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  1. I may well go. I know neither of us have big crowds but still think it's a strange venue.
  2. You could probably make it 8 then to be honest, no way Celtic would play Rangers on the opening day.
  3. At the Clach ground. Not expecting much of a crowd.
  4. Agree 100%, some decent football on show often spoiled by officials who would appear to have spent the last year learning the rules from a book in a classroom setting and have now been set free for the first time. No concept of the advantage rule and whenever two players bang into each other it's a free kick to someone. Some of the offsides have been awful, they seem to wait until the move is over, ie save, goal, corner or whatever, then stand by the corner flag with the flag up for offside. Shame really, makes it difficult to enjoy, although I haven't given up yet.
  5. Abeid is indeed out of contract but we'd have no chance of signing him. Leeds were interested in January and may go back in for him, although I'd imagine now he's a free agent there'll be loads of clubs interested.
  6. I believe he's leaving, or has in fact just left.
  7. Well, the job has gone to James McPake, with Jimmy Nichol coming on board as assistant. Apparently talks with Goodwin "broke down". Also looks like there's still a chance of Strachan going along as an adviser or something, though with Nichol's experience I don't see why they need to splash out on Strachcn as well.
  8. cristo

    Betfred Cup

    Hopefully County game will be in Dingwall. And I am NOT driving from Inverness to Montrose again. I never realised two places in the same country could be so far apart!
  9. You're right about Goodwin/Dundee, according to BBC he's already been interviewed. Strachan being touted as an advisor.
  10. McHugh wouldn't be a bad shout. I see Scott Fox leaving Ross County, decent goalie option if Zander departs
  11. He did yes, took over from Andy Geoghan after about 5 mins and we went on to beat Stirling Albion 3-0. Tam McNeil scored a Tam McNeil special that day as well. I think the point is just that SK only actually played 1 game for Saints. Or something like that.
  12. Good move for both players I reckon and good luck to both of them if it happens.
  13. Definitely punted, just the media's way of being polite. Kenny Miller looks like being named as replacement.
  14. McIntyre and Dundee part company.