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  1. Betfred Cup

    Good draw, never been to Links Park and Forfar is always a good trip. The regionalisation of the tournament is completely unnecessary, and I imagine could result in regular match ups between the same teams which would limit its appeal. We had Falkirk at home 2 seasons ago, so at least a reversal of the fixture. Expect Falkirk will be much tougher opponents this time round.
  2. Betfred Cup

    Away to Falkirk/ Dunfermline or Utd would all be good. And away to Peterhead, Montrose and Cove to complete the group as all grounds I've yet to visit. No home games, just 4 quality away trips please
  3. Chris Millar Testimonial

    I came on here to post exactly that. Seeing the Cup winning side together would be brilliant, and a great farewell for Midge.
  4. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Not sure what you're basing this on. Only 6 players have scored more goals in the Premiership than him this season, in a year when we struggled to create at times. He's still a very intelligent player, and fitness wise doesn't look much different from how he looked in previous seasons for us. Depending on how Hearts use him, I can't see how he's going to suddenly become a player who doesn't contribute.
  5. Player Contracts + Transfers

    A Dunfermline wide player... Joe Cardle?
  6. Saints Kit Supplier 2018/19?

    Agree, predominately solid blue shirt and sleeves with white trim for me. Probably gets difficult to come up with something different each year that doesn't go completely off the wall though. Not a fan of the blue with white sleeves, but strangely enough I quite like the white top with blue sleeves, both this season's away shirt and the macron image higher up, so not very consistent on this!
  7. Alan Mannus

    A great keeper and a good man. Will really miss Mannus. Played his part in so many outstanding Saints moments, and always performed. Thanks to Alan for these past few years, and wish him and his family all the best for the future.
  8. Player Contracts + Transfers

    I'm not sure we have control of that though. Agents use the media all the time to get a better deal for their player. The agent may well have told TW that McGowan is available are you interested? TW says yes. Agent tells media Saints are after McGowan, media ask Tommy is it true, he confirms he is interested in talking to player, then it's all over the papers we're after him. Agent goes back to Dundee and forces their hand into a better deal for his player, job done. Happens all the time, no big deal. Quite right TW is interested in an available midfielder we could afford who would enhance our squad.
  9. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Probably because a lot of us half expected we'd be linked with him again in the summer. If he's likely to join Aberdeen then I wouldn't be at all surprised to see us go after Swanson again, or May on loan.
  10. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Surprised at folk saying let Ando, Millar, Maclean and Mannus go. They've all played a massive part in our recent improvement. If we've got better players lined up then I'm listening, but simply letting the core/ leaders of our team go in the hope that we sign better is a very dangerous game. It will come down to finances, but I'd offer each of them another season, possibly link wages to appearances.
  11. Look at the twitter link about 5 posts up, it's a video of it.
  12. I'm in the ****themedia club too. It's so frustrating watching both the BT and the BBC coverage this morning at the complete lack of balance and impartiality shown. I hope Tommy addresses them and highlights the two incidents by the Hibs lads. I'd love to see a campaign by Saints fans to get the compliance officer to look at the elbow by Bartley and give him a ban. Lennon's reaction would be tremendous!
  13. Player Contracts + Transfers

    From that list, Ali Crawford and McGowan of Dundee are central midfielders who have always done well against us that might be worth a punt. I rated Thistle's Bannigan very highly before he got a serious injury, not sure he's regained that form at all since. I'm guessing Mulumbu is not realistic! A lack of forward options there, agree Schalk is decent. Maynard might be worth a trial.. he's hardly featured at all, but then aberdeen seemed to fill their squad with loads of attacking players, so I'm not sure it necessarily means he no good.
  14. Player Contracts + Transfers

    I disagree. I think that's exactly the issue. If/ when we confirm our place in the Premiership for next season, I expect we'll start to hear announcements about individual players.
  15. Dundee v Saints

    Agreed, he was very good today. Big involvement in the second goal by chasing down what seemed a lost cause, and then a sublime through ball for Kane in the build up to the third. What about Ando's chest pass in the lead up to the second goal??!!