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    For those that haven't seen it - 

    "Hearts head coach Robbie Neilson: "I spoke to the players after the game and said we played some fantastic football and created some wonderful chances.

    "But we didn't take them and got done with a sucker punch, but I'd rather play like that and be entertaining and exciting and create chances than go direct and hope to nick a goal."

    Doesn't sound convincing to me. Very bitter.

    Absolute no class from Neilson spouting sh1te like that. He's obviously been to the Jackie MacNamara school of charm. 


    Would be good if anyone ever shared why the secret 7, or whatever, ceased to exist. Or what they did. Or why, having announced on here they were listening, never replied to anything. Or reported back. Pretend listening is so much worse than not listening.

    The first rule of the secret 7 is that you don't talk about the secret 7. :wink:


    Looking to order this shirt but can't decide on xl or xxl. I've checked the size guide on the coppa site & measured one of my xl tops which is closer to the xxl size. Could anyone that already has. the top let me know if you ordered your normal size or did you have to go up a size. Cheers

    You should be fine with an xl. You won't be disappointed either, the shirt is quality. 

  4. Old, but still very good! So how many of you have the wall chart with the game stuck up somewhere? Thought I'd have little interest in this, but hey, it's June and there's footy on. Today I put £5 bets on Ingerlun going out in the QF, Remain getting at least 55%, and loose change on France to win 2 0 tonight with someone French called Oliver scoring first. 

    For what it's worth, I reckon England will do quite well, possibly out in the semi's.  I've stuck a tenner on Belgium at 11/1 as an outsider and a tenner on France and Germany at 3/1 and 4/1 respectively. Looking forward to this tournament to begin, soon be beer o'clock.  

  5. That statement that Jim Traynor gave to the media is a complete joke. Yes, the Hibs fans shouldn't have been on the pitch but there was no need for anyone of a sevco persuasion to run on and confront the Hibs support. For Traynor to lay the blame on everyone ( Nicola Sturgeon, Tom English, Stuart Cosgrove, etc. ) is laughable. Traynor needs to look closer to home and accept that some of the knuckle draggers that follow his beloved club were equally as bad ( pyro, sectarian songs, fighting opposing fans. ) It will be interesting to see if the SFA dish out a punishment to Sevco for their part in all this or bury their heads in the sand like they always do when it comes to the ugly sisters. 

  6. Meet the manager nights, going in for the last 10 mins when the gates opened, watching saints train on the blaze/inch...askingh our postie and saints captain alex caldwell for his autograph every time he delivered our post (that might have been 83 mind"!)....... can't remember a thing about the games!

    I once got Alex Caldwell to autograph my homework book, teacher wasn't best pleased though.