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  1. Michael O'Halloran

    Mikey seemed disinterested last night similar to the lead up to his Ibrox move. Maybe reading ot much into it but is he away at end of month. On early season performance hope not but of late not bothered.
  2. St.Johnstone v Aberdeen - 13th December

    Dire. Cannot find any positive in tonights (for lack of a better word) Performance. Noted comment regarding Zander Clark staying on line and not commanding box. In my opinion this must be down to goalkeeping coaching as Zander used to come for cross balls, quickly set up attacks but not now. Similar to Mannus . Our midfield was not good enough and changes need to be made. Clear out needed and a replacement for Midgey found. Now the time for TW to prove how good a manager he is and get the team playing the Saints way again. Good Luck.
  3. Hamilton v St.Johnstone - 9th December 2017

    Stop being a tight fisted ***** . Get yourself an IPTV service and watch it. Have a nice day!!!!!
  4. Hamilton v St.Johnstone - 9th December 2017

    Match on BBC Alba tonight 6pm
  5. Tommy for Rangers

    There are a few managers to whom that would apply - maybe they are after Alan Archibald or Martin Canning for example.
  6. Our goal scorers both booked for excessive goal celebration. What the f***k do Refs expect when you havenae scored for the previous 10 hours???
  7. Tommy for Rangers

    Seems familiar to comments on here that he is facing with Saints.
  8. Time for Tommy to go?

    As Paulo Perth has intimated the 350,000 has to be allocated and used towards youth development. I am also sure that I read somewhere that the money is paid a year in arrears. To expect us to spend 350,000 on one player is absolutely daft in current economic climate when said player could get injured and be out for months and/or walk away at end of contract for free. If you could also come up with a list of inspirational players who would want to play for us that could make an instant impact and shoot us back up the league then I am sure both TW and the Brown family would be eternally grateful to you.
  9. Time for Tommy to go?

    Absolutely correct.
  10. Tommy for Rangers

    Dundalk lose cup final on penalties. Time for TW & SB to nab McMillan and Benson before they fly home.
  11. Tommy for Rangers

    Dementia usually does it.
  12. Tommy for Rangers

    Aye you would get a good crop of veggies on that ground with the amount of sh"te that has been on it the last 3 years.
  13. Tommy for Rangers

    I have it form a reliable source that the discussion was Thomson asked for permission to speak to TW and was told NO. Thomson then asked what compensation figure would be required and was told NOT HAPPENING END OF STORY. Conversation ended. So it was not a question of could/or could not they afford him it was a case of our Chairman stating the manager was going no where. Think if approached again the response would be the same
  14. Time for Tommy to go?

    You are having a laugh!!!!!
  15. Saints v Celtic 4/11/17

    Right wing/Left Wing/Centre has in my opinion nothing to do with it. It is an opportunity to remember those that fought and died for their country. I lost some pals who were in the forces during the Irish Conflict and my purchase is in memory of them and to help those who were seriously injured and require support not politically related.