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  1. Have we unearthed Stevie May's latest agent/adviser? Randoom seems to be pushing him harder than any of Stevies previous agents/advisers. Maybe needing his cut of any fee to get a gardener in to do his grass or he could spend less times on forums and just do it himself.
  2. Disagree with your travel comment as I travel from outwith Perth for every home game irrespective of what has been on display the previous weeks. Your comment re the game is spot on. Highlight of pre second half was Tommy sitting in the dugout like a "no mates" guy. Guess he made his point though.
  3. Would take this over the recent performances this season
  4. All the ifs, buts and maybes regarding various striking options we are or are reported to be interested in and what their goal to game ratio is, is missing the point. We are looking to replace last years striker who scored 3 league goals. Forget what TW has said about a 12-15 goal striker just get the bloody defence sorted and stop leaking goals then a 15 goal striker is not required. Agree with other posters that a central midfielder who can break up play and pass a ball to the "flair" players is what we need.
  5. Oh No - if compliance officer believes this we will be docked our 1 point from today's match .
  6. Callachan and Davidson in same team has not worked so far so 442 with Hendry to replace one of them or McLean/McCann with Kennedy up front with Kane.
  7. Maybe a prelude to incoming for Saturday's game.
  8. I remember this as well not only for the score but the next day at my work premises one of my drivers a Teddy Bear called Rab left a tine of 7 up on my desk for me starting work. Got my own back by winding him up about his future work schedules.
  9. So was Jimmy Nicoll. Part of the job Randoom - scouting the opposition
  10. Look on the bright side........... Only 3 points off the top of the league .
  11. Glad we did not set up to have a go at them or they might have scored a barrowload.
  12. My understanding from my source prior to last nights game was: May had passed medical on Tuesday. SPL had agreed change of players numbers - MOH to 25 May 17 as Saints requested. Videos done for unveiling May in Wednesday morning supposed to sign contract to make him Saints highest earner ever and states he had a higher offer and we needed to match it. Talks breakdown. Vine seen at match alongside with Jim Goodwin (could be coincidence). Do not know if Vine was there to try and revive the May deal or not.