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  1. Chuchter

    Round 1 - East Fife (H), 14/07/18

    Saints 3 - East Fife 1 McMillan 2050
  2. Chuchter

    Frazer Wright - An Appreciation

    It's great viewing. He seems to be enjoying himself: winning every header, even if it means leaping over his teammates as well. He even took out the Falkirk keeper with a forward roll. A couple of long balls went astray but that's just part of the charm now. loved watching him at Saints and definitely a legend.
  3. Chuchter

    Aberdeen Bus To Dundee Game

    Aye, that's what the DVLA website said as well. 'Practical' Van Hire seem to just have a flat policy that drivers must have a D1 category, and when I spoke to Turner Hire Drive just there I was told that their minibuses are over the weight limit for normal driving licenses
  4. Chuchter

    Aberdeen Bus To Dundee Game

    It would be great to share the costs and joys of travelling up and down the A90 with a group of saints fans. There seemed to be at least three folk keen on trying this for the Dundee game on Sat 11th at McDiarmid. I had a wee search for vans: First off, it seems you need a D1 license to drive anything with more than 9 seats, so unless anyone has one of those then we're restricted to the smaller vehicles... The best options is maybe from Practical Van Hire: £90 for a 9-seater, Diesel should cost around £25(?), maybe £30. With 8 folk it's around £15 each. (6 folk would be £20 each). It be great to hear what other folk think, any suggestions, or if someone has a minibus we can borrow etc. So, who's up for the North East Saints Express?
  5. Chuchter

    Any Inverurie Saints?

    Ok, so It's probably a little late in the week for Chris Iweliimbo to learn to drive for Saturday.... Maybe the Dundee game on Sat 11th April would be more reasonable to give an Aberdeen ((mini) mini) bus a go. I'll start a new thread shortly with details and to see if there's enough interest to fill some seats!
  6. Chuchter

    Any Inverurie Saints?

    I drive down with my better half most home games, but maybe we could get a (mini)bus together with all these north east saintees! Speaking of buses, I have taken the megabus from Aberdeen to the Broxden park and ride on a few saturdays so that's doable too (and cheaper).