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  1. Except it is on tonight at 10.30pm ,BBC 1- Cristo
  2. Kennedy was "injured" (cough) today. He is pushing for a deal to be done this window. So much for all the talk of being happy at Saints......head turned by the Aberdeen pound. Screw them for as much as possible and let him go.
  3. Correct and no cup top up was offered under new system this year. So that's you up to date Mike.
  4. Confirmed as on loan til end of season. Imagine his wages are affordable in full by Dundee.
  5. Easy solution ................... award Saints 3 points and a 3-0 win.
  6. Would think it means that he has or will be leaving Saints and becoming a Dundee player on contract.
  7. Also in Dundee Courier: " Callachan agrees deal to make dens move" Dundee have agreed deal with St Johnstone to bring midfielder Ross Callachan to Dens Park.
  8. RIP Mr Brown. Remember him as not only manager of Saints but also for staying in Stanley. Good tipper to his paperboy ( I was one of them) and also brought the Saints team to Stanley prior to a cup match. Only problem was Stanley School had The Rex for football for two periods, so Bobby played Saints defence with a gang of school lads as forwards and gang of laddies as defence with Saints attackers. Made us football daft Saints supporters day and then we left the Saints to their cup prep.
  9. Wrong .....I do watch Saints every week. The point I was making like all other players they are passing through, however long they stay for. If he is not signing for Saints then if the deal is correct he can go now, if it is not then summer. Hopefully Kennedy if he stays will perform like Liam Craig did before his move to Hibs.
  10. Be interesting to see of Kennedy is played in cup match against Morton. That could give an indication if he is going this window or summer. Personally not fused either way as we have an over abundance of midfielders.
  11. Maybe he has also to consider who after this season will be picking the players to represent NI. Do not F**k with TW as a club manager .......it might come back to bite you Matty.
  12. Mentioned it on 30 November in McDiarmid Vacancy. Only noticed it because Saints were looking for an Accountant and replies were to her as opposed to Stevie Brown.
  13. Agree and interesting article in Sunday Mail today regarding her.