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  1. I've never hid the fact i know Savo, and i will stick up for him, but if he was playing poorly, i'd be the first to tell him. The pm option was only there, cause i hate when there are loads of posts on here slagging players, so i thought we could do it privately. Some fans are never happy, but i suppose its your nature. He says that Savo hasnt been good for 18 months, but last season was his best surely??? Wheres the logic???
  2. Herdo, stop being a tit. No one is biting. Last season Savo scored more than double anyone else could, and won a few player of the years, but you have said he wasnt good enough!!! *** This season he has been injured for a long time, and still played very well when he came on, as people with a footballing brain have commented. I really like Peaso, but Savo was better than him, and Peaso has been training for months. If you want Savo to leave, fine, thats your opinion, which you're entitled to, but less of the drivel. If you're trying to stand out, you are, as a grade one t*** who no real saints fan wants supporting this club. Pm me if you want to take this further.
  3. GeorgetheSaint


    So let me get this right wee sainty, if he's out for another 8 weeks, punt him, if not keep him?? Since Mcinnes was saints manager he has missed less than 15 games through injury with most being now. Tell me, should we punt hardie now too then, is that your thinking??? get a grip, we MUST support our players. 53 goals for the club in about 100 games is pretty good surely???
  4. Noose, how can you say that peaso is more of a threat than savo will ever be??? The stats dont lie. You said he played every game in the Gretna season, he surely must've been banging them in then. If i recall right, he scored six or seven goals, and savo who was injured in december time got 14. Savo has scored more goals in less games. You say that his finishing is poor too, that indicates to me that he must get in a lot more scoring positions than peaso too, if his is so good and he doesnt score as many. I agree that savo wasnt great on saturday, but as usual played a real team players game, and i also really like peaso, but i thought i'd put forward this argument, and i look forward to noose's argument back with proof about how peaso is more of a threat than savo will ever be. Good luck
  5. Having scored 15 goals last season, 15 more than both deuchar and jackson put together last season, and 8 more than anyone else in our team, i would suggest that savo doesnt really have to prove as much as a few suggest. If you are really believing that because these two had a good partnership for about fifteen games about two years ago warrants them starting together more often than not, then i cant believe your logic. Surely the most recent achievements outweigh the past.
  6. I read the comments in disbelief really. 1. How many would have taken 4 point lead with 5 games to go?? 2. Do "supporters" enjoy slagging our own players on a daily basis?? It's very easy to make flippant remarks like the strikers are "rubbish"!! Savo is in the top 4 for goals per game in the league, and Homer has assisted in a lot of them, adding a handful himself. Can anyone name a striker who scores goals without having chances?? To all the real supporters, keep getting behind the team, and i'm sure we can do it!! To the rest, keep slagging the players and get your own kicks. Constructive critisism, yes, plain abuse, no.
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    Broon, would you please remove yourself from Peaso's arse for a bit and take a look at the stats before you slag all our other strikers. look at goals scored this season and the goals scored/games played in saints career. also, who works harder, is actually fit, and who previous managers have all chosen. Does it tell you anything?? Or are you still that stupid to think he's better than all the rest put together?? It's supporters like you that i hate being associated with, and who i hate being associated with the club, in fact you aren't a supporter, just a sad individual with a Peaso obsession. Get a realistic idea of players, or at the very least put your point across without being a tit. Cause trust me, thats what you sound like.
  8. Savo got injured in training a couple of days after the Clyde game, so he's gone about one game without a goal. and homer scored 2 games ago, yo'd think we were in relegation trouble!!!
  9. Supersaint, you say that dunf, livi, partick@ dundee have potent strikers and we don't, yet Savo has scored just as many league goals as any of the above, one behind kirk i think, having played less games. I know he's struggling with an injury just now, but that's not your point, just saying we dont have any!! think about it a bit.
  10. The first post points to the fact that we don't even have a 10 goal a season striker!! Savo has 9 already, and has started about 16 or 17 games probably. Is that bad?? And is that to say he wont score again this season?? Jacko scored about 19 last season, i understand he's been a let down this season, but surely the potential is there!! Homer isn't a goalscorer, but he brings so much to the team. Everyone must remember that we are top of the league, and trust me, we will score plenty of goals again. Incidentally, how many other teams have scored so little goals from midfield?? Morris, 0, Millar, 0 , Swankie, 2, Hardie 2, Sheerin 1, Liam has 5 but 3 from penalties. Other teams get away with strikers not scoring for a few games, cause midfielders chip in. Have a look at them as well boys, Not all the blame lies at the strikers feet.
  11. Why is Savo "misfiring"?? Played for 40 mins yesterday, in my opinion well, and the game before that he played in he scored the winner. So going 40 mins without a goal equals misfiring?? He's probably averaging over a goal every 2 games played in. Have to laugh at some quotes!!
  12. You can drop who you want from your imaginary 11 ghost, cause you aint the manager, and you never will be with selections like that!!! ***
  13. Dont get me wrong, i didn't mean i dont rate sammy, or that he didnt play well today, i thought he was ok. But what i meant was that is it justified to change a system to accomodate one player?? especially when we're on such a good unbeaten run. IMH Personnel, yes(although i wouldnt change the front two at all), system, no. Even play him wide, thats actually where he's more effective anyway.
  14. Look, the team didn't play at their best today, but we still should've won with a few very good chances, and Savo's legitimate goal. The main problem about today, was the sudden change of formation after going so long without defeat. I think most people would agree that Holmes, Savo combination has bee very productive for us, and Savo has obviously been scoring alot of goals. So why oh why has he been told to play deeper behind another two strikers. It doesnt suit him at all, he plays off the shoulder of defenders and has great movement, which cant be used in that position. Is Del just trying to accomodate Sammy in the team??
  15. Have to laugh at the people saying to drop Savo, cause he's not scored for a while!! Mike you're right, he's been quality in the TWO games he hasn't scored in. Is that what we're wanting to give our strikers then?? Don't score in a couple of games, even playing well, but drop them anyway?? Plus he's just scored 5 goals in the last 5 games or something. I find the whole thing pretty funny.