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  1. Never mind, £270k is worth having. Might mean we can compete better against our next European opponents who will likely be a step up from Cowdenbeath.
  2. Isn't 11 x £270k the £3m?
  3. Don't forget 'caught in possession.' I lost count.
  4. Joe won lots of headers first half. Tommy said we were even on chances created and took positives from the game. I think we won heavily on being caught in possession and some of the other negatives Broon mentioned above. Overall pretty dire stuff. Thistle were way ahead of us.
  5. New Season Fixtures

    As I don't like the egg chasing game the only reason I'd go near Murrayfiled is to see the Saints. Be good to see it though but as said above I doubt there'd be much atmosphere.
  6. Ibrox latest...

    I was unhappy about the Rangers situation at the time, and don't accept it even now, but I'm not consumed by rage over it.
  7. Disabled Parking at McDiarmid

    You have very little idea what I have or haven't done and thus are speaking from a position of ignorance (I mean uninformed, not in the rude sense). If you can't or won't come to a meeting or don't want to, I'd be happy to meet you before a game sometime for a chat, listen to your views and maybe explain how and why we started, how we setup and operate and what we've achieved - it is not insignificant. Again, a genuine offer.
  8. Disabled Parking at McDiarmid

    I neither have, nor wish to have, a position. It was a genuine invitation to come and see what happens and what we do, which discussion on one issue on this forum cannot provide. I am sorry you feel and write the way you do. That you choose to interpret things the way you have is a shame.
  9. Disabled Parking at McDiarmid

    The St Johnstone Disabled Supporters Association hold our first meeting this Thursday, 27 July at McDiarmid at 7pm. Guest for this meeting is Atholl Henderson who will share something of the work of the Community Trust. Everyone is welcome, especially Abernethy, ScottMann and anyone else with an interest in finding out more or who would like to make a contribution - preferably a positive one Doubtless parking will be discussed at some point.
  10. There was a coo on yonder hill It's no there noo it must have shifted
  11. Player Contracts + Transfers

    That's quite an admission
  12. This. There was a coo on yonder hill.
  13. It's no there noo, it must have shifted
  14. There was a coo on yonder hill
  15. That's some assumption there Randoom! I've already seen Cowdenbeath plenty of times. Still haven't changed my mind on this.