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    perth born and bred, lifelong saints fan now living in glumrothes - travel to as many home games as i can...
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  1. Friendlies

    dosenae take 2 hours to get to leven!!! or is that so u can get a few jars in too?
  2. Friendlies

    12pm, thats not a bad thing, as long as it isnt as windy as it was today in leven, if its raining we aint goin, bit cauld next to the forth ...
  3. Friendlies

    so who's heading to bayview on sat. then? taking my 7 year old to his first game of fitba - £5 for both of us...cant grumble at that price
  4. Old Perth - Picture Thread

    aye, thats the auld saints club!
  5. James St. Snooker Hall

    went to school wi scott dunbar, bullying was his past-time - snooker was just a hobby for him!
  6. James St. Snooker Hall

    i was pretty shit, i only ever went to play the arcade games, when my dad would give me money
  7. James St. Snooker Hall

    when did perth's darkest, dingiest, grubbiest, snooker hall actually close its doors? always wondered if the premises were ever emptied>? Always remember being upstairs, potting a ball and hearing the THUD as it went thru a hole in the pocket onto the ground haha!
  8. Old Perth - Picture Thread

    Last year I asked about all the stuffed animals when myself and my son went to see the mummy in the basement (c'mon who remembers the mummy? they still have her, her name is takherheb btw! - their stuffed animals were becoming infested and falling apart so were all burned!!!!
  9. Old Perth - Picture Thread

    where was templetons? bottom of high st?
  10. Old Perth - Picture Thread

  11. Old Perth - Picture Thread

    why is my upload so small????
  12. Old Perth - Picture Thread

    Thomson Craik trucks outside their building in glover st, my grandad is at the truck at the rear of the picture!
  13. Another shop bites the dust...
  14. Another shop bites the dust...

    yes, it was THOMSON CRAIK, my grandad used to be a delivery driver, used to get loadsa free juice and go do rounds with him on school holidays I remember buchans too, used to get great 10p mixtures in there!!!
  15. Full Page Ads

    anyone else getting these annoying adverts that take up the entire screen???