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  1. Suppose it's as good a time to get Celtic as any, hopefully before they get into their stride. Not a particularly exciting opening for supporters though having to head through there. A shite trip and ground. First home game against Livi looks like 3 points might be quite important, given that it's in amongst some tough fixtures.
  2. Just from the released picture, I think the home strip looks good. I don't really care if it's an old template or not, it's how it looks. Great to see we're using the gold badge again, rather than the blue circle the Joma kits always had. Looks far classier. The away strip is the fairly standard yellow top blue shorts we've used quite a bit over the years. It's average and does the job. Prefer the reverse colour scheme in an away strip; white-blue-white but I guess that doesn't solve clashes against the likes of killie.
  3. I suggested similar this week. If the non-OF clubs grouped together, not only would they get a better deal from an online ticketing company, they could also monitor numbers who attend away matches, so they benefit when all-ticket matches come round. Could also incentivise it, e.g. If you werean away fan a team Accies for the early fixture in the season, you get £5 cheaper if you attend the second one type thing. Long winded way of saying I agree!
  4. Can understand the thinking regarding letting Alston go, if it opens up opportunities to be on the bench for McLean and McCann. Blair has a lot of technical ability and did okay for Saints over his time here, without consistently hitting the heights. Scored some spectacular goals for us. Felt he was very unlucky to be dropped out of the picture this season when he was doing well, especially with the ultimately flawed introduction of Goss. Could see him going to Dundee or Utd and doing well, as I'd imagine they'll be able to pay better wages than much of the bottom six? Could work out well for him as well, as he's now at an age where he should be a regular starter rather than a squad player. All the best to him wherever he ends up.
  5. Don't know why you think Liam Craig doesn't have the legs for another season. He did well for us this year, and him and Murray (or Callachan) were comfortably superior to the centre midfields of the other bottom six sides in most of the games we played against them this season. (The two poor showings against Accies excluded). If you're saying possibly not good enough to compete with top six sides, then that's maybe more of a valid point. He's only 31, and has been fairly injury free most of his career as far as I know. There seems to be a feeling on here that over 30 and you are finished. Playing the way he did this season, he could do a job for a few years yet.
  6. Hopefully we have Zander for another season or so before he gets a big money move, but if he were to be sold over the summer, the st Mirren goalkeeper has been turning in some great performances the past few months, and might well be someone worth considering. Especially if they go down.
  7. Are you selling any of the player shirts @MySpazz
  8. Here's the full breakdown: "Season 2018/19 will see record amounts of League Cup prize and TV money (£2,110,000), Challenge Cup prize money (£428,990) and parachute payments paid to clubs. The £25m league prize money is distributed according to the percentages set out below and is based on overall league standing at the end of the season." Premiership 1st - £3,350,000 2nd - £2,400,000 3rd - £2,062,500 4th - £1,812,500 5th - £1,687,500 6th - £1,562,500 7th - £1,437,500 8th - £1,375,000 9th - £1,312,500 10th - £1,250,000 11th - £1,187,500 12th - £1,125,000 Championship 1st - £562,500 2nd - £475,000 3rd - £400,000 4th - £325,000 5th - £250,000 6th - £225,000 7th - £212,500 8th - £200,000 9th - £187,500 10th - £175,000 League 1 1st - £125,000 2nd - £107,500 3rd - £87,500 4th - £85,000 5th - £82,500 6th - £80,000 7th - £77,500 8th - £75,000 9th - £72,500 10th - £70,000 League 2 1st - £67,500 2nd - £65,000 3rd - £62,500 4th - £60,000 5th - £57,500 6th - £55,000 7th - £52,500 8th - £50,000 9th - £47,500 10th - £45,000
  9. As above. We didn't create much at all, but with Kennedy having a quieter game you would have hoped O'Halloran on the other wing would step up and create, but he didn't really get into the match. Should have been able to get away with the 1-0, but it was a brilliant strike for the equaliser. All 14 of our players involved are signed up for next season, and with a couple of players in key areas we should be competitive in mid-table (similar position to last season or this one). Or possibly higher depending upon the quality of player we bring in, and how well Drey performs after his recovery.
  10. Same as many, Kennedy but felt Callachan, Craig and Hendry were also good. To be fair, no one had a bad game.
  11. Overall a fairly entertaining game compared to recent outings; much better from us and deserved the win, but why the f**k do we stop playing when we score? Both our goals came when we were playing well and creating chances and then for some reason we seem completely incapable of passing the ball thereon. When you compare it to how Motherwell got the bit between their teeth when they went one up against us on Saturday and tore us apart, we do the complete opposite and stop playing. If Dundee had scored one of the chances in the first half or straight after half time, there's a fair chance they would have kicked on given our recent fragile state. But they folded after that and didn't create much else at all. Following that second half miss, Saints took control and looked really good up until the second. Kennedy and MOH were very good. Callachan brings energy but he is one of the most inconsistent players within 90 minutes as you'll see, from great touches to mis-controlling it 10 yards away! Jason Kerr was flawless. Good game from Shaughnessy as well. Thought our strikers gave us energy and running, but very little quality other than the opening 20 minutes. Great opening spell from Hendry and delighted for him to get the goal. Chris Kane is so frustrating when running in on goal in terms of rarely getting a shot on target, or being able to slip a teammate in. Enjoyed O'Halloran's performance, was very mature as when he drew a few defenders to him he didn't just head down and run with it, he was happy to play a simple pass when required. If we can get the centre of midfield right, MOH, Kennedy and Wright give us some brilliant options for next season.
  12. Kerr was outstanding, but a while since we've seen much attacking flair, so Kennedy for me as well. Joe and the rest of the back four all good, and thought O'Halloran had a good game.
  13. I didn't mean leaders purely in terms of the team captain, was meaning people who would shout and cajole teammates and drag others' up when things weren't going well. Steven Maclea and Frazer Wright were two who spring to mind that were rarely captain, but were certainly 'leaders' on the park.
  14. We appear to have lost a bit of our battling spirit this season. It's a massive ask to replace guys like Dave Mackay, Fraser Wright, Steven Anderson, Chris Millar and Steven Maclean who have all left over the past few years, in terms of character, but a few more 'leaders' are definitely required for next season. In league games where we have fallen behind, we have taken 1(one) point all season.
  15. Agree with both of you. I'm quite surprised at how quickly Saints fans are calling on punting Swanson and O'Halloran. The same folk will be raving about them next season if they're on form and we're doing well. If they were new players we knew nothing about and just didn't cut it then fair enough. But they're not. We know they can both offer a lot going forward. Neither returned to us particularly fit, are playing in a struggling team, and not getting any run of games to find form. They still need to do a lot better, there's no doubt. Yes some people can claim Saints shouldn't have re-signed them after they chose to leave, but we did and both are Saints players now. Time they got a wee bit of support and encouragement.