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  1. It might be implicit? I mean, it’s such an obvious possibility he doesn’t have to mention it.
  2. I would suggest that it’s not for you to make that call. Something isn’t working with the club we all support, and it’s perfectly legitimate to discuss what’s going on - including examining the manager’s role in it and, yes, whether things have turned stale or not, or if a change is needed (or not).
  3. But if we scored the penalty we would’ve gone on to win the game. But if Muzz had scored. Too many buts.
  4. When their keeper had the ball he had three players to pick from with only May up there. Time after time they built from there. When Zander had the ball there were two Motherwell players minimising his options so go long. Basic, but obvious. Only one aspect of our flawed game plan.
  5. January isn’t too long. Soon see how we get on. Defend from the front too, it’s a whole team job. Get organised better as in don’t leave one man back against good players. Clear the ball better. Improve some of the basics.
  6. Tend to agree. Zander appears to have regressed. Infuriating that he won’t/can’t catch and won’t barge through forwards. Jason I’m sure will develop but he’s not the £8m rated defender on a par with Aberdeen players some have said, at least not on current form. Gordon is more akin to the no nonsense defender we were used to and I prefer that approach to Kerr’s. But let them develop and see how they go. They’re not Fraz, Ando or Cuptie with years of experience. One day they will be, hopefully with us in the top league.
  7. Well, @RandomGuy didn’t mock the idea, so I thought I’d have a try
  8. I’d definitely get him in in place of Kerr.
  9. Scott did you see some of the stuff on Twitter? Vile.
  10. Tommy not impressed with Scotland. Couldn’t be any clearer in comments about McCann or asking when was the last time a St Johnstone player was called up. I don’t hate or despise anyone in life. In football it’s different. I can’t stand the OF, then international football and these breaks is next, of which the dross that is Scotland is a part. And support Chris Kane. Criticise where appropriate or merited, but personal abuse like he’s had lately is disgusting.
  11. Children included in that. Disabled people too, but less than 20 I think. Seniors I thought were less than the 700+ adults. Forget the exact breakdown.
  12. 80 x 88 doesn’t equal our season ticket holders
  13. Yes, I don’t disagree. @PauloPerth also posted on P&B. But if they can’t put sensitive information out on the website and just say they held a meeting, that serves little purpose. In that small context I don’t feel there’s anything to be gained. For example they came as close as they could to revealing figures (albeit closer to management accounts) before the shareholders saw them (statutory or audited accounts). On that point, someone asked about opening up the shareholding. Let’s see how this idea develops. I think enough were there to spread the word around those who didn’t make it. Maybe next time there’ll be a bigger audience. It was revealing that we have little over 700 adult season ticket holders, less than half.
  14. What would it add? We’ve got everything on here.
  15. I beg to differ. If not @PauloPerth then I, or someone else, would have done it. Paulo did such a good job that no one else’s input added very much more. If I were the club I wouldn’t officially issue anything other than a statement saying the event has been held. I’d certainly not provide details. No recording and no phones so that a more frank discussion could take place, and some sensitive financial information could be shared. There were no bulletproof type comments either. There will be more but not sure if quarterly, annually or who it would be open to.