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  1. Hope Calum Hendry steps up to the plate and proves to be the striker we already have. I can't help thinking that, given the chance, he will be.
  2. cristo

    Season Tickets

    Our new striker will land on the centre circle of Easter Road at 2.50pm Saturday on one of those.
  3. cristo

    Season Tickets

    Just bought a ticket for the Killie game. E mailed to me immediately and all I have to do is show them it on my phone and they zap it and let me in. How simple is that. Knowing my luck the battery will die on my phone on the way to the game.
  4. cristo

    Season Tickets

    This, for sure. I may still get one and only because I can do it online.
  5. I can't say I'm surprised if this is true. He's currently sitting in the stand at Pittodrie and no one else seems interested in him. Does that mean he'll be easier to deal with though? Or should that be Brown will be easier to deal with?
  6. " Go to Union Berlin and you'll see the match is a social occasion that people of all ages go to because it's fun - there's mingling outside the stadium before the match with outdoor bars and street-food stalls (come to think of it, Saints are one of the few Scottish clubs who could potentially do this sort of thing because of the amount of land they own). Three sides of the ground are terraced and there's constant singing and chanting from the supporters, some of which is co-ordinated (something I hate, but hey, if it works, I'd prefer it to pin-drop silence)." to quote Mainstand. I've been to Hertha Berlin and it's exactly the same, it's almost a festival atmosphere from about three hours before kick off. Picnics in the car park, live radio broadcasting etc, games and activities for the kids. I've never been to an American football game but I believe this is what it is like too.
  7. I'm one of the two hours travel types and although often frustrated, it's just what I do on a Saturday afternoon, work permitting. My opinion is if we can't get May or Cummings, just go with what we have. If we could just cut out this "lone striker" crap and play two up front, then we might just form a decent partnership from Hendry/Kane/McMillan.
  8. Nottingham Forrest boss Sabri Lamouchi aims to cut former Hibs striker Jason Cummings from his squad, with a return to Scotland possible for the 24-year-old. So he's still available and May hasn't even been on the bench for Aberdeen in the last two games. I can't help thinking one of them still may be coming our way.
  9. Some decent strikers in China but I believe they're on about a million quid a week. Over to you Mr Brown.
  10. Joe the throw not doing so well his team two down at home after 12 minutes
  11. Yeah, I hear you, my response was based on Cagey suggesting the crowd might be as low as 1500. I'd expect at least 2000 at this game, just don't believe a quarter of our potential support would rather attend the march.
  12. You know I can see your point. Early last season, league cup games they played in together I actually thought Liam was the better player of the two. Then when the league season started and Joe came back in, it was Jason that partnered him. Hardly put a foot wrong to be fair, but yeah, Liam Gordon is indeed a quality defender.
  13. Not sure how to respond to this Cagey without offending someone, but why would a gay people's march through town have an affect on the crowd at the Saints game?
  14. I'm not sure he was brought in as first choice and I hope he wasn't. The pairing you talk about has to be Kerr and Gordon, already know each other well and have never had a bad game together. A very promising partnership. On top of that, if Gordon finds himself second or third choice again then he's going to start wondering what he has to do to get a game.
  15. So when your team is on a bad run you just turn your back on them and go and watch someone else? From where I live I could easily start going to ICT, Ross County, Elgin or any number of decent Highland League teams. Or I could just continue to skive off work early and drive 110 miles down to Perth in whatever conditions the A9 can throw at me to support my team and then drive 110 miles back. Yeah, I think I'll just keep doing that, no matter who our chairman or manager or three goals a season striker is.
  16. Players mentioned in the last few posts are currently "without a club". So where does that leave them in terms of negotiation when it comes to being approached by a potential new club, Saints for example? Surely getting on board somewhere, earning a wage, possibility of resurrecting your career would be the important thing. The football season has started, so if they haven't got a club by now I'd say they'll be getting more and more concerned about their immediate future.
  17. Strange, no one has posted their preferred line up yet, very unusual. I suppose we didn't know who would be signed for us, or are we still holding out hope??? I'll be happy if Liam Gordon comes in and plays alongside Kerr. Not bothered about the rest, the recent shennanigans have knocked the stuffing out of me.
  18. I must confess I don't know anything about him. Anyone give me a brief run down?
  19. Well, has he resigned or hasn't he??
  20. I hope so, probably taken off last night with this in mind.