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  1. Scottish cup 4th round draw Monday 4.45

    It’s a parking charge notice - unenforceable. My wife and I have had seven between us - Morrison’s, Waitrose, etc. After a year or so and several warnings about court action they stopped writing. We ignored everything they sent.

    Exactly right.
  3. Shoot from outside the box? Shoot from anywhere would be a start!
  4. Or had enough and decided to look at alternative employment?
  5. I thought I saw someone post that the car Foster was in was four behind cars other players were in but his got stuck. If so, that was unfortunate, but I get the point that players maybe ought to leave earlier or even the night before. Maybe RF was distracted by listening to off the ball where AMcD was mumbling, sorry, singing her latest song and giving her expert views on the game?
  6. That was about our worst journey to a match ever. Left the house in Stirling at 1.45 and arrived at McD turnstile at 3.05. On a normal match day we're there at 2.25. Just missed first goal. Sadly I heard from a policeman that it had been a fatal accident. Some family/families will be suffering the horror of having lost someone. Not for the first time, we were terrible. Chairman's fault. Should've sent a helicopter to pick players up.
  7. Round 18 - Kilmarnock (H), 02/12/17

    Posted on behalf of The Ghost of Jim Morton: 2-1 Saints maclean 3000
  8. Tommy for Rangers

    Someone who was there told me today that they said it was a Scottish manager. He also said it was going round the meeting from senior sources that it was McInnes. Stories of all kinds emerging and I've no idea if this guy was being truthful or not.
  9. Player Contracts + Transfers

    His first touch is a goal, not a pass.
  10. Saints v Celtic 4/11/17

    Nae bother next time out. Last time we had a long goal drought we ended it at Easter Road.
  11. Partick v Saints 28/10/17

    2010/11 6 games without a league win - twice (Feb-Mar & Apr) LDLDDD DLLLLL 2011/12 7 games without a league win (Apr-May) LDLLLLL 2012/13 5 games without a league win (Aug) LDLLD 2015/16 7 games without a league win (Dec-Feb) LDLDLLL If that's correct! We've had lots of runs of four games, but so does every team. I'm not sure the argument that we have a run like the current one at this time of year is correct. Potentially this run could go on to equal our worst in recent times. But, again if the above is correct, we haven't had too many as bad as this in 8 seasons. Didn't look at opposition or whether home or away.
  12. Tommy for Rangers

    It may be that he can only fish in certain pools as a permit for the others are too costly?
  13. Tommy for Rangers

    Who knows? Maybe a bit? Entertainment value is very low and, despite our success, has been for a while. Tommy must get fed up with only being able to bring in 'strikers' like Denny.
  14. Hearts v Saints at MURRAYFIELD

    That was a dreadful game between two very poor sides. We both deserved to lose. Value for money non existent. What you said there I've been saying for ages, have a go! We try to walk it in and never seem to take a shot. It's very frustrating watching us this season.
  15. St Johnstone v Rangers 13/10/17

    The defence can probably be worked with and sorted - it's happened before. What we have as striking options right now probably won't be improved.