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  1. Ha, just turned TV on and what do you know. Embarrassed emoji unavailable but you get the drift.
  2. Job done today, not much to get excited about. Agree with some that Morton had chances but thought they were a bit powder puff where it mattered and the gulf between the teams was there to see. Three goals, could've been more and we may well have conceded against a better team. Another clean sheet on Zander's CV. May's finish was quality and his effort just before that gives hope that he's getting back to the player we know he can be. No comment on Booth's goal, if you were there you saw it, if you weren't then watch Sportscene tomorrow. Worth the licence fee.
  3. That's exactly what I'm thinking. I'm quite sure he'll go this month, we'll get some decent cash out of it for the inconvenience and Aberdeen can still play him in the cup.
  4. £20 is okay for us, twenty's plenty and all that, but maybe not much of a deal for Morton fans. Anyone know what they pay for championship games?
  5. Hi folks. I've started a new WhatsApp group for us to keep in touch quicker and easier. Anyone not yet invited it's cos I don't have your number. PM it to me and I'll add you to the group.
  6. You're right, and McCann played a huge part in that as well. None of the middle three are frightened of a tackle and the passing was indeed a joy. My only criticism would be that playing all three of them means we're sacrificing the second striker. The gap between Kane and the midfield at times in the first half was frightening. If these three could weigh in with a few goals between them......
  7. Are the Holt and Ralston loans over now or are they til the end of the season? Both have improved greatly with each game and will have a huge part to play in the next stage of the season.
  8. No failures today, decent performance all round. Holt was outstanding for me, Gordon solid again and Kennedy had bad luck in front of goal but created loads. Drey Wright was a joy to watch for most of the game but tends to drift inside a lot. Undefeated in five this month so we must remain positive.
  9. Scott Brown again for Peterhead and Andrew Steeves for the Mo.
  10. Me too. Save the glossy stuff for the cup assault.
  11. Let's do this, leapfrog County and start aiming upwards.
  12. Seven from the first three, "delitit" with that. Let's not blow it against team Dingwall on Sunday and I reckon we could start looking up the way.
  13. MASSIVE win. And four clean sheets in a row. We will survive, and we'll look back at these four games as the turning point.