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  1. Main1

    Songs for Tony

    Just once for a laugh! Watt's-a gonna score! Hey! Gonna Finda da net! Like he always do, he’s a some’a lad! I’m a so a glad, he’s at our place when he scorada da brace! all together now
  2. Main1

    Saints Kit Supplier 2018/19?

    I love it! Would prefer if the light blue but did t come round to the front and stopped top of the shoulder, but that’s just picking think it’s quality! I personally much prefer a top like this than the boring plane stuff
  3. Main1

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    I agree, needed a bit of work but think he could have turned into a quality player at this level, MOH had no real end product in his early days here too and managed develop him in to a decent player
  4. Main1


    Ok fair enough then I stand corrected on that part, again they did add some much missed atmosphere I do still believe that their attitude and behavior is counter productive to what saints are trying to build though
  5. Main1


    I don't know any of the boys personally so can't say for sure, but know someone who knows of few of them from school and mentioned that a few of them claimed to b Celtic fans at school. I am sure I seen a boy in that section with the tri colours tattoo on the back of his neck too, To be fair though the very few I have spoken to in pies Q etc seems genuine fans, I agree the added some much needed and misses atmos but it is very clear in my opinion that they are Ultra over club and if mummy and daddy let them go to Glasgow they would be in the old firm stands.
  6. Main1

    Manager Blasts Negative Fans

    I also feel for Cummins, I do concede that ultimately strikers need to be scoring goals and he has failed to do this consistently enough at this level but I do feel he adds value. As mentioned he gives everything and I actually think he has been better and making the runs and winning headers/free kicks and linking play than Macca has this season. When he came on against Aberdeen the other night I felt we at least had an out that was missing before that. Especially with Scougall being pulled. I like the honesty in his interview too and actually got me thinking, I was recently watch MOTD and the Stoke Vs West Ham game and the stick that Arnautovic got from the stoke fans. Now I will be in the vast minority here but it’s actually pretty mental that people still act like that! I have probably been guilty of it myself (although never to any saints players or to that extent) but nowhere else in the world is that behaviour tolerated! You wouldn’t got a to film and if it was crap stand up and hurl abuse and insults at the projectionist or barrage a waiter/chef if have a poor meal at a restaurant so why is that ok at a game of football? I am by no means a sit down and be quite I am trying to have fun type of person or Mr PC far from it and to be fair to don’t see all that much of it at Saints just an observation. Anyhoo back to Cummins we need a pleasant song to cheer him up again : P (to band Aid – Feed the World) because its Christmas GRAAAAHAM CUUUUMMINS! LET HIM KNOW HE’S VALUED HERE! Haha you never know might catch on : P
  7. Main1


    TW will for sure consider the opinion of his players and especially his coaches and that advice put mannus in goal to start the season, I personally don't see anything from mannus that would change that now, OK the opinion of his captain will hold weight but enough to drop a player I doubt it. We did keep a clean sheet with the change in keeper but you can hardly say that was down to clark?
  8. Main1

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Tommy Wright said in interview that Muzz has tweak in hamstring and will be back for Tuesday
  9. Main1

    Richard Foster

    Yeah that's a fair point, its only going to keep getting the club in trouble, I agree regarding ando too, Easton had the arm band a few times but would give him the same criticism. Midge be a perfect captain....oh no wait : P
  10. Main1

    Richard Foster

    I saw that one slightly differently, think foster wanted scoughall to come short to allow foster to play up the line but he didn't forcing foster kick it long which he clearly didn't want to do, maybe I read it wrong but I thought he was screaming at him to come back for the ball. The Swanson thing was ebarassing and this is just being daft, I do think he is just a passionate guy but struggles to contain it at times
  11. Main1

    MOTM Kilmarnock 1 - Saints 2 - 05/08/17

    I was one who gave it to MOH. Agree spoony was great for the whole and game and it was a toss up between them. I just felt that the game was heading to 1-1 draw or worse as we lost control a bit but when MOH went out wide could feel he could sprak something. with a lot of pressure on him and some opinions to change he delivered so felt like he deserved it personally.
  12. Main1

    Round 3 - Kilmarnock (A), 5/8/17

    Killie 0-2 Saints Scougall 3390
  13. Main1


    Sunderland at McDiarmid, 15 July, no idea if first team, but that's a decent team : )
  14. Main1

    Player Contracts + Transfers this one? Dates 17th May (nanannana) so bit out of date : (
  15. Main1

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Not sure what level the English development league is but from a quick read through their match reports I believe his rough stats are 15 goals in 24, including a few late sub appearances so pretty decent. Only 18 worth a shot I would say