, however personal circumstances at the moment mean I don't feel obliged to go and I don't really feel guilty. I certainly didnt feel the need to turn up to our past home games this season to watch such an unfinished product.
  10. "Open forum" where season ticket holders get drawn from a "ballot".... mair hot balls than an OF semi final draw