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  1. cristo

    Stjohnstone v Aberdeen away

    I've been watching that too. It's taken us eight games undefeated to get back to zero goal difference. Just think about it.
  2. cristo

    Round 22 - Aberdeen (A), 08/12/18

    Aberdeen 1 Saints 3 Liam Craig 14055
  3. cristo

    Round 21 - Hearts (H), 05/12/18

    Saints 2 Hearts 0 Liam Craig 3987
  4. cristo

    Drey Wright

    Gutted to hear this. He's been one of the stars of the show this season.
  5. cristo

    Round 20 - Kilmarnock (H), 24/11/18

    Saints 2 Killie 0 Muzz 3737
  6. cristo

    Zander Clark

    Okay, boost probably the wrong word. How about "experience for a good prospect for the future" I don't rate him as good as Gordon or McGregor, but as I suggested goalie is one position where the third choice is highly unlikely to play.
  7. cristo

    Stjohnstone v Hamilton

    Awesome performance, composed, entertaining, invent some new words. Wright, Kennedy, where did we find these guys? And Liam Craig is probably playing the best football of his life. The defence don't look like they'll concede a goal any time soon, no desperate challenges or frantic clearances, just strolling through the game. Can we get a replay of that Celtic game please.
  8. cristo

    Zander Clark

    Again true but we're talking about third choice here, no way would he actually get a start. But imagine the boost it would give him spending time with the squad, the senior goalies and the coaching staff.
  9. cristo

    Zander Clark

    This is the truth of the matter. If he'd sat in the stand with us today watching the game we'd still have won. Seriously.
  10. cristo

    SJFC magazine

    Another way of looking at this is it's a bit of publicity for Saints while normally there is none. If you want any info online you have to go looking for it, whereas this is in your face on shop shelves in Perth and Perthshire. There's a good thread on the go just now about ideas to better our crowd and attract people along. If one wee guy goes into Nisa in Bankfoot with his mum and persuades her to buy a copy, then lo and behold persuades his dad to get off his backside and take her to a game, then it's a winner for me. (Other gender/parenting scenarios are available).
  11. cristo

    Round 19 - Hamilton (H), 10/11/18

    Saints 3 Accies 0 Watt 2244
  12. cristo

    Hibs vs Saints 03/11/18 Game 12

    Keep the blue flag flying high
  13. cristo

    Hibs vs Saints 03/11/18 Game 12

    What's wi the jaicket ya big jessie???
  14. cristo

    Hibs vs Saints 03/11/18 Game 12

    Probably about 60-80 at the church, maybe another 50 or so at the reception??
  15. cristo

    Round 18 - Hibs (A), 03/11/18

    Hibs 1 Saints 2 Shaughnessy 17071