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  1. Panama / Singapore / Athens Saint

    RIP John .sleep tight mate
  2. Chris Millar Testimonial

    Gordon does fantastic stuff this included and slagging him off is out of order and nothing to do with "Secret 7" shite I was lucky enough to get 5 tickets through Gordon and grateful for that I did ask him why they chose that venue and not the Saints Club which could take at least 200 However I was happy with Gordon's answer that it was before his time on the committee Some folk need to get a grip with some of the comments though Foghorn is a good guy
  3. New pub
  4. Chris Millar Testimonial

    I think there was only about 80 tickets
  5. Use Of The Barossa St Function Hall And Lounge

    You must have just missed me and ALF and few others There till about 7ish and was over dozen in bar Can't manage or afford to stay out all night these days I'll pass other comments on to Mrs S She runs it now G
  6. Chris Millar Testimonial

    20th April at Railway Staff Club
  7. St.Johnstone v Motherwell - Saturday 7th April

    I'll join you for a sesh
  8. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Hendry is out for season injured
  9. Im steaming

    That was some day John Surprised you can remember it Those were the days though Been to loads of games and can t remember a thing due to alcohol Don't think it was that game but in a previous season I knocked the coppers hat off one way in* ( one of those pointy London style) any way he laughed and tool it well Would probably spend a night in jail now in this pc sensitive bunny age.
  10. Football Fans In Training

    A wee update 7 years after my course in 2012 things are still going well On a personal front despite a bad calf injury in May last year the weight is staying decent in the whole and still managing to tip the scales at just under 15 stone The 11 a side football has progressed to Saints Seniors to allow non FFIT course members to play as long as they meet certain criteria, there was no connection or people coming from.cources at Saints so this was necessary to keep the team going The season is just away to start on 18th March so if anyone want to play if your over 40 you would be welcome to get in touch The 5s games are also still going both on a Friday for fatter less fit players and Tuesday for 30 plus fitter players Added to Monday night football means I am still playing 3 or 4 games a week So all in all not to bad And going from strength to strength Gav
  11. Alex Rennie

    One of my favourite players and Manager Also a gentleman. Will be forever famous for that white suit RIP Should name one of the stands after him I would be happy to call the East stand the Alex Rennie East .
  12. Alex Rennie

    Remember that well
  13. John Muir

  14. Saints TV Interviewes

    Midge last 2 words in that interview He kens the craic.
  15. St.Johnstone v Rangers 19:45 27/2/18

    Chris Millars last 2 words about Rangers game in Ross County post match interview The Rangers LAUGH OUT LOUD