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  1. Europa League (Team/Transport/Hotels) etc

    Captain to you, turtle.
  2. Prediction League Latest

    A huge thanks to Steve McQueen for adding once again so much fun to the forum over the season. In addition, every season he is always there or thereabouts. Also pleased for my old mucker slf for finishing off in a high position. I have known him for nearly forty years and he tends to always finish bottom of the class. Though I only finished fourth, I am pleased being an Exile who obviously knows fleck all about saints that I achieved this. Lastly a request to the likes of Edstar, Rickardo, BabyChunder, Ghostie and KinoullKicker.....any chance you can try harder next season to make it more exciting at the top ????
  3. Saints Exiles POTY Award - Season 2016-2017

    Joe The Throw asked SixtiesSaintee, BabyChunder and self to thank all the Exiles for taking time to vote for him and his fellow team mates. Not only did he answer the numerous questions thrown at him at our table but bought us a couple of rounds of drinks in to the bargain. He hardly had a minute all through the dinner to eat due to people asking for autographs and pictures. Every request by the kids was accepted with a big Irish smile. He is a credit to the club and I am personally extremely pleased he was awarded the Exiles trophy. Danny Swanson scooped up the majority of the awards on the evening but on behalf of the Exiles we had the opportunity to extend our thanks for his professionalism. A huge mention needs to be made for Paul Paton. Paul won an award and in his very honest acceptance speech he stated that due to past history that he recognized he was not a very popular signing with the saints fans. He was inundated with fans during the evening telling him we were wrong. We have one very happy new saintee in our squad. Thanks Paul.
  4. Joe Shaughnessy

    ? Show you what. Sorry dude, not understanding ?
  5. Wap Player of the year trophys

    Ghostie, I managed to get a wee dig when he was on stage in front of everyone. The new trophy was pristine ; )
  6. Joe Shaughnessy

    He told us he is loving his time at the club. The young boy is top notch. I have now learned to pronounce his surname properly and with a Galway accent.
  7. Joe Shaughnessy

    What a lovely guy Joe is. Not making any comments on his defensive qualities but he could do with bringing a bit more quality in to his award winning speeches. We managed to get a few golden nuggets of dressing room information out of him though ; )
  8. MOTM Saints 1 - Sevco 2 - 21/05/17

    So the glass is half empty or are you still nursing that hangover ?
  9. Player Contracts + Transfers

    I did ask Joe the Throw about this and he seemed genuine when he said he knew only as much as the rest of us had readin the media.
  10. Run in for Europe

    Young Brown did make me laugh on Sunday night when he said that he was hoping we could draw a European destination where he only had to charter a double decker bus for the trip.
  11. Tommy for Rangers

    As per Babychunder, Tommy stating he has no plans to leave. TW had time for everybody on Sunday night. What a gentleman.
  12. Tommy for Rangers

    It was good crack at The Tulloch. Both Chairman and Manager scoring points off each other.
  13. St.Johnstone v Rangers

    Potentially jealous because he didn't get the job ??
  14. May 17th 2017 - Hearts at McD

    Great to come back home and watch Saints win with my two boys with me. Great to see some oldfaces and catch up. When we looked at the team sheet before the game, it looked very attack minded. Only small issue I have is the game lacked any real flair or entertainment. Must have seen the smallest Hearts support at Perth ever but who can blame them. Off to Perth Races tomorrow.
  15. MOTM Saints 1 - Hearts 0 - 17/05/17

    Allan Mannus made three or four great saves tonight and was by far MOTM. Mentions also to Kano and Swansong. If we had better quality crosses in to the box, especially first half, it would have been a better score line.