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  1. The thing is, if this thing continues to grow, when would the play off games be played? We could see a suspension of games anytime in the next few weeks and still be sitting around in late July wondering if/when/how the new season starts. Not just domestically but Europe and international games as well.
  2. Hearts losing again and fast running out of games. Dunno where they found that manager but they need to get rid of him now.
  3. I think they just dragged us into their style of play Hoodlum. I'm not convinced we deserved to win but Livi certainly got what their tactics deserved. SFA.
  4. Well we certainly didn't keep it on the deck. Horrible game of football but a massive win.
  5. Nah, to quote the great man himself, "someone else would have scored it"
  6. Nothing to worry about here, he'll be rested that's all.
  7. Oh dear. Someone is going to be very angry on Sunday.
  8. Good attitude. Would expect nothing else and I think he'll be a good player for us.
  9. If I had to pick any of the current crop to fill in at right back it would be Drey Wright. Maybe MOH in front of him?
  10. Motherwell are indeed in freefall. eight games without a win. And what's it done to them? Nothing, they're still third in the league. Says more about all the teams below them than it does about them.
  11. Or indeed if Wright had squared that ball across the box. His blocked effort resulted in the move up the park that led to Kamberi's goal.