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  1. Kinnoull Kicker

    Round 42 - Dundee (H), 20/04/19

    SJFC 2 DFC 1 Kane 3,811
  2. Kinnoull Kicker

    Round 41 - Killie (A), 06/04/19

    KFC 1 SJFC 0 McAleny 4,811
  3. Kinnoull Kicker

    Round 40 - Dundee (H), 03/04/19

    SJFC 2 DFC 1 Kane 3,511
  4. Kinnoull Kicker

    Round 39 - Motherwell (A), 30/03/19

    MFC 2 SJFC 1 Turnbull 3811
  5. Kinnoull Kicker

    Round 38 - St Mirren (H), 27/03/19

    SJFC 2 SMFC 1 Kennedy 2,211
  6. Kinnoull Kicker

    Round 37 - Livingston (A), 09/03/19

    LFC 0. SJFC 1 Kennedy 1,511
  7. Kinnoull Kicker

    Saints v Hibs 27/02

    A very good example of how to throw away three points. irrespective of the rights or wrongs of the penalty decision - it stemmed from another piece of inept play by Wotherspoon Second goal was a shocker - leave a midfielder unmarked 30 yards from goal with as much time as he liked to pick a pass; this with a one man advantage - fantastic. Witherspoon adds nothing defensively and flatters to deceive going forward - high time Alston / Swanson given an opportunity. Can anyone explain why TW pulled Kennedy - for me the only real creative player - bizarre. From feeling quite confident at half time to totally deflated and pissed off at full time; the joys of being a Saints supporter!
  8. Kinnoull Kicker

    Round 36 - Hibernian (H), 27/02/19

    SJFC 1 HFC 1 Kennedy 3,911
  9. Kinnoull Kicker

    St.Johnstone v Aberdeen Saturday 23rd Feb

    PS Shinnie is a decent player.........but an irritating and annoying eejit who spends half his time in the refs ear....... The same ref who was equally annoying and irritating.
  10. Kinnoull Kicker

    St.Johnstone v Aberdeen Saturday 23rd Feb

    Bit of a consensus developing here. Midfield clearly the major issue. After a bright start Aberdenn took command of midfield and there was only gong to be one outcome. Spoony contributed bugger all ( not for the first time), Craig and Goss not far behind. Muzz hard working as ever but not creative. TW brings on Swanson whose sole contribution was giving the ball away on the half way line which led directly to there second goal. Alstonleft sitting on the bench - what has he done to deny him the chance to fix a misfiring midfield? He should start on Wednesday with Craig the holding player, Davidson or Callaghan and MOH if fit. get Kennedy and Watt together up front and put a rocket up Fosters arse or drop him. Thought Kerr was head and shoulders above any player on the park - had the "superstar" Cosgrove in his pocket. As much as Joe has been a solid citizen don't think he will be a catastrophic loss. Sort it out Tommy.
  11. Kinnoull Kicker

    Round 35 - Aberdeen (H), 23/02/19

    SJFC 2 AFC 1 Watt 4,611
  12. Kinnoull Kicker

    Round 34 - Rangers (A), 16/02/19

    TTRFC 2 SJFC 1 Kent 49,311
  13. Kinnoull Kicker

    Round 33 - Celtic (A), 10/02/19

    CFC 3 SJFC 0 Sinclair 38,111
  14. Kinnoull Kicker

    Round 32 - Hamilton (A), 06/02/19

    HAFC 0 SJFC 1 Kennedy 1,711
  15. Kinnoull Kicker

    Round 31 - Celtic (H), 03/02/19

    SJFC 1 CFC 2 Christie 6,311