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  1. As stated in my opening post.
  2. Yes Andrew noted that as well........looks like the qualified accountant will be the whole accounts department!!! Number crunchers only need apply.
  3. Yes seen that as well..........Killie fans some back her others not so but that was as chief executive which she parted company with Kilmarnock from. Do not know what her responsibilities are but would expect Accountant to be a key position reporting to directors rather than Football Administrator, and therefore applications should be to Chairman.
  4. The club are looking for the following: St. Johnstone Football Club is looking to recruit an experienced Accountant / Bookkeeper to join our Financial Department at McDiarmid Park. The successful applicant would preferably come from a commercial background and desirably the successful applicant would be ACCA, ACA or CIMA qualified or working towards that end. Sure some of the posters on here would fancy themselves in this role!!!!
  5. No way will Stuart Cosgrove and Alan Main get a game never mind score!!!
  6. Take the tractor doon the Carse on Saturday then up to McD on Sunday.....should make it for 3pm kick off!!!
  7. Dear Santa all I want for christmas is: A right back who can actually run fast enough to get back into defence when he makes an arse of it further up the field..........Judith Ralston could do better than Anthony. An experienced centre back to organise the defence..........or Ando back with instructions not to venture forward but stay in our half at all times. A forward coach not only to get our guys firing up front but to inform the defence what attacking players will try to do to them.......all defence minded coaching staff is not working. with our young team. Santa if you cannot manage this can you have a word with Stevie Brown and ask him to get it done.
  8. Thought Paul ran a pub in Edinburgh now..........some come back at his age to score 2 in his first outing.
  9. These figures were pre signing of Shankland so irrelevant to the debate above.
  10. These are the strikers that we have been able to attract to the club in the last couple of seasons. Every team in the league would look for a 15 goal a season striker but only a few could afford one and do not see many kicking about.
  11. Stevie May doing alright as replacement for Tony Watt who only managed 2 goals and 4 assists in league last season. Give the guy time.
  12. Young McCann was utter class today for us. Callum Hendry has scored 3 goals this season.............same number as fans favourite and how will we manage without him scored in the league last season......Tony Watt. - Time for the young man to get a run up front alongside Stevie May - Callum in the role a young May played and Stevie the role of Macca
  13. Bring back Alec Gordon and Benny Rooney in defence.