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    saints fan since i was about 8 work in the leisure industry.married with two sons, one to my first wife. Two Grandson
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    Also run my own Supporters team-
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  1. Hartlepool

    You might beat Alloa on a good day
  2. Northern

    26th August 3pm to 1 am Stuart Cosgrove is DJ
  3. Lack of Ambition or Direction

    Knickers wetting in July. Braw.Same every summer
  4. Saints Club on Thursday

    The Club will open early on Thursday from 2pm Now under New Management A warm welcome to all Saints fans including non members On behalf of new Stewardbess
  5. Saints Club on Thursday

    For any one lucky enough to be finished work early on Thursday the Saints Club in Barossa St will be open from 2pm Now under New Management A warm welcome to all Saints fans including non members On behalf of new Stewardbess
  6. Saints Seniors FFIT F.C Fund raising Quiz

    Now that I have sobered up and had time to reflect what a great night last night was. The first ever Saints Seniors F.C was a huge success and we raised £309 which will probably raise to about £ 350 ish when some pledges are added. 16 teams took part with Colin Heller Coalition of Chaos winning , Despactio led by David Kennedy 2nd and Vicky Park( Robin) coming in 3rd .The wooden spoon was win by Claire Bilsland ( John ) 4th Strong and Stable 5th Sinners Iain Smith 6th Saints and Atholl Henderson 7th Creamed Crackered 8th Wikipedia Kev Riddell 9th The Hoppers Robert Thomson 10th Quizy Rascals Craig Taylor 11th 4 go mad Dougie Mcconnell 12th Quizlamic Extremists Gary Divers 13th Public Cube Kenny Mckay 14th Cheyenne Ken Mackison 15th Nobody loves a smart Arse Richard Selby A massive thank you to all those that put teams in and as far as I'm concerned this will now be an annual event .Massive thanks to everyone who donated raffle prizes , to many to mention and don't I know it after the draw but thanks all Really big big up for Mr Music Man Kevin Heller who was also massive help on the night and before.I have been to a lot of quiz nights but last night was very different fun way of doing a quiz and had the tills In the Saints Club ringing away with loads of smiley faces in the hall Stand up Douglas Smith and his partner .Superb stuff.Also thanks to Susan Stewart Scott Miller and staff at Club hope your not too tired this morning it looked like you had a busy night. Thank you with all your support and backing by entering teams I will definitely be back to make this an annual event next year..
  7. I am holding a quiz on Saturday (24th June) to raise funds for my football team We are a team of adults over 35 and made up from Football Fans in Training courses and players that fit the bill Running Football teams is extremely difficult and expensive these days and sponsorship is almost impossible We are looking to raise money for strips , players insurance etc If you would like to help us you can still enter a team by email or just turn up by 7pm on the night . There will also be a raffle and prices include a Saints light worth about £40 .bottles of spirits and some small Saints merchandise Cost is £ 10 per team of 4 players Tickets are £1 for strip of 5 The Quiz is being held in the Saints Club in Barossa Street @7 pm for 7.30 pm and also helps the cause at the Club by getting people buying drinks Hope to see some of you on Saturday Gav
  8. Taking the bairn to the fitba

    ****ing auto correct
  9. Taking the bairn to the fitba

    I had my lassie at games on regular basis from.about 3 months It was the only way I could get to games as wife was working in pub I had him in one of those front carrying pupus thingies He is named after Callum Davidson his initials are sjfc backwards hes 19 now and Saints mad We went to usual seat in.east with mates he grew up going to games with me but from 3 months to about 3 he just slept but from about 9 he gradually took more and more interest
  10. Player Contracts + Transfers

    It's all pretty good natured as at the poty Tommy ripped into him but In a good way
  11. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Comrie played at LB when I saw them play Stranraer last season
  12. Tam Scobbie

    Away to DUFC
  13. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Boòoooo Booòoo hiss boo
  14. WAP EXILES request to get their own Supporters Forum

    Aye it's all there mate.At least 3 treble s. De
  15. WAP EXILES request to get their own Supporters Forum

    Speaking for the Ormond Saints site the team has been liquidated