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  1. Templar Saint

    Stjohnstone v Aberdeen away

    Well done Saints. Watched the match on RED TV with a neigbour who is an Aberdeen Supporter.... made it all the sweeter!!
  2. Templar Saint

    Stjohnstone v Aberdeen away

    Cannot make it to that dump Pittodrie today but will try to watch it on a stream for RED TV.
  3. Templar Saint

    Saints exiles Flag

    Not an exile but think it would look good if your flag had the founder members name and date formed on your flag.
  4. Templar Saint

    Drey Wright

    Speedy recovery Drey.. Concern re who fills his position in team as the partnership he and Foster have is exceptional and has definitely helped both and the team. Do not know if he have a player with the same work ethic to track back and assist?
  5. Templar Saint

    MOTM Game 20 Saints 0 v 0 Killie

    Scott Tanser gets my vote. Thought he was excellent as were all defenders.
  6. Templar Saint

    MOTM Game 19 Saints 4 v 0 Hamilton

    So many to choose from....the whole team however I went for Liam. He was excellent throughout and probably has made that position his own rather than just a temporary fill in. Loving the change of tempo from this seasons team compared to last years home performances.
  7. Templar Saint

    Taxi for Tommy?

    Correct and then in to the boardroom and get him signed up on a long term contract.
  8. Templar Saint

    MOTM Game 16: Saints 2 v 0 St Mirren

    We thought we signed jewels last season but reckon we got a right diamond in Drey Wright. Attacking and defending he was superb on Saturday.
  9. Templar Saint

    MOTM Game 14 Saints 0 v 6 Celtic

    Alston for me. Zander ok but wish he would start catching the ball instead of parrying it out.
  10. Templar Saint

    Saints v Celtic sunday

    Very poor display today just glad TW decided to sit off them and not go with an in your face pressing approach or we might have got humpted by loads of goals.
  11. Templar Saint

    Taxi for Tommy?

    No Tommy should not go or be punted however I am a bit concerned that our total coaching and management staff are all Goalkeepers or defenders and we put in a display again like that. Get a mid field and attacker coach in to explain how to do these jobs and also give the defenders a clue as to what opposing midfielders and attackers do.
  12. Templar Saint

    Saints v Celtic sunday

    Ex Stanley man but we didnae hae an airport when I lived there or even a landing strip....How times have changed.
  13. Templar Saint

    St Johnstone Disabled Supporters Association

    You TV Stars will end up sitting in the posh seats in main stands with the other celebs
  14. Templar Saint

    Job vacancy at Saints

    No thanks the latest guy does not mumble through announcements.
  15. Templar Saint

    Sevco 2012 v St Johnstone 23/09/18

    Obviously told not to jump at free kicks same as last week. Think owners been construction company we would have experience of how a wall works