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  1. Tommy for Rangers

    Seriously? His entire managerial career consists of half a season in League two and he's now on the 'not far down may Championship sides wish lists'. Clubs that, say for a handful, are striving for promotion to the Premiership, are looking at a guy that's had the best part of five months experience as a manager? Stop arguing for the sake of arguing RG. I quite often agree with a lot of your posts but sometimes you have to learn to stick your hands up and say, aye, fair enough, I stand corrected.
  2. Tommy for Rangers

    Just to stick my oar in. Going by the above underlined statement, I can only presume that you were not at his testimonial dinner. Where during his thank you speech Cuptie said the words "After the many years at the club and success I have enjoyed, it's been an honour to captain such a great club." Then pointing to his current employers, the table of Binos directors. "With no disrespect meant at all to Stirling Albion, St Johnstone is my team and my club" So yeah, I'm pretty confident people aren't necessarily overstating how he feels for the club.
  3. Hearts v Saints at MURRAYFIELD

    Aye, 35 is now the 300. If you were able/willing to walk 10 minute from the P&R then yeah the 100 would take you right there. You could always drop your passengers at the bus stop, park the car and walk back to them for the bus. Failing that, get the Tram to Murrayfield as mentioned, you would need to walk round to our end, again taking about 10 minutes. Your only real option that doesn't involve walking would be taking the tram to Haymarket and then just Jumping on the number 26 (Its the Zoo bus so you can't miss it, always has animals all over the side of it) along West coats for 5 minutes, that'll deliver you to the Murrayfield bar directly. If you ask the driver to let you know when to get off they will happily give you a shout.
  4. Hearts v Saints at MURRAYFIELD

    Airlink 100 is will take you from the Park & Ride all the way to Murrayfield
  5. Taken from Edinburgh Saints Facebook page... Right folks, after a great start to the league campaign Saints are going into this game off the back of two 3 - 0 defeats. A home game for us Edinburgh Saints so let's get along and back the team if you can. We should see O'Halloran back, and not a day too soon either! Scougall was very impressive against Sevco so hopefully his form will continue into this fixture as well, defensively we are without Foster and Anderson. Dare I say it, but neither will be particularly missed going on this seasons form and it also gives the young lads a great opportunity to impress. The Novelty factor of this game is the fact that it is likely the one and only chance you'll ever get to see Saints play at the largest Stadium in Scotland - Murrayfield. Prices are a very reasonable £19 for adults, Over 65s £14, Students £14, Under 18s £11, and Under 13s £5. As I'm sure most of you are aware the staff in the ticket office at McDiarmid Park are very efficient and post tickets first class so plenty of time to give them a call (01738 455000) and make sure your at the game this Saturday. Also, seen as the Polwarth Tavern is bit of a hike to Murrayfield I think the alternative plan is to meet up in Platform 5 at Haymarket for 11am then head along to the Murrayfield bar before KO.
  6. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Probably not going to be a particularly popular comment, but what with the goings on with Kenny Millar at Ibrox being very reminiscent of MoH, I'd happily take him at Saints also. We are still desperate for another decent striker to partner Macca, and as much as it pains me to say it Mr Sevco has been on cracking form since that lot crawled their way back up to the Premiership. Johnstone just isn't good enough for this level, and Cummins, as much as he works his socks off seems to have forgotten how to football proper. Let the backlash begin..... If there are enough people on here these days to lash that is
  7. Richard Foster

    I get the point about passion etc.. but it's becoming all too often with Foster now without anything else (Recently) to back it up. Thinking back there was the fracas with Swanson for one. Secondly, and I'm not sure if anyone else noticed, but as the half time whistle went in the Europa fixture at home there was a pretty healthy chorus of booing going round, to which Foster turned round and give it an almighty GIRFUY whilst screaming at the East Stand. Now this incident as well. I'm starting to think it's not as much passion and more just an incredibly short fuse which he clearly struggles to control.
  8. Dave Mckay Testimonial match against DUNDEE Friday 6th Oct.

    Offt, you've made a right dugs dinner of this one, what an ignorant opinion to have. I would doubt very much if you are aware of how much personal time and effort the people behind the committee have put into both the dinner event and getting the game sorted, to no advantage to themselves it must be added. Also your reference to our Turkish friends? If you kept up to date with them at all you would know that they are up to their eyeballs in debt thanks to the construction of their new stadium that's simply far too big for purpose. So I highly doubt they would be able to afford a 6000 mile round trip for a testimonial. Also Perth retained it's City status about three years ago. #justsayin
  9. Dave Mackay Testimonial Dinner

    What's the official dress code for this? Smart casual, Suits?
  10. The invincible Celtic v the always underestimated St.Johnstone 26/8/17

    1 - 3 Rout to the Saintees. O'Hallaron, Johnstone, Cummins Maybe.....
  11. Tommy for Rangers

    Can't say I was a fan of the line "They want their gaffer to stay where he is and keep up the overachievement." Piss off McLean, you are where you are on merit and merit alone. There's no such thing as 'overachievement' as far as I'm concerned. That shit is up there with the usual sound bites that get thrown around when a so called big club has been relegated "they really should be/deserve to be in the top flight" No, again you are where you are on merit. Not just in football but in all walks of life!
  12. Lack of Ambition or Direction

    This post
  13. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Or on the flip side, PR team could have played an absolute blinder here. Think about it, on both WAP and Pie & Bovril this is the hottest (WAP) and second hottest (P&B) conversation on a Friday afternoon before a full card of football this weekend. Everyone is talking about it. Now if the club then announced a 'Jewel' signing or even double signing this evening to go straight into the squad for tomorrow you may very well get quite a few more bums on seats.
  14. Player Contracts + Transfers

    No they don't, they don't have to clarify anything to anyone (apart from HMRC), paying customer or not. It's a limited company not a plc. To seriously suggest that someone that had every intention of going to the game tomorrow, had planned their Saturday around it, and now is suddenly just going to say 'you know what, I'm not going now cause the club hasn't been crystal clear with every single iota of their transactions and contract negotiations, and I am now officially in the cream puff with them' is just ludicrous. I can see what angle you may have initially been looking at with your OP but I think people have debated it to the point it was proven incorrect and you are now just digging your heals in. As for those that are in full panic mode over this, they really need to take a look at what's truly important in life. If this sort of thing has them all worked up to the point they won't attend the game tomorrow I think they best go and sit in a cold dark room for a bit.
  15. Player Contracts + Transfers