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  1. Friendlies

    Colin Hendry‏ @BraveheartCH 2m2 minutes ago More Replying to @St_Johnstone_FC Get in son!!!
  2. Friendlies

    80. GOAL SAINTS!!! The ball falls to Callum Hendry after a mixup with the Rangers defence and he dinks the ball over the keeper. #SJFClive Goan Yersel, young man!
  3. Friendlies

    23. Rangers burst up the pitch through Tavernier but Habran catches up, dispossesses the defender and calmly moves Saints up. 0-0. #SJFClive
  4. Player Contracts + Transfers

    These are the clubs we are competing with for signings, there is no way we are able to compete/compare with Hearts, Hibs or The Rangers
  5. FK Trakai away - Europa League 6/7/2017

    Europa League: Trakai v St Johnstone (agg 2-1) From the sectionFootball Sharethis page Tommy Wright insists the tie is "not over" BBC coverage How to follow: Listen on BBC Radio Scotland 810MW/DAB/online; text commentary on the BBC Sport website Line-ups FK Trakai 13Plukas 11Dorley 7Cesnauskis 4Vorobjovas 15Janusevskis 22Wakili 9Maksimov 23Shyshka 77Bychenok 24Klimavicius 33Borovskis Substitutes 1Sheremeta 26Traore 30Masenzovas 47Kruk 49Cyzas 50Marazas 79Mamaev St Johnstone 12Clark 3Tanser 8Davidson 7Millar 4Alston 5Shaughnessy 19Foster 28Gilchrist 21Scougall 26Craig 25Kane Substitutes 1Mannus 9MacLean 10Wotherspoon 15Kerr 18Paton 27Thomson 29Cummins
  6. Steven McLean and the Plastic Pitch

    This will be Kane's third make or break season then? He's no young kid coming through anymore, the fact of the matter is he and Cummins simply are not good enough for one of the best teams in the country over the past five years. They are both lower Premiership or Championship level. The only reason we still have them slogging it out is due to the odd situation that we are still unable to replace Steve May, a player that left us what two seasons ago? I'm not going to point the finger at either Management or the board, because at the end of the day I am merely a fan and know nothing of the situation. However it can't go on much longer, I have a feeling that Macca will either hang up his boots this at the end of the coming season or take on a reduced roll from main striker.
  7. FK Trakai (H) - Europa League Round 1 - 29/06/17

    Paton should never have started, he was an utter cart horse every minute he played. The fact that we improved greatly when Miller replaced him showed he should have been playing from the start, even if he could only manage 60 minutes it would have been an entirely different game. Another thing that a lot of haters will jump on is the fact that had we managed to get MOH on loan or whatever, with his pace and their full backs he would have destroyed them! Even pre purple patch MOH. Oh and another thing Tommy, WE NEED A ****ING STRIKER!!!!!!!!!
  8. Europa League 2017 - 18
  9. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Have we signed Tade yet?
  10. Friendlies

    Been told by a Sevconian colleague that we are also playing a closed door game against that lot through in Glasgow also.
  11. Tam Scobbie

    It appears to have been snowing in Dundeh
  12. WAP EXILES request to get their own Supporters Forum

    Other than a select handful it’s pretty much only ‘the exiles’ that even post on WAP anymore, yeah others will pop on to have a read to try and find info about transfer news etc… but apart from that you have the place to yourself anyway. I’d also say the reason for the other supporters forums becoming so largely in active is the fact that social media sites like Facebook offer a far better service for keeping everyone that wants to be informed via closed group pages, i.e. as soon as someone wishes to post some information everyone in said group will receive a notification on their phone as opposed to having to log on here just in case.
  13. Aberdeen vs Saint Johnstone Sat. 29th April

    So Saint Jet and myself both ended up being correct, no arguments from me after that result.
  14. Aberdeen vs Saint Johnstone Sat. 29th April

    Ha ha, well if you believe in tempting fate, you're very welcome
  15. Aberdeen vs Saint Johnstone Sat. 29th April

    I sincerely hope you're kidding. You would rather play Thomson ahead of Swanson against the 2nd best team in the country in a game where even a point can be seen as a victory with securing 4th in mind? I'm sure he's a decent enough lad, but Thomson is not good enough for Premiership football, I'm pretty sure he's struggle in the Championship if I'm entirely honest with my opinion. Considering he looks utterly lost against lower Premiership opposition Aberdeen would chew him up and spit him back out again! Swanson on the other hand, is our best player. Like it or lump it, he was the only one that managed to drag the rest of the team into competing with Aberdeen a couple of weeks ago. To drop him just because a minority (and you are by the way) of fans have got there knickers in a twist because the inevitable has happened and he is moving on is utterly ludicrous. Swanson is still being paid a wage to do a job and therefore should be utilized to do so in our remaining games. As for not awarding the player of the year, The Player of the Year award because some fans are in the cream puff with him? Grow up!!!