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  1. Chris Millar testimonial match hospitality

    Final shout for anyone else wanting matchday hospitality before I hand my remaining tickets back for corporate clients..
  2. New Assistant Manager required

    we posted the same topic at exactly the same time.. I will add my twitter link to this post and delete my thread
  3. Rangers Match - London Saintees

    well found laddie
  4. Player Contracts + Transfers

  5. Player Contracts + Transfers

    I have no idea why no,t but if I was a guessing man, I would perhaps think that the chairman had something to do with it. ;-)
  6. Player Contracts + Transfers

    No but I would like a chairman who backs our manager a bit more and is not tighter than tight can be ALL the time.. And before you start , I am not talking spending money we do not have, just spending some of the money we DO have..
  7. Player Contracts + Transfers

    It was a joke based on his previous comments regarding how he did business.. Sorry it went over your head.. The bit about signing horses ( Sutton, Johnstone etc) was not though. We always sign a horse last minute and this season will be no different
  8. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Saints never made an offer to Williams.. Chairman still on holiday and not back till Monday when he will oversee the signing of ….. No-one of any note.. Look out for a John Suttonesque signing though because we always end up making at least one..
  9. Chris Millar testimonial match hospitality

    Quick heads up regarding hospitality for Midges match v Aberdeen on the 8th July..2pm kick-off I have a limited number of places available at £60 for match day hospitality. The price includes. Match ticket. 3 course lunch pie at half time. match programme Teamsheet Padded main stand seat There will be a pay bar. The day starts from 11.30am with lunch at approx. 12noon. The bar will remain open for 90 minutes after the match. For your information as well.. Admission prices are £5 for 16 and under and £15 for adults. If anyone is interested, please PM me as soon as possible. If it is over subscribed which is likely, we will deal with requests on a first come first served basis.. This message will also be posted on Facebook..
  10. Exiles Potys

    Got them Ricky and they are great but am looking for a clearer and either single photo or even a nice sharp one of him and Joss..
  11. Exiles Potys

    Will need a decent photo of pugwash as well, which will sit next to the text in the programme giving a half page in total.. Deadline for copy for programme 16th June.. but would be better if I have it earlier just to make sure it all fits and requires no alterations..
  12. Chris Millar testimonial Boxing Dinner.

    just to let you know that due to an issue beyond our control the boxing dinner has moved from 1st sept to Sat 15th Sept. Everything else same jus,t date change.. If you have any issures with this regarding tickets required, please let me know ASAP.. Cheers
  13. Exiles Potys

    I have Pmed MySpazz with finer points of sponsorship deal and some details of what I have now got..
  14. Prediction League Latest

    well done KK.. Am happy with 3rd . I seemed to bottle it at the wrong time.. LAUGH OUT LOUD And thanks to Steve McQueen for all his work..
  15. Chris Millar Testimonial

    probably not sadly..