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  1. Melbourne Saint

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    completely agree... he has the opportunity to help develop younger players as captain and himself... at Aberdeen he'd just be another CD... i appreciate TW going public, shows the club want him to stay, but i just worry he's been swayed by Del & his agent for TW to come out like that. bit of a downer. kerr would be silly to go to Barnsley- or whoever. another season developing would be good for him.
  2. yeah, it was only 30-odd seconds in. there was a moment of stunned silence... then disbelief....
  3. Melbourne Saint

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    that's all we fricking need... English clubs are chucking money around like they've just won the lotto. if he goes for a decent fee, i hope we have plenty of add-on clauses...
  4. Melbourne Saint

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    doesn't sound great.... mind you, it's a fact of life... maybe Joe feels he has unfinished business at Aberdeen... and more £££. wonder who the other clubs are? hearts/Hibs? or English clubs? TW seems a bit worried. guess we'll have a very interesting summer if he goes (and some others). shame really... just as we're getting a decent squad, it slowly gets dismantled. price of good performances i suppose. any knews on Polworth?
  5. Melbourne Saint

    Scottish cup

    lets knock them out...
  6. Melbourne Saint

    Scottish cup

    that's a tough schedule... expect TW to shuffle the squad a bit. happy with 7 points off that.
  7. Melbourne Saint

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Forres Mechanics.... if still in ...
  8. Melbourne Saint

    Saints exiles Flag

    I'll get the money over to you Sixties... been travelling a lot... sure there are a few Melbourne Saints out there... would be nice to see the squad hold the flag...
  9. Melbourne Saint

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    cup match & win. happy. more dosh. would like one of the fannies away from home for more £££
  10. has to be same team as the Dundee game... they deserve it. MOH to come on with 20 minutes left... 2-1 Saints. crowd 3,450. first scorer... kennedy.
  11. Melbourne Saint

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    apologies... mixture of jetlag & predictive text. is MOH cover for poor Drey Wright? hopefully we can extend the contracts of others... be happy with a settled squad. MOH gives us flexibility in a few positions... great stuff.
  12. Melbourne Saint

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    saw him a few times playing for Melbourne City... he was alright. the Australian league is under-rated. pretty technical. i must admit i i waved my saints scarf at him & gave him a fair bit of abuse... that obviously swung him.... (!!!) be interesting if he recommends any youngster's from City. they are owned by Man City, but have some good young players...
  13. Melbourne Saint

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    tanser is exactly what we need. bet he's popular with the lads. good luck to big Joe... he'll be missed. kennedy, Watt, Watson NOW... we need to keep them... and when will we get Scougall off our books?
  14. Melbourne Saint

    Looking for help to purchase tickets to the Celtic match

    that's the one! not sure how long they could keep it going without getting busted, but entertainment plus.