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  1. St Johnstone v Ross County 3pm 24/02/18

    That game could and should have been far more than 2-0 though. We dominated and were careless at times in playing a final ball or finishing in the second half. But considering we hadn't seen a Saints goal from open play at McDiarmid since 2nd December, I don't think we can grumble too much at a fine win. If we play like that from here on, and get the breaks like we did with our goals today, we will be fine.
  2. St Johnstone v Ross County 3pm 24/02/18

    Very good, comfortable performance from Saints. We were well on top in the first half, without any moments of great quality or clear chances, but after the goal we were much more confident and kicked on. We should have won that by far more. Was thinking in the second half that for all our dominance, if County sneaked a goal the panic might set in but luckily they created nothing until the very end. Bit frustrated at our carelessness around their box in the second half, as we had a few opportunities to create/ score that were wasted, but that's being very fussy after our best home performance in ages (all season possibly?). Goals were a wee bit fortunate after good moves, but we deserved a bit of luck. Great timing of runs for both by Davidson. Good performances by the whole team today, great to see the defence looking solid again, Jason Kerr is looking like a class act, and Ando was excellent. Murray and Midge controlled the midfield, and Alston looked far more positive, he actually has good pace once he opens up and got into some good positions in behind. Another big game on Tuesday night, the confidence is returning so it would be good to keep it going, especially as we know we can beat that shower. They seem to be getting a bit carried away with how well they're doing, so be good to knock them down a peg.
  3. Saints bad luck with injuries strikes again

    Disappointing news about Foster, hope he makes a speedy recovery. He had been playing well recently, much more like his form from most of last season. I'll be honest, i was completely fed up with him after the Dundee game sending off. On top of the suspensions for fighting with Swanson and kicking the refs door in he was becoming a liability. I also felt on the park he would lay into teammates rather than take blame for mistakes himself. I could understand the 'angry man' accusations. However, since coming back in, he has just got on with the job and been solid. He'll be a loss for the remainder of the season.
  4. Celtic v St Johnstone 18/02/18 3pm

    I thought he did well on Sunday
  5. St Johnstone v Ross County 3pm 24/02/18

    11 teams in the league don't allow under 12's to get in for free.
  6. Celtic v St Johnstone 18/02/18 3pm

    I agree with you. Whether Rodgers was right or not, if Tommy had come out and basically questioned the professionalism of Celtic players by saying they try hard in Europe but not against lesser opposition, there would have been a huge shitstorm from Celtic and in the media. I'm really not that fussed what Rodgers says about us, but I think it's a bit arrogant to come out with something like that in a 'i can say what I want kind of way', when you know full well he wouldn't like it the other way round.
  7. Celtic v St Johnstone 18/02/18 3pm

    Enjoyed that today. Far more like a St Johnstone performance; well organised, solid with a clear plan and showing plenty of fight. We controlled good portions of that match as well, so it was far from backs to the wall. Our keeper and back 4 were excellent. Start with the same next week please. A fair few players who have been slated by Saints fans the past few months were superb today.. Anderson, Alston, Spoony, Maclean, delighted for them. Foster also looked much more like his old self until he got injured. Millar and Muzz putting in a great shift in the centre of midfield. Williams showed a lot of potential, look forward to seeing him when we're up against lesser opposition. We were well under the cosh the first 15 minutes or so, but fair play to Tommy in pulling Spoony into the middle and dropping Williams wide as we ran the game for large spells there on up until half time and Celtic didn't seemed to adapt their formation to deal with it. Thought the ref did okay, as Celtic fans scream for a foul everytime one of their players is challenged, so there is a fair bit of pressure. I genuinely celtic fans turn up thinking the other team should just stand back and take their hiding like good little diddies, while they get all excited about their great attacking football. I see why they get so into the religious nonsense, because as a support they have very limited football knowledge. I've never seen us play a league season undefeated at Ibrox and Celtic park, so fair play to Tommy Wright, another milestone achieved... Just don't spoil it by going crazy with the changes for next week!!
  8. Tommy Wright's position (title edited)

    Nobody said he was untouchable. Folk are saying he wasn't the worst player and there were others that could have come off. The manager saw it otherwise which is fine, it's his call. Hes still a very effective player for us, whether he's here long term or not. He ran the game at Ibrox when we won 3-1, one of his few starts, and our best result of the season.
  9. Hearts v Saints Sat February 10th Scottish Cup 5th Round

    I don't think we have a left footed centre back since Scobbie then Gilchrist left. Shaughnessy played left CB beside Anderson for 2 seasons before they were switched a few months ago. Dont think there's an issue there to be honest.
  10. Hearts v Saints Sat February 10th Scottish Cup 5th Round

    Are folk seriously suggesting john Hughes?? Absolutely ****ing unbelievable.
  11. Hearts v Saints Sat February 10th Scottish Cup 5th Round

    Yes let's completely ignore all the duds kilmarnock have brought in over the last few years as they managed the dizzy heights of 10th in the league, before they hit the jackpot with Clarke. That was awful today. Stupid mistakes: Shaughnessy absolute stupidity on a windy day, difficult pitch bounces a high throw in into the middle of the park, Murray gets outfought, Ando maybe stands too far of lafferty.. but what was Joe thinking? Second goal Spoony maybe loses it, but Christ all Tanser has to do is put a bit of dig into a tackle, instead it's the usual schoolgirl challenge from him, hearts break forward and score a cracke while Tanser casually jogs back. I understood the need to change things, but taking off Chris Millar was not a great decision. We could still be playing now and not have a chance, we are so devoid of ideas. For me it's time to stop trying to mess with formations, that midfield was all over the place today. Back to 4-4-2 or 4-5-1 and be solid and hard to break down. It's time we got back to scraping draws and shitfesting, just to stop the rot. We've created very little for a while anyway so it won't matter too much. We still have Macmillan and Williams to come in, we have to hope they can give everyone a lift. Don't understand why Watson is getting on the bench ahead of Gordon when we apparently don't even want Watson anymore. Is Gordon injured? Still Tommy Wright for me, we're better than these knee jerk clubs who sack folk at the drop of a hat, but he needs to sort us out tactically as that looked really poor today.
  12. Hearts v Saints Sat February 10th Scottish Cup 5th Round

    ^ I can't get Paton off that so he's in the Stand. Just for the party.
  13. Hearts v Saints Sat February 10th Scottish Cup 5th Round

    For Saints I'd go this team. Shaughnessy RB means even if Hearts stifle any creativity we have, we will have a threat from the long throw-In on a tight park. Gordon, Anderson, Kerr, Davidson and Johnstone can all hopefully bring an aerial threat, and give a bit of presence at the back to nullify the Hearts long ball game. Gordon is also a talker and we need leaders out there. Foster only ahead of Comrie as he's possibly more comfortable on the left, but I'm equally happy for Comrie to start. Whatever we think of Craig Levein, he's all about getting results. His team's have always pulled jerseys, dived, talked to refs, try to get folk sent off and do whatever it takes to get a win. We have to match that, and go beyond this weekend. We have to bite, kick, scratch, surround the ref and appeal for everything, and do whatever it takes to get a win. Dive for a penalty, punch the ball in with a hand.. whatever it takes to get through. A win here would be a massive boost, and something to build confidence for the rest of the season. I've dropped Tanser and Alston because I don't think they're prepared to roll their sleeves up and tear a heart right out of the chest of one of these Edinburgh muppets, and we have no time for passengers right now. Hopefully a big Saints support, let's get right behind the team.

    Makes for grim viewing. Couldn't make it last night, but it does look as though Motherwell played with far more energy, aggression and hunger than us in the second half. Our whole team needs to step up massively. Ando and Maclean have been poor this season and take a lot of stick, but Shaughnessy and every single other need to improve as well. Our skipper is giving away loads of these careless moments this season, and for a centre half and captain needs to bring far more aggression, fight and leadership. Tanser and Alston need to get the sleeves rolled up and impose themselves. There's no doubt we are in a genuine dogfight. Watching previous teams get relegated: St Mirren, Dundee United, Inverness etc, it became very apparent that each team lost all confidence; as soon as they fell behind the crowd would get on their backs and they looked beaten. It becomes a vicious circle. We are where we deserve to be this season, no hard luck or anything else, just haven't been good enough. However, I hope the Saints support can rally round and get right behind the team for the challenging months ahead, in trying to lift the players and get more fight, more belief, more desire. As a support we've had it good for so long we've forgotten what the bottom 6 feels like... it's time to suck it up and get on with it. I don't buy into this we're doomed, we can't get points off rangers or Hibs or Dundee etc. The one thing about this is we know we are in trouble and have plenty of games to get the points required. We just have to bite, kick and scratch every single match to scrape draws and wins wherever we can. If we do get through this and stay up, the one thing a bottom six scrap will surely do is make everyone at the club realise we cannot just sit on our laurels or we'll end up in exactly the same situation next season.