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  1. We can still win the title at dens even if this happens.
  2. krokko


    Leap years are every four years as we all know if the year is divisible by 4 (so that our calendar ties in with the Earth's orbit) BUT this slightly over-compensates for the difference so the 'century' years ie 1900 are NOT leap years unless they are also divisible by 400. So 2000 was a leap year as was 1600 but 1900, 1800 and 1700 were not. So, either the person does not exist as there was no Feb 29th in 1900 or his birthday was actually March 1st and he would now be 108.
  3. krokko


    1900 was not a leap year
  4. Certainly between Quinn, Irvine and Deuchar for man of the match. My vote probably goes to Irvine over the whole 90 mins but Quinn was best of the second half after tactical change to release him forward. For some reason Coyle had him holding back behind McInnes during first half.
  5. At the risk of losing my 'pearl' status, Bill Taylor played in goal for saints around the early 60s then later played for Luton Town. No idea whether he worked at the airport though!
  6. I think John Budden could be the full-back
  7. Have just ordered a training top online but phoned Surridge first to ask about delivery times. They said it should be with me by Wed or Thurs of next week. I told the girl on the phone I wanted it by the Friday if possible (for going to Ireland) and she said she would note that on the order. So here's hoping......
  8. krokko

    Irish Tour

    three of us going by easy-jet Edinburgh to Belfast on Fri avvo at £54 return. Staying Fri night in Coleraine, free Sat in Portrush, Sun in ballybofey and Mon night between Ballymena and airport for early flight back on the Tues morn. All accommodation under £100 per head all in b&b. Hiring a car to get around while over there. The Kees Hotel in Ballybofey looks good. Does a Sunday night special b&b for 35 euros (ie about 23 quid) Getting excited now!!
  9. Thomas Dolby - Close (But No Cigar)