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    perth born and bred, lifelong saints fan now living in glumrothes - travel to as many home games as i can...
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  1. St.Johnstone added to PES 2018

    unofficially, added by me!!
  2. St.Johnstone v Aberdeen - 13th December

    2-0 already?? ffs
  3. Bertha Park

    This of any help?
  4. Old Perth - Picture Thread

    Vis computer supplies - end of south st - a very rare shot of vic himself almost smiling!!
  5. Old Perth - Picture Thread

    Loosely related, but heres a photo of myself from the 80's in my garden....guess the street!
  6. What is the worst chippie in Perth ?

    She was indeed a miserable cow
  7. What is the worst chippie in Perth ?

    Loui's in garth was awful..staff were miserable but it was loui's banter that kept bringing them other chippy in that shop has ever lasted
  8. Pullars chimney

    I worked in the dry cleaners in 1986 however i remember all the offices being empty.
  9. Pullars chimney

    nice pic here:
  10. Pullars chimney

    was later than 1980, i worked there with my mum in 1986 so would have been after that!
  11. Partick Thistle (H) - Betfred Cup Round 2 - 08/08/17

    still no game for the hendry bloke either?
  12. Partick Thistle (H) - Betfred Cup Round 2 - 08/08/17

    bit outta the loop - whos the mcclean on the bench?
  13. Player Contracts + Transfers

    So did we not sign callum hendry? He looked pretty good!
  14. Friendlies

    No. He wasnt even on the subs bench
  15. Friendlies

    dosenae take 2 hours to get to leven!!! or is that so u can get a few jars in too?