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  1. Do Aberdeen have anything half decent in defensive players? Possibly not that we could afford. I think Saints would budge for £50k, a la Rowen Vine. Wright obviously doesn't want him to go, is Kennedy forcing the move? Looks likely. I always get suspicious when a player is suddenly "injured" at an important time. Regarding Wright, I'd give him a 1 year contract, with an agreed option for a further 2 should he impress. That way we're covered if he can't regain form. Don't think there would be too much interest in him yet.
  2. All credit to Broon for this. Get a contract sorted early, no dithering about & agent shite. If he keeps this up, in 12 months he'll probably be gone... and we'll get decent moolah....
  3. I don't think an end of season pca is too bad. We keep Kennedy to help us, what would we have got as a panic replacement? It also gives us time to line up a decent summer transfer strategy. Stuff this up again, and heads should roll. There's no doubt in my mind that the whole May fiasco impacted us.
  4. ****inell, can John Robertson possibly stash more inflated self-esteem up his rectum???? Next he'll claim Maradona was his midget lover.
  5. But we stayed in the league.... talk of next seasons tv funding, how is it split? Is it paid in intallments, or a one-off? Do the OF get a bigger ratio, or divided equally? Hope it's the latter (obviously for saints), but for the league in general- would hopefully attract better quality players for all teams.
  6. How's the young kid that flies 600 miles from the Hebrides (?) Doing?
  7. Made my Sunday & week... until next Sunday morning.....
  8. 20 goals in 8 games???? Maybe we need cover for a ballboy.
  9. Alright, we lost 2 players, but a draw is fine by me. Players showed fight. They believe in Tommy.
  10. Don't give a shite about crap on here. 6 points. Simple.
  11. Irrespective of the result (which is obviously important).... saintes showed FIGHT. That's what we need. We won't be relegated. It starts now....
  12. That's also known as human traffickin.... :-)