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  1. Some folk will shout me down for this but here goes And it's not meant to be political, so don't take it they way I work in a Cafe and my wife in Bar trade (Saints Club Stewardess) So?? How can you tell pubs, Clubs, Cafes etc to stay open but tell everyone not to go to them?? Bonkers beyond belief!! Bands cancelled, Events cancelled. The lot. How to businesses get through this, such a grey area. You either tell places to close or tell public to carry on as near as normal as they can you can't have uncertainty like Boris and his cronies have concocted
  2. Anyone looking for rebate in the circumstances is selfish beyond belief. Deary me.
  3. I started supporting Saints about 8 years of age and miss Muirton but it really had to go I was in my 20s when move was proposed and it couldn't have come at better time I drunk in the Social Club under the stand an appeal was put out for voluntary workers to spruce the old lady up for new Season That included painting out sponsors boards no longer valid and generally painting and tyding 2 players, Willie Brown and the late Charlie Adam were hands on helping We got paid in pints, you can imagine the nick we were in sometimes I have some stories about the results of over indulgence and painting. Geoff Brown was always going to make changes and I was in the Social Club in Stranraer when the move to McDiarmid was announced It did not go down well at first with fan A group of us did a ground visit for Hillsborough as the Ground was being built and we visited the new place to watch progress all the time The ground opened to crowds of over 7 and 8 k Hard to imagine now If you want more details let me know Gav S.
  4. Spell it right and I wouldn't need to It's not as if it's complicated And not one of our best Managers ever, or a stand named after him or anything like that!!
  5. Kilmarnock could get pulled right into it, on a losing run of 7 games. Confidence low.
  6. Peanuts? Really? Sorry to disagree with you but if we got 70k for a player that would have went for nothing in the summer, that's a good bit of business in my opinion I'll miss Matty like a lot of us but who's to say he would have been as productive in last 6 months and could even have got injured I think, whist disappointed that he came out with all the "I love it here" Crap Any hoo good luck with the sheep botherers Matt.
  7. Double page spread in Sunday Mail about Kirsten Robertson
  8. Recruited from Kilmarnock to run the club and take most of the day to day work from the Chairman. Who knew?