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  1. Season Tickets 2018-2019

    Shite attitude pal Anyhoo no matter it will still effect our shity wee country, ( your words, ).because other nations will be involved from.our Clubs Hope Scotland quality so I can get it right up ye!
  2. Season Tickets 2018-2019

    We will find out in few years time when WC is played in our winter and we have to play Sumner Football
  3. Season Tickets 2018-2019

    I went to Montrose and Forfar and going to QOS If these games had been in winter I might have went at best We have had a really good summer and ok we might not always get that but standing at a game with just a pair of shorts and a Saints top was great No jacket, hat.gloves, umpteen liars of clothes. Braw Summer Football for me, much better than sitting in cauld wet damp stand st Firhill any day of the week
  4. Bertha Park

    Double Dykes
  5. Bertha Park

    No need for "Tinkers" comments at all
  6. Bertha Park

    Tinkers town! Really!in this day and age you need to take a look at yourself. Disgraceful.
  7. Can't be easy mate.
  8. Face knock.appearaed to be bleeding
  9. Falkirk could still be playing now and not be in game.Cant remember Zander having anything to do , apart from wee scare near the end.Tommy confirms this in interview and praised his concentration levels
  10. Twitter feed! LAUGH OUT LOUD
  11. MOTM: Game 3 Saints 1 Falkirk 0 League Cup 24/7/18

    Liam Gordon. Scougal close second
  12. Did it? Difference to have I watched
  13. Dunno. Let's count them together. I'm.sluming it in your stand.we could count to 18 together as you only have 8 fingers.
  14. Yep I realised that after I posted