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  1. I admire your efforts Randoom. I don’t know how you find it all, but that was a good explanation. Can’t fault your assumptions. You didn’t fabricate them as many others do.
  2. He’s only stating what he thinks. Most of it was public knowledge at the time. I can’t disagree with it. It seems that our board view things as a cost and not an investment. It does appear that Motherwell are so far ahead in this area yet their (limited) resources cannot be too dissimilar.
  3. andrew

    Killie v Saints

    They don’t show anything
  4. andrew

    Killie v Saints

    Is it coincidence that our near year long slump began when Craig was left out by Tommy in favour of Goss, then Holt? It can’t be down to that, but it surely didn’t help. Certainly looked much more solid with Craig in there tonight.
  5. I suppose if we’re not in the top league we won’t see much of it.
  6. Higher tv money next season worth staying up for?
  7. Stephen King to write next chapter of our horror story
  8. andrew

    Killie v Saints

    Randoom you aren’t wrong but equally if we somehow gained two points or maybe four in the next two games we’d be well set for the big 3 after that. Not saying we’ll get anything, just countering your obvious with another obvious.
  9. Thanks. We left at 3-0. That’s horrendous. It’s not looking good.
  10. ACCA/CIMA qualified whose role involves inputting sales/purchase invoices doesn’t sound very appealing. Whoever wrote that spec?
  11. One other factor no one has noted in all this goes back to the meet the board event - the role of agents. How do we know that they didn’t mess up our recruitment, or at least contribute to it? It’s not as straightforward as we might think or portray - we’re commenting without important facts. Not defending the club, but trying to balance things a bit.
  12. The goal was 90 seconds! If we were bright at all, it was for 30 seconds.
  13. andrew

    Free week

    I despise these international breaks. Almost getting to dislike them as much as I do the OF!!! Can’t stand them. What a waste. Doubtless players called up for their country would disagree, but it’s different as an onlooker. I wish them well but I can’t muster any interest in international football at all. I may be unusual but I don’t watch English games or champions league. I prefer to attend a game, but increasingly I can’t. Nothing can be done about it. Rant done. Don’t feel any better.
  14. Might agree with this except what you said about Jason - he’s a long way off his firm of early last season. As for Ralston, on what I’ve seen, I don’t think he’s going to make it at Celtic.