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  1. Romeo, you need to contact Gordon Bannerman <>; and he should be able to tell you if they can ship it oot to you and at what cost..

  2. Round 2 - Trakai (a), 6/7/17

    Trakai 1-3 Saints Cumminss ( cannae believe I have put that) 1500
  3. FK Trakai (H) - Europa League Round 1 - 29/06/17

    Saints' starting XI tonight: Clark, Foster, Easton, Gilchrist, Shaughnessy, Alston, Craig, Wotherspoon, Paton, MacLean, Cummins
  4. FK Trakai (H) - Europa League Round 1 - 29/06/17

    Toronto Saint... This seems like a possible chance.
  5. That Day in May

    CUPTIE TESTIMONIAL PRINT IT’S a date forever etched on the memories of St Johnstone fans. Supporters will never forget May 17, 2014 – the day their club finally captured the Scottish Cup. Dave Mackay became the first Saints skipper to lift the historic silverware. Now, his Testimonial committee is offering fans a chance to secure a stunning framed photograph of the special moment when the trophy was hoisted aloft after the historic 2-0 win over Dundee United. “That Day in May” has met with the approval of Saints daft brothers Josh and Harvey Findlay (pictured). And “Cuptie” will not only sign the print border but also pen a personal message. The souvenir framed print is priced £50. Payment can be made at And details of the required message can left by private messaging the Dave Mackay Testimonial Facebook page.
  6. European travel

    Edinburgh - Frankfurt - Vilnius with Lufthansa on Monday coming back Saturday same way. Hotel Ivolita.. Bring it on..
  7. Round 1 - Trakai (h), 29/6/17

    Saints 3-0 Trakai Liam Craig 5289
  8. European travel

    Nah, it doesnae look like it's closed.. Can still easily book flights to Vilnius from Aberdeen right up till match day
  9. Stefan Scougall.

    Well played the Scotsman. Trying to wrestle BBC Scotlands award for the most inaccurate football reporting in living memory..??
  10. European travel

    Heads up Guys & Girls. I spoke to Ailish a while back about travel to away Europa league games and she has taken the idea on board and run with it. Great to see a local independent business being proactive rather than waiting for the public to ask.. After 5 European tours it's about time.. Anyway, have a read, see what you think, and if your interested, register an interest with her... The fact is that nothing is guaranteed regarding the draw and it may even be somewhere very hard to get to but it might be somewhere braw. I know a lot of you might be happy to do your own thing and that's fine but for those who like it easy and hopefully competitively priced, this MIGHT be ideal for you. Thanks.. Ghostie. The Wee Travel Company are putting together a group package deal to wherever the first match is - once we find out tomorrow! As long as there are 10 or more signed up the deals are better than you booking yourself and you have my ABTA cover etc as reassurance. It'll be for 2 nights accommodation, prob 3* hotel - if it's a difficult location to get to we may need 3-4 nights in the hotel but I'll get the best value I can find. If you are interested, can you email me your names, emails and a contact number and I'll get quotes as soon as I can. You would need to pay immediately as the demand for flights could mean they disappear quickly!! Please get in touch - T 07967 827832
  11. Prediction League Latest

    Thanks once again for organising the predictor Steve McQ. Well done Abernethy for winning. As for Athens ( captain pugwash).. I missed two of the last 6 predictions just to give you a chance . well done making the top 3.
  12. St.Johnstone v Rangers

    For the final this season........ Saints dominated the game for the first 25 minutes but could not take advantage and score. Sevco came into it for a bit and then it was fairly even before some poor play led to us losing the first goal. From there on it was always a bit of a struggle . Their second killed us and were very lucky not concede again before we got one back. Had a great chance to level it but it was not to be. 4th place is a great achievement. Player wise today, Chris Millar, Scobbie, Big Joe, Kano and especially young Thompson were terrific . Most others were average. Sadly I thought Alston was rotten .. Anyway, that's it all done and dusted.. See you all 5 weeks on Thursday when 2017-18 gets going. COYS
  13. Round 46 - Rangers (H), 21/5/17

    3-2 Saints Macca 6666
  14. May 17th 2017 - Hearts at McD

    DIVE DIVE AAOOOOOOHHHHAAAAA, AAOOOOOHHHHAAAAAA!!!!! wee wanker. Game wise. 3 points pish game Hearts rotten disappointed we never put on a display. I hate negative. Bring on Sevco and lets get this season put to bed.
  15. Round 45 - Hearts (H), 17/5/17

    Might be a good idea to actually post a prediction for this game given I neglected to do so for the Plastic Whistle match ( not the 1st time either) I need full points.. Saints 4-1 Hearts Swanson 4365. Mon tae Phuck saints, bail me oot..