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  1. Really? What about older people not able computer literate? Should always be an option
  2. Leigh Jenkison. Lovenkrands to name but 2
  3. SLF True Identity has been revealed on Pie and Bovril You will need to visit P and B to find out though Chop Choo
  4. Ross County on BT
  5. Tue 16 Montrose A Sun 21 Ross County H 3pm BT Wed 24 Brechin H Sat 27 Forfar A
  6. Nothing new. Most folk would know this
  7. Callum Fraser John Stewart Callum after Callum Davidson Fraser. We both liked John Wife's Dad's name
  8. If you're into that kinda thing I prefer the auld way
  9. It's not a rumour I was definitely at McDiarmid yesterday in East Stand
  10. Rumours that Doolan was at McDiarmid yesterday