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  1. Today's game in Prague was a friendly and NI were three nil up at half time. They made three changes soon after so yeah, it would've been nice to see Matty get a run out. But managers are not there to keep people happy. It finished 2-3, so maybe the boss knew what he was doing.
  2. George Hunter scores again for Bonnyrigg. Liam Caddis now playing for Clydebank. Straight red for dissent.
  3. He certainly looked back to his best on Saturday, outstanding performance. Hope the bad days are behind him and we've got the real Danny Swanson back.
  4. Stevie will be fine. That was a classic May finish. Service like that from Swanson and Kennedy, who were both outstanding today, and the goals will flow. Lots of positives from today, onwards and upwards, got to be six points from the next two games.
  5. The change in central defence is not another "error" waiting to be punished. It's been brought on by injury.
  6. I left the ground last week saying, that was rubbish but pick the team for next week. It will probably be pretty much the same (except for Gordon) as that's what we've got. I was surprised at Kennedy's omission last week as I believe he's our best player, so hope to see him on from the start. We just need to go for it, score first and allow us to dictate the game.
  7. The most recent stats I heard was one in nineteen corners lead directly to a goal. Was a few years ago admitedlly, but I can't agree with you there Random.
  8. I don't think so before today. I think he's been lucky with a couple though. Hopefully May next.
  9. We have to show we're better than them, also got County, Hamilton, St Mirren and Hearts to come. 12 or 13 points surely. Got to get the season going. If we're still bottom after that I'll be getting worried.
  10. C'mon mate, there are three words you need to remove from that post. Regardless of all our opinions on the minute silence, to call the guy nobody is a serious lack of respect.