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  1. What’s wrong with Arbroath, etc? Montrose have already shown they can compete with us :)
  2. It’s the title of a #1 hit from somewhere around 1971.
  3. Kirsten left there and came here. I don’t think there was much time in between. Possibly even the same month that Paul left (July?). I’m sure she left Kilmarnock just after they performed so courageously against those giants of European football - the Nomads. As chief executive, Kirsten dealt with my son’s complaint against Kilmarnock which he took to the Equality and Human Rights Commission. Such lengths to resolve a complaint about attending a match as a supporter who has a disability! However, we live and, hopefully, learn. I had to personally advise another premier league club recently that their disabled access policy was actually discriminatory - they listened and changed their web site before they too were in danger of a discrimination complaint being made. Some clubs it would seem are still unable to learn. Thanks to the sterling work of Bev and Paul (and the board), no such issues are likely to arise at St Johnstone. Welcome Kirsten, I wish you well and hope that your time with us is a great success.
  4. Agreed about the game. It was dreadful to watch. Two poor teams. First half I thought Hamilton were more purposeful than us but they didn’t create anything. Second half was more even but the Hendry substitution changed the game. Whilst I’d also disagree with the smash and grab I can see why he said that. Accies tried to play into space and get the ball wide whereas we mostly hit it upfield, usually aimlessly. I didn’t like the way the first half was developing. I’m very happy we got the points and are moving up the table. Let’s not kid ourselves, we are creating next to nothing game by game, are void of entertainment, and the quality of the league is shocking. The fact that we could be close to top six on Sunday is testament to our improvement but also reflects just how bad the rest are. Having said all that, we are close to County, high flying (?!) Livingston, and closing in on Kilmarnock. After the poor preseason, transfer dealings and poor start to the it’s great to be where we are.
  5. Not only that, it was who Saints paid the money to.
  6. You can keep your 0-0, I demand a win to *begin to* make up for the debacle at St Mirren last time.
  7. I was a regular at Muirton in the bad days of the 80’s. There were some poor players around that time. Saw some bad home losses to the likes of Forfar.
  8. Like tucker I’m not sure about Keith Watson or Simon Mensing. Who was the ex-Aberdeen player, Paul Bernard? What about David Hannah? Or possibly Derek McInnes? Tbf there are still much worse than them.
  9. 40mph winds could make for an interesting game
  10. I admire your efforts Randoom. I don’t know how you find it all, but that was a good explanation. Can’t fault your assumptions. You didn’t fabricate them as many others do.
  11. He’s only stating what he thinks. Most of it was public knowledge at the time. I can’t disagree with it. It seems that our board view things as a cost and not an investment. It does appear that Motherwell are so far ahead in this area yet their (limited) resources cannot be too dissimilar.
  12. andrew

    Killie v Saints

    Is it coincidence that our near year long slump began when Craig was left out by Tommy in favour of Goss, then Holt? It can’t be down to that, but it surely didn’t help. Certainly looked much more solid with Craig in there tonight.
  13. I suppose if we’re not in the top league we won’t see much of it.