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  1. Irrespective of the result (which is obviously important).... saintes showed FIGHT. That's what we need. We won't be relegated. It starts now....
  2. That's also known as human traffickin.... :-)
  3. I actually don't think he has been tightfisted. We've got some good players. When was FYE? March 31st? If so, it wouldn't take into account players off the books, resignings & May. If only we could double our adult season tickets to 1,500 & get a home support of 3,500 we'd be sweet. If only... what proportion of revenue is from non-football activities? The hospitality always seems to do well.
  4. That is schoolboy stuff. 3 static Saints defenders, while well players running in. A standard training routine that Saints should easily defend.
  5. Not sure if the break is at a good or bad time. On one hand, bad as I'd like an immediate response from the players, on the other hand good as it gives us time to sort the shitshow systems in intense training. Regardless, a minimum 4 points a must.
  6. Clark is one that bothers me. I know it won't be popular, but too often he shovels the ball back in the box for another player to tap in. Call me old school, but a big unit like him should command the 6yd box. Push the ball out of play, not allow follow-ups. TW is a goalie, i question his technique.
  7. Gerrard of course! I'm all for motivational stuff, but leaving graffiti in their room as crap. Might as well have Amy MacDonald giving head jobs.
  8. You for real??? That's ****ed. I saw he was lambasted by "Donkey" Emile Heskey in the press for being a useless manager
  9. As others have said, i expect a loss. But... similar line up to Aberdeen is good. 4- 3-2-1. I presume Holt is tied for this??? To me already he's key this season. Releases Muzz. If Holt isn't, McCann.
  10. God , it was epic. Met up with my brother at Luton airport. In our kilts. Completely gashed. Flight to Nice, an American female tourist wanted to grope us and did then train to Monaco. Got to the hotel and was so pissed i fell down 2 flights of stairs. Didn't have health insurance and my ankle was sideways. Agony. Anyway we met a really nice bar owner who kept giving me whisky, with my leg ****ed. We got shitfaced. I got picked up at 2am by the cops in foliage and my brother had stumbled into the Royal palace... he came back with the polis at 4am. Then the next day, that dundee **** tried having a go in the plaza. Hilarious. He copped it. Then sitting down every 50 metres on the street... cops were brilliant. I think we were nominated for best away fans... what a team Monaco had!
  11. Righto... the season "starts" for us now... squad complete. No excuses. Want to see Swanson step up & challenge for a spot...
  12. Great stuff!!! That's what we wanted and needed. I don't care about the penalty stuff. The boys in blue did us proud. Thats what i wanted. COYS fae Melbourne. Take it to Sevco....
  13. I wouldn't go as far as to say "should get a result". There's potentially 4 new players starting... takes time for them to gel. We don't know what Holt & Ralston are like, we don't know if TW will start Wright, or use him off the bench as he's not match fit. And Aberdeen are no mugs at home. I'd be over the moon with a draw. If we lose, I want to see at least a good performance. A shite performance will see some pressure on here... 2-1 sheep. MOH to score. Good Saints performance.