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  1. Surprised we do not have the Tic 3 times in 10 days. opening day good time to get them and go top of the league.
  2. No use to me then unless Soutar is paying me for every trip - only way to be cheaper than my free bus pass.
  3. Wallace Duffy from Celtic. Right Back and can also play Central Defender. Saints signings like buses...........will there be a third??
  4. Fair comment was merely advising Bankfoot where the speculation came from. So is this a mutant masking itself as a person or is it a person allegedly in the know or maybe both??
  5. This was on St Johnstone FC News on twitter. 6 hours ago Stevie May could be on his way home this summer
  6. Templar Saint

    Jason Kerr

    A bit of journalistic licence there Random. Report was: Motherwell have rejected bids from Celtic and Barnsley for David Turnbull - one of which was worth £2m. Both offers were submitted in the last 24 hours but fall short of the valuation placed on the 19-year-old midfielder by the Fir Park board. So the £2m offer could have been from Celtic.
  7. Breaking News Random Guy admits he is clueless!!!!
  8. Yes is the simple answer. Check season ticket application form 2019/20 notes on right in red: In order to maximise overall stadium capacity, the club reserves the right to relocate Ormond Stand Season Ticket holders to the West Stand and affected supporters will have an allocated seat in the west Stand. Such relocation will be required at most midweek matches So when the information is being encrypted for the Ormond Stand it will also show the West Stand information on the card - would be a fair assumption. This may not suit some of the expert posters on here but that is the information coming from the club in association with their partnering with Future Ticketing Ltd for the new online eTicketing system
  9. From Saints website: Season Ticket holders will receive a Season Ticket Card similar to any bankcard or credit card you may have. The encrypted card will hold all your contact details along with details of your reserved seat and your admission category (e.g. Adults, Senior Citizen, Junior etc). When you arrive at the stadium for a match your card will be scanned by the turnstile operator to give you access to your chosen stand. If you present your card at the wrong stand, entry will not be permitted. I rest my case.
  10. The Ormond season card holders have already been informed that they will also have an allocated seat in Main stand for these occasions where the oppositions supporters will be occupying the Ormond. This has not been indicated to East stand season card holders and as supporters can buy individual tickets then any transfer of East stand supporters would have to have a seat allocation in main stand. Software obviously cannot handle a transfer from East to Main stand without it being encrypted onto card. Renewal pack clearly states that if card presented at wrong stand turnstiles entry will be rejected.
  11. With the new season ticket card it cannot happen as you would not get entry at the main stand turnstiles. As others have said it would have to be on renewal info pack and a seat allocation in main stand to be put onto card prior to season starting.
  12. Perhaps the Chairman letter will come with the new season card. Tommy's e mail is a bit hit or miss I think. Last season on list at start then not getting them - notified Bev and they started up again but like you they went AWOL again from turn of year.
  13. Seems that way. Hope any supporters attending POTY tonight let the players know about it.
  14. These were this seasons prices so the answer is there is a price increase. 2018/19 Season Ticket Prices MAIN STAND. Executive Padded £385. Adult £355. Senior Citizen* £215. ... EAST STAND. Adult £320. Senior Citizen* £180. Student in FTE £90 (per half season) ... ORMOND STAND. Adult (must be accompanied by at least one child aged 12 and under) £255. Senior Citizen* (must be accompanied by at least one child aged 12 and under) £155.
  15. No mention of Cup top up??