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  1. Shock.........horror Sixtees Saintee................... Hoodlum65 has more than one friend.
  2. Looking for a rebate is just petty. Whatever the club come up with for next season is fine with me. We do not even know what formats and competitions will be on next season.
  3. Agree Cagey but at present the games have only been suspended - so there is still the opportunity later in the year to play Tic and one other. If the powers that be decide season is finished then Celtic should have to give other teams financial recompense for getting the title and into Europe..........fat chance!!!
  4. Perhaps Saints are one of the fortunate teams in Scotland. Money in the bank and out of our next 4 matches until split we have only one home match against Hamilton. I would imagine that most of the crowd at this match would be season ticket holders with little walk up and pay attendees and little away support. Little effect on meeting ongoing expenses during this period.
  5. If that is the case how can you expect us to keep them. Not much we can do if a player wishes to move on other than look for alternatives.
  6. That's basically what I said to him - keep your head down and work hard - chances will come. Hope the lad gets a game or two for us to show what he can do.
  7. Izzy said on Sunday that he did not know what he had to do to get into squads. Laddie seemed really down about it.
  8. Not according to the young lad on Sunday when I spoke to him
  9. Take that......10 men for last 15 minutes and under the cosh - according to bbc stats. Next up Livingston who put in a shift tonight and were unlucky not to get all 3 points, but hope on Saturday the match officials pick up on their long throw expert Brown's through ins are all foul throws as foot off the ground
  10. Could we play 4-4-2 with Kerr going to right back and Gordon coming into CB? Kerr does like a wee romp forward so might work rather than using a midfielder as a right back.
  11. Seen article in Courier where Rooney at ICT saying coming to Saints in summer but hopes he can help ICT up to Premier
  12. Ahem............Hearts as an example????
  13. The only stat that matters is who scored the goals.
  14. Ticket bought. Saint through and through despite the opposition and drubbings we have had in the past. Makes us gubbing them the more sweeter.