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  1. Round 10 - Aberdeen (H), 15/09/18

    Saints 2-0 Aberdeen Watt 5098
  2. Exiles Potys

    I am in the process of organising a suitable date with Joss to present the Ball and the embroidered captains armband John. We had a provisional date but Joss was unable to attend as something came up. In conjunction with new communications guru at Saints, Gary Henderson, we are going to get some photos and the club will run an article on it. Once I know a solid date I will let you guys know..
  3. Round 9 - Hamilton (A), 01/09/18

    Accies 1-4 Saints Tony Watt 1897
  4. Round 8 - Dundee (H), 25/08/18

    Saints 3-1 Dees Watt 4578
  5. Will You Attend Celtic Cup Tie?

    but if we get moved, I will be in the Main stand as well you dobber..lolololololo
  6. Round 7 - Queen of the South (A), 18/8/18

    QoS 0-3 Saints Fat Tony ( watt) 1912
  7. Betfred Cup

    Quick heads up for anyone travelling by train.. Day return to Glasgow QS £16.20 Day return from Glasgow Central to Dumfries. £19.40 so total = £35.60 buying two separate tickets One ticket Perth to Dumfries is coming out at £52.70.. WTF Even an advance ticket ( where you must go on the train you book) is £40.40 and this gives you no leeway..
  8. Car Park

    I would have climbed the fence but Bradford is right shouldn't need to. The roads all around McD were an utter cluster**** pre match. We joined the slip road at 2.10pm and got into the car park at 2.45pm. 35 minutes to drive about three quarters of a mile. Not sure what saints can do though at this time.. once all the work is done I believe plans are in place to have a full time entrance there, with a road round the back of the astro to keep traffic away from in front of the main stand .. Someone actually said that Saints at this time do not have a key for the lock on the gate..
  9. Round 6 - Hibernian (H), 12/08/18

    Saints 0-3 Hibs Mallan 5567
  10. Round 1 - East Fife (H), 14/07/18

    Saints 5-0 East fife 2001 McMillan
  11. Round 5 - Kilmarnock (A), 04/08/18

    Killie 1-1 Saints. 4145 Watt
  12. Round 4 - Forfar (A), 28/07/18

    Forfar 1-3 Saints Davidson 1024
  13. Round 3 - Falkirk (H), 24/07/18

    Saints 2-0 Falkirk T Watt 2365
  14. Round 2 - Montrose (A), 21/07/18

    Montrose 0-4 Saints. Wotherspoon 1001
  15. League Predictions 2018/19

    Celtic Rangers Aberdeen Hibs St.Johnstone Hearts Dundee Motherwell Kilmarnock Hamilton St.Mirren Livingston