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  1. Calling ALL overseas Saintees

    1. Sponsor a player, easily done with PayPal and can be organised through here 2. Sponsor a match day, same as above 3. Someone can write an article for the match day programme, a saints perspective from around the globe with possibly memories against the team we are playing etc 4. Set a game for later on the season where a number of you are willing to travel for where you can be saints guest for the day, bit of good marketing if done right with fans from all over the world coming to see a game. 5. Chip in for a few season tickets that could perhaps be donated to a kids charity or similar in Perth for people who aren't so lucky to be able to attend games 6. Why not help out the FCU with donations for flags etc and help them keep up their good work IMO theirs not much you can do without giving money in some way to the club and if people are willing to do it then I think theirs a number of opportunities to be involved. I think it's good saints have done this and I hope those saintees in exile can get something to make them feel closer to the club
  2. The I suppose we should have a Euros thread thread

    It was more fun than getting excited about Frank Ribery playing football. The current crop like Ronaldo, Ramos, Iniesta, Ozil, Muller, De Rossi, Buffon, Pogba etc aren't as exciting. If you had just said you weren't as excited for the tournament then fair enough but to say the current squads are "alright" and "aren't as exciting" is nonsense.
  3. The I suppose we should have a Euros thread thread

    Same, surely they will get a couple wins before getting pumped out in the quarters
  4. The I suppose we should have a Euros thread thread

    I think they are a bit better than alright, both have been in superb form going into the tournament with their clubs this season. Pirlo wasn't included because he plays in the MLS and if you've seen any of him this year you would know why. Robben isn't there because Holland never made it. Lahm retired two years ago from international football Bemzema is banned from representing France and Ribery retired two years ago Reus has a niggling injury/possibly conflict with Low if you believe everything you read.
  5. Player Contracts + Transfers

    First bite of the summer
  6. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Egert Johnsen (sp) played for Hearts then been down south for a few years in the lower leagues. Remember him in FM being a pretty versatile player defence and midfield. Seemingly being touted around Scotland after his contract expired with fleetwood with us, hearts and Dundee interested

  8. Stevie May

    Good move for him, Sheffield Wednesday are a total farce. instead of their £10-15 million pound striker they've been warbling on about all summer they're stuck with that big cart horse Nuihu to fire them to glory
  9. Scotspurs

    Is this happening?
  10. Liam Craig

    Hibs have told him to look for a new club along with a couple of other players on longer contracts (Nelson and Collins I think) although they want money for Collins Craig can leave for free. Not to fussed either way, i'm not a great fan of players returning to a club after a poor spell at another. Theirs no doubt he would be an asset to the squad but IMO he would only be a squad player at the stat of the season and it would be up to him to get himself into the first team. O'Halloran and Wotherspoon hold the two wide positions and it's upto other players to dislodge them.
  11. Dave Mackay

    Over 200 games and the first Saints Captain to lift a major trophy. I thought he was a stand out yesterday. His positional play and the way he reads the game is second to none in our defence We've been very fortunate to have a top drawer player and man in our team at his peak. Yesterday was just rewards for the whole team who more than deserved that but Super Dave has stamped his place in Saints Hall of Fame
  12. I sat right at end of the the jock stein at the end where the corner was segregated. Never heard the trumpet once, only knew the song had started when the scarves started going. Thought the atmosphere was good especially at the goals but cup finals are always going to be like that. Mr and one guy behind me were the only ones singing the whole game. The family sitting beside us left to get different seats after they asked me if i would stop swearing and shouting in front of their kids. I enjoyed the game, we won it was emotional. Well done to everyone who put the effort into to do this and the display. I thought it looked good with the scarves and flags especially in the middle section behind the goal
  13. Stevie May

    He does every week
  14. Edinburgh Bus 1,2,3 With Names And Bus Info.

    Theirs a few of us getting the train from Uphall/Livi. 12.06 at Uphall, join the party
  15. Pair Of Jock Stein Lower Tier Tickets For Sale

    Top Man COYS