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  1. Double page spread in Sunday Mail about Kirsten Robertson
  2. Recruited from Kilmarnock to run the club and take most of the day to day work from the Chairman. Who knew?
  3. We have a new CEO?? Since when? Who?
  4. RandomGuy. You state a lot of facts in posts above, I'm not necessarily saying you are wrong but need to ask How you know all this?
  5. How? Hamilton beaten. St. Mirren Beaten In what way is that not good?
  6. Naw! 4.0 on Saturday was bad enough
  7. Zander Ralston Boothe Mcann Kerr Gordon Wright Holt Kane Mikey Craig
  8. A Saints fan for over 50 years... You SAY? Jeff?? Is that right aye? ****in walloper!!