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  1. Broon

    St.Johnstone V Dundee - Wednesday 3rd April

    Comfortable in the end but could have been different if Dundee took some of their chances. Matty was terrific and we had good interplay up top. Some nice moves. Seeing a lot of praise for Callachan. I don't get it. He did some good work at times and there is a player in there somewhere but his positional sense is horrendous and he gets caught the wrong side of his man time after time after time leaving us exposed. We always seem vulnerable to the counter when he plays.
  2. Broon

    St.Johnstone V Dundee - Wednesday 3rd April

    Much better going forward, creating a string of chances. Same old in the midfield though, Craig and Callachan overrun and leaving the defence exposed . Wingers not providing cover either. Will be more goals in this one.
  3. Broon

    Danny Swanson

    I guess what I'm saying is I don't want us to be shitfesting 1-0 results and playing for time in the corner in the 85th min. Let's go and try and get back to trying to play football.
  4. Broon

    St.Johnstone V Dundee - Wednesday 3rd April

    Feeling hopeful we see a reaction from Saturday. If I was to pick the lineup I'd go with: Clark Foster Gordon Kerr Tanser O'Halloran Davidson Craig Kennedy´╗┐´╗┐ Swanson Kane OR (if there is any hope or desire in keeping Watt) Clark Foster Gordon Kerr Tanser O'Halloran Davidson Craig Swanson Watt Kennedy
  5. Broon

    Danny Swanson

    I'll wait until the full details are made public before commenting. There is always two sides to these stories. Regarding Swanson - we're basically bottom six now and with a healthy cushion on the teams below us. We should absolutely be using the next 7 games to get Mikey and Swanson back firing. These guys have all the talent in the world. Tommy needs to figure out how to get them playing. I'm not that bothered about results now - he can be as experimental as he wants. Lets make sure we find out what works for next season.
  6. Broon

    Taxi for Tommy?

    Let's not be critical of those fans who are shouting for change. They pay their money, they aren't enjoying the football and are entitled to a view. We've now had two stinking runs this season and these runs are becoming frequent. I don't think its fair to drop Tommy yet though, he absolutely deserves a chance to fix it. He quite rightly has a wonderful reputation for building strong, direct, competitive, effective teams that defy stats on possession, expected goals and everything else. He's been a huge success for us even if the product hasn't been the most exciting. This in my opinion has seen him overlooked for many jobs as he's not seen as a progressive, modern manager. This season Tommy has decided to change perception. He's reduced the age of the squad and started adding flair on the wings and up top. It started well, we had a nice balance. The board backed him, he seen more opportunities for success and brought in more attacking players. This, in my opinion, was the mistake. Tommy's teams are built on heart and determination. Too many of the attacking players (Swanson, Mikey, Watt) just don't have those attributes. All can be match winners when things are going well but we've all, including Tommy, seen what can happen to these players when things are not. Swanson and Mikey in previous seasons have gone from hero to zero due to off the pitch issues almost overnight. Now we are in a rut. Unbalanced and with very few leaders. Less experience and struggling for form. Tommy doesn't appear to know how to make these attacking players effective without exposing the defence. He has failed to understand the type of midfielder he needs to give better players a platform to play. He's ballsed up but these players are not losers overnight. Tommy now has 7 games to find a system to make it work. If he can't he deserves the summer to find the right players to make it work. If after 10 games next season he looks to have failed then fair enough, maybe it may be time before things get too bad but let's not shit the bed and become a Dundee or a Dundee Utd. We all make mistakes, Tommy has, now it's his job to fix it. But just remember, the players need to step up here too. 11 players cross that white line on a Saturday. Tommy isn't telling them to punt the ball 80 yards in the direction they are facing every time they get the ball. They should be hurting and embarrassed and we should be seeing a reaction. If they don't, they won't have a job much longer.
  7. Broon

    Saints v Celtic, Sunday 3 Feb, league game.

    Definitely positives in that we created chances this time and were solid in the most. However, for all we've brought in lots of attacking players this season I still think we're a little toothless. Tony Watt just doesn't strike me as a goalscorer. Very good footballer yes but not an out and out striker. He never looks like he's going to score. The singing of Goss should help though. He played some lovely passes to open up Kennedy and showed great range of passes until he tired. We need that in the team to get the good players in dangerous areas. Roll on Wednesday....big big game.
  8. Broon

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    This is probably the first January in a long, long time where I'm not that bothered if we sign anyone. I still think longer term we need cover for a central ball playing midfielder. Liam Craig is doing a terrific job in there but if he gets injured we are really struggling given Davidson's injury history. I suspect any transfer activity will be heavily dependent on who moves on - if anyone. I'm just hoping there are no bad surprises....
  9. Broon

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Signed for Wellington Phoenix.
  10. Broon

    Zander Clark

    He may not be facing as many shots as earlier in the season but part of being a great goalkeeper is organising your defence, inspiring confidence at set plays, kicking well and vitally when you are called into action keeping concentration and making that vital save. He's ticking all the boxes at the moment. Well done Zander. Players on form should be picked, he would deserve it.
  11. Not a huge surprise that we've gone with the tactics at Motherwell. 3 central defenders to out-Livi Livi. Not gonna be one for the purists. Wright a huge blow. COYS.
  12. Broon

    Fakes next whats the feeling

    Thoroughly enjoyable game. Very good performance, especially second half. Few interesting points. A return to the old guard. Craig and Muzz dominating the middle and Spoony out left. Spoony is a terrific left midfielder and we've suffered by playing him out of position. His best season for assists came at left wing. He's a better option than Kennedy there. In the middle we finally had real bite and desire. What does that say for our bloated bench of Alston, Callachan, Nydam etc? Saints teams need a dominant centre and we finally had one and with that it gave the flair players a platform to entertain. We also protected the defence and finally looked like a cohesive unit. Long may that continue.
  13. Broon

    Taxi for Tommy?

    It's only a couple of bad games against the best teams in the league. If anyone deserves time its Tommy.
  14. Broon

    Saints v Celtic sunday

    Easy to get carried away after what was perhaps aside from Ochilview the worst 36 minutes(first 9 were ok) of football I've ever seen. What's gone wrong with our team? We're soft. Weak. Lacking a leader. Centre halves? Timid. When Ando came in he was aggressive, on his toes. Joe and Kerr - weak. The worst part of the team, yet again, was the centre 3. All attacking midfielders. None can put a tackle on. Callachan's positional sense is a joke. I know he's trying to press but after being caught in front of the ball 15 or 20 times you'd think he's realise to stay goal side. Spoony is not a central midfielder. Tommy has some tough choices but being honest Callachan looks a poor signing and Spoony isn't an answer. Alston needs defensive cover if he's to play. I wouldn't be upset if any of our central players moved on. Poor management of the playing pool.
  15. Broon

    Hearts V St.Johnstone Saturday 29th September

    You know I actually thought hearts looked good. Their link play up top was excellent. I'm not sure how much our standing off them made them look good but at times I thought they played better than Celtic.