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  1. FK Trakai (H) - Europa League Round 1 - 29/06/17

    LAUGH OUT LOUD aye. I wasn't in Turkey but had thought he played in the home leg. Surely he didn't play in both legs?
  2. FK Trakai (H) - Europa League Round 1 - 29/06/17

    Watson is different I know, but it reminds me (I don't know why) of Sean Higgins. Didn't he play in a Europa league qualifier for us and then play half a dozen games before departing?
  3. Disabled Parking at McDiarmid

    Hi Scott. I am not always right. Sometimes I might be, sometimes not. I have criticised the club often, but I was referring initially to the more extreme views which I didn't feel were very helpful. By all means state your opinion, but not in a confrontational way or by calling for people's jobs - none of those type of comments make any kind of positive contribution. In what way was I party to introducing the charge? Which disgraceful actions will I be defending? You make some worthwhile points about the charges and some of the alternatives. You seem to dislike the term personal assistant. This is simply the terminology adopted by CAFE (Centre for Access to Football in Europe), the SDSA (The Scottish Disabled Supporters Association) and various other groups not related to football. It is merely a phrase, although I do know that many people with disabilities dislike the word 'carer'. I'd imagine that whatever decision is made is likely to attract criticism, and some more than others. Thankfully I don't make any decisions and have no need for any PR re-education course - I didn't ever do one to begin with that I might require re-education It remains the case that I think we can achieve far more by being positive, non-confrontational and by avoiding personal abuse or name calling. I still maintain that those who know best about disability are those who live with it or who are involved through family members, work or other type of support. It doesn't mean that others cannot have a view or even that their view may not be valid. We've had some good conversations before and I'd hope that we can do so in future if there's anything where we find ourselves in contact on.
  4. Disabled Parking at McDiarmid

    First point is not one I could argue with. The only thing I'd say is that if the group is successful enough it will cease to be. The important thing is not the group itself, but dealing with a vast array of issues and obstacles to football being accessible in the way that it ought. Second point first part - anyone would be welcome, we've done a lot of good work and had many interesting guests along. The second part isn't a direct quote and doesn't represent what I said. Third point is also one I could not argue with as it represents the stated views. I don't know whether the club will review its position and/or amend it. I have not expressed my own opinion on the decision.
  5. Disabled Parking at McDiarmid

    Hardly politely disagreeing in some cases. Some of it was rude and ridiculous in terms of its language and content. Obviously not all. I am very unlikely to be someone who must be obeyed. If you would let me know your name, maybe send me a PM, then I will pass on your views. At present I have no idea who you are or whether you are making a genuine point or making mischief - the latter does happen on here at times Again I would invite you to attend one of our meetings if you can.
  6. Disabled Parking at McDiarmid

    Some are, some aren't. We also have an email list and I posted on here a few times when we started a few years back. I've also been on hospital radio and the club have tried to let people with disabilities know about the group. I've posted on Saints' Facebook and Twitter and shall do so again shortly. Our Facebook page is linked to on the club's website. What interests me here is that those making the most noise will do so for a short time - perhaps until the next matter to complain about arises. We will still be working away and raising matters with the club, building positive relationships where we can and linking with the national group.
  7. Disabled Parking at McDiarmid

    Illness cost me my career and business. I'm going to see if I can get free parking for myself first. I'll ask for you after.
  8. Disabled Parking at McDiarmid

    We could have posted details but tend to keep information to our Facebook group. Previous contact with general support didn't indicate a great deal of interest, so we've kept communication within the group.
  9. Disabled Parking at McDiarmid

    Ginger and Abernethy. What happened before has little bearing on what we are trying to do now. Many people have had unfortunate and negative experiences. Raising these and repeatedly doing so doesn't take us forward. People are entitled to have an opinion and to voice it, of course they are. I would ask whether some of those opinions add anything positive to the discussion. We are working to resolve many issues, with some great outcomes so far - including at national level. If anyone is interested, I extend a personal invitation to attend any of our meetings where you can hear about our ongoing good work and make your own contribution. You may be surprised to find that there are initiatives at St Johnstone which potentially place us at the forefront within Scottish football as an example of good practice. We restart at McDiarmid on the last Thursday of July at 7pm and alternate months up to and including May 2018. You do not have to have a disability or be a personal assistant. Everyone is welcome.
  10. Disabled Parking at McDiarmid

    Very few of the posts in this topic come from people who know what they are talking about or have experience of disabled fans and parking. Many of them are made in complete ignorance of the subject and have moved straight to criticism of the club. The club are losing a significant amount of parking spaces and so parking will be more limited than before. Everyone will now pay, whether disabled or not. The norm across Europe is one ticket price (normally full price for the category of fan a disabled person meets the criteria for) which usually covers entry for them and their personal assistant (the word 'carer' is not used). Parking is a separate matter. Disabled people do not seek special treatment, simply to be treated the same as everyone else (where this is possible, and it isn't always). Anything being free is not the point. The 30 minutes has been introduced because people were reserving parking spaces and not using them, thus denying others a chance to park. Spaces have been checked at half time and regularly found to be empty. I am involved with the St Johnstone Disabled Supporters Association and we have been very pleased with our dealings with the club. The appointment of Beverley as Supporters Liaison Officer has helped greatly in furthering our cause and in getting our points to the right place in order to start working towards a mutually satisfactory resolution. If there are any complaints or criticism to be made we will usually be the first to raise the matter directly with the club. If you experience any issues relating to disabled access (home or away) please contact us or Beverley. If you have no dealings, experience or knowledge of disabled access then it is unlikely that you are going to be able to make a positive contribution to any discussion, as evidenced above. I am happy to engage in any reasonable conversation about these or any other issues relating to disabled access at St Johnstone either publicly here or by private message
  11. International Players

    Learn how to lose heavily to average England. In the 60's and 70's I recall us usually going into games against them with confidence. Hope Callum enjoys the experience.
  12. Europa League (Team/Transport/Hotels) etc

    "The match will take place in Scotland"
  13. Run in for Europe

    That's interesting, thanks for putting the time into it. Once the draw is made, we can watch the flight prices rise by the minute.
  14. Run in for Europe

    Look forward to that. Hope you get time
  15. St.Johnstone v Rangers

    Well done. Good for you. They're still running in the marathon now.