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  1. Round 39 - Dundee (A), 21/04/18

    Dee 0 Saints 1 Ando 5050
  2. Round 38 - Motherwell (H), 07/04/18

    Saints 2 Well 0 Ando 2543
  3. Other games on the go

    CR7 double tonight for Madrid. What odds a Messi hat-trick tomorrow? "Anything you can do.........
  4. Round 36 - Hamilton (H), 28/3/18

    Saints 2 Hamilton 0 Kane 2198
  5. Round 37 - Aberdeen (A), 31/03/18

    Aberdeen 1 Saints 1 McGinn 13543
  6. Reflecting Well (Ex Saints in the News).

    Just catching up on some twitter stuff, I see George Hunter scored four last week for Newtongrange in a cup tie.
  7. Reflecting Well (Ex Saints in the News).

    Dylan Easton scores for Forfar, and Pates weighs in with a booking for Plymouth in the 90th minute. He only came on in the 71st.
  8. Hampden Park

    In the seventies I went to loads of Scotland games and a couple of cup finals. I've stood in both ends and the north enclosure, under that beautiful wee stand that looked like it was gonna fall down on top of you. I've had the cheese and the ham rolls, the macaroon bars, I've queued up amongst the horses at Mount Florida station, I've walked the length of Prospecthill Road looking for my bus amongst 500 other buses. I've met Billy Connolly in the piss swollen toilet at the Celtic end, and I've sat two rows behind him in South stand hospitality. Rod Stewart was three seats along. I got a lift over into the 1976 league cup final Celtic v Aberdeen and spent 120 minutes watching bottles and cans flying over my head, as well as a great game of football. These are football memories that I wouldn't swap for anything. I haven't been there for years, but if I ever go to a Scotland game again. I wouldn't want it to be anywhere else than Hampden.
  9. Other games on the go

    I believe Jason Kerr gave away the penalty.
  10. International break

    I normally have no interest in international breaks , but just watched Germany v Spain. Football is entertainment after all, what a joy to watch. And refereed impeccably by none other than William Collum esq.
  11. International break

    Yeah. That was in the summer.
  12. International break

    St Johnstone midfielder David Wotherspoon insists it won't feel weird pulling on a Canada shirt this weekend despite having never set foot there. (Scottish Sun, newspaper edition)
  13. International break

    Now there's a post I never thought I'd see on here.
  14. We also played with nine at Hamilton and were very close to holding out for a draw. I think the fact that Hibs were already in front made it all the harder for us on Friday
  15. Top 6 gone now.

    We could always just go over anyway. Just tell the ladies that fans need pre season training as well.