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  1. Saints have been made aware of several players throughout the years but for various reasons it wasn't followed up It happens Paul Sturock(To small) Ray Stewart Lawrence Shankland to name 3 but there will be loads It's a mute point Dykes is pish as well
  2. At least 10 hooligan element standing behind seats at the back disgraceful job by Stewards, some of them were even singing at points. Bring back the sterile seats and steps
  3. Zander Ralston Kerr Gordon Tanser MOH McCann Holt Kennedy May Kane Mat
  4. It is to be every 3 or 4 months I believe But those having already attended will not be allowed.
  5. Fancy the Jeanfield Cup game myself
  6. I can only imagine he has asked for this, probably sees his chances Ltd with arrival of Holt. Its not long ago TW said he had a great future.
  7. Good window imo Could be different team starting next game to Kilmarnock select Zander Ralston Tanser McCann Kerr Gordon Wright Holt May MOH Kennedy Subs Parrish Kane Wotherspoon Hendry Duffy Swanson and a host of others
  8. Heard at the weekend he resigned and will leave after Kilmarnock game If it is true this will have a huge impact on administration of the Club He is St. Johnstone Any one else heard anything? Who replaces such a massive vacancy Jim Spence all ready reporting we need a CEO type never mind this.
  9. Most of the local people will know but for those out of Perth The B and M store has been destroyed in a massive overnight fire Over 60 firefighters were in attendance at one point Pets at Home next door has been evacuated of all animals, but as far as I know none were seriously harmed.