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  1. andrew

    Stjohnstone v Hamilton

    Hardly got a word in for McDonald and Stewart have ring on about dour Scotland. What a boring listen.
  2. andrew

    Zander Clark

    6th choice in a tenth rate team.
  3. andrew

    Stjohnstone v Hamilton

    Man of the match Liam. Outstanding. I agree he is much more of a captain than Joe, who is quieter.
  4. andrew

    Saints v Celtic sunday

    I started it by opening up the opportunity!
  5. andrew

    Saints v Celtic sunday

    When will Tommy see what we are seeing? Spoony is terrible. Giving the ball away repeatedly. Defence weak. Like a sieve. 5-0 now, not even half time.
  6. andrew

    St Johnstone Disabled Supporters Association

    No chance. It’s no safe over there
  7. andrew

    St Johnstone Disabled Supporters Association

    STV 6pm. BBC 6:30pm. Interviews with myself and Peter.
  8. andrew

    Hearts V St.Johnstone Saturday 29th September

    How many of us sit in the seats whose number is printed on the ticket? What if someone sitting in what was our allocated seat causes bother? I’m getting close to telling them no, I refuse to be constantly “managed.”
  9. andrew

    St Johnstone v Celtic Betfred Cup QF 26/09

    I sit in the back row of the east stand around the middle and didn’t even notice them at all!
  10. andrew


    Thanks for the info Jamie i wonder if anyone placed a bet with them?
  11. andrew

    Sevco 2012 v St Johnstone 23/09/18

    McGinn for Aberdeen then Tavernier x2 today, second one hit the bar.
  12. andrew

    Sevco 2012 v St Johnstone 23/09/18

    With my limited tactical knowledge I’d say that we stood off them (squared) today. Most every time their man received the ball he had no one near him until he got the ball. Then our player had to go to him by which time he had time and space to pick out the next man who had no one near him. Multiply that all over the park and you lose - heavily. As poor as I’ve seen us play anywhere in quite a long time. Apology should be offered to those present today. A bit of honesty. Won’t happen though.
  13. andrew


    It’ll be P&B for me if I can’t stop it.
  14. andrew


    What’s this banner for a gambling ad on my iPhone? Can I get rid of it? Thanks
  15. andrew

    Jason Kerr

    No. What was he saying? We stand too much on ceremony or unwritten rules of conduct. Sometimes it’s good to be straight (not rude or aggressive.) It’s more honest.