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  1. myDarlingBeefeater

    Another shop bites the dust...

    Robertson the cobbler beside Holdgates shut. Now another vape shop!
  2. myDarlingBeefeater

    FK Trakai (A) - Europa League Round 1 - 06/07/17

    Paddy Power stream was great for about 5 mins now blank. Radio Scotland for me then.
  3. myDarlingBeefeater

    European travel

    Looking ahead to a potential Swedish tie the SAS flights Edinburgh > Stockholm currently £285. Flights timed well, trains to Norkopping cheap, quick and frequent. Expect the flights to be unaffordable by the time a tie is confirmed.
  4. myDarlingBeefeater


    Upvotes for the Titanic and open top bus tour. I'd advise prebooking a tour of the Titanic museum to avoid queuing. If it's nice weather the Botanic garden is a nice place to doze off the hangover. The surrounding Queens Quarter is a nice part of town.
  5. myDarlingBeefeater

    What was your favourite pub in Perth that is no longer with us ?

    Brennans - gone. Was the place to be when I first started going to pubs. Shoehorned in on a Friday and Saturday. Latterly a total dump with no punters. Now open as The Venue (?).
  6. myDarlingBeefeater

    The I suppose we should have a Euros thread thread

    With the expanded format there's just too many games, sides can try and draw their way to the knockout stages with predictably dull results. The big teams' games have been disappointing so far. Iceland have been quite entertaining and Romania v Albania was surprisingly fun. Changed over from the France v Switzerland snoozefest.
  7. myDarlingBeefeater

    The I suppose we should have a Euros thread thread

    Belgium or Germany to win. Will be cheering Norn Iron, hissing at Bale/ Wales and largely indifferent to England. Agree with Blue Heaven regarding Hodgson but couldn't bring myself to wish them success.
  8. myDarlingBeefeater

    The I suppose we should have a Euros thread thread

    That was glorious.
  9. myDarlingBeefeater

    Regeneration Of The City

    This insulation business in Perth smacks of the same thing. Out voted to have the roof done in a flat we were trying to sell (other tenants were council so repairs got voted through by the council). Our surveyor confirmed there was fug all wrong with it and further insulation would have negligible effect. We will have to fork out for this yet to the tune of £2700. Sorry, slightly off topic there.
  10. myDarlingBeefeater

    Regeneration Of The City

    Well this seems like good value for money. Might illuminate the PLAGUE OF BEGGERS I suppose.
  11. myDarlingBeefeater

    Pc problem

    Sh!tcan it. If you bought it new it's 8 to 15 years old and should owe you nothing. A refurbished PC or laptop from somewhere like 3000 RPM in scumdee is pretty affordable and more than adequate for general use.
  12. myDarlingBeefeater

    Valentines Day ...whats on in Perth?

    How could one obtain such information?
  13. myDarlingBeefeater

    Valentines Day ...whats on in Perth?

    The town will be full of bored couples reluctantly spending money. Restaurants will be offering only set menus - same scran as usual for double the price... plus a glass of fizz.
  14. myDarlingBeefeater

    Enjoy Betting Responsibly

  15. myDarlingBeefeater

    Enjoy Betting Responsibly

    Done it ad hoc a few times with new accounts but can't really be arsed making a habit of it. In other news... Leicester are as high as 5/1 today. Crazy.