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  1. Player Contracts + Transfers

    See James Dunne has signed 2 year deal at Swindon......good for him.
  2. New Season Fixtures

  3. Disabled Parking at McDiarmid

    We have a media and communication officer in Ross Cunningham at the club so perhaps you should also take up your comment regarding non communication directly with him. Mainstand I agree with you on the lack of communication. I used to always pay for a space until the exit time from the stadium became excessive a couple of years ago and what I seen last year with one lane being made pedestrian it could only have got worse.
  4. Friendlies

    Probably correct with the proviso that if Easton cannot last the game Comrie will come on and Foster move to LB.
  5. European travel

    E mailed my hotel re transfer from airport and they tell me taxis from departure car park vary in price from 10 Euros to 30 Euros depending on company. hopefully there will be a tourist information desk open or someone that can advise of which taxis do 10 E fare, or alternatively drivers understands Scottish when negotiating before getting in taxi. Hope this helps others.
  6. European travel

    Think it might just be taxi at that time of night!!
  7. European travel

    Thanks GS
  8. New Season Fixtures

    Did 50 years ago when I stayed in Stanley and all the wee plebs came along to the big school.
  9. New Season Fixtures

    Thought that applied to all Lucartyonians??
  10. European travel

    Anybody information on best beer and pubs in Vilnius?
  11. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Interesting backdrop of the ground with the advertising writing back to front and also the scoreboard. Cannot work out the angle it was taken from either.
  12. New Season Fixtures

    do not understand wanting to keep DUFC down. Hope they get promoted so that we can gubbed them in the three matches they would play against us before we fight for Europe and they stave off relegation. Better crowd with them than say Hamilton.
  13. European travel

    Anybody get a seat on the Charter apart from the players, staff, directors and hangers on?
  14. New Season Fixtures

    Aye we gave them 3 points so that we could have a local derby season 2017-18.
  15. European travel

    Probably will but have to make sure we are fit for second leg of flight and not stranded in Frankfurt. There are also flights from Manchester that also tie in with the onward flight - so could be others. Will look out for you at Edinburgh.