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  1. Aberdeen vs Saint Johnstone Sat. 29th April

    SAINT JOHNSTONE WTF ?. Icant be the only fan that hates this ,can i?
  2. East Stand v Celtic

    Got a cal today confirmation that Normal circumstances apply Saints fans in East stand Braw
  3. East Stand v Celtic

    No idea why this duplicate ed
  4. East Stand v Celtic

    Mate of mine who supports them says he has tickets for East Stand for next months game This can't be true can it? Its certainly not right if true Any one heard anything to deny or confirm?
  5. Saints v Motherwell 17/12/16

  6. Scottish Cup Draw

    We bought a player on strength of those 2 cup ties as well.
  7. Scottish Cup Draw

    Only 2 grounds ive not done are Dunbarton new ground and Annan so either of these 2 away for me Or Wick away
  8. Chris Millar

  9. Another shop bites the dust...

    Wee facts Sailor It was bar 44 during negotiations to move The only update since then is the Bar has now been done up and a new frontage There was never any cash involved just healthy discussion and voted on 2 different occasions to stay at Club
  10. Another shop bites the dust...

    Aye cos its fuxn miles tae Tesco cash machine eh?
  11. The muirton

    Wrong in so many ways A/ The word tink B/ Changed completely C /Silver spoon Sailor
  12. The muirton

    Yep its a great initiative Can i just point out its the house type names that are being named and not streets The whole scheme was named Muirton Park and this would have been a great opportunity to name the streets after Saints players Unfortunately ( for me anyway )The children at local schools won the vote to name the streets after wildlife birds ( Thus Lark Avenue ) being my street Constant nagging in the right ears seems to have paid off though and the house names will proudly be called after Saints in some way My personal choice would be 1-11 of cup final team and Tommy.
  13. Saints v Kilmarnock. 15/10/16

    Alston played well today and should have stayed on the park Spooony was awful when he came on ,as was Coulson.
  14. Paul Paton

    Malky? I could comment a plenty on this but yer a sensitive wee soul and might think being aggressive.