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    perth born and bred, lifelong saints fan now living in glumrothes - travel to as many home games as i can...
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  1. Old Perth - Picture Thread

    Loosely related, but heres a photo of myself from the 80's in my garden....guess the street!
  2. What is the worst chippie in Perth ?

    She was indeed a miserable cow
  3. What is the worst chippie in Perth ?

    Loui's in garth was awful..staff were miserable but it was loui's banter that kept bringing them other chippy in that shop has ever lasted
  4. Pullars chimney

    I worked in the dry cleaners in 1986 however i remember all the offices being empty.
  5. Pullars chimney

    nice pic here:
  6. Pullars chimney

    was later than 1980, i worked there with my mum in 1986 so would have been after that!
  7. Partick Thistle (H) - Betfred Cup Round 2 - 08/08/17

    still no game for the hendry bloke either?
  8. Partick Thistle (H) - Betfred Cup Round 2 - 08/08/17

    bit outta the loop - whos the mcclean on the bench?
  9. Player Contracts + Transfers

    So did we not sign callum hendry? He looked pretty good!
  10. Friendlies

    No. He wasnt even on the subs bench
  11. Friendlies

    dosenae take 2 hours to get to leven!!! or is that so u can get a few jars in too?
  12. Friendlies

    12pm, thats not a bad thing, as long as it isnt as windy as it was today in leven, if its raining we aint goin, bit cauld next to the forth ...
  13. Friendlies

    so who's heading to bayview on sat. then? taking my 7 year old to his first game of fitba - £5 for both of us...cant grumble at that price
  14. Old Perth - Picture Thread

    aye, thats the auld saints club!
  15. James St. Snooker Hall

    went to school wi scott dunbar, bullying was his past-time - snooker was just a hobby for him!