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  1. That's where I'm at as well. If there's absolutely nothing out there, or we just cannot clinch a deal with anyone we were after, then go with what we've got rather than sign a lad that struggles for games at Hibs. Even if he does well for a few months, if he's scoring then come January Hibs will take him back anyway, and we're right back in the same place. Give McMillan a proper turn to know for sure whether he can cut it. He hasn't had much of an opportunity starting matches. Give Kane and Hendry a chance in a pair. Neither has done great as a lone striker this season, so play them together, or partner either with Kennedy. Matty was brilliant up front on his own against Rangers, so let's use him through the middle again. Far from where we'd hoped, but I'd rather develop young St Johnstone strikers than Hibs ones.
  2. And yet most seasons we run at a loss, unless we sell a player. We haven't had much over 2500 home fans only at a game at McDiarmid for long enough. Its just pie in the sky economics you're coming away with. But that's separate from this summer's transfer business, which has been poor.
  3. Not in the first few years it wasn't. When did that start?
  4. Funny to see about half the Ormond Stand celebrating that goal, looks like it's mixed. I remember the first time Celtic came to McDiarmid (around December 1990?) and we won 3-2, with 3 sides of the ground being Saints fans. Didn't really appreciate how good that was at the time, would love to experience that at least once again, but can't see it ever happening.
  5. 5-5-0 ?? Where was this put up exactly? We started with 2 up then early on changed it to Kennedy wide and went 5-4-1.
  6. That's the worst defeat I've sat through watching Saints. Kind of expected it with where we're at and with Celtic already having a few competitive fixtures under their belt, so **** knows why I went. Celtic too quick, too strong and too good. Saints nowhere near ready for that fixture with a back 4 who have hardly played together, and a team that has struggled. We showed no courage to look after the ball, just panicked and gave it straight back everytime. The only exception was young McCann who showed up a lot of his older colleagues with his willingness to show for the ball, be prepared to hold an opponent off, and find a pass. He was our one positive. It's what Chris Millar did so well for us when we went there. Absolutely no point turning on the team, heads will already be low enough amongst the players, and the chairman and manager know we need players in, so let's not dwell on this one, and see what this week brings. A win next week, then a fortnight to shape the team and work on things.
  7. Barry Ferguson. ****ing hell.
  8. PauloPerth

    Betfred Cup

    Half right. We created very little at Montrose and Forfar, but should have scored 4 or 5 against County with the clear cut chances we had, and about 8 against Brechin.
  9. Haha!! That's ridiculous. The kind of effort you used to get on the scorers table at school basketball matches way back! Visions of Thistle directors being all excited when UEFA told them they'd be paying for a new scoreboard at Firhill, and the UEFA officials chuckling away to themselves when they ordered them that!
  10. That was my first thought, it's the equivalent of someone up on a drink driving charge's lawyer going on about how much he needs to drive for his business, would lose an opportunity if he lost it etc etc. Its all exaggerated with the intention of reducing the sentence. Might not be the case here, but it is a real possibility that that's all it is, rather than there being any substance in the MLS thing.
  11. I remember Paul Kane being a key player in that squad, but couldn't remember KOH from the Monaco games. If pushed, I would have guessed he was he was a season or two later. The only thing I can remember about his time at Saints was scoring the only goal in a home win over Celtic, possibly the game where Henrik Larsson got in trouble for spitting towards the Saints fans??
  12. Paul Kane and Keith O'Halloran?
  13. Funny how 29 has popped up a fair bit, had forgotten that was Miguel's number. Also O'Halloran the first time round, and then Cummins took it on.
  14. Aye of course, forgot about that being a factor.
  15. Good that McDiarmid has been chosen as a venue, hopefully we get a decent bit of cash for it. Looking at the fixture dates, they're very much in and round the Betfred Cup group matches. Haven't really heard much about the tournament, just got the following from Wikipedia: women's under 19 UEFA championships. 4 grounds being used; group A that Scotland qualify for as hosts, along with France, Holland and Norway, matches are being played at St Mirren Park and Firhill. Group B matches at McDiarmid and Forthbank, Stirling, host Germany, England, Spain and Belgium. Matches at McDiarmid: 16 July: England v Germany 19 July: Belgium v Germany 22 July: Belgium v England 25 July: Potential World Cup play-off Semi-finals at Firhill and St Mirren, with the final being held at St Mirren as well. Quite a west coast slant to the tournament, looks like they were keen to minimise travelling for the teams. Would have thought Livingston or Airdrie would be better than 3 sided Firhill, though can't imagine the crowds will be too big either way. The 4 semi-finalists go forward as Europes representatives in next years women's under 20 FIFA World Cup.