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  1. Melbourne Saint

    Saints v Kilmarnock 24/11/18 League Game 14

    It should be a cracker.... both teams on a roll. Good test for a lot of guys. 1st goal vital. Kennedy to score. Going for 2-2
  2. Melbourne Saint

    Saints exiles Flag

    Not got an issue... but how big is the banner? For example, I've watched saints for close on 40 years (yikes), but being in Australia for 18 years, means I can only go to a few games every season. My Australian wife (now fully Perth-ised) goes to Saints games & has a top & wants to live in Perth. My kids, Finlay & Layla, 12 & 14 would love it too... they watch the streams, have the strips etc. so that's 4 names... have to be a big banner, and who'd take it to away games?
  3. Melbourne Saint

    Zander Clark

    I'm not sure Zander is ready for a call-up yet tbh. Can't comment on the folk Ecks called up, but Zander is a bit away from international level. The lads may be piss that are called up before him, I'm quite happy for him to wait a little bit. Think the potential is there, just a few things to work on. Mind you, I reckon a starting XI from brechin would do better than this aimless mob.
  4. Melbourne Saint

    SJFC magazine

    Ta, @slf... not looking forward to 37 hours traveling. Past 2 trips we got jumped away & home by the Scum. I demand victory at all costs.
  5. Melbourne Saint

    Stjohnstone v Hamilton

    Would love to... 5 weeks away from Saintville. Great result. Strange how in 3 weeks things have gone... weird. Players fit/gelling/ fighting. It's what we've lacked. I remember well the Zorro, Moorie, Wright, Dodds & even o'Boyle. There was excitement that they could score. Need contracts sealed, because folk will be looking. Give them at least 1-2 yrs. We can cash in. Folk will come back...
  6. Melbourne Saint

    SJFC magazine

    I would @slf but I'm too busy "stuck" in a great city. And I've written enough dire articles for a Saints fanzine in the 90's. It would/could be an article tho'... but I'll just wait till I'm home in 5 weeks....
  7. Melbourne Saint

    SJFC magazine

    The club has plenty of room for improvement. Why not assist the website?
  8. Melbourne Saint

    SJFC magazine

    Some guy does Nisa in Bankfoot, with his mum, then a dad getting off on his backside? Bankfoot is... lively...
  9. Melbourne Saint

    SJFC magazine

    @Strawman good on you for the feedback. Khashoggi/ Scougall makes it to p4... who makes it to page 3???
  10. Melbourne Saint

    Stjohnstone v Hamilton

    Agree... we have choices & players fighting for a spot. Keep the same. Good bench. 2-1 Saints.
  11. Melbourne Saint

    SJFC magazine

    Good God. Agree with @garydavidson wtf???? Someone's on magic mushies. Is this what the marketing person/ interstellar space oddity came up with??? This is a joke. Please say it is. We've had whacky stuff in the past like GB's jockey stuff, cardboard fan cut-outs, Scougall getting abducted, but I'd suggest it is a 1 episode epic .... crap. Sort out the website, get decent stuff on there.... ffs Saints. Appalling.
  12. Melbourne Saint

    Hibs vs Saints 03/11/18 Game 12

    Is he the Scottish "Tinkerman"??? I think a fair bit of credit is due to Broony. It was apparent that the squad needed a re-shuffle. We just didn't have any options to mix it. Now we do. Khashoggi/ Scougall was a a blow, for whatever reason, but Broon & TW have shown they work with limited budgets. I would certainly give him another 3 yrs. Right now.
  13. Melbourne Saint

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    That's a lot of work to sort that out....
  14. Melbourne Saint

    Hibs vs Saints 03/11/18 Game 12

    It appears a nice bit of business over the close season. For once. We were far too predictable, a fairly pedestrian 4-4-2, but these lads, allowing for injuries/ form etc give us a new dimension, something we've lacked for a while. Pace out wide & can track back if we need cover. Lovely. Watt looks a beauty, and not a prima-donna. TW now has the luxury of various formations. Shame about Khashoggi Scougall, he'd have done well feeding those options (I don't mean breastmilk btw), not sure where Wotherspoon sits in this evolving system?
  15. Melbourne Saint

    Taxi for Tommy?

    Ignore this muppet, @George GrieveIf TW leaves before his contract ends, it is with goodwill. Whe've been on one hell of a rollercoaster. Highs & lows. But lucky to have him. He is a Saint. And forever will be.