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  1. Celtic (A) May 6th

    Just to remind everyone that free travel is available for this one from Perth. Buses leave McD at 1230, bar open in the Muirton suite from 11.00. I can't make it myself cos I'm working, but if anyone fancies it and can get down to Perth in time, let me know. We've had a kind offer from within the club to make tickets available for us.
  2. Player Contracts + Transfers

    No he didn't call them a bigger club. Unlike his new manager-to-be who seems to think he's running the second best team in Scotland. You wouldn't think so the way he talks about his players after most games. Good luck Danny working for that lunatic
  3. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Our top scorer this season, entertaining player when he's on form, yeah he'll be missed. If he plays in the next five games then he'll certainly have my support, if he doesn't feature again then good luck to him. We've plenty young lads and seasoned pro's looking for a start in midfield so we won't go short. When we all look back on the "Tommy Wright" years, then Danny will be remembered as one among many.
  4. Richie Foran

    Strange one this, he's there until the end of the season. That's FIVE games!!. What's anyone going to do in that time? That's the same amount of games as Dundee have left, and they've gone and sacked their manager and hired a guy with no experience whatsoever.
  5. Player Contracts + Transfers

    John Terry looking for a club for next season. Have a word Jody............
  6. MOTM Saints 1 - Aberdeen 2 - 15/04/17

    I was giving it to Swanson on the drive home but, on reflection, probably Easton.
  7. St. Johnstone v Aberdeen. Saturday 15th April 2017

    If I'm being pedantic then I'd say Mannus had two saves to make and failed both times. Agree we missed zippy, he'd have been all over that defence and might even been the finishing touch to the crossses we were throwing in in second half
  8. Round 41 - Aberdeen (H) , 15/04/17

    Saints 1 Dons 1 Liam Craig 5567
  9. MOTM ICT 0 - Saints 3 - 08/04/17

    I can't believe I'm giving it to someone who was only on the pitch for about twenty minutes but Chris Millar was a revelation in what had been a fairly turgid affair. He actually entertained me today, a joy to watch. Before that it would've been Joe
  10. ICT v Saints 8/4/17

    Nor will this one, hate the place. Dingwall, now that's a different story, hope they stay in the same division as us for ever.
  11. Round 40 - Inverness (A) , 08/04/17

    ICT 0 Saints 1 Liam Craig 2345
  12. Caley!

    Working in the morning then home to pick the boys up, so I'll just be driving straight to the game then home again. Boring I know.
  13. MOTM Saints 1 - Hearts 0 - 05/04/17

    Scobbie in the end for me, Just ahead of Easton, Paton, and all the others mentioned on here
  14. Hearts Game

    See you at five. Highland Saints on the march!!
  15. Hearts Game

    Already three of us going down in my car if you want to save a bit if petrol money. We're leaving from my work on the carse industrial estate at bang on five if you can get round