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  1. sideline

    Season Tickets

    Will we exceed this year’s sales next year though?
  2. Total shambles. Add another one to the disinterested supporter list.
  3. Surprises are not always good surprises unfortunately.
  4. I would not pay any money at all.
  5. Our transfer dealings seem to be based on high powered inertia. i think this whole attitude must be dripping into the mental and morale confidence of the current squad. I dread the games over the next few weeks.
  6. I also read it that Hibs are also looking for whoever loans him have to pay his full wages.
  7. We really are going to Hell in a handcart.
  8. And probably will be and a duffer to boot. Not usually this negative but this year so smacks of disasters we already have in the opening matches continuing. Team morale must be really low.
  9. I half expect to wake up in the morning and find that a certain ex saints and Rangers player has decided that he does not enjoy life downunder and misses Perth. Now that would be overkill.
  10. Why is one available after tonight’s game?
  11. I recall in the League Cup semi final at Hampden against Motherwell, he scored early in the game perhaps even in the first minute. Later on he and the Motherwell keeper Peter Mcloy went for the same ball and Mcloy hit the back of the Hampden net still holding the ball. Mcloy had the look of Wiley E Coyote after a run in with the Road Runner. Pity we lost the final to Celtic.
  12. The fouls given in the first half against saints caused great hilarity around me in the main stand as it seemed that every time a County player went down he emitted a loud scream off agony and Collum awarded a foul. Saint’s players went down in silence and received no awards. Note for next week lads, when tackled do a banshee impersonation.
  13. The only plausible explanation for Tommy's review of the game tonight was that he was not there nod an animatronic figure was deputising on the touch line. We were totally outplayed, no pace, no creativity and no enthusiasm. Getting really worried!!