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  1. St Johnstone's Public Relations

    Jason lad, you must be too young. The Police Disco was THE place to be back in those days. My PURPLE zoot suit from Carnaby Street got its first airing there. I think I took Joss' mum when she was all of fifteen. Community Centres were scary places for us posh Doocot Boys. I still have the scars from running the gauntlet at Hunters Chippie. Life all of a sudden became very scary crossing the Crieff Road from Unity Terrace.
  2. St Johnstone's Public Relations

    Yes, you can suggest that "i at least spell her name correctly if I want to get anywhere with her". I think the first time I met Bev was at the police disco in 1980 at the police station when I barged in and danced with her, I think Rickardo was dancing with her at the time (he had no chance). She was as lovely then as she is now. Last time I saw her was Scotland v Brazil at the Emirates Stadium. Your story.....
  3. Saints Exiles POTY Award - Season 2016-2017

    The engraving is sorted. Results by 5th May. I will send out a couple of prompts before deadline. Looking to get a Saint Exile table together for POTY when the club makes the official announcement. Are you interested in joining us??
  4. Alan Storrar Cars

    My opinion only. It is great a local business man with a love of Saints has decided to sponsor Saints with his hard earned cash. I wish Ann Gloag or Brian Souter hd done the same. BUT the logo is really not cool. Hopefully somebody with a modicum of taste can help out ??
  5. Old Perth - Picture Thread

    The "saints club" on Jeanfield Road was actually The "Centenary Club". It was real dive btw.
  6. Saints Exiles POTY Award - Season 2016-2017

    Sixties, babychunder, Spazzo, Teamwork et al, anyone up for getting a table for this on the basis it is on the Evening of Sunday 21st May ? I'm not booking anything till POTY night is confirmed but hopefully it is the evening of last game of the season. What are the size of tables as I reckon my son and his g/f will come as well as Rickardo so that is a minimum of four from me. Can route through London if anyone is up for a pint on the days before the game. In laws are based in Wimbledon so easy for me to stop over. PM me if easier. Anyway, I will call Bev on Monday.
  7. POTY Awards night 2017 - When ?

    Gordon, do us a favour and let us know when it's confirmed. Planning to come back for this one.
  8. Last game of the season

    Jason, you managing to make it up for last game and POTY ? Could possibly transit through London. Maybe see what Baby Chunder and Team work are up to ???
  9. Im steaming

    Turtle, can you get me a ticket for last game of the season please. Joss or the old man up at Albany will sub you if required.
  10. Last game of the season

    Good idea. Cheers.
  11. Last game of the season

    Same here
  12. Swanson and fosters money

    As young lads, we used to hitch it to away games then try and sneak on the supporters buses on the way back. Occasionally we had to auction slf's bottom to the truck drivers at the Stirling service station. But bless him, he used to bring his own Vaseline.
  13. Swanson and fosters money

    I detest these free loaders from the RMT union that get free rail tickets. It's a disgrace.
  14. Saints Exiles POTY Award - Season 2016-2017

    We are not worthy of one. I have requested to Jamie many times over many years. I put it down to be a Perth snobby thing. Like living in Craigie instead of Muirton. Not worthy.
  15. James St. Snooker Hall

    Its got me thinking for another post.