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  1. Celtic Rangers Aberdeen Hibs Hearts Motherwell Kilmarnock St Johnstone Ross County Hamilton Accies St Mirren Livingston
  2. Looking forward to another season of friendly jousting. Just as well we don’t have Random the Know All competing as we wouldn’t stand a chance !!
  3. You got that white flag washed, ironed and ready to be raised?
  4. SJFC 10pts RCFC 8pts FAFC 5pts MFC 4 pts BCFC 1 pt
  5. Calm down - like many on WAP I recall this guy making a great impact in his short spell with us; can't think of many better short term loan signings. Of course he is likely to be out of our league - but there are many players with so-called great pedigrees who drop levels and salaries - though probably not this one sadly.
  6. Agree if Leeds keen then no chance. No idea what he was earning but if his expectation has dropped if he has been released by a bottom tier French League 1 team ( as opposed to him refusing to sign a contract extension) then why not at least ask the question at the top end of our salary scale?
  7. PS .... A wee bird tells me he's just gone out of contract
  8. I give you........Mehdi Abeid. Great when we had him for a few months, still young and plenty of experience in various leagues. Would give us the guile and energy needed in our midfield. Might be beyond us but worth a pop?
  9. Thanks for comments guys and big thanks to Steve McQ for enabling us all to have fun throughout the season. Tend not to post often but enjoy reading the banter. Abernethy - maybe a change of strategy next time - the fast start was good but running out of puff and running up the white flag indicates some warm weather, high altitude training might be beneficial :). sixties and Hoodlum seem to be in a wee world of their own ! 541 - you sure gave me a scare or two ! Looking forward to next season, going off for some warm weather training, beer and ouzo in preparation for a three in a row attempt!.