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  1. ......we will remember them......

    You might be interested in this organization. They are researching the details of the 71 men killed in WW1 and whose names appear on the Scone War Memorial. They are currently concentrating on the 18 men who died at The Battle of the Somme.
  2. For the information of those interested in attending the Saints vs. Dundee game Inveralmond Brewery are offering one winner and their companion a Golden Ticket with this month's competition. For entry details and a chance to win, check the below link.
  3. Inveralmond Brewery are giving away two pairs of tickets for the Motherwell game. Full details are here
  4. Europa League Draw

    Megabus is very reliable - unless there is an accident or other incident that holds it up. You definitely need to book as the closer it gets to the day of travel the more it costs. You will find all you need to know here. Megabus leaves from Victoria Bus Station. There are a couple of bus companies with routes between Stansted and Victoria. This is one of the cheapest and quickest. Hope this helps.
  5. Saints Beer

    I have been asked to put this up: ‘SAINTS 130 ALE (yes, the blue one) is now available to buy direct from Inveralmond Brewery as of tomorrow in 5 litre mini-cask (8.7 pints) at £20 per cask. Supply is limited, and it’s expected to be popular. You can order by calling 01738 444755 to get your pre-order in!’ See the Inveralmond Brewery Facebook page for more information: Unfortunately I think you have to collect it from the brewery and it is limited.
  6. Well it looks like it's not as secret as I thought!!
  7. I have been sworn to secrecy. All I can say is watch the press next week.
  8. Name That Beer!

    I have not been involved in any of the production or marketing - I just offered to put the question out on WAP because I knew there would be some great suggestions (and some weird ones). I agree on the short, eye catching title. I know the brewery take great care to ensure they do not offend anyone so they will need to contact St Johnstone before producing anything with Saints name, crest etc. on it. (I think a tentative enquiry has been made but don't quote me on it).
  9. Name That Beer!
  10. Name That Beer!

    I like that one. They won't use it because it's controversial and nothing to do with the final but it made me chuckle.
  11. Name That Beer!

    Something along those lines was discussed, however there is a brewery called Fyne Ales and the similarity was too close. Sorry
  12. Name That Beer!

    Inveramond Brewery are going to produce a special beer to celebrate St Johnstone's first (of many) Scottish Cup Finals, however there is some dispute on what it should be called. Suggestions so far are: Cup Final Ale (exactly what it is but no mention of Saints). Marching In (We'll be there) Saints Session Ale (Say it quickly enough it sounds "sensational" and Saints being at the final certainly is). Wendy Who (Already been done). I have asked them to hold on until Monday before making a decision as I knew some people who might have some better suggestions - so it's over to you. Now is your chance to help name the beer inspired by Saints first ever Scottish Cup Final. Post any ideas on here or let us know which ones you like. Thanks
  13. Tam Cowan

    Anyhoo! I see Tam has apologised and will be back on "Off The Ball" tomorrow.
  14. Steve Lomas An Appreciation

    For this quote alone, Steve Lomas will go down as one of the best managers Saints have ever had (talking about Derek Adams). "I saw Derek at a dinner on Monday night and we both had a laugh. Well I had a laugh. I don't know if he is capable of laughing." Superb.
  15. A Referendum on Independence

    I have followed this discussion for a while and I am not going to be dragged into it because it is obvious no-one is willing to give ground. I don't even know if allowing expats to vote would affect the outcome either way. You appear to be suggesting that allowing everyone born in Scotland a vote would give a "better" result for future generations. I don't follow this logic. My final word. A referendum (any referendum) is shortsighted in that only the people that are here (as in the present time) can vote, although the outcome will inevitably affect far more people in the future. This does not mean you should allow people to vote who "might" be affected at a later date if they make a decision to change their life choices. For what it's worth I lived outside Scotland for many years and I believe many expats would vote for what they thought was the best for the country (either way) but I still can't see why they should be allowed to vote if it does not affect them.