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  1. Friendlies

    Sunderland at McDiarmid, 15 July, no idea if first team, but that's a decent team : )
  2. Player Contracts + Transfers this one? Dates 17th May (nanannana) so bit out of date : (
  3. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Not sure what level the English development league is but from a quick read through their match reports I believe his rough stats are 15 goals in 24, including a few late sub appearances so pretty decent. Only 18 worth a shot I would say
  4. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Scott Burns of Scottish daily express has us looking at Alex Samizadeh, striker from Bolton
  5. Zander Clark

    I don't think there would be the same push for Clark in the squad if he hadn't had Bain and Hamilton in some of the recent squads, he clearly isn't going to challenge the likes of Gordon or Marshall yet, but it looked for a time that strachan was indeed giving some of the young keepers a chance to be part of the squads, shame they two got it though and now Strachan seems to have gone back to the old vets
  6. Tommy for Rangers

    I agree with your overall point that TW knows what is right for him and composed enough to wait for it but he has said it is his ambition to go down south before
  7. Tommy for Rangers

    Very true, stranger things have happened. I personally do not think he will go to Rangers, but not sure about losing him either. maybe if we get Europe clubs might come knocking but another top six I am not sure it is seen as much of an achievment outside Scotland. I am starting to get the feeling that his age and the negative rep he gets for his style of play means that would take another top achievement (Europe/cup win) before he gets a real shot at moving on. We all know what an outstanding job he has done but has he ever been in serious contention for a job down south? Suits me though they can stay away haha
  8. Tommy for Rangers

    According to Sky sports news the bookies don't even have him in the top 10 favourites, while I know they have been wrong and someone will quote trump and Brexit : P Haha, They don't tend to be that wrong about this kind of thing. I think we are pretty safe
  9. St Johnstone vs Stenhousemuir 21/01/17

    I personally think Cummins is getting a hard time, while I can see the criticism to an extent, I seen a player totally devoid of any confidence, I think makes a lot of good runs and is getting in good positions. A Cummins on form scores two goals I reckon, he has performed at this level and yeah not shown it in a while but for me there is still a capable player there. We are not basing Kane for missing so many chances! For al the running he does he just doesn't find the same postions as regularly
  10. Round 27 - Stenhousemuir (H) , 21/01/17

    Saints 3-0 Stenhousemuir Cummins 2070
  11. Round 26 - Dundee (A) , 31/12/16

    Dundee 0-2 Saints Swanson 6070
  12. Round 24 - Kilmarnock (A) , 23/12/16

    Killie 0-1 Saints Swanson 2750
  13. Round 21 - Inverness (H) , 03/12/16

    Saints 2-1 ICT Macca 2390
  14. Saints v ICT 3/12/16

    Sure I read somewhere he would have missed the Celtic game but expected to be fit for this as is Joe
  15. Saints v Ross County 19/11/16

    Sats result was bad and as bad as I have seen in a while but there has been some great results this season two we are sitting 5th based on these performances, we had a similar patch last season and we came good, Dundee and killie away stick out, there is no question that if we played at the top of our ability consistently then we would be pushing 2nd and third but if our players were that constant they wouldn't be at saints, some see that as lack of ambition but I think it's reality, someone has said it before we are in a traditional period trying to replace good players at this level and they are not easy to find but we will be ok in the end, I do think that was a short sighted overly glum outlook on our current squad and position