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  1. Could it be possible May is holding out for Aberdeen's Europa League exit before making a move? Much the same as he did when with us?
  2. LAUGH OUT LOUD, saints in shite story shocker!
  3. Evening Tele suggesting saints swooping for Jason Cummings??? Surely would indicate May deal off as I don't think we could afford both.....or just a smoke screen???
  4. This saga with May is really dragging now..... longer than 90 mins in Montrose.....
  5. If you'd asked at the beginning of the season, I'd have said that getting into the top 6 with the likes of Celtic, Sevco, Hearts, Hibs, Aberdeen, Kilmarnock, Motherwell, Dundee, St Mirren...all teams who manage to attract more punters than Saints due to larger local populations... I'd have said that would have been ideal. We've been lucky recent years because the balance of Scottish football was upset by clubs being run badly, but now they are all getting back to where they should be. The Scottish football order of things are almost back to normality. Sure, we'll maybe get a 3rd like we did 21 years ago, but less likely considering the team we were challenging for that place those days! We went on a wee run before the end of last year and we were all dreaming of possible Europe again, close to Aberdeen and Hearts. We've fallen away, but I think at the moment we are pretty much where I thought we should have aimed to be. We can't compete with the big guns, we do pretty well really with the turnover we have. I don't blame the manager for where we are, he can't get what he wants because we can't attract.... I've seen us looking at players from teams around about us but as soon as we are mentioned as looking, the likes of Hearts, Hibs, Aberdeen are looking and taking. We're not getting relegated or getting in to a play-off calamity... time to play who wants to play for saints and get the rest to fekk... give the manager a chance to build early again. I still trust Tommy and I still think next year we will be better... its just how much better all the teams around us will get too...
  6. No wonder were getting humped...were playing Rangers too!
  7. New manager in at Killie, brought in players he wanted... they have a better turnout at games and have more money. Broon, who do you think pulls the strings on the contracts? I doubt very much TW has much to do with them, I would imagine his thoughts would be 'if it ain't broke dont fix i't... and keeping the core of a successful team would be high in TW's mind.... and unfortunately it's those players who are now underperforming. Freshening up only works if you can bring quality in.... where we are struggling to get any through inability to offer decent contracts and all the quality players we had have moved on....to better wages. We're a club who cant afford to play with the big boys and really all that's happening is that the order of Scottish football is returning to it's original state after the rangers debacle. We will go back to being a fringe club flitting between SPL and championship.... The halcyon days are over.... But the club still needs our support..... as do the players... they are probably in a dark place tonight.
  8. I believe the term ' you can only piss with the cock you have' is apt here.... TW has been dealt with the hand he has and it has been difficult to get the players he wanted because other clubs around us offered better terms, he's scraping the barrel to get what he can afford to get and in my opinion he's getting slated here with his hands tied behind his back by a miserly chairman. I understand that we have to cut our cloth accordingly to our budget but it's not doing us any favours to bring in decent players as they will go for better cash, not top six perennial finishes with a good team ethic. Getting rid of him proves nothing, we could still be in trouble with Alex Ferguson in charge and no means to change it..... may as well give him the chance to get us out of the pickle were in . At least the fixture pile up has been slightly relieved....
  9. Came at a huge cost to our wallets and livers!
  10. LAUGH OUT LOUD, Cannae see SJFC flying Ryanair to Magaluf! Coach via Dover more like!
  11. I don't think the Chairman would have even entertained this idea. The cost alone for the club would be prohibitive. Charter an aircraft to Spain, £25k upwards. Rooms in a decent hotel with training facilities for 30players and staff? Paying for all meals and travelling etc etc whilst there for bounce games? This I think would add up to well over £100K..... salaries for 2 decent players over the season? I think I know what I'd be doing if I was chairman. The manager can bump his gums about penny pinching but I cant see justification for holidays like this, although i think TW is griping about money every way he can to try and prise some spondooleys out of that tight grip the Chairman has on the purse!
  12. What or who ever this signing is going to be.....I'm already preparing myself for abject disappointment.
  13. We need a fast paced player who has the ability to pass players and provide opportunities for others as well as themselves, that was sadly lacking against FK Trakai. If it has to be MOH and that's all we can get then so be it. It could be a long season if we don't. I'm sure Tommy, if given a sum of money, will do his best for the club, as will Steve Brown to make sure we don't overstretch ourselves. I'm pretty sure there are other teams in our league doing that, looking at some signings going on this summer. Plenty time yet and I don't believe for a moment everyone at the club is sitting on their pumpers thinking life is rosy.