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  1. When they take an interest in Saints players then I will take an interest in the team they select #sameauldshitepicked.
  2. Free transfer market for an experienced centre back........... Effie Ambrose????
  3. True supporters will still stay . Managers like all staff and players are merely passing through. Chairmen/owners are only custodians of the club. Supporters are for life.
  4. Promote plan B to Plan A. Tommy says he has the personel to play 4 -3-3, well sorry to disagree with the gaffer but there was only Stevie May up front on Saturday.........more like 4 - 5 - 1.
  5. Look back to last season McCann at Dundee got punted after 8 games.......a change of manager did not do them any good. Stick with Tommy but him and his backroom team need to realize that playing Stevie May up front alone with a big gap to midfield does not work. No idea who was meant to be playing close as a 10 to May and do not think the players did either. For the number of defence minded coaches why are we crap at defending set plays??
  6. I would agree Cagey however with Tommy's comments regarding Kane and unwarranted stick he was getting (his thoughts not mine) then I would think Kane's name is already on team sheet.
  7. Correct - glad you were paying attention should be 9 x quarterly...takes over 2 years. Auld age does not come on its own.
  8. All this panic about no left back cover. Simple solution change tactics and go to a back 3.
  9. I had it on good authority that he was going on loan to Arbroath. Perhaps he decided that no more loans for him and it was decided that he was well down the pecking order at this time and therefore agreed to release.
  10. Kyle McClean left by mutual consent
  11. Think you are getting your Henderson's mixed up..........this one is 19 with limited or little first team experience.
  12. Aye Stevie Brown saving money........not in budget.
  13. Mark O'Hara Peterborough is interesting Kilmarnock and Motherwell..........probably outwith our kind of money but the type of midfielder we need.
  14. Ralston will be confirmed on Monday. Young left back from somewhere as cover. McLean on loan to Arbroath or somewhere. Midfielder in if we can move likes of Ando; Callachan and McMillan. Busy Sunday and Monday for Tommy and Stevie.
  15. He also said that we had the 14th highest average home crowd in Scotland which you omit to mention. As a budget has income and expenditure you cannot isolate one item and base your assumptions on that