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  1. I wouldn't mind having my hands on a gattling 30mm cannon when OF "fans" turn up... anyway, everyone stay cool...
  2. Not heard much about the Stork... apart from we have option to buy, TW picked him up from the airport in his hummer etc. I'm guessing he's match fit with Staebek/ Talinn? in their season? Interested if he's risked tomorrow...
  3. What are FIFA rules in relation to unlicensed agents and how much does it cost to put down a bond/surety to be licensed? Most likely illegal, hence why they introduced licenses, so to give supposed governance & stop shady cockroaches holding clubs to ransom. So that puts Vine & Saints in a tricky situation, assuming Vine is unlicensed. Which means Vine will face the same problem trying to get May to another club. I can just see him trying to get a loan from the bank "i need a shitload of dosh for my bond to be a licensed agent". Saints can't pay him directly- we'd be hammered. Must be one hell of a "relocation" fee and would be picked up by auditors. Tasty.
  4. Not that Vine is in any way obligated to, but often agents do speak about deals falling over. What can Vine say? The player accepted our contract, then he pops up trying to squeeze a bit more to line his pockets. Saints are standing firm- good on them. It's a question whether Vine changes his stance. Either way, his reputation as an agent, licensed or not, will suffer. The only fault Saints made was not getting a signed contract before the medical etc. Vine tried a sneaky one.
  5. Why should SB say anything? It's pretty clear what's happened. Vine is wanting more for his fee. Call it "relocation", or whatever. SB has played this pretty well in my opinion- regardless of whether May signs or not. offer made, accepted by player. Saints & SB have been good imo- using the press & TW to ratchet up pressure on Vine. Why is Vine still hanging around Perth? If/ when May signs for another club, I'm sure SB will reveal the facts- but it seems pretty clear.
  6. Don't think TW is b@llshitting on this one. He's taking a thinly veiled swipe at Vine & agents in general. Vine is the reason May isn't coming. TW most likely has to watch what he publicly says about him as he'll have a few players on his books.
  7. May (no pun intended) as well play a few youngsters plus senior players looking to get some minutes under their belt.
  8. Oh well, we didn't sign a player who had a few good seasons, then was gash for 4. We'd better get moving fast, as the clubs that were/ are interested in May have money to spend (supposedly), and could outbid us on what's left. A true test of how the club is run & ambition... interesting times...
  9. Piggybank spotted on ring road leaving McD...
  10. 48, broken everything mulple times, shot twice, stabbed 3 times. available on a free transfer. can play all positions except winger. sign me Tommy!
  11. let's not forget there was an Italian legend, defender, ex captain of Italy who was still playing at 40 in Serie A... and bizarrely, there's a Japanese player in their 2nd division playing as striker. ripe young age of 52. oldest pro in world football.
  12. unfortunately cannot attend, just back mid Jan.... have to go for Kerr, but special mention to Drey.... hope you recover....
  13. that's quite a points difference (to falkirk). is it because we're playing a lot of youngsters & other teams playing older guys returning from injury? Selkirk seem to have a good set-up. any decent youngsters Maybury should be targeting?