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  1. PauloPerth

    Old St Johnstone And Muirton Photos

    That photo of Muirton is a cracker
  2. PauloPerth

    Stjohnstone v Aberdeen away

    Yes you're right, it was given as a throw.
  3. PauloPerth

    MOTM Game 22 Aberdeen 0 v 2 Saints

    Excellent team performance. The back four were great all game, with Jason Kerr outstanding once more. Kennedy and Watt had very good games as well. Going for Alston, as I felt his introduction was the decisive moment in the game. The timing of his runs through the middle and finishing are his main threats; a great run to win the corner for the first, and a brilliant finish for the second, were two key moments in the victory.
  4. PauloPerth

    Stjohnstone v Aberdeen away

    I think inwardly he will be hoping for better than simply avoiding relegation, but I like this approach better. Playing it down has worked well for us over the last few years. The media would be all over it if Tommy came out with some bold claims or lofty ambitions, setting us up for a fall. Think they've done it to Kilmarnock this week.
  5. PauloPerth

    Stjohnstone v Aberdeen away

    We'll just have to win the league on points
  6. PauloPerth

    Stjohnstone v Aberdeen away

    First half after a very good opening 10 minutes or so, I thought we struggled to get hold of the ball and were hemmed in for periods, but second half I thought we were very good and worthy of the win. Aberdeen passed it around nicely first half but didn't create much, whereas Saints had a couple of clear chances. I thought we'd sat far too deep, with Spoony particularly almost beside Tanser. Watt's forward play and Kennedys desire to run at opponents were our only real threats, other than the sitter Callachan missed. Second half was far better, we played much higher up the pitch and Spoony looked far more effective going forward. Bringing on Alston in a central position was the decisive move. He had a good run in behind that was unfortunately on his left where Lewis blocked his pass across for potentially an easy finish for Watt or Kennedy. Either from that corner, or around that time, Joe headed the opener. Three minutes later Blair scored a screamer as he curled it over Lewis. Saints had at least two very strong penalty shouts; Kennedy when he skinned Lowe(?) and drove into the box, and when Callachan got scythed down by Logan, only for the ref to give a free kick on the edge of the box. A textbook St Johnstone performance defensively, but the huge difference this season is we can hurt teams on the counter. We might not come out on top of many games in terms of possession, but in terms of chances created we will. I remember during the World Cup there was a coach who was quoted as saying he felt possession as a stat was overrated, it was far more significant what you do with it. I would say that definitely applies to Saints this season. The back four were magnificent. Jason Kerr was arguably the best defender on the park. If McKenna is worth over £6m, then I hope we don't let Kerr go for the first bid that comes in. Kennedy is a threat everytime he gets on the ball, even playing wide today. Great three points. Not many times* supporting St Johnstone do I remember Saints fans singing "we are unbeatable"!! * never
  7. PauloPerth

    Saints v Hearts 5th December

    Yes, hands up, a day later with hindsight that is a bit overly harsh. Alston was steady enough, and took his goal really well. I must admit to being frustrated with Blair over a lot of the time he's been at Saints, up until a period of about a month or so this season when he was playing centre mid and was having a good impact on matches, prior to getting injured. Apart from the occasional goal, i've often felt at times he's been content to just drift through a game cancelling out his opponent, but not having a major bearing on things. Last night considering it was his first match back he did fine. I think Tony Watt is an exceptionally talented player. Outside the old firm, he's easily up there with the better strikers in the league for me, in terms of his touch, hold up play and ability to turn his man. I just feel the past couple of matches he hasn't been at the same high level of performance. He has probably been up against a better quality of centre half to be fair, but his attacking threat has been a bit less. That's not to say there weren't any moments of good play for him last night, as there certainly were a few.
  8. PauloPerth

    Saints v Hearts 5th December

    A poor result for us tonight. Hearts not playing well, on an awful run and with results going well around us, we could have been very close to the top points wise with a win. Tough matches coming up as well. We played some decent stuff in the first half, but the substitution at half time seemed to kill our momentum. Plus hearts tried to kill the game and were sitting in and trying to waste time from 50 minutes onwards. Awful to lose two goals from crosses, especially after the same thing happened at Tynecastle. Their second goal Alston was beaten easily, then it looked a bit wreckless by Ricky to charge in and concede the foul. Have to say up until his goal I was thinking what a typically shite Alston showing from wide midfield. Slow and cumbersome on the ball, jockeys players from miles away with no intention of winning the ball, and losing every header even to players a foot shorter. But he does get goals occasionally and took it well. We had lost our way second half, so,thank f**k for Dallas's guilt penalty award. Liam and Muzz were okay but they sit so far behind the play when we attack that when their defenders win it, we're screaming for an attacking midfielder following in. That's one thing Alston does when he plays centrally. Kennedy the stand out for me again attacking wise. Thought Kane did well when he came on. Don't think Watt is giving us too much at the minute to be honest, and his total greed in the first half when he was determined to shoot when he could have played one or two teammates in maybe shows his frustration. Hope Tanser is fit for Saturday, as he's really looked quite an assured left back the past couple of months.
  9. PauloPerth

    Saints v Hearts 5th December

    That is very geeky, but its one of the most detailed analysis' of a Saints player (Kennedy) that I've ever seen. Fair play for the effort someone's put into that.
  10. PauloPerth

    Manager of the Month

    I thought he would have had more as well. That seems pretty poor given how well he's done for us.
  11. PauloPerth

    Saints v Hearts 5th December

    Great opportunity to leapfrog Hearts. Hopefully they'll be a bit sluggish after a tough game on Sunday, so let's come out the blocks firing on all cylinders. Be a big boost to get a win straight away without Drey, to move on a bit from the hugely disappointing news of his injury. With Watt, Kennedy, Spoony and Swanson, and a strong bench, we still have plenty of attacking threat. Neither side have been scoring loads lately, would be happy with a narrow win to keep our great run going.
  12. PauloPerth

    Zander Clark

    No!! Stay below the radar! Think it'll be either Forrest or Christie. Tommy could be in for manager, along with Clarke and Rogers.
  13. PauloPerth

    Drey Wright

    Ah ok, yes think it could be Spoony as well.
  14. PauloPerth

    Drey Wright

    I'm fairly positive it won't be Murray Davidson playing on the right hand side. Regarding your second point, nobody has been at the level of Drey Wright over the season so far as mentioned, and McMillan wouldn't be playing in the same position. He did well for us earlier in the season, so I wouldn't have a problem with him being brought in for games we go two out and out strikers upfront. Definitely wouldn't do it just now though, as Kennedy has looked a different player through the middle so surely has to stay there while he's playing so well. For the Hearts game I'd put Swanson on, possibly swapping him and Spoony left/ right.
  15. PauloPerth

    Saints v Kilmarnock 24/11/18 League Game 14

    Can't be who SJ meant though cos he's no bald! Agree that Power seemed involved in everything, he dictated the play in the second half. Their whole midfield is really strong, along with a solid defence.. you can see how they're one of the few teams who can stand up to Celtic. Think they play them soon, so a chance for us to close the gap on the top of the table again if they pinch a result