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  1. Could soon be another vacancy
  2. It was only the strange circumstances of having two sent off that caused us to defend like that. We had no choice. If we'd kept eleven men on the pitch then the last fifteen minutes or so would've been nothing like that. I was as impressed and proud as anyone by that backs to the wall display but you will never see anything like it again under normal circumstances.
  3. A win here we climb three places and sit in just behind Livi on goal difference. Anything else keeps us bottom but by no means cut off. The important thing is to stop conceding the stupid early goal.
  4. Did anyone read about the Italian manager that's looking for a job? His team won 23-0 and he was fired for showing a lack of respect to the opposition!
  5. What's the story with Simon Horne? I used to do a lot of work for him when I was in Perth.
  6. And now apparently wants the Hearts job