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  1. PauloPerth

    St.Johnstone V Dundee - Wednesday 3rd April

    Overall a fairly entertaining game compared to recent outings; much better from us and deserved the win, but why the f**k do we stop playing when we score? Both our goals came when we were playing well and creating chances and then for some reason we seem completely incapable of passing the ball thereon. When you compare it to how Motherwell got the bit between their teeth when they went one up against us on Saturday and tore us apart, we do the complete opposite and stop playing. If Dundee had scored one of the chances in the first half or straight after half time, there's a fair chance they would have kicked on given our recent fragile state. But they folded after that and didn't create much else at all. Following that second half miss, Saints took control and looked really good up until the second. Kennedy and MOH were very good. Callachan brings energy but he is one of the most inconsistent players within 90 minutes as you'll see, from great touches to mis-controlling it 10 yards away! Jason Kerr was flawless. Good game from Shaughnessy as well. Thought our strikers gave us energy and running, but very little quality other than the opening 20 minutes. Great opening spell from Hendry and delighted for him to get the goal. Chris Kane is so frustrating when running in on goal in terms of rarely getting a shot on target, or being able to slip a teammate in. Enjoyed O'Halloran's performance, was very mature as when he drew a few defenders to him he didn't just head down and run with it, he was happy to play a simple pass when required. If we can get the centre of midfield right, MOH, Kennedy and Wright give us some brilliant options for next season.
  2. PauloPerth

    MOTM Game 40: Saints 2 v 0 Dundee

    Kerr was outstanding, but a while since we've seen much attacking flair, so Kennedy for me as well. Joe and the rest of the back four all good, and thought O'Halloran had a good game.
  3. PauloPerth

    Have we underachieved this season?

    I didn't mean leaders purely in terms of the team captain, was meaning people who would shout and cajole teammates and drag others' up when things weren't going well. Steven Maclea and Frazer Wright were two who spring to mind that were rarely captain, but were certainly 'leaders' on the park.
  4. PauloPerth

    Have we underachieved this season?

    We appear to have lost a bit of our battling spirit this season. It's a massive ask to replace guys like Dave Mackay, Fraser Wright, Steven Anderson, Chris Millar and Steven Maclean who have all left over the past few years, in terms of character, but a few more 'leaders' are definitely required for next season. In league games where we have fallen behind, we have taken 1(one) point all season.
  5. PauloPerth

    Danny Swanson

    Agree with both of you. I'm quite surprised at how quickly Saints fans are calling on punting Swanson and O'Halloran. The same folk will be raving about them next season if they're on form and we're doing well. If they were new players we knew nothing about and just didn't cut it then fair enough. But they're not. We know they can both offer a lot going forward. Neither returned to us particularly fit, are playing in a struggling team, and not getting any run of games to find form. They still need to do a lot better, there's no doubt. Yes some people can claim Saints shouldn't have re-signed them after they chose to leave, but we did and both are Saints players now. Time they got a wee bit of support and encouragement.
  6. PauloPerth

    St.Johnstone V Dundee - Wednesday 3rd April

    Nothing to lose Tommy, baws oot and entertain. Time to see if a few fringe lads can step up, and give Swanson and MOH the chance to find form. Clark Foster Gordon Kerr Tanser O'Halloran Callachan Craig Swanson Kane Kennedy
  7. PauloPerth


    Still browse, though possibly less than previously, and occasionally post. As others mention, the lack of others' posting means there's less discussion so less to get involved in. Enjoy pie and bovril as match threads with other clubs fans give a bit of variety and there's more topics to browse through. Follow both sites though. Don't use Twitter and lasted about half an hour on the FB banter page, brutal! We're on a shite run, but still comfortably mid table and not going to get relegated this season, and no cup runs, so in reality there's not a lot to be up or down about either way which maybe means less folk bother posting.
  8. PauloPerth

    Race for the top half...

    It has looked that way. Still an outside chance if we win tomorrow and Hibs don't. To think if we'd held on and beaten 10 man Hibs a couple of weeks ago we'd be 2 points above them right now and sitting 6th. That really was a significant result for both teams. Still have a bit of hope, but got to get 3 points tomorrow or it's not happening. Difficult to see on current form, but st Mirren are bottom of the league for a reason.
  9. PauloPerth

    MOTM Game 37: Livi 3 v 1 Saints

    No vote from me. Didn't think anyone really deserved a MOM award this week.
  10. PauloPerth

    MOTM Game 35: Saints 0 v 2 Aberdeen

    Tanser, Kerr and Davidson for me as well.
  11. PauloPerth

    St.Johnstone v Aberdeen Saturday 23rd Feb

    It was Celtic in the 0-2 game at McD a couple of weeks ago who I first saw take advantage of our right footed left centre back. They cut off the ball to Kerr but left Shaughnessy to receive it from the keeper and the channeled him onto his left foot where he's obviously weaker resulting in us often giving the ball away. I I felt Aberdeen did that today as well, there were quite a few occasions Joe was left with plenty of time to play it forward on his left side, as Aberdeen had blocked off the square ball back inside to Kerr. Not much Joe can do really, he's not left footed so it's difficult for him. Possibly Tanser dropping deeper alongside him to take the ball then play a forward pass on his stronger foot?
  12. PauloPerth

    St.Johnstone v Aberdeen Saturday 23rd Feb

    Dreadful quality game from both sides, but Aberdeen looked far more dangerous in attack and deserved their win. Wotherspoon and Foster's laurel and hardy routine was funny for a while, but thought to keep it going for most of the match was a bit of overkill. Foster was brutal, one of those games, but Wotherspoon contributed zero. Players on the bench must sit wondering what's the ****ing point when he stays on the park for 71 minutes playing like that. Liam Craig was also murder. Playing excellent centre midfield upto the break but shuffling things around hasn't helped him. When we went 2 up front he should have been hooked. Lacking in creative/ attacking threat in the line up, with only Kennedy offering much going forward. Careless touch by Kennedy for the first goal, and again by Swanson for the second. Swanson had given the ball away each time he'd had it beforehand the goal, so Aberdeen should have been expecting it. Wee Danny looks very unfit and a shadow of his former self. Thought Murray Davidson was immense today, if the rest of the team gave a f**k like he did it might have been a different story. Kerr got better as the game went on and was excellent, thought Tanser also had a mostly good game. Kane back to his usual running and falling over and offering very little goal threat. We look a disjointed rabble in possession at times, and too many players below par. Not sure what the answer is, and sadly neither does Tommy Wright.
  13. PauloPerth

    MOTM Game 34: Rangers 0 v 0 Saints

    As mentioned, could have been anyone. Great team performance. Picked big Joe. Good to see a few players who have been given a bit of criticism by Saints fans recently, turn it round and be amongst our best performers: Shaughnessy, Foster and Davidson. Kerr was excellent again, and Kane put a great shift in. Kennedy back to looking like his pre-winter break self. Cracking ball from Spoony for Alston's chance.
  14. PauloPerth

    Rangers v Saints Saturday 16 Feb League Game 26

    Good performance and result for Saints. Far more typical in terms of fight and organisation than recent matches. Could have nicked it on the break as well and wouldn’t have been undeserved. No let downs, whole team played well. Rangers fans booing the ref and shouting for a foul at every challenge was hilarious! Well played Saints
  15. PauloPerth

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Are you talking about keown? Nothing against him personally, but him getting selected for the squad v Celtic at the weekend ahead of Gordon must be fairly soul destroying for Liam Gordon.