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  1. Not bothered either way about Foster going. Experienced player, but seems to have a bit of an attitude problem. Problem that I see is that he provided cover for Tanser as well, so this means that we may need to sign both a left back and a right back to cover the squad. Looking forward to Swanson coming up against him when we play Ross County though
  2. Saint Paul


    Definitely some strange picks in the goalkeepers and defence. Hanley has always been a bomb scare, so cant understand why he is in the squad. Surely there are other players out there that Clark could be looking at. Midfield continues to look strong, but we are lacking upfront again as well. Surprised that Fletcher wasnt included as don't really see where the goals are going to come from. So, we have dodgy keepers, dodgy defenders and no goal threat - I think we can predict how the next two games are going to go.
  3. I thought that Bulletproof was only at McDiarmid on a Tuesday and a Friday. Why are people expecting signings out with these days ? No rumours of potential signings at McDiarmid yesterday, so I am not expecting any further news until Friday.
  4. Is there someone that is going that is going to take notes or record the Q&A and be able to type up a transcript for those of us that cant go ?
  5. Really disappointed that in the 2 weeks since our last game, we have not signed the striker we so desperately need. This has been a position that was identified as being a must before the end of last season, yet we are into the third league game of the season without this position filled with any decent quality. This summer has been the most underwhelming transfer window for a long time but I don’t understand why we are having to wait till the last hours of the window to make a signing that every man and they’re dog could see that we were crying out for. Even pre-season should have made the alarm bells ring. We are over a month since the Stevie May saga but are still in the same position. The club should have moved on to other targets rather than hanging about until the end of the window and see who we can pick up. Poor from the club.
  6. I think that Kane is a victim of the way football formations have moved on over the past few years. In years gone by, Kane would have been a good foil for a strike partner, where Kane could do all the running and feed his partner, however, now teams invariably play one main striker, with the running being done by the wingers and the No. 10 role, therefore, the second striker that does all the running has become a bit obsolete. He isn't good enough to play on his own upfront, as you need to rely on a certain amount of goals coming from your one, lone striker, and unfortunately, Kane isnt going to guarantee these.
  7. Things have certainly been extremely quiet since the reported breakdown of the May deal and Hemmings going to Dundee. There have not been any rumours, such as the Cummings one, for us to dissect and obsess over in the way we all did over the potential May signing. I think we need to start a new rumour, just to get the message boards lighting up again the way they did at the start of the month However, do any of the "In the Know" posters have any juicy rumours on potential signings ?
  8. Has the confidence gone, or has Tommy lost the dressing room ? Not stating either way, but simply asking the question
  9. This has depressed me even more
  10. Agree 100% - the problem for me is that Steve Brown just doesn't have the same passion for the club as his dad. Whilst the family have supported the club to get to where we are, Geoff was the driving force behind it, and Steve has inherited a stable club but is not prepared to invest further in it. The fact that there was £2m in the bank must be a rare occurrence in Scottish Football, but Brown seems intent on growing that bank balance rather than spending the money. A large decrease already this season on the number of players on the books, and with an improved TV deal in place for next season, surely this was the season to invest a little more in the squad to ensure our place in the league for next season, but he appears reluctant to take that sort of a risk. I believe that it is time for Steve Brown to step aside and let someone else come in to take over the running of the club, even if they don't want, or are unable, to sell the club .
  11. There was a post on here from "McDiarmid Mole", who has been pretty spot on with rumours in the past, but the thread was swiftly deleted after a couple of views.
  12. See Alec Cleland - bet he will appoint from within as fits his penny pinching modus operandi