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  1. Correct. The untouchable, lord of the unwashed. Nice to see the bbc's usual unbiased news feed, snide remarks about us.
  2. Nothing beats a confidence sapping hammering before our biggest game of the season. Ffs.
  3. jez1971


    Absolute shambles. Clarke not got a clue. West coast media darling,cone good season with Killie and suddenly he's the saviour. Other managers have been sacked for less, embarrassing.
  4. jez1971


    Never bought into the Clarke hype. West coast media darling who will get the time others wouldn't. Tactically naive and still picking some of the old guard. All is well though cos at least we're npw training on a decent surface though, eh Snodgrass?! On the plus side at least we won't need to worry about Engerland ending their long trophy drought next year, judging by the strength in depth of the Belgians and French and the re-emergence of the Dutch.
  5. Macca back to put some fight into the current shower of spineless f###s!
  6. An utter shambles. The club needs a good shake from top to bottom. Basking in past glories, no leadership, prehistoric comms, the list goes on.
  7. He's not the Messiah, he's just a very naughty boy.
  8. Rather frustratingly I'm in Edinburgh that weekend! Look forward to our first Highland home league game on 5th October.
  9. Absolutely. Criminal to be losing from that position with 20 mins to go. Felt that Kerr should have freshened the team up earlier as some of them looked as slow as Roddy in the second half! Been a bit naive tactically all tournament I feel Cuthbert a cracking wee player. As for VAR - I hope everyone who lobbied for it to be introduced has been watching the utter shambles it's created in this tournament.
  10. Hope my fellow Highland Saints are all well. Will def try to get to some games this season!
  11. Would much rather have Utd to play than these Paisley scumbags. On holiday in Turkey just now and got a mouthful of abuse from one of their so called loyal supporters, accusing us of throwing the game against Hamilton. He asked me what I had wished for" i.e 25 away fans from Hamilton next season or their 1000, wasn't too happy when I said neither, better off with a few local derbies! Sums up how deluded they are about their place at the top table, nothing to fear from that shower next season.
  12. jez1971

    Zander Clark

    Grant is, and always has been, an odious little s4yte! Without question one of my most hated players of all time. Just sums up everything that's wrong with the national team set up. Jobs for the boys and caps for the Bhoys. And we thought things were bad under wee Gordon, well buckle up!
  13. Absolutely awful defending. Tanser never a defender in a million years.
  14. jez1971


    RIP mate, from a fellow YHall poster.
  15. This "Oh woe is me" line is starring to get a bit tiresome. Here's an idea Tommy-why don't you use the time at home to work out what your best team is and stop trying to divert the focus away from what has been a season of slim pickings so far and on a wider note 12 months of pish poor home performances. The long suffering ST holders deserve a bit of positivity and your demeanour is hardly going to get potential supporters out their houses to take advantage of the half season ticket deal and go along to McDiarmid.