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  1. Quite apart from when some form of league will restart, certainly agree a lot of clubs will be hit with fans unable/unwilling to afford to go to games. Clubs could easily go to the wall. Corporate hospitality & sponsorship will be affected. They'll most likely have to also put back the summer transfer market too.
  2. Got to be one of the best Saints pics ever
  3. I like your post Pat. But no. 12-18 months is wrong. If you're going to introduce any vaccine, it must go through a 10-15 year clinical study. That could end player's careers. A rush job brings more crap down the line. Don't believe the hype. We're at least 5 -10 years away from an effective vaccine. All rats and monkeys have died in labs I've visited. And that is top notch science. In your Dundee slums!
  4. Aye... it'll be new, new Sevco. I reckon Killie, Jambo's are royally stuffed. In fact the league. Dundee Utd must be shitting it. Praise be the Broons!
  5. Killie have a false donor. They'll pull the cash soon enough.
  6. This is very different Abernethy. It's not a normal flu. That kills 80,000 per annum. This jumps borders like no other. It will take 5-10 years to recover.
  7. Also, don't believe the Chinese. They have no cure. They just lock down. They are even claiming on Weibo that it originated in US.!!!! State propoganda. China is stuffed.
  8. I work on commercialing new technology, through Walter Eliza Hall Institute (WEHI) and other research labs. There is no quick fix. It's a monster. it takes 10-15 years to go through clinical trials.
  9. Thankyou Ginger! I didn't realise how f#cked the league is. What a mess. Killie are stuffed.
  10. And Saints have arguably the lowest reliance on home gates to balance the books in the SPL. It's going to be a mess either way. I'd have thought that UEFA would be determined to keep leagues going behind closed doors as otherwise there could potentially be a legal minefield. UEFA and member associations would likely win regardless, as it's difficult to argue against public health. A compensation package would be the likely outcome, but that's incredibly complicated. Thank god we're not majorly affected.
  11. Pretty wild tbh. Problem with going 3 at the back as our preferred formation is we'll need another CB. Duffy is currently an emergency fill in. Think we're 442, on occasion 352. Also think O'Halloran is decent enough for us. Too risky looking for 2 wide players in the summer. As for Wright, I HOPE that TW has identified a possible collection of replacements if/when he goes and we are monitoring them. I'm sure he has.
  12. Got a link? Can't be arsed going through their site.