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  1. Prediction League Latest

    Thanks once again for organising the predictor Steve McQ. Well done Abernethy for winning. As for Athens ( captain pugwash).. I missed two of the last 6 predictions just to give you a chance . well done making the top 3.
  2. St.Johnstone v Rangers

    For the final this season........ Saints dominated the game for the first 25 minutes but could not take advantage and score. Sevco came into it for a bit and then it was fairly even before some poor play led to us losing the first goal. From there on it was always a bit of a struggle . Their second killed us and were very lucky not concede again before we got one back. Had a great chance to level it but it was not to be. 4th place is a great achievement. Player wise today, Chris Millar, Scobbie, Big Joe, Kano and especially young Thompson were terrific . Most others were average. Sadly I thought Alston was rotten .. Anyway, that's it all done and dusted.. See you all 5 weeks on Thursday when 2017-18 gets going. COYS
  3. Round 46 - Rangers (H), 21/5/17

    3-2 Saints Macca 6666
  4. May 17th 2017 - Hearts at McD

    DIVE DIVE AAOOOOOOHHHHAAAAA, AAOOOOOHHHHAAAAAA!!!!! wee wanker. Game wise. 3 points pish game Hearts rotten disappointed we never put on a display. I hate negative. Bring on Sevco and lets get this season put to bed.
  5. Round 45 - Hearts (H), 17/5/17

    Might be a good idea to actually post a prediction for this game given I neglected to do so for the Plastic Whistle match ( not the 1st time either) I need full points.. Saints 4-1 Hearts Swanson 4365. Mon tae Phuck saints, bail me oot..
  6. Wap Player of the year trophys

    I am disappointed to announce that as of today We still have not had our trophys returned from last years winners , Muzz ( not one phucking surprise there then) and that fud Darnell Fisher. The deadline for engraving has long gone.. I am especially pissed off as I began the process more than 6 weeks ago. Paul Smith has been my contact and I do not blame him one bit. He has tried to get things sorted and continues to do so. The players are the ones responsible and it shows a lack of class and a bucket full of "couldnae give a ****". I have just spoken with Paul again and it may well be the case that the club will have to purchase new trophys and get the engraving done themselves. I will then have to look back through the archives to get a list of previous winners so they can also be engraved again onto the gongs. So this is where we are. I have informed Paul that Andrew Holden will ( with his laddie) be presenting the two awards ( if there are awards to present) I have told Saints who the winners are and as of this point, I now give not one phuck. I was not going to the dinner anyway but going forward, I will NOT be doing this again. IF we get the trophys sorted, either someone else can offer to deal with this in future years or the players who have won this year can keep the ****ing things. I really do find this quite disgraceful and that's why I am no longer wasting a second of my time on it. If you want to take this job on for future years, please PM me. If no-one does then so be it. I refuse to flog a dead horse. The Exiles trophy HAS been returned by Spoony, which does not surprise me because as a fan I am sure he understands the responsibility and the importance of these things to the fans. The laddie is one of the good guys. Saints will be getting this trophy engraved with Joe the throws name and I have told Paul that Athens Saint and one other ( who I had forgotten during our phone call) would be there on the night to present it. I think that that about covers it. Ghostie , over and out.
  7. Celtic vs Saint Johnstone Sat. 06 May.

    Disappointing result this afternoon but not unexpected sadly. Good first half and a good , quick response, to going a goal down but ultimately individual errors cost us any chance of getting something from the game. They are a very talented and skilful side and as we cannot expect to match that, we needed to be more energetic, work harder and be quite physical. Did well in the first 45 minutes but that seemed to drop in the second. Not to worry. Onwards and upwards. COYS
  8. POTY Awards night 2017 - When ?

    10th May is the deadline Athens..
  9. POTY Awards night 2017 - When ?

    Okay folks. The WAP PotY award will be going to Danny Swanson and the YpotY will be going to Clive Smith. Are any wappers going to the awards night at the Tulloch on Sunday 21st May?? Beatson?? you going?? For the first time in a long time I am not going and as such I need two people to present the WAP tropheys. Athens, I see you are going so that's fine, you can organise yours ( you don't have a YPotY award do you??) Will be speaking to Paul Smith shortly to organise picking up gongs and getting them engraved. I will then hand them back in to Paul ( yours as well Athens) with hopefully the names of the two presenters.. If you're going and want to present an award give me a shout..
  10. Round 43 - Celtic (A), 6/5/17

    Them 0-1 Saints 41298 Ando.
  11. Round 42 - Aberdeen (A), 29/4/17

    Dons 0-1 Saints 12000 Craig
  12. Testimonial for Dave

    I cannae go, it's a Monday and I am working.
  13. Saints Exiles POTY Award - Season 2016-2017

    Not confirmed but informally I have been told on the Sunday evening after the last game of the season.
  14. POTY Awards night 2017 - When ?

    Informally I have been told after the last game of the season ..
  15. Round 41 - Aberdeen (H) , 15/04/17

    Saints 2-1 Aberdeen Joe da throw. 5000