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  1. Betfred Cup

    Just as well Macca has left then as he could not play in the away matches.
  2. Buck McCarry- R.I.P.

    Remember Buck walking up the Dunkeld Road with the other players and always had time for us young (then) autograph hunters with a wee word and a smile. RIP Buck, another boyhood hero now in the Saints team for ever.
  3. Poty Awards

    Agree. We have a 10000 seater stadium so no need to hold it in a small venue to hte detriment of those wishing to attend.
  4. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Hopefully ejksjfc you have recovered so go round to Stevies and get him told.
  5. Player Contracts + Transfers

    There is a number 9 who scored a hat trick today and who has signed a pre contract with Hearts so here is a message for him and Stevie Brown. "Come on Macca dae a Richard Britian and tell Hearts you are staying at Saints cos the wife does not want you to be nearer home and getting under her feet" Stevie offer Hearts a Mini Bus - sure our sponsor could find a cheap one" Perhaps the peebles saints could have a word with Macca
  6. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Good shout but maybe they will go for a manager with experience.............step forward Dave McKay with Midge player/coach.
  7. St.Johnstone V Partick Thistle - Sat 28th April

    Now we are safe it would make sense not to play those players who will not wear the blue next year and give those that are staying a run over the remaining games. Cameo sub appearance for Macca, Mannus and probably Millar in game against County
  8. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Probably, however wee Neil (Lennon) not McCann is a mate of Tommy's and Murray is signed to Hibs until May 2019 so maybe a wee bit of pressure from his parent club manager could lead to the deal with Saints.
  9. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Heard a wee rumour at the match today that we are in for Simon Murray.
  10. Dundee v Saints

    Manny the kit man sitting next to McCann would be more entertaining than the usual dross that the dee serve up.
  11. Dundee v Saints

    Rather have him at pitch side as it would be easier to wind him up rather than out of reach and earshot of our management team.
  12. Alan Mannus

    Exactly.........it was said tongue in cheek however perhaps we could negotiate 25% share of the revenue of hiswhole tour of his favourite clubs
  13. Alan Mannus

    Maybe his concert is a benefit do for his now favourite team.
  14. Alan Mannus

    That would make sense in that he would settle family back in whilst having a job, then can evaluate what he wants to do going forward from there. Better than moving back and looking for job either in or out of football at the same time.
  15. Dundee v Saints

    If Zander did not admit it then his ban when found guilty would have been 4 games. Still irks me that a player cannot participate in any way while banned but a manager can sit in the stand and communicate with his management team left in the dugout area.