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  1. No. Its a slippery slope towards getting OF Colt teams in the lower divisions, which I am completely against. To support this would be hypocritical. Say no to Colts.
  2. Good open game, enjoyed it. Hibs good in possession, and have a lot of tidy midfield attacking players with good movement. Thought Hibs had a few good chances in first half but great goalkeeping, and a brilliant block by Foster kept them out. Drey Wright was ripping the Hibs left a new one everytime he went at them, him and Foster look a really good partnership down the right. Kennedy is a very good player, but needs to sharpen up his decision making. Sometimes keeps the ball far too long, same last week, and Tanser/ others don't know where to make the run as he doesn't play the early pass. Defence looked good, Kerr and Ando looked very solid, as were the full backs. Murray doing a great job as usual. The best thing about the game compared to last week was the fight and aggression. Hibs had a lot of the ball in our half, but we seemed content to sit in and let them have it, and they didn't get in behind us too much in the second half. Cracking ball in from Boyle for the equaliser, Ando had been pulled wide and was trying to get back in, not sure if Kerr had come across to cover, but it seemed a nightmare for Kerr and Foster to deal with. Ambrose is quality, though he should have been penalised for a foul on Kennedy late on. Also looked a stonewall penalty when he blocked a header with his arm in the second half, have to see that one again.
  3. Both McDiarmid Park games finished 1-1 between the sides last season, so would be a reasonable punt, though Hibs should be firm favourites. Im going for 3-1 Saints, for no reason other than I still have that early season blind optimism, and I'm completely blotting out the killie game and most of last seasons home matches! I'm banking on Hibs being sluggish after Europe, having to make too many changes, still adapting to life without McGinn, and being intimidated by the McDiarmid Park cauldron of noise, as well as Saints players being fired up to do better after a poor showing at Kilmarnock. The noise bit might not be completely true. Watt 2 and Kennedy the scorers.
  4. I'm changing my opinion and think this will be the team as well. I'd be happy with it, looks decent. Scougall, Kennedy and Wright like to get forward, so hopefully Watt wouldn't be isolated like last week. My worry if we went with Macmillan and Watt up front is that we wouldn't be able to get any decent service to them, and ended up lumping long balls up to them all game. Need to change from last year's strips though.. does the app not have a tartan panel option??
  5. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Agree with all of this. If we get a good quality centre midfielder then on paper it will have been one of the best summer's business in a very long time. Its just frustrating we can't have it in place for the season starting to get off to a flyer. And if in the end we genuinely can't afford a decent CM then I'll be massively disappointed, and it will undermine a lot of the positives for me.
  6. Bit harsh, as tactically Tommy Wright has been good for us in games against superior opposition especially. We probably take more points off the OF than most teams in the league, for example. But yes, we got it very wrong on Saturday I thought as well, and didn't change it when it was obvious we needed to. Thought we were slow to react to everything, and Killie were far hungrier than us, which is not typical of Saints in recent years. Steven Thompson summed it up well for me on sportscene, we played that game at times as if we were away at Celtic park, with everyone behind the ball, and our only outlet a punt up the park. We should be more than capable of matching a team like killie, and looking to finish above them. Hopefully just an early season blip whilst we sort the midfield out. Big game next weekend.
  7. MOTM: Game 5 Kilmarnock 2 v 0 Saints 04/08/18

    Went for Kerr, but was a toss up between Anderson and him. Agree with the 'standing up and being counted' comment, felt there was a lack of heart from quite a few yesterday, and Killie almost bullied us at times, they seemed to be first onto every second ball. Kennedy looks to be a talented player, but he tried to do too much himself, he has to mix it up a bit and play an early pass sometimes as well. He was keeping the ball so long that killie ended up just getting a few bodies round him and crowding him out.
  8. Was working last night, must have been removed for some reason
  9. Hadn't realised at the game, but first goal was a bit of a howler by Zander. Second is a wonder strike.
  10. That was awful. Kilmarnock are well organised, play 4-4-2 and are capable but in no way anything outstanding.. yet they were miles better than us today. They were hungrier, stronger and better on the ball. They pressed us well and forced hopeful punts up to Tony Watt isolated up front. I think that game was right up there as one of Tommy Wright's poorest in terms of his decisions/ tactics in his time as manager here. Opening period we were okay, but once Killie sussed our formation, they bossed it. We were never 3 at the back in my opinion, that was 5 in defence the whole game, maybe to do with the way killie forced us back. After a quiet first half, killie got Jones massively involved after the break and he went past poor Comrie every time. The goal was coming, we were crying out for a tactical change as we could barely string two passes together, but we decided to wait until killie went ahead. We had a brief spell when we went 4-4-2, but again killie got back on top and Tanser rolled a simple pass straight to a killie player which ended up in the second goal, and they might have won by more in the end. Clark had some good stops, though radio suggested first goal was a mistake. Thought all three centre backs did okay overall, full backs were both dreadful, Muzz tried as ever but the three others in midfield; Wotherspoon, Wright and Kennedy were weak. Kennedy is a player, but keeps the ball far too long and tries to do too much, definitely needs to mix it up a bit. Watt actually put a shift in and did what he could, with zero service, and next to no support, tough day for him. Yes only the first game, but a lack of hunger and heart from quite a few of the team. Central midfielder is essential. Aaron Comrie got taken apart the last game he played here, yet as a young player he's thrown in for his first competitive appearance in ages against the same opponent. As poor as he was that second half, felt he was hung out to dry. Only three points, but hopefully get a big reaction for next weekend.
  11. What a centre half he turned out to be sat in the East Stand, then ran off home for his tea Now he plays for, Perth St Johnstone
  12. Season Tickets 2018-2019

    Would make little difference.
  13. If ICT win or get 2 points then they are seeded as well, and Livingston drop down to the non-seeds and Partick would also make it as a non-seed and Hearts would be out. If Hearts beat ICT, then I think it's on goal difference between Thistle and ICT for the final unseeded place.