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  1. jhq

    Stjohnstone v Aberdeen away

    8 games unbeaten 2 goals conceded in those 8 games 7 clean sheets in those 8 games Nice you always see the bright side
  2. jhq

    MOTM Game 21 Saints 2 v 2 Hearts

    As there's no Andrew Dallas option , went for Spoony. The guy Herts loads of stick on here but yet again he comes up with an assist.
  3. jhq

    Zander Clark

    To be fair, Peter Grant "noticed" that we lost 6-0 a few weeks ago .......
  4. jhq

    Saints v Kilmarnock 24/11/18 League Game 14

    That's a huge loss for the club and terrible news for the player. Hope he makes a full recovery for next season.
  5. jhq

    Scottish cup

    Who said it was going to be easy?
  6. jhq

    MOTM Game 20 Saints 0 v 0 Killie

    Tanser for me too.
  7. jhq

    Scottish cup

    Yes Accies are a harder opponent than Brora. My point is I would settle for 3 boring home draws if we got to the Semi that way.
  8. jhq

    Scottish cup

    Or getting winnable ties (which this is) and going all the way to the final and winning it. I'd prefer that to getting an away game to Brora Rangers in this round and then going out to one of the ugly sisters in the next round.
  9. jhq

    Stjohnstone v Hamilton

    Tommy's leaving to take over at Man Utd.
  10. jhq

    MOTM Game 19 Saints 4 v 0 Hamilton

    Hard choice for all the right reasons today. Could easily go for any of them, but Kennedy had his best game for Saints so far and he gets my vote.
  11. jhq

    Stjohnstone v Hamilton

    It was about 300 people busier I would guess. St Mirren had about 500 more than Accies did they not?
  12. jhq

    Stefan Scougall

    As I said, I wouldn't be averse to trying him in there. There's no doubting his skill on the ball and ability to hold it - he may be very good in there given a chance. I suspect that you may be right on this,
  13. jhq

    Stefan Scougall

    Scougall isn't a central midfielder though, although I wouldn't be averse to trying him in there. In the attacking midfielder role others have been more effective than Scougall. Kennedy has scored 2 vital goals in recent weeks, Wright looks much more threatening than Scougall. Macmillan scores or creates in most games and has the added advantage of being strong when we are defending set pieces. Swanson has always affected games when here. Even the much maligned Spoony has a vital goal and assist recently. Something has clearly happened off the pitch with Scougall. You're right in saying he hasn't had many opportunities this season, but whose fault is It? I don't know, but I do know Tommy doesn't have a reputation for falling out with players or treating them unfairly, so I suspect Scougall isn't blameless. I can't recall him looking "very bright" in many games last season. He didn't affect games often enough for me. As for it being one of the poorer Saints teams we have had - It really wasn't. Unless you just mean during Tommy's tenure. In that case Scougall was part of that team and must surely shoulder his share of responsibility for the team being poor Given the quality/impact of our attacking midfielders this season, I would say Midge is a much bigger loss than Scougall. Footballis all about opinions though and I appreciate others won't agree with me.
  14. jhq

    Hibs vs Saints 03/11/18 Game 12

    Agreed. Scougall hasn't lived up to expectations at all. Welcome to the forum, try not to let the miners and forum police put you off.
  15. jhq

    Hibs vs Saints 03/11/18 Game 12

    Great way to welcome a new poster, well done lads No wonder this forum is dying a death.