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    Born and raised in Perth. Moved south for work back in 2005. Maried now with kids........trying in vain to move family back.......wife having none of it!
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  1. essexsaint

    Saints Kit Supplier 2018/19?

    Love the look of the top. Totaly different but that's why I like it.
  2. essexsaint

    Exiles Potys

    Thank you for organising. Great to be a part of the day even though I'm so many miles away.
  3. essexsaint

    Saints Kit Supplier 2018/19?

    I actually like the fact its very different. It beats plain yellow. I hope the home top is as creative as this one.
  4. essexsaint

    Exiles Potys

    Done x
  5. essexsaint

    Exiles Potys

    Hello. So sorry I haven't been on in a very long time. Just logged on today and got your messages. I heard the sad news on facebook. I was actually gutted. I met Athens for first time in the times square and had a few drinks with him. Great guy and of course a great saints fan. I will happily donate towards the cause. I'll use the PayPal link. Essex
  6. essexsaint

    WAP EXILES request to get their own Supporters Forum

    Athens, I totally understand where you are coming from but I would probably still look to post in the main forum when I do. I wouldn't like to "exile" myself even further. I already feel like a knob end being over 400 miles away from McD. I don't want to make that even worse.
  7. essexsaint

    St Johnstone Fan Fined

    Have I read this right....Brora got fined ten years ago for some shi* at a saints game.....and it's only now in 2017 he is responding to the event and the comments of others made back in 2006? Have I gone mad or has that just happened?
  8. essexsaint

    Saints Exiles POTY Award - Season 2016-2017

    From what I have seen so far this season in Perth, on TV and reading match reports I'm going to say Liam. Thanks for getting the ball rolling on this Athens.
  9. essexsaint

    Wotherspoon for Canada?

    Benefit his confidence. He is a confidance player. He will thrive if being in such a set up playing potentially against much better players than in spfl. Also he will be much more use to playing abroad and training abroad which can only be good if we have ambitions of playing In Europe every other season. In a nutshell it will boost confidence and Give him a great experience playing internationally against unknown quantities. Can only benefit us.
  10. essexsaint

    Wotherspoon for Canada?

    Great for spoony and saints. As already said, no chance of getting into Scotland squad. Can only help develop him. Happy with this if it is infact an accurate story.
  11. essexsaint

    Zander Clark

    Yeh agree, but is he not injured?
  12. essexsaint

    Saints vs Celtic 05/02/17

    The sooner they f*** off to some other league that they think will benefit them, the better. scottish football will thrive without them long term.
  13. essexsaint

    Michael O'Halloran

    Cheers Athens....this parenting malarkey cuts down on my "social media" time.
  14. essexsaint

    Michael O'Halloran

    Not posted in ages and feel I should be saying something ground shattering due to this, but............I would be happy to see MOH back.
  15. essexsaint

    saints v celtic

    Saints did alright in the end tbh. No other team will get close to Celtic this season for the league. We won't play better this season. we should aim for second place