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  1. Anyone else get an error when clicking next unread topic on iPhone? It never gave an option to go to unread topics before - it knew you had finished. Thus can be moved but I’ll put it here for now.
  2. andrew

    Jason Kerr

    £1m? More surely. Much more.
  3. andrew

    Season Tickets

    I renewed by phone. No form filling unless you want to
  4. andrew

    Season Tickets

    There are season ticket holders in east and main who have an allocated wheelchair space, which are now numbered, like our seats. The spaces in the east stand are well used for big games and some st holders from the main would have to move. Might create higher demand than spaces.
  5. Randoom, if you’re going to play nice please be consistent across all forums.
  6. Terrible weather that day with water pouring down from the front of the stand roof. One of our fans, he’d had a few drinks, called the police over and asked them to phone a plumber. It was funny at the time
  7. Makes a change from holding hands out as if to blame someone else.
  8. Watching my baby grandson and saw this. More entertaining than Saints and some great skill, and goals, especially from the mum. 688685D5-3796-4BC1-A9AA-1F2385A2840B.MOV
  9. That’s it for me. Yes, we have more points than this time last year, but wouldn’t it have been something to see where we might have been now if our form hadn’t fallen away so dramatically? It really has been an abysmal time. In context we’ve still had a good season, but the disappointment of what we’ve watched unfold can’t be ignored. There appears to be little being done early enough to address it - loyalty to underperforming players, formations to counter opposition, etc. Appears. I’m certain that it is in the thoughts of the club.
  10. Dundee fans say otherwise about McGowan this season. I’ve read a lot of their posts recently on various forums. They’ve watched him all season and would laugh at what you’ve said about him. If Tommy’ll sign him, I’ll despair.
  11. Thanks. Appreciate your insights. Informative as ever. I’ll appoint you to speak to the club on my behalf any time
  12. Long good run. Short bad run. Team selection. Tactics. Staleness. All I know is that on the whole it’s become rather distressing, if not depressing, watching our performances since the new year.
  13. Maybe not quite how I’d phrase it but our intent is closely aligned
  14. Joe will almost certainly be away. I’d guess not necessarily to Aberdeen.