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  1. Jason Kerr

    No. What was he saying? We stand too much on ceremony or unwritten rules of conduct. Sometimes it’s good to be straight (not rude or aggressive.) It’s more honest.
  2. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Swanson is the future.
  3. Saints Kit Supplier 2018/19?

    As in 7XL
  4. Car Park

    Well, it was raining. From my seat in the middle of the east stand I watched one brave and hardy police officer get out the van and have a word to someone who had already just climbed the blue gate - having watched him from the comfort of the van - then wander back to the warm, dry van as others ignored him and began to climb the gate. I thought to nominate him for an award for his enthusiasm and services to public safety.
  5. Player Contracts + Transfers

    We were saying yesterday that we need a Martin Hardie type player
  6. What Radford said was right. Wright and Kennedy were like extra full backs with Comrie and Tanser. Watt completely unsupported for the most part. As for Spoony, I’d like to see his stats for pass completion rate - or more likely pass misplace rate. Dreadful second half. Killie were so much better although not great themselves. Yes, it’s early, of course it is, but we need to sort this out very quickly.
  7. I base everything on how our big team of 2013/14 got on. So for this match it’s 4-0 to beat. Anything less represents decline. Never mind how different other teams are now
  8. MOTM: Game 3 Saints 1 Falkirk 0 League Cup 24/7/18

    Some fans are very unforgiving and have long memories.
  9. Oh I don’t know. France v Denmark was scintillating stuff.
  10. Saints Kit Supplier 2018/19?

    Did we pander to him by giving number 32? Does it matter if we did?
  11. Season Tickets 2018-2019

    Thanks Kevin. That makes more sense.
  12. Season Tickets 2018-2019

    Some lawyers were discussing this on a radio program. They said that if you have already given your details that consent has been given and that companies are overreacting by asking for consent again. They seemed to suggest that the date was a preparedness thing and not an absolute requirement.
  13. St Johnstone Disabled Supporters Association

    Thanks Cagey. We “have achieved everything without constitution, committee, office bearers or money.......” See what can be achieved without a chairman
  14. While the national group has apparently somewhat lost its way (the recent AGM was more ‘descends into chaos’ than maintaining its focus) the St Johnstone Disabled Supporters Association continues to make good progress. When we started four years ago we met every month. Last season we met every two months and this coming season we will be meeting quarterly. This is a clear measure of success (if we resolved everything we wouldn’t need a group at all) demonstrated by some of what we have achieved below. We have done our “job” well and our club have responded positively in so many ways. Here are some examples: Ramp at club shop. Servery orders taken from and delivered to seats to remove need to negotiate doors, queues and areas of limited space. Allocated spaces for wheelchair season ticket holders. Allocated and/or prearranged parking. Radar locks on some disabled toilets and all seven disabled toilets have emergency pull cords. Non-reflective glass to be installed at ticket office. New audio equipment acquired allowing those requiring commentary to sit anywhere in the stadium. Previously there were only some seats with sockets beside them. Away bus parking improved at national level - a St Johnstone DSA initiative - no more having to walk up to half a mile on cold and wet winter nights for disabled or elderly folk. Seating provided to enable a personal assistant to sit next to the person they accompany, not behind or in front. Improved signage around McDiarmid Park. Awareness training conducted with staff - an ongoing exercise. McDiarmid Park has received positive reviews on Euan’s Guide and other web sites dealing with accessibility. The group has had a great insight into the various roles within our club, with guests having included: chairman, manager, Paul Smith, groundsman, physio, club poet, hospital radio, players, ex-players, ticket office staff, police, club chaplain, and more. Our guests are invited to stay for the whole meeting and most of them left with a greater understanding of what it is like to attend football matches as a supporter with a disability. We have established excellent working relationships within the club, treating everyone with respect, and have achieved everything without constitution, committee, office bearers or money - our only rule being “no moaning!” Our thanks go to the chairman, to Paul Smith and to Bev, the latter being our main club contact and great ally! We are grateful to the club for providing an accessible room for us to hold our meetings. All of this also benefits the club who could not be accused of failing in their duty to accommodate disabled spectators in accordance with the Equality Act. On the contrary the club can point to all they have done, and continue to do, as proof they are proactively and positively engaging with disabled supporters in keeping with the spirit of the aforementioned legislation.
  15. Poty Awards

    It isn’t really closed shop. Various supporter groups award poty trophies. The disabled fans do, along with many other groups. They’ve simply been asked in advance how many of each group would like tickets. On the other hand, garydavidson and Templar are right about venue size. It used to be held at McDiarmid. I’m no great fan of the dark, dingy Tulloch, but at least everyone is in the same room and kids can go see all the players for autographs. At McD we were scattered throughout the various suites.