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  1. andrew

    Have we underachieved this season?

    Watching my baby grandson and saw this. More entertaining than Saints and some great skill, and goals, especially from the mum. 688685D5-3796-4BC1-A9AA-1F2385A2840B.MOV
  2. andrew

    Joe Shaughnessy

    That’s it for me. Yes, we have more points than this time last year, but wouldn’t it have been something to see where we might have been now if our form hadn’t fallen away so dramatically? It really has been an abysmal time. In context we’ve still had a good season, but the disappointment of what we’ve watched unfold can’t be ignored. There appears to be little being done early enough to address it - loyalty to underperforming players, formations to counter opposition, etc. Appears. I’m certain that it is in the thoughts of the club.
  3. andrew

    St.Johnstone V Dundee - Wednesday 3rd April

    Dundee fans say otherwise about McGowan this season. I’ve read a lot of their posts recently on various forums. They’ve watched him all season and would laugh at what you’ve said about him. If Tommy’ll sign him, I’ll despair.
  4. andrew

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Thanks. Appreciate your insights. Informative as ever. I’ll appoint you to speak to the club on my behalf any time
  5. andrew

    Have we underachieved this season?

    Long good run. Short bad run. Team selection. Tactics. Staleness. All I know is that on the whole it’s become rather distressing, if not depressing, watching our performances since the new year.
  6. andrew

    Know one likes us we don't care.

    Link with Perth, yes. Council, no.
  7. andrew

    What contracts would you renew?

    Maybe not quite how I’d phrase it but our intent is closely aligned
  8. andrew

    What contracts would you renew?

    Joe will almost certainly be away. I’d guess not necessarily to Aberdeen.
  9. andrew


    Two in particular that I’ve had the dubious pleasure of encountering. People speaking from a position of ignorance.
  10. andrew


    I read and occasionally post.
  11. andrew

    Saints v Saints 16/3/2019

    First on the team sheet will be number 10
  12. andrew

    Saints vs Livi - 9/3/19

    That was an inept, spineless and cowardly effort today. What promise and potential we have thrown away since December. To drop/move Liam Craig to accommodate Goss hasn’t been one of our better moves. As for persisting with Spoony, I utterly despair. Platitudes and excuses don’t work with me, look at our shots on goal since December. Horrendous. If my perception is wrong it doesn’t matter, it’s still my perception. Only events on the field can change it.
  13. andrew

    St Johnstone Disabled Supporters Association

    Notes from tonight's meeting. ***SJDSA Meeting*** Thursday 28 February 2019 Joe Shaughnessey, club captain at St Johnstone was our guest. It was a great opportunity to hear about Joe’s career and thoughts about playing for Saints and to be able to ask him questions, albeit we left the obvious one out! We covered things like Joe’s career, how a dressing room works, the role of club captain, the effect of losing players to injury or other clubs, what it’s like as a young player, the role of agents, how referees handle matches and much more. Linsey has provided a more permanent player of the year trophy and Ken will setup a poll on our Facebook group for voting. St Mirren required proof of disability dated within a year. SFA licence DAO’s and are beginning to look at these type of things and to move towards a universal policy within the game. Hopefully we will eventually see a game-wide approach begin to develop, but I won’t hold my breath. SDSA update given, the organisation has gone quiet and looks to be coming near to an end, probably superseded by the DAO group. Colin mentioned lights not working on walkway out of stadium car park but electrical work may be happening. Bev, as ever, is working hard on organising the CAFE day/week of action. Look out for more information as 16 March approaches. Please come along to meetings if you can! All members, non members, personal assistants and advocates are welcome! Actually we have been so successful, and the club so accommodating, that last night we had little or nothing in the way of issues to discuss. A strong measure of our success as a group is that once again our guest took up all of our time. The room is booked for the following dates 30 May (the last Thursday of the month). This season we are holding quarterly meetings as we have achieved many of our aims. It is possible to continue our work with fewer meetings. I suggested we encourage participation in the group and attendance at meetings where possible. We shall ensure this Facebook group page is updated with details of what we are discussing.
  14. andrew

    Taxi for Tommy?

    Yes. We did compete at Ibrox and arguably should have won. I don’t get all the plaudits for the Aberdeen game. Stupid mistakes cost us, but for them we’d have drawn? We created a lot of chances? I must have had my eyes shut and missed the chances. No clear chances, a deflection that hit the post, but nothing too clear for me. I just had my annual eye test too!
  15. andrew

    Tuesday Team Talk

    Thanks John