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  1. Why would he need an explanation and apology? He's praising Saints, for the fantastic prices available to families, and being positive about the club! I realise that saying anything positive about St Johnstone goes totally against your instincts though.
  2. You've spelled stupidity wrong.
  3. Given how negative County were with 11 men, I doubt if they'd have crossed the half way line with 10 so to say someone else would have scored is far too simplistic. The ref had an absolute shocker. Vigurs should have seen red as should Fontaine. Graham should have walked for his first elbow, not cautioned. You are right that our failure to convert our vast superiority into goals is what ultimately cost us though.
  4. You've continually suggested (including in quoted post) that Kennedy is trying harder when he thinks there's a scout watching him. "Has his best game when the contract is in the paper" That's YOUR quote. To me that's suggesting he tried harder v County than he has in other games.
  5. So they all try their best and are "gassed at full time " but many of them have been "taking the piss for 3 months"? How does that make any sense? And I'm not the one suggesting Kennedy doesn't try - you are, as you have done again in your last sentence.
  6. Are you suggesting Kennedy only bothers if he thinks there are scouts watching him? Because if you are that's pathetic. Matty tries his heart out every time I see him. Fair enough some games he will be better than others - that's football - but to ever accuse him of not trying is scandalous. Even at Forfar in one of the worst performance from Saints in many years, he was probably the only one to get pass marks. As for yesterday's game, we should have won and with a half decent ref we would have won.
  7. Or he could be telling the truth. Maybe he does want to stay.
  8. The clubs agree the price. Would expect it to be around 18 quid tbh.
  9. I was talking about your other claims about the running of the club, budgets, people PMing you with info. I also like winding you up - it's so easy
  10. He doesn't. He believes absolutely anything posted on Pie and Bovril.
  11. Yep, completely whooshed. Apparently I am idiot 2. Apologies to RandomGiy.
  12. Not getting too excited about what?
  13. Shankland has done nothing at the top level. Can see why United wanted him this season given his record in the Championship, but let's wait and see how he does in the top flight (if the Arabs even get there!). If the reports of what United are paying him are true, then there's no way he would have come to Saints anyway.