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  1. Ah but what about outside, in your garden?
  2. Do we need this as much as we need a striker? You may be a bit young to remember Jimmy Bone, Randoom. Hamilton have brought in Jimmy Bone as a specialised striker coach to try to get more goals from a side who were the lowest scorers in the Scottish Premiership last season. (Daily Record, print edition)
  3. I advised businesses too. Many of them folded, jobs gone, disaster. If they’d have listened six months earlier they might have survived, but no. My original point was why should fans help a business which has cash of £2m+?
  4. Potentially I might prefer Liam to Jason. Admittedly I’m no football coach or manager
  5. Again, why help a business with a supposed £2m+ cash reserve?
  6. If they’re struggling, maybe, but they’re not. We keep hearing about cash reserves of £2m+ The time we were in danger GB stepped in. We’ve not been in danger since:
  7. That’s exactly why I’m almost ambivalent about May. We have no idea what will really happen. (Much like Brexit or Scottish independence, everyone has an opinion but nobody knows for sure.) Might be a great signing, might not. Only one way to find out. If he signs, I’ll support him. If he doesn’t then we’d better find someone else.
  8. Now it’s hyperbole. Literally always? Determination? Your interpretation of events is somewhat skewed. Try not to be so dramatic Randoom. With your analytical and investigative bent you’ll soon discover that I rarely respond to your posts. I’m not opposed to you or what you say, you’re quite informative and entertaining. Likeable too, at times.
  9. One player equals not altogether incorrect. A squad isn’t required for that definition. You like semantics.
  10. Not altogether incorrect, as I said. Thank you for clarifying what I said Randoom
  11. It’s not altogether incorrect Randoom 8)
  12. Can’t say I’m bothered at missing what you described there. You always go in the hope they put up a decent effort. That’s all you can ask. But to witness that, and at £30 or £27 is poor all round. I’m sorry you had to see such a bad game.
  13. Can’t remember when we last missed a game there. Not paying £30. That’s a limit we won’t go to.
  14. You ageist you. How dare you imply that older people are possibly unsure about computers. You can call me a Zoom-er if you like, and tell me that I’m in Cloud cuckoo land. I won’t mind, I might send you a Prezi.