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  1. Chinese Eskimo

    Sponsorship For Uganda

    Hi guys Thank you to all who agreed to sponsor me for my trip to Uganda, it is less than 2 weeks until I go and it would be much appreciated if I could get the money that was pledged ASAP! My paypal account is COYS Don
  2. Chinese Eskimo


    Anyone going who would be able to give me a lift home on Saturday?? Don
  3. Chinese Eskimo

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Paul cairney would be an excellent signing
  4. Chinese Eskimo

    Liam Craig

    I wouldn't take Liam Craig back. He doesn't fit into our current system at all and he was a disruptive influence within the club IMO.
  5. Chinese Eskimo

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Hasslebaink was one of our highest earners but sad to see him go as on his day he is unplayable. Heard that paddys contract was on reduced terms and thats why he left - harsh on him when Gary McDonald was offered a new contract on presumably an equal or higher wage.
  6. Chinese Eskimo

    Round 50 - Scottish Cup Final, Dundee Utd (N), 17/5/14

    1-0 saints Witherspoon 49878
  7. Chinese Eskimo

    Saints Vs Dundee United 17Th May Scottish Cup Final

    There is no way Mcdonald will be playing on Saturday, he would have started on Sunday if that was the case. Would be a disaster dropping Chris Millar as he always rises to the big occasions. Mannus Mackay Wright Anderson Easton Millar Dunne Wotherspoon O'halloran May Maclean
  8. Chinese Eskimo

    Ict V St Johnstone 11Th May 2014 - Match Thread

    Awful awful performance. Maclean had one of his worst games ever in a saints strip and the delivery oh crossing was embarrassingly bad. Iwelumo shouldn't play football again. James Dunne was one of a few who got pass marks. Onwards to Saturday now.
  9. Chinese Eskimo

    Round 49 - Inverness (A), 11/5/14

    ICT 0-3 SJFC Weatherspoon 3333
  10. Chinese Eskimo

    Saints V Celtic 7/5/14

    As brutal as Gary Mcdonald is he cant be criticised on his performance tonight.
  11. Chinese Eskimo

    Round 48 - Celtic (H), 7/5/14

    SJ 1-3 Celtic Stokes 5445
  12. Chinese Eskimo

    Round 47 - Motherwell (A), 3/5/14

    0-0 4313
  13. Chinese Eskimo

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Am I the only one not fussed about of lee croft stays or not? Has shown very little since Christmas and O'halloran seems a far better option. Substantial wage as well.
  14. Chinese Eskimo

    Round 46 - Aberdeen (A), 26/4/14

    Aberdeen 0-0 St.Johnstone No Scorer 11221
  15. Chinese Eskimo

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Paul Lawson is out of favour at Motherwell, Could do a job for Saints defiantly.