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  1. Player Contracts + Transfers

    SB is no mug... if we didn't freshen up the squad.... relegation. I think Scougall will benefit from Swanson. I reckon 6/5th now. Young squad, so we'll get some weird results. Good wins/ bad losses. For once I'm happy with the break. Time for players to settle in. Exciting times...
  2. Saints vs Dundee 25/08/18

    F@cking YESS!!!! A team in transition... we needed that.
  3. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Beastie is a big blow... did saints put too much pressure on him in pre-season, or is just he needs more rest. If it's another op... out for 4 months.
  4. Development Squad News 2017/18

    I'm happy with Clelland. Even i hated him as a H@n player, but he deserves it. He's been with saints for a long time. Good luck... maybe a future saints manager. As for Callum, sad loss, but maybe he'll help us out down the line. My abiding memory of his playing days was vs H@ns. Rino Gattuso (italian hardman) got absolutely smashed near the touchline. Didn't see callum coming in at speed. Trolloped him.
  5. New Assistant Manager required

    Good luck to him. Will Clelland get it, or TW goes for new blood.....???
  6. Royal Wedding and Saints

    Its all gone bananas here in Australia. Coverage starts at 4pm, then wedding starts at 7.30 pm. All free to air. Thankfully we have a ceilidh that starts at 7.45pm, so wont be subjected to too much. Mrs is an addict. I just want to see Markles cleavage. Harry's definitely batting above his league with her. Absolute stunner. Anywaaay back to Saints...
  7. Exiles Potys

    Panama has more elixir about it...
  8. Exiles Potys

    We should call it the "Panama Saint" award...
  9. Exiles Potys

    Nothing porno... just be nice to get a photo with the Exiles POTY being presented by whomever exiles can make it. Btw, what happened to Athens Saint? Is he banned/ bored/ transgender? I was going to catch up for a beer with him when he was working out of "Sling-a-whore". Very quiet.
  10. Chris Millar testimonial Boxing Dinner.

    Is Foster in the ring?
  11. Exiles Potys

    I'm in... how much? Still £26? Would be nice to get a photo for us that are far away... need PayPal account details... managed to get a *** butcher to put a saints scarf in his shop. Good pies. Shame he's a ***. But now converted to The Light...from country Victoria. He even sings "you look in your bucket & find a dead rat, you think it's a treat... in your Dundee slums...". Not sure a butcher out in the sticks (200kms away) should sing that. But he does. He calls me everytime a customer comes in. Good butcher...
  12. St Johnstone Kids Room

    Sure the club would get a shirt signed by the squad. Still got a saints football signed by the '90 squad. Personally love the old match posters. Monaco takes pride of place. I think they were all "acquired" by saints fans over there. May be some interesting stuff on eBay...
  13. Exiles Potys

    I'm not sure "joy" is an appropriate term. Sixtees. It is more like psychological torture developed at Guantanamo or some other Black CIA detention center in Romania. Still, the wife is a Saint. I just worry about the psychological scarring for my kids. It is a lifetime sentence. If we don't win at Christmas, whatever the fixtures, i am voluntarily handing myself to the polis. I'm not paying a shitload & 32 hours in a tin can to watch utter shite that cannot pass 4 yards. I have The Fear.
  14. Exiles Potys

    A really tough one... because most have been very average. Between Murray & Kane. I'll plump for Kane as he has developed pretty well on shite service. Sorry to hear the news & commiserations to family & friends. Can't make it until Christmas, when i am inductimg my 14 &12 yr olds to the "joy"to take in a bunch of games (weather permitting). Last two NY derbies were a shocker vs the coags. Lost the plot completely at the Dens fiasco. Had to go sit on my own for the safety of everyone around me. Travelling 32 hours to watch that utter shite... couldn't cope. For some strange reason my Aussie wife ejoyed it, because saints were "tackling hard". I didn't talk to anyone for a day or two.
  15. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Could we afford Robertson? A transfer fee & his wages are most likely high for us. Would be surprised, but you never know...